Top 10 best Adult visual novels of all time

Literature has always played an important part in people’s lives. No matter how far back in time we go, literature has been a significant part of human life. Initially, when there was no technology, writing still existed. Before printing was invented, people wrote manually. Before paper was invented, people wrote on leaves and tree trunks as well. Stone carvings and wall paintings were also popular.

Back then, until the paper was invented, people didn’t write for entertainment. However, after the introduction of paper, writings such as novels and poetry started appearing. With the invention of the press, it became easier to produce more copies and thus publishing picked pace. 

Fast forward to today, several forms of writing include, of which novels are probably the most popular type. However, with changes in technology, the current forms of novels have also changed.

Like previous generations saw people advance from manually written books to published novels, this generation witnessed novels go from paper and hardcopies to phones and kindles. 

We have made significant technological advancements and as a result, we no longer necessarily need to pick up hard copies. Novels are available on several gadgets which are easy to purchase, don’t need physical space for storage, and can be carried anywhere we like.

Not only have novels gone paperless but there are different types of novels present today. A popular type is Audiovisual novels. 

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Top 10 Best Adult Visual Novels of all time (2022) - [18+]

1.The House in Fata Morgana

Do you fancy yourself some gothic and spirited love story? If yes, House in Fata Morgana should be your first pick.

 The story revolves around the adventures of an amnesiac spirit who gets up in an ethereal mansion.

 The good-looking spirit then meets the maid of the mansion and the duo begins their extraordinary journey of exploring the mansion’s past. House in Fata Morgana has every component of great audiovisual novels and you should definitely join the duo on their journey of discovery about the mansion’s past. 


  • IMDB RATING- 8.5

2. Shuffle

Ever wondered what it would be like if humans, devils, and Gods all lived together? Well, if yes, you should watch this series. The animated series shows the life of Rin Tsuchimi, a seventeen-year old teenager who constantly finds himself chased by several girls.

 Rin had lost his parents eight years before the story commenced. Shuffle is a classic Supernatural Harem with a tint of romance, drama, and comedy. Shuffle also has frontal nudity where female characters appear completely naked. However, there is no male nudity. 


  • IMDB rating- 6.8

3. Cartagra: Affliction of the Soul

A popular name in the audiovisual novel genre, this 2005 erotic novel revolves around the Shugo Takashiro. Takashiro is an ex-police employee but is now freeloading at a brothel.

 As a result, he constantly finds himself surrounded by women of ill-repute in society. As the story progresses, Takashiro is entrusted with the case of a missing person. The person in question is Yura Kozuki. 

Takashiro knew Yura before he went to war and had an intimate relationship with the woman. Cartagra is one of the most popular adult audiovisual novels. As you wait for the character and story development, you come across numerous sex scenes. 

Various viewers opine that Cartagra is more about the sex scenes than the story itself. However, it still has a good story and is bound to keep you entertained.

If you fancy an amazing story line paired with some adult content, then this should be your pick.

4. HuniePop

One of the sexiest adult audiovisual novels to ever exist, HuniePop is a game where you can encounter the sexiest images of animated characters as well as get to know your women better.

This game is best known for its nudity content and is complemented by tricky puzzles. If you love challenges as well as erotica, HuniePop should definitely be your pick. 

Here, you will be required to play a character that tries to woo different women by challenging them to gem elimination battles.

Mark our words, gentlemen, this game will not just cater to your love for adult content but will also teach you some tricks to woo women on the way! 

5.  Al Shoujo

awaken the adventure junkie in you through this game that transports you to a digital world where you are stranded alone on an island. We bet you have thought of this scenario at some point in time.

However, in this game, this standing works for you because you are surrounded by good-looking characters. 

Now all you have to do in the game is to put on your best-looking customizable waifu and have the time of your life on your island with good-looking girls.

 Al Shoujo is the ultimate way of fulfilling your sexual fantasies of enjoying with the women of your choice where there’s no one around.

6. Senran Kagura Burst Re: Newal

Ninjas are an indispensable part of anime series. All anime lovers have imagined themselves practicing the crazy moves that ninjas are mastered by undergoing tough training for several years.

 This game however offers you an experience of fighting like ninjas alongside some kickass adult fun in the entertainment. 

If you have ever fantasized about dressing up as a scantily clad ninja who fights bad people, and is sought after by hot women, do not think twice before picking it up.

Senran Kagura also offers dressing room activities that can be enjoyed by adult-content lovers.

7. Beach Bounce

As you must have guessed from the name already, this game gives you ample chances to bounce on beaches with the ladies of your choice.

 If you have been stuck at home and visiting a beach seems unlikely, just turn up at Beach Bounce and imagine yourself having the time of your life on a beach with beautiful women around you. 

You can woo these beautiful women and the game also offers you plenty of choices. Beach Bounce is about the story of Tomoyo. Tomoyo finds himself at his grandmother’s beach resort, looking forward to a great and fun summer.

 Tomoyo soon finds himself making sexual relations with the female staff in the resort. Play the game and explore Tomoyo’s journey at the resort. Live it if you feel like it by playing the game yourself.

8. Sakura Dungeon

Bring your dominating side out and master this game where you are required to trap monster girls’ spirits to capture and fight them.

The game is essentially played in the first person but in the meantime, stories of ancient spirits getting awake and reclaiming their dungeons are also common. 

The term monster is associated with huge, well-built, creatures who are usually not good-looking.

However, the monster girls in Sakura Dungeon are quite the opposite. They look good and usually appear semi-naked and busty. If anything, they look delicate and waiting to be captured. 

As a player, you are supposed to fulfill their fantasy and capture them, dominate them and then fight them. Unlike other monsters, these monster girls are quite submissive if you know how to play well and their bodies make you feel, you can never have enough of them

9.  Negligee: Love Stories

One of the first games to appear completely uncensored on PC, Negligee is a role-playing game where the player gets to work as a manager in a sexy lingerie shop.

Due to your position in the shop, you have access to a number of beautiful women who are open to dating. 

Apart from dating, you can also overhear their conversations regarding their love stories. Your character (the shop manager) is also working with three other sexy women.

As you fulfill your duties as the manager, you get an opportunity to woo several women. While your customers purchase lingerie to make their nights special with their partners, you too can approach them. 

Your approach would lead to different endings depending on how your conversation goes with the women you have approached.

For men who wonder what being an only male employee in a lingerie shop feels like, this is an opportunity to experience it.

10. Forest Fortress

Forest Fortress is another fantasy of a lot of men coming true. Many movies have consisted of parts where men wander in the wild. However, the lust in you makes you imagine a scene.

What if you had the company of a woman in the forest to make your journey more exciting? Well, this game answers the question. 

In Forest Fortress, you will be role-playing a strong and independent man who is on his way to a mysterious jungle to find a cure to a deadly disease plaguing his village.

You are the last hope of your villagers who are waiting for you to return with the magic cure to save them. On your journey, you meet several beautiful women who are interested in you and would like to make relations with you. 

This erotic game lets you have three women to woo, all of whom are fully animated, and good-looking. As the player you get to choose the woman of your choice and explore the forest, as well as their bodies.

The Forest Fortresses are ready to devote their bodies to you and make your journey of cure exploration memorable. If you would like to have a forest goddess worship you and submit herself before you, this game is your best chance to live that dream.

Final Words

Audiovisual novels can have several themes. Based on the novel you have chosen you can expect to find different underlying themes. However, these are the most popular themes of an audiovisual novel:

  • Sex and nudity- as you might have already noticed, almost all of the audiovisual novels mentioned above include nudity. While there is moderate nudity in a few, most of them are extremely explicit. You can find busty female animated characters that are built to attract male gamers who like adult content. Sex and nudity form an important part of audiovisual novels and sometimes are even central to them. 

  • Roleplaying- another significantly important feature of audiovisual novels is roleplaying. Roleplaying is a sexual term used mainly in relation to sexual intercourse. During a role-play, people pretend to be characters in an imaginary setting and indulge in intercourse imagining they are in a different non-existent situation. Similarly, in the case of audiovisual novels, the player role-plays different characters. For example, the shop manager in a lingerie shop. The players are expected to behave the way a shop manager in a lingerie shop would and woo women accordingly. 

  • Setting- the setting is one of the most important components of audiovisual novels. The audiovisual novels strike the intellectual and fantasized imagination of the players. The novels’ developers understand that people imagine themselves to be caught up in different situations that are unlikely to happen. They then develop those in the form of games. Most audiovisual novels are set in an imaginary world, for example, in a mysterious forest, or requiring to capture monster girls. These settings enhance the experience of gaming and teleport the players to a non-existent virtual world where they can live their dreams. 

  • Fetishes- audiovisual novels are a popular way of implementing their sexual fetishes for the players. In audiovisual novels, players can have their way with the women characters. The characters are so designed to excite the sexual urges of players by enhancing their sexual body parts. Users can also create the characters and design their bodies as per their wishes. You can make a woman busty or skinny, make her wear a bikini or a tight top. It all depends on you. 

These are the most common themes in audiovisual novels. If you are bored with the traditional entertainment measures, audiovisual novels would be a good choice since they let you enjoy by creating a situation and character based on your choice. 

If you are confused about which novel to pick. Go through the above-mentioned names and pick out whatever you like. All of these are great games and offer abundant entertainment. 

What are audiovisual novels?

Humans have a natural tendency to interact and communicate. Additionally, not everyone is into reading. Large texts or long books can get boring for some people. It was a common problem experienced by several people. As a result, technology took it into its own hand, and here we are. We now have an amazing option that is not merely written. These problems were solved with the introduction of audiovisual novels.

An audiovisual novel is also known as a simple visual novel (VN). Audiovisual novels are novels that offer text-based narrative style narration of literature and interactivity. It is a fictional game genre and is supported by static or sprite-based visuals.

Why do people love audiovisual novels? What are their benefits?

People are always on the lookout for something exciting. Positive changes are always welcome in society and people are excited to try innovations and introductions. 

Similarly, when audiovisual novels were introduced, they were a new concept and people couldn’t wait to try them. There are various reasons that audiovisual novels are preferred by people.

  • Audiovisual novels are interactive and this makes them more interesting for people who are easily bored of the plain text features of the entertainment option. This interactive feature requires user participation as well and therefore the users don’t get bored.

  • Audiovisual novels have a text-speech feature. Many studies have shown that people tend to like listening more than reading. Since listening requires minimal effort on the part of the users, it makes the experience more fun for the users.

Most popular themes in audiovisual novels?

Audiovisual novels are quite popular in various parts of the world, especially in technologically advanced countries like the USA, Japan, etc. 

Their popularity comes after their huge success among people who use the fictional game genre. However, even though several genres are available in all forms of entertainment options, the most popular themes in audiovisual novels include adventure.

Some young boys and girls are on a mission to achieve something, right from family revenge to restoring the administrative order, audiovisual novels offer a variety of themes. The audiovisual stories are ranked on the basis of their characters, visual effects, storyline, etc. 

Some characters in audiovisual novels are so iconic that they are remembered long after the game comes out. If you are fond of a good story, strong characters, and a great storyline, and are bored of the generic ordinary novels and movies, you should give audiovisual novels a chance.

Top audiovisual novels that you should definitely explore

Have you been meaning to give the audiovisual novels a try but are feeling lost on where to start? Well, we are here to help. We understand that audiovisual novels are a new genre for many users and therefore, we have handpicked the most popular audiovisual novels and curated this list for you. Give these novels a try and embrace yourself for hours of mind-blowing entertainment.

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