The Complete Guide To Become A Glamour Model (2020)

The models that you see in a swimsuit calendar, in advertisements, or even in men’s magazines, are incredibly alluring, and it is hard to take your eyes off them. Who are these models, after all?

These are glamour models. In glamour modelling, the subject, typically females are portrayed in an alluring or sensual manner. Models with sex appeal are hired for this category.

Glamour models are used to showcase their physical beauty. They can be hired to promote a brand or a product. 

Photographers shoot photos of these fantastic models in different locations, and these models usually pose in various ways to look alluring and attractive.

There is cut-throat competition when it comes to a glamour model. A model must work very hard to survive in the glamour industry.

Just like any other modelling category, even glamour modelling demands hard work and commitment. 

The term “glamour” is closely related to a women’s sex appeal, and more than the product to be advertised, the photographer focuses on her and her body. The photos of glamour models are quite provocative.; Hence, it is better to do your research before you even think of becoming a glamour model.

Glamour modelling is currently the second most famous type of modelling that models usually go for. Also, it is one of the highest paying jobs as well. The need for glamour models has seen exponential growth in the last few years.

If you are interested in becoming a glamour model and would like to know everything that revolves around this field, then read our complete guide to become a glamour model.

We will discuss what to expect, how to become a glamour model, what goes into it, what are the requirements, what types of glamour work you can go for, and more. We hope our go-to guide will help you understand about the glamour modelling industry and make the right decision.

Basic requirements

Luckily, the requirements of the glamour modelling industry are not as strict as fashion modelling. The glamour modelling agencies don’t give much priority to height; however, if you have good looks and sex appeal, then you have a high chance of getting hired as a glamour model.

As the glamour modelling industry puts its focus more on looks, every glamour modelling agency receives hundreds of applications from aspiring candidates daily. If you look at glamour models, you will see that they have great skin and a certain level of aesthetic appeal.

The models have great smile, beautiful eyes, and toned body. If you know how to pose in front of the camera, it’s a win-win situation for you.

Finally, girls with bigger and round breasts are given preferences if they are applying for bikini or swimwear photoshoots. 

Confidence is the key, so even for glamour modelling, you must carry a confident attitude.

In the fashion world, your confidence has the power to either make or break a deal. To become a glamour model, one needs to be 18 and above. 

Now, some agencies have their own set of requirements, but they do leave room for exceptions.

The bust size that glamour agencies look for is 34-B and above, and the agencies prefer models with natural breasts.

The hip size should be 24 to 34, and for waist, the measurement is 22 to 24.

If you have the right body measurement that an agency is looking for, then drop an email with your portfolio and be proud of your stunning appearance.

Girls who have fantastic body are perfect for glamour modelling. 

The thumb rule is, the more attractive you are, the better the chances of being seen, and work opportunities will increase also. 

body measurements

You can’t become a glamour model if you are not open-minded. In glamour modelling photoshoots, you might be asked to wear a swimsuit and sometimes do nude shots too. The key is, the more open you are to try different types of glamour modelling, the more chances you have in this industry.

Don’t forget that in glamour modelling, it is more about the model’s body, than the product she is trying to sell.

Who should apply for glamour modelling?

Anyone who looks good and has the right amount of confidence can think of going for glamour modelling. A glamour model must feel confident in showing off her body. As we said, it is your body that the photographer will be putting his full focus on, rather than the product.

You should at least know how to fake confidence. If you are not up for different kinds of glamour modelling opportunities, then you might want to try some other type of modelling.

And just like any other models, you must be hard-working, punctual, committed to your work, carry the right attitude, and follow the directions to pose correctly in front of the camera. Someone who lacks confidence is not fit for the fashion industry.

Determination is required not just for glamour modelling, but for all types of modelling.

What kinds of roles can a glamour model get?

Glamour models can expect to get a lot of commercial gigs. You can see glamour models’ photos being used for men’s magazines, swimsuit calendars, advertisements for a lingerie line, and even for beauty products.

Flawless skin and a toned body are the must-have requirements for glamour modelling. Previously, glamour models were not hired for lingerie and swimsuit lines, but things have changed now., These models are now chosen for more diverse roles.

Is nudity mandatory for a glamour model?

Once you sign with an agency, the agency may try to connect you with different commercial companies for different kinds of roles.

Even though it is not mandatory to go for nude gigs, but the more open-minded you are, the more opportunities you will get.

However, it would be best if you never say yes to anything that you are not comfortable doing.

The model has the right to decide how much skin she wants to show and it can vary according to her comfort level

nudes porn

No agency will make it compulsory for their models to go for a nude photoshoot. You can set up your boundaries when it comes to your comfort zone. You are free to accept a nude photoshoot gig or deny it. It’s entirely up to you.

Can men also become glamour models?

Typically, glamour modelling is a female profession; however, with time, we have seen an increasing number of men going for this opportunity too. Some of the top women’s magazines, for example, Glamour and Cosmopolitan, often showcase photographs of good-looking male models.

Not just this, there is also a demand for male models for calendars and posters. If you are interested in glamour modelling, then it is better to go for commercial or fitness modelling and accept as many opportunities as possible to create a brand for yourself.

Is it compulsory for a glamour model to work with an agency?

Famous models with a good number of experiences often go for glamour modelling as a freelance option. However, for every newcomer in the glamour industry who has no idea how this industry works, it is better to connect with a reputed agency.

Agencies are well connected with commercial companies, and they will know with whom you should be working. They will also brief you about glamour modelling, and this way, you will always remain safe. Furthermore, some clients hire glamour models through agencies only.

Therefore, it is a safe bet to work with a glamour modelling agency to maximize your opportunities.

How do I start?

Like any other modelling work, to become a glamour model, you must first create a professional portfolio. Go for a professional photoshoot and attach stunning pictures when you email your portfolio to an agency or potential clients.

Remember that your collection must create the right impression in front of them.

You must do some research and find out about all the agencies that work with glamour models. Ensure that you are sending your portfolio to an agency that is experienced and will help you in building your glamour modelling career.

In case you get a call from agencies, make sure that you go there with confidence. Groom yourself before you visit the agencies and remember to look good. Never visit an agency with full makeup or dressed like a drag queen. Wear a simple dress that will flaunt your figure and minimal makeup.

Choose a simple hairstyle and let your clothes flatter your figure.

Video: Shooting a Glamour Model

Are you sure that you want to become a glamour model?

Before sending your portfolio to any of the agencies, ask yourself if you are ready for glamour modelling. Once your nude photos get published, they will always be there on the internet. It would be best if you prepare yourself for the worst.

Therefore, it is incredibly crucial for you to have a clear understanding of what this industry would be like and likewise decide for the same. Even though we have prepared this guide for you, it makes sense that you do some background research on your own.

Ultimately, the decision would be yours but it is always better to have a clear picture of the career that you are choosing for yourself.

Always Sign a Contract

Before you say yes to any of the assignments, it is vital that you sign a contract.  

You must read the legal documents carefully and ensure that you understand what the agency is expecting out of you. If, at any moment, you feel unhappy about specific rules, feel free to ask the company what that rule means. Also, don’t be scared to say “no”!

The legal document will talk about how they are going to use your photos, that’s why you must make sure to go through the legal paper carefully. In case the company doesn’t give you any legal document to sign, ask for one.

Don’t be scared of saying NO!

There are predators everywhere under pretense. Have the courage to say NO when you think you should. Even for a newcomer, we recommend that you stand by your virtue. Don’t let your shyness or politeness overpower your rational judgment.

Also, though you have agreed to pose for lingerie lines or go nude for photoshoots, you still have the right to decide your clients. The photographer might ask you to pose in a specific position.; Iif you are not comfortable doing that, you have the right to refuse it.

Never allow anyone to take advantage of your dream to become a glamour model. You are here to do your job, and the people around you should make sure to make you feel comfortable even if you are going for a nude photoshoot.

What should you wear for the audition?

When you are called for an audition or a meeting with an agency, it is better that you don’t experiment with your clothes. Be comfortable in whatever you wear, but don’t do anything extra. The agency will be more interested in taking a look at the shape of your body and not what you are wearing.

Wear a simple T-shirt that will flaunt your figure and your body type. Pair it up with denims. The agenda is to allow the agencies to have a clear picture of your body. Wear slim fit jeans or a pair of trousers. Don’t go for lose outfits.

The same rule should be applied for the photos that you will send to the agencies.

Regarding your makeup, keep it to the minimum. Don’t wear any jewellery. Look and feel confident. Prints and patterns are a big no because they can be a distraction. Stick to solid colours like white, light blue, or bright yellow. Just go for a neutral colour.

Don’t wear anything that will make you feel uncomfortable while talking to the people judging you.

Video: Glamour Models Center - The Audtion

Don’t trust anyone easily

Agencies do look out for glamour models on social media platforms. If you have a professional Instagram account, chances are you might be contacted by an agency asking you to meet them. Don’t forget that predators are everywhere.

Even if someone contacts you through your social media account, use your brains, and try to evaluate whether the agency is legit or not. If an individual is contacting you, then it is better to stay away. Always do your research and stay safe. Know how to separate the fake ones from the legit ones.

Never visit an agency alone

You can negate this tip if you are being called by the top and reputed glamour modelling agencies. However, if the agency is new and you don’t know much about them, it is better that you ask a friend or someone from the family to accompany you.

No agency will be offended if you bring someone along with you. Never say yes to meeting each and every agency that gets back to you or contacts you proactively, as this can lead to dangerous consequences. Glamour modelling, as we said, is a bit different than hardcore fashion modelling.

That’s why even girls with a pretty face and right body height ratio are approached by companies offering them gigs for commercial advertisements and more.

How to prepare for glamour modelling photoshoot?

Once you are called for a photoshoot, there are a few things that you should start doing. Number one is to take care of your skin so that it looks flawless, next is to look after your hair, then hands, and finally the skin. It would help if you exercised also.

You can join a gym or jog every morning and evening. Follow this beauty regime to keep your face and body perfect for a photoshoot.

For your face

  • Step 1: Exfoliate - You need to remove dead skin from your face to make your face look attractive and sharp. Exfoliation is the best. Do it to get rid of dead skin. Before you go for the photoshoot, ensure that you go for exfoliation a few times.
  • Step 2: Facial - One week before your photo shoot, plan for a nice facial. Pamper yourself a bit. You deserve it. Also, facial will allow your face to look radiant and glow. You must look good in all the photos, remember!
  • Step 3: Eyebrows - An oddly-shaped eyebrow can make your face look weird. Go to a salon and groom your eyebrows. Do this a day before your photoshoot.

Video: Six Tips for Lifelong Clear Skin

For your hair

  • Step 1: Trim - The photographer would want the hair of his or her model to look the best. If you haven’t had a haircut, then now is the time to go for hair trimming. You can also get feedback from the agency if they are alright with your hair length. In case they want to shorten the hair length, ask the hairdresser to fix it accordingly.
  • Step 2: Deep Conditioning - Take a look at any glamour model photoshoot, and you will see that their hair is always glossy and shiny. One or two days before your photoshoot, book an appointment with your hairdresser and go for deep conditioning. In case you don’t feel like going to a salon, get a hair mask, and pamper your hair.

Video: How to Get the Most Perfect Sleek Hair

For your hands

  • Step 1: Manicure - There is nothing like a manicure. We often think that glamour photoshoot is always about the face, but photographers use a high-quality camera, and their lenses can capture even the minute flaws. Don’t take any chance and go for a manicure. Your hands and nail should look perfect too. Ensure that your nails are neat and polished with a neutral nail polish.

Video: Nail Care Hacks Everyone Should Know!

For your skin

  • Step 1: Hair Removal - No matter what type of a photoshoot you are going for, it is best ifthat you get rid of your body hair. Just a day before the photoshoot, remove allthe body hair and don’t forget the bikini line.

The top glamour models

Check out the list of top glamour models of all times. There are plenty of gorgeous girls who are being hired by different brands to promote various products, and these girls are currently leading the glamour modelling industry because of their good looks and impressive personality.

Vikki Blows

Vikki Blows is an actress and one of the most popular glamour models.

Her sexy smirk in some of the glamour modelling photoshoots has made her extremely popular, and her stunning body makes her an ideal candidate for this profile.

Vikki Blows

Emma Frain

Emma Frain has natural breasts, and she has appeared in almost every men’s magazine.

The model also has a great set of legs and abs, and her sultry aura has made her grab some of the best glamour modelling gigs.

Emma Frain

Nikki Sanderson

You might have seen Nikki Sanderson in Hollyoaks and Coronation Street, and to add one more talent to her list, Nikki is a renowned singer as well.

Yes, she is a glamour model, and she has done many nude photoshoots for different brands.

Nikki Sanderson

Emma Glover

The favourite of Nuts magazine, this bombshell has got killer rack, and her sweet and innocent smile makes her even hotter.

Emma is currently one of the top glamour models.

Emma Glover

Holly Peers

Holly Peers is a new face in the glamour industry, and she made her debut in 2009.

She got her gigs mostly because of her sultry looks and long dark hair.

Her long smooth legs and curvaceous body caught the attention of many brands.

Holly Peers

Keeley Hazell

Keeley Hazell is known for her innocent face and a great body.

She has done many sensuous photoshoots and acted in Horrible Bosses 2 as well.

Her raw and pure sex appeal makes her stand out from the rest of the glamour models.

Keeley Hazell

Rosie Jones

Rosie Jones is another famous glamour model who is not just famous for being sexy, but she has her name in the list of Guinness Book of World Records for wearing the maximum number of bras and removing them within a minute.

The lady has got a terrific rack and astonishing curves.

Rosie Jones

Lucy Pinder

Lucy Pinder, unlike any other glamour models, was discovered on a beach.

She has got fantastic breasts, and her killer bikini photoshoots for different bikini lines made her one of the best glamour models.

Lucy Pinder

Sophie Howard

Sophie Howard, a former glamour model, was the best glamour model of her time. She rose to fame because of her natural breasts.

sophie howard

Kelly Brook

Our list is incomplete without Kelly Brook. Kelly is a diva and a real asset for the glamour modelling industry.

She amazingly flaunt any dress she wears, and she has even acted in Hollywood movies, for example, Piranha 3D.

Kelly Brook

Keep Working on Your Looks, It Will Help You

To be a glamour model, you must always take care of your face and overall body. No model can make it to the top if she is not careful about her looks. The glamour modelling is only for those who have flawless skin, beautiful glowing face, glossy hair, and clean nails. 

Even though there aren’t any stringent rules to follow, no agency would like to work with a model who has a radiant face, but not clean nails. You can’t be overweight if you want to become a glamour model.

Further, you must exercise daily and never forget that you are getting into a highly competitive industry. A agencies receive massive numbers of applications everyday, and readers may note that the girls who apply for glamour modelling are stunning.

Always stay hydrated and drink water like a fish. Quit smoking to keep your teeth white, reduce your alcohol consumption and exercise regularly.

We have already shared tips about how to take care of your hair, skin, face, and nails. You might also want to add SPF in your beauty regime because you shouldn’t allow your skin to tan or sunburn and damage the natural skin colour.

Just look after your body because, ultimately that does the branding for you and never forget that you are your best agency. It would help if you look after what you are eating. Skip fast food and start following a strict diet.

It is good if you take multivitamins, else you can research the right brands, which will be beneficial for the overall body.

Always be Professional and Committed

The moment you start getting calls for glamour modelling gigs, ensure that you show them your punctuality and committment to your work. No one likes to work with someone who is not serious about their profession.

Even though posing in front of the camera may look easy, your body will start going through a lot of strain when you do that for a living. If you are asked to reach a location for a photoshoot at a particular time, adhere to that schedule. You should never be late. Reach a few minutes early.

Talk to the photographer, get a vibe of the environment, and get to know the people who will be there for the photoshoot.

The modeling industry doesn’t wait for anyone who fails to show commitment and seriousness towards this profession. Even though glamour modelling is not that rigid when we compare it to fashion modelling, you still can’t take any chances.

Exposure is Right for You!

If you are a newcomer, then you might want to contact as many glamour modelling agencies as you can. After all, you are looking for an offer.

So, contact reputed and reliable agencies. Some agencies might tell you upfront that they only work with experienced models, while others will show interest in new faces. If one agency says no to you, that shouldn’t stop you from applying somewhere else.

Please get to know about all the agencies that you have in your area and study them.

Just in case there is an open call, don’t miss it. Open calls are great for newcomers. The agency will ask you to bring your portfolio. Once you receive the application form, enter all the details that have been asked.


You need to share your body measurements, for instance, your height, weight, bust size, your hips size, hair colour, eye colour, and more. The agency would also like to know your contact details, for instance, your email ID, contact number, permanent address, etc.

Give all the accurate information. Submit your application and wait for your turn for the audition. Wear simple clothes which will make you feel comfortable. Apart from open calls, don’t hesitate to contact top agencies as well.

It is only when you contact these agencies, will you get to know whether they want new faces or not. Go for The platform is legit and can assist you in finding the right gig. There are many reputed agents listed on

You are bound to find someone or else who would be willing to work with you.

Be confident

To become a glamour model, you must possess the right skills, and you have to be convinced. If you are sure that glamour modelling is your niche, then go for it and don’t let anyone stop you.

Modelling career has both its ups and downs, but this is a profession that can help you get a lot of fame and name. Yes, you will get to earn a lot of money too. The more you perform and the more contracts you sign, the better the payout you will get.

But, make sure that you don’t do something you are not comfortable doing. Glamour models have the full right to say yes and no to any gig they don’t wish to do. Let your conscience work and go for the ones that you think are right for you.

Be classy and sophisticated, and remember that you must be prepared for different types of glamour modelling projects. Keep working on your skills and prove to everyone that you have got what it takes to become a superstar.

Let clients come to you, and once they do, you will have success running after you.

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