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BBW Cupid

If you are searching for an efficient online BBW dating site that offers curvy women in a safe dating environment of body-positivity, BBWCupid would indeed prove to be a fascinating website.


  • Registration in BBWCupid is entirely free and careful- it asks relevant questions about you and what you intend to seek. 
  • There are features in the site which operate on the specifications about your wants to be able to attract more compatible partners. 


  • However, the number of active members on this site is quite low, which makes the site less engaging. 
  • Moreover, very few features are available in the free membership plan. 

This review shall provide an extensive overview of the customizations of the website and offer you a better understanding of its performance.

BBWCupid is an online BBW dating and matching website of its kind that is specially made to connect big beautiful women to people (singles) who are interested in looking for a serious partner.

The site was established in 2005, and their objective is still the same which is to create a platform where BBW singles around the world can come out and flaunt their curves while impressing other people with their beautiful bodies without any shame or discrimination.

The site implements a zero-tolerance against body shaming to protect their members.

BBW Cupid is a component of the well- established Cupid Media network which tends to operate over 30 renowned niche dating sites with the membership base including men and women from Canada, Australia, USA, UK, and many other countries.

However, despite any country, you can create your profile without any membership. 

There have been many queries from people asking us to review BBWCupid and what makes it different from other dating sites out there. This is the reason why we are here. We will be giving you all sorts of details related to our full in-depth review about BBWCupid and what we think about the site. So, let us begin.

What makes BBWCupid unique from other dating sites around the world?

BBW Cupid comprises a lot of curvy female members having both average and lean- bodied females looking to date big handsome men.

The site builds up the platform projected to highlight curvy women in a safe dating environment where they have the freedom to find short- term or long- term relationship. The majority of the male members on BBWCupid are average- bodied who are looking for a lady partner.

The site has dominance of  middle-aged male members, while female members are of age group of 25 to 34. At BBWCupid, you get a two- category option of either a straight male or a straight female with which you can create your profile.

BBWCupid Website Features

Talking about the features, you can check the activities of other BBWCupid members on your Activity tab. The members who are your matches will be shown to you on your activity tab where you will be getting constant updates, likes, messages and views.

BBW Cupid is quite famous for its vivid profile experience that gives you a lot of essential information to look at. There are a lot of features which are quite impressive, available on the premium as well as free memberships.

It is an excellent service specially designed to connect BBW singles and their admirers around the world. The site claims to provide a reliable destination where people can manage their fling, love or even start an everlasting relationship.

Apart from the good experiences containing within a desktop site itself, you can download its mobile application (typically available on iOS and Android Play Store) and enjoy the playfulness as you go.

We gave out these ratings (given below) as per our own experiences with BBW Cupid; also we had a good talk with the people who had been using the website from quite a time.

Site Statistics

  • Registration - Fill standard information using Username and Password; Location, Age and Relationship Status; Profile Headline, About Your Partner; Additional Info: Basic, Background/Cultural Views, Appearance and Lifestyle.
  • Members and Messaging - Search options through filtering by hair color, other hair types, relationship status, body type, and more; Options of messaging: Instant Message and Send Interest.
  • Total number of user accounts - 200,000+ members
  • The average monthly visits - 40,000 members active
  • Quality of members - Medium
  • Account Confidentiality - Yes
  • Popularity - Ranked one of the most popular BBW dating sites
  • Photos available - Yes
  • Photo Security - No
  • Mobile Interactivity / Mobile Application - Yes

Performance Score (Out of 10)

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Quality of Members


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User-Interface & Layout


Overall Score


With a great score, we really think you should register yourself on BBWCupid today because the site is great for big yet beautiful people to get a chance of meeting someone and start something fantastic. However, don’t forget to read the whole review before you make your decision.


Website Address - 

BBW Cupid acts as an excellent dating website for plus-sized individuals and their admirers. However, this does not mean that only BBWs (big beautiful women) are  there on their network base.

When we got on its platform, there were only 388 members active (status as online) because the site does not market itself on having tons of members, especially when it is in competition with other BBW websites.

Besides having a good repertoire in the online dating genre, the site offers a lot of impressive profiles and highly interactive features, for example, when you click on a particular profile, you get to read a lot of info and bio about that person.

This can range from something more like their hair type to their occupation and everything that is given by them.

The bio-information will assist you in finding out whether you would be interested in the person or not. 

Profiles on BBWCupid appear quite comprehensive; you would be able to know about the person’s age range, gender and how far they are located from this person.

If you ask about the unique thing about BBWCupid, it has to be their criteria matching system. 

bbwcupid app LP-min

When you visit any profile, members can easily see if the profile matches their criteria based on the answers which were asked to them about the profile. However, you can certainly edit these responses whenever you like.

The profile results that match your answers are shown to you with either a green dot (fitting your criteria) or a red dash (which profiles do not). This feature offers you to quickly find out whether a member is worth messaging or not and saves your time because exploring as well as finding matches can get tedious. 

Profiles of BBWCupid are quite lengthy as well because members, when they register themselves, are asked a lot of questions to enhance their viewing experience. If members have left any question while signing up for the website, such questions will reappear again after clicking on a few links in the site.

Again, this could be a little less issue, if members get the option of skipping any number of questions which they do not choose to answer, but it is not possible currently.

The “Where Do I Start” slideshow acts as a significant guiding tool to newbies on the site where they can learn about how to navigate the website easily.


Online dating has found a lot of fascination in recent years. It has become a popular topic, especially with those who get nervous to talk directly to people regarding dating or flirting.

The concept began a long time ago, and there have been many websites in the same niche covering a lot of functionalities and different users from around the world.

With some competitors including its network as OkCupid, Elite Singles, Coffee Meets Bagel, Ashley Madison, etc. 

BBWCupid is a different kind of dating site quite popular about BBW and people who can move without feeling guilty or ashamed about their body or body parts.  

bbwcupid model-min

The site majorly comprises of beautiful men and women who are looking for the right people bundled with some great features like a typical dating website has, alongside a lot of precautionary measures to maintain their members’ safety and confidentiality.

Some of the other BBW dating sites which are commonly used by people are BBW Friends Date, BBW To Date, BBW Admire, Curvy Singles Dating, BB People Meet, and a lot of more other websites working in the same niche. 


  • BBWCupid is purely a legal adult dating site with various privacy policies to keep you safe.
  • The site offers a good interface with which allows the user to find comfort in lesser time.
  • BBWCupid offers free registration which includes choosing your username, password and answer some relevant questions about you and what you intend to seek.
  • BBWCupid comprises of a lot of features that you’d find on most of the dating websites including good matching criteria, marking people as favourite and see who has looked at your profile and much more. There are more features which consist of Cupid Tags to get close to specifications about your wants to be able to attract more members.
  • Besides every other feature, you get a perfect customer care assistance to help you enhance your experience. Their support assistance is fast and secure with high confidential data measures.
  • You get easy searching tools when you get inside the member area with which you can begin your matching.
  • You get easy searching tools when you get inside the member area with which you can begin your matching.
  • BBW Cupid is a part of Cupid networks that has many popular dating websites to its name. This typically shows their experience in this niche and they have such sites working across the whole world.
  • The “Where Do I Start” feature displays a slideshow which is quite helpful for new users to provide valuable assistance in quickly grasping the basics to start navigating the website.
  • The profile is a bit lengthy telling a lot of things about every member. This holds an excellent advantage to look at their profile and message them if you find them exhibiting a similar interest.
  • BBW Cupid works quite well on the mobile with an effective mobile application which is readily available on iOS and Android Play store. You can enjoy a non- stop experience anytime and anywhere with the pace you go.


  • There are only 100,000 or few more members registered on the website, which makes it a little less exciting, counting too few hundred members active at a time.
  • To register yourself, you are bombarded with a lot of questions which seem a little boring or taking a lot more time to set things up.
  • Only a few of the features are available as a part of the free membership plan.
  • You need to watch your back as there can be few fake profiles around you waiting to scam you.
  • There is no option for group chatting or real-time video messaging.
  • The blog listed on BBW Cupid has not been active for a while.
  • Searching tools are not good enough as they don’t cover different filtering and categorizing options.   


BBW Cupid hands out their premium membership at reasonable prices. By availing their membership, you get a whole range of facilities which can benefit you in all other ways. 

You get to send emails and instant messages to the members, do an advanced search by specifying different categories for the people you are interested in, live chatting with the person, viewing the last login time, and a lot of other features.

BBWCupid gives you the option of primarily platinum and gold memberships that offer mostly all the accesses and benefits. However, platinum memberships are a bit costly.

Under Platinum memberships, you get a monthly package for $29.98 and the three- month plan stands at $59.99, which costs you around $20 for every month. The yearly plan under Platinum memberships costs at $10 per month with a single billed amount of $119.98

Under Gold memberships, you get a monthly package for $24.98 and the three- month plan stands at $49.99, which costs you around $16.66 for every month. The yearly plan under Gold memberships costs at $8.33 per month with a single billed amount of $99.98.

We will surely recommend you take an annual gold package consisting of all the good features you will be getting by being a member of BBWCupid.


  • BBWCupid offers a satisfying customer experience from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am to 4:00 pm to their members. You can always count on their professionals in case you happen to have any queries or have any complaints regarding their services. There is a toll- free number for US and Canadian customers - 1 800 787 0838, while Australian customers can call on (07) 5571 1181. The other international users are free to call them on (+61) 755 711 181 at their service hours.
  • Their customer care service is friendly, secure and responsive. Their help professionals take the highest safety measures to give you a hassle-free experience as well as maintain your confidentiality.
  • They have an expert team who are always there to answer your queries, thereby, giving you an impeccable customer satisfaction experience. You can get their assistance by going through this link: anytime and anywhere as per your convenience.

Final Verdict

Although there are some websites telling girls what they must and must not do to maintain their looks so that they appear scintillating in front of guys, BBWCupid tells them to not give a damn about the beauty standards and look forward to dating without really caring about how they look.

The site carries the sense of freedom in creating little communities about big curvy men and women with different interests as well as preferences.

The site takes care of full security measures by banning users who appear to show disrespect or abuse to anyone. 

bbwcupid banner-min

Furthermore, the site also consistently looks out for scams or fake profiles and takes necessary actions on them. Additionally, the site offers premium memberships at reasonable prices to keep your dating go on forever until you meet that special someone.

Considering all the facts mentioned above, we certainly recommend BBWCupid to all the wonderful BBWs and their admirers across the countries.

Parting Words

After going through the features, ideas, statistics and user experiences, we have come to the end of our detailed review of BBWCupid. The particular dating site empowers the big curvy women to go forward and find a partner without caring about shame or discrimination of any sort.

You can comment down and tell us about your experience while using this site and can also write about the good things or some flaws. In case you want us to review any of the other dating sites, you are free to send us all your queries, and we will surely look out for them.

Till then take care, and we will see you again!

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