BeNaughty Review


If you are tired of the whole notion of 'getting together forever', and are searching for a platform which specializes in casual relationships and hook-ups, make sure you enter the inn of Benaughty!


  • All the members on this platform are like-minded, so members can approach anybody, anytime and in any manner.
  • You can find your partners based on your location, allowing the scope of more physical interactions.


  • However, one has to be aware of the several fake profiles on the platform.
  • Moreover, the authentication process upon registration is not up to date.

This review will elaborate more on the pros and cons of the website.

How long will you watch the same-old porn videos? Aren't you fed up with the same forms of content in all websites you explore? Maybe you need something exciting, which is closer to your reality. Through, you can get your desirable partners online! 

Without wasting time in dating and romantic relationships, Benaughty specializes in random hookups. It is one of the most excellent website to find out partners for casual sex. Are you worried about the location of your partner? Don't be.

Benaughty is specifically designed to provide you with partners based on proximity to your location. There are numerous benefits of using this website if you are looking for instant hookups. This website is perfect for people who are not comfortable enough to ask directly for hookups.

There are no criteria of age, sex or location or anything for this website. Benaughty promises you to connect with singles looking for sexual encounters. There are several profiles on this platform, from which you can choose your preferable partners with the same intent.

The only thing this website focuses on is a real-life sex encounter. Here, we are going to review on several of its features. Further, you will get to know about this website in more detail.

The interface of BeNaughty looks impressive and is user-friendly as well. The layout of the site is spacious but sadly the server is shared by multiple sites that raises a question on its security features. This also means that the site could upload slowly at times.

What Makes Benaughty Different From Other Websites?

You might have been going through the aftermath of a recent breakup, and you crave some non-emotional company or want to have some fun.

Be it frustration or any other reason all you need to do is to add some flavour to your life, forgetting the past and introducing some excitement to your present. Benaughty is the perfect website to drag you out from any such uncertain situation.

On the website, you will find various partners of your location ready to share there common interest with you. All the members are like-minded so that you can quickly get along with them. You might be in it for a friendly company or even for friends with benefits, or maybe even a lasting relationship.

Introducing the Dating Site with No Frills - BeNaughty.Com

You might have come across various websites that provide you with dating opportunities, which contain multiple features. Some of the sites also offer you the chance to find your life partner for long-lasting relationships. Benaughty is a class apart from these websites.

This website allows you to directly approach for hookups without beating around the bush. All you need to do is to create a decent profile, and you can discover your sexual potentials without any restriction or hesitation.

On this platform, you will get only single men and women hungry for hookups. Yet, you need to find a perfect match. Don't worry; the website will help you to do so; there are sexual encounters made fruitful by the minute on this website.

You are free to ask anything to anyone without having any fear of rejection.

The website is easy to use. Even if you are a first-time user, you won't be facing any difficulties. If you are worried about the location of the partners, you must know that partners would be selected to you based on your location only. So, meeting your partner won't be a tough job..

Benaughty aims to create a safe platform where two single persons can meet up, to have some dating or sexual encounters. There are many stories of long-lasting relationships that trace back to small conversations that started on this website.

If not anything, you will have memorable stories of great and convenient sexual encounters. It is an entirely safe platform for both men and women are of legal age.

Site Statistics

  • Overall website ranking in the US: 2401
  • Monthly visit: 17 million
  • Per day visit: 47.35k
  • Worth: $103.7k
  • Male: 40%
  • Female: 60%
  • Alexa Rank: 23229

Performance Score (Out of 10)

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Estimated monthly visitors: 17 million

When you enter the site, you will find a page for registration. You need to register yourself to the website to access the benefits of Benaughty.

Benaughty doesn't find matches for you automatically; you need to choose your preferences, which states that the matching process is totally up to you.

There are considerable number of potential candidates available for you on the website. 

benaughty sample chat-min

Benaughty simulates the match by narrowing the number of potential candidates present on the site, following your dating criteria. You can choose your partner from a particular location, waiting for you at a specific time.

If you want to search for singles in your neighbourhood or locality, again is the perfect space. Regarding the signup process, it is speedy and effortless. You need to fill some necessary information regarding your sex, name, date of birth, and then secure your account with a password.

You will then receive an email for confirmation of your account. You need to verify the email, and that's it. An automatic question paper will appear to your screen about your preferences and suggestions.

However, if the automatic opinion is not potent enough to meet your choice, you can search manually. The registration process is completely free, but the services on the website need to be paid for. The prices, bonuses, and criteria will be discussed later in the coming pricing section.

As the name of the site itself states- 'Be Naughty,' break all your constraints and flirt with anyone without any worry! Your profile picture should be attractive enough to drag the attention of the partners. On this platform, you can fulfil your cravings for casual sex in the most consensual manner.

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There is no specific age range criterion for this website. Most members on this website are between the age group of 24 to 34. However, Benaughty profiles also include people in their 50s and 60s.

According to the statistics, it says that more than 15million users visit the website every month to have fun and to look out for casual sex. Most users thank for enabling them to find partners for long-lasted relationships. However, a one-night stand is what most users are in for!


It is entirely free to create an account on this website. There are no registration charges for You could also try a free trial for three days, after which you will either need to access the free services, or you need to opt for the paid services. The paid services include a lot of extra facilities.

There is a naughty mode where you can watch some explicit videos and photos. In the paid services, you will get 50 different types of ice- breaking ideas. In case you are an introvert, the website helps you to break the ice with a stranger.

The ice-breakers also include flirt-cards, winks, and much more. The paid services also include chats and video applications. You can also participate in erotic photo contests. Your searches become much more specific when you are using paid services.

Regarding the pricing plan, there are three types of plans.

  • The one-month plan which costs around USD 27.30
  • The three-month plan which costs around USD 45.90. If you bifurcate the amount, it is $15.30 per month
  • The six-month plan which costs around USD 73.80. If you bifurcate the amount, it is USD 12.30 per month.

In comparison to other dating websites, Benaughty is much cheaper. One of the significant drawbacks of this payment system is that your subscription will be renewed automatically after a particular period. However, you can cancel the subscription at any time.


  • If you need a company in the phase of depression or frustration, this website is a reliable way to get out of your grievances or annoyances. Here you will get some unlimited boundaries of pleasure. You will get a chance to meet new people and partners and maybe go intimate with them.
  • All the members on this platform are like-minded, so you can feel free to approach anytime and in any manner to them. You can also directly contact them for hookups; there are no boundaries and limitations for approaching on this platform.
  • You can find your partners based on your location. The website will show you partners with their profile pictures and distance from your present location. You can search your partners based on gender, locations, and age.
  • No matter what’s your age or background, you are always welcome to the Benaughty website. You will find your partner based on your preferences.
  • Most of the adult website contains viruses, which could affect your devices severely. However, if you are on the Benaughty website, you can be pretty secure. Benaughty does not contain viruses and spyware, and your methods are completely safe.
  • You might have come across different adult websites that contain many advertisements and unnecessary pop-ups. If you are navigating on, you will find no such interruptions.
  • Even if you are new to this website, you will never feel any trouble in browsing or navigation. Benaughty is a sincere user-friendly website. All the processes, including registration and searching, are easily understandable.
  • If you are worried about legal issues, it will offer you respite knowing that Benaughty is a 100-percent legal website. All the members present on this website are above 18 years of age. Whatever you will do on the site has to be 100 per cent consensual from both sides.
  • The majority of the dating platforms focuses on romantic conversations and tips and there you need to make your partner comfortable to initiate the talk. But Benaughty allows you to be bold from even the first stage of interaction; there are no boundaries and limitations in approaching.
  • Members are available from more than ten countries.
  • Customer support on this website is very active. In case of any inconvenience, you can directly contact them. The details about customer services are discussed in the following sections.


  • There are several fake profiles on It is tough to distinguish between a fake profile and a real one. . Hence, there are huge chances of the account you're matched to being a fraudulent one.
  • The authentication process upon registration is not up to date. Anyone with a fake id can create an account.
  • If you go through the reviews, you will find lots of discouraging ones. The majority of the reviews are related to the payment system. The payment system is automatic. Your account balance will be deducted automatically after a particular period. Your membership will be renewed without your permission. You can only avoid this scenario if you discontinue the membership on your own.
  • You might not find this application on the Google play store.

Support and Contacts

In case you are having any problems related to, you can feel free to contact the support team of The customer support team is quite active to support the members in the best possible way.

Funny Video With A Naughty Girl From BeNaughty.Com

The corporate office of Benaughty is in the United Kingdom. The specified address is: Grindr ltd, 50 long Acre, Covent Garden, London, UK WC2E 9JR, United Kingdom. Apart from this, there is no contact number or email IDs mentioned in any of the websites.

But the support team is prompt enough to resolve your issues regarding any circumstances. There is a YouTube channel for this website. Search benaughtytv, and you will find the channel, which has around 9.08k subscribers.

You can visit it through this YouTube link:


Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan is a dating site that is preferred by people who are into casual dating and hook-ups. It is also used by individuals for cheating their spouses or partners. 

However, if a member feels that his/her spouse is suspecting him/her they can hit on the panic button that deletes the account automatically. 

New users can create an account within a few minutes and they can update their profile details even after completing the process. Privacy of photos can be ensured by locking them and sharing the keys only with their connections. 

However, messaging options are only provided to premium users and the video chat feature seems to be missing in the mobile app. 

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Heated Affairs

Heated Affairs is a dating site that caters to the relationship preferences for those who are looking to have casual encounters outside their relationship.

It has over 48 million registered members who hail from various parts of the world. However, over 30 million members are from the USA only. Therefore, members of other countries might not find as many matches as the members of the US will.

Also, the mobile app can only be used by those who have iOS devices. Messaging options can be availed by free users as well but you will have to purchase a premium account for accessing direct message features. 

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a well-known dating site that supports casual relationships and hook-ups outside marriage and relationships.

This site is also used by thousands of individuals who are interested in swapping their partners. Moreover, this site allows both singles and couples to create an account and the mobile app can be downloaded by both android and iOS users.

Overall, it is a great site and preferred by numerous individuals across the world.

For reading details of a similar site known as Victoria Milan.

This chart shows the comparison between BeNaughty, Ashley Madison, and Heated Affairs when it comes to new member registrations. 


  • Tinder: Tinder is one of the most popular dating websites. On this platform, you can search your partners based on your location, similar to However, the global coverage of Tinder is far better than that of other websites. It is a very user-friendly and fast website and is generally supported on any device. Tinder app is available on the Google Play store as well as on iOS play store. Even here, you need to create an account so that you can find your partners basis your location.
  • Happn: Happn is also a popular dating platform that uses GPS to find and navigate your location. By this process, you can get potential matches based on your location. Every time your mobile shows any person near you, he or she will be added to your feed at the top. You can use this platform in any public spaces nearby you. This platform is handier than other websites.
  • Lamour: It is one of the most sensual free online dating platforms where you can meet a single person for dating. The name Lamour is a French word that helps in giving off a classy fleeting impression. In Lamour, you can approach anyone for a date. You will need to create a profile like on other dating websites, and then wait for the match. Here you can chat with a person and can watch videos on his or her profile. You can also play games with them or share content- foods, emojis, voice.

Frequent Asked Question


Yes it is completely safe to use BeNaughty as all email ids of all the members get verified before they can start using its features. Also, it adopts rigorous photo uploading rules to ensure that members do not violate the site’s guidelines. 


BeNaughty does not allow members to upload images of minors, celebrities, landscapes, animals, etc. to encourage them to upload their real photos. Apart from this, members also cannot upload obscene, sexual, offensive, and photos that promote violence. 


On the top right corner of the screen you will see a green button with ‘Upgrade’ written on it. You can click on it to upgrade your membership in BeNaughty. 


Yes, but the mobile app is available only for the android users as of now.


Firstly, you will need to click on your display picture and enter the settings page. On this page, you will find an option to cancel membership using which you can opt out from your premium plan.


If you have opted for a recurring plan, money will be automatically deducted from your account once the plan expires. However, you can avoid these charges by cancelling the plan before the expiry date.

Final verdict

Benaughty is one of the most beautiful dating websites currently in the US. It allows you to search for your perfect partner primarily for hookups and one-night stands. If your life craves for new situations, this is the ideal website for you to explore your desires.

Benaughty asks you to create an account on its platform to access its services. All you need to do is to provide your necessary information on this platform, and you are all set! Your profile needs to look dashing and appealing, so you will find more partners.

Once the match is made, you can chat with them. The registration process on this website is free. But if you want to avail all the features, you need to pay a certain amount of money. There are features such as nude photo contests, videos, emojis, and much more. The entire website is entirely ad-free.

The site provides easy navigation and you are not going to face any interruptions during navigation. However, the most critical issue with this website is fake accounts.

Parting words

These are the unique advantages of using, in spite of its few ill features. Nevertheless, by providing a reliable private conversation space for casual sexual exploits, Benaughty stands unique in the assortment of dating websites.

It is a fascinating site for match-making services, and we would sincerely like to hear your opinion!

Feel free to connect with us anytime for a site review, or for specific questions you'd like us to address. Explore your sensuality to the fullest, and when in need of a reliable dating space, what better than Benaughty!

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