BBPeopleMeet Review (2020)


BBPeopleMeet has many users, and people say that this is one of the best dating sites for people who are looking for hookups and serious relationships.

BB stands for big and beautiful.

We think a person, slim or fat, is gorgeous and everyone deserves to find someone like minded who would want to talk about their experience, their feelings, and wouldn’t mind going out with them.

It is never easy for big and beautiful people to find someone they can call their better-half. For a person who weighs more than the standard body size, it is always a challenge to find romance and love. This is the reason why BBPeopleMeet becomes the perfect platform for every big and beautiful person.

BBPeopleMeet is an online dating site for plus-size singles. If you are looking for a fun, safe, and secure platform where there is no fear of acceptance, join BBPeopleMeet. The site is ideal for both full-figure men and women.

It gets quite frustrating for oversized people to find the perfect date in conventional dating sites and apps, and we understand that. Therefore, if you are someone who is overweight and struggling to find a person who would be interested in spending his/her time with you, explore BBPeopleMeet today.

BBPeopleMeet was founded in the year 2002, and the site is the product of People Media. If you didn’t know, is the owner of People Media.

People Media always tries to cater to one particular niche of people and offers a more customized dating experience, and that’s why the company has launched BBPeopleMeet. No one has to pay anything to become a member of BBPeopleMeet. It is free to use.

The claims that People Media has made saying BBPeopleMeet will cater to only overweight men and women are worth taking note of. This is the reason why we are going to review BBPeopleMeet for you. We want our users to read this review thoroughly and make the right choice.

Let’s get to know more about BBPeopleMeet and evaluate whether you should join the site or not.

What makes BBPeopleMeet popular?

BBPeopleMeet has been here in the industry since 2002, and the platform has more than 500,000 members from all over the globe. The site has 44% of women users and 56% men users. Around 10,000 visitors visit BBPeopleMeet daily.

Not just this, BBPeopleMeet has over 1,000 daily sign-ups. Even though the sign-up numbers are not as high as other conventional dating apps, knowing that it caters to only one category, the numbers are pretty decent.

 The real reason why BBPeopleMeet is so popular is that the site caters to one specific group of people. They are full-figured people who are looking for singles who love curves. We know that many big, beautiful people look for partners regularly. The site is very different from all the other dating sites.

The “Who do you like” feature stands out. Here, your profile will be put against another profile, and there will be a lot of questions that you can answer to make your profile look attractive. You can find people and other members of BBPeopleMeet in different ways.

The "I’m interested feature" works a lot like the Tinder application. Each day, you will get to see a new face that might be ideal for you. With frequent community members, you will get to know about who is most active.

Even though the site doesn’t offer a lot of profiles, whatever BBPeopleMeet has is fantastic.

Most of the members of BBPeopleMeet look good, and they have charming personalities. Just like Tinder, in the “I’m interested” feature, choosing yes will allow the user to know that you are showing interest in them.

However, once you hit the no option, no one will get to know that you have denied their request. Now, that’s nice.

The site also lets you know about the people who have visited your profile. If you decide to upgrade your profile to a paid one, you will be able to comment and like other users’ photos and videos, and even send flirts to let them know that you would like to connect with them.

The site truly stands out from the rest because most of the cupid sites are standard, and they allow everyone to join in, no matter how tall, short, slim, or bulkier they are.


Estimated last month’s visit: 600,000 approx.

Let’s talk about the design of BBPeopleMeet. Amazing news, the site is available both on the app and website.

The site may look a bit off to a few people. However, if you keep the off thing aside, the straightforward site looks very simple.

We have to admit that BBPeopleMeet is easy to navigate. 

bbpeoplemeet lp

The colour, theme, fonts, and even graphic designs, everything is simple. You will find no difficulty while browsing through the site. No one has to be tech-savvy to browse BBPeopleMeet. Allow some time to study the site, and within one or two minutes, you will master the navigation part of this website.

You can try their free service or paid service, depending on your needs and requirements.

For free service, you will get a search option; you can create a profile and upload some photos, you can take a look at different accounts, check out today’s matches, let someone know that you are interested in them, and also make a list of people who you like the most.

But the paid service will include sending, as well as receiving private messages; you can set some favourites, flirt with someone you like, and like different photos and also comment on them. The sign-up process is simple, and you don’t need to pay anything.

All the new members can start by creating a profile, add their physical appearance details, education, religion, address, occupation, lifestyle, and more. Under the “About” section, you can add all these details.

The site will also ask some questions, which can help you to enhance your personality on your profile. We recommend you to add your best interests on the profile. The first thing that will impress you right away is the simple layout. All the profiles are comprehensive.

The members can decide to answer as many questions as possible to create an informative account on BBPeopleMeet. This way, you will get to know whether the person you are trying to connect with matches with your profile or not.

Getting a date here on BBPeopleMeet is possible because the members of this platform are looking for serious relationships. The site has a privacy policy page, which we think everyone should go through before becoming their member.

According to BBPeopleMeet, the platform keeps all of your information and data protected. In case you feel that you need their assistance, don’t hesitate to contact their support team.

Pricing & Memebership Fees

BBPeopleMeet has two membership accounts. One is the basic membership account, which is free, and the next option is paid. Under the paid membership account, you will get two plans — a one-month plan and the six months plan. Six months' plan is better because you get to save 60%.

Here are the details:

  • Basic membership account: Free
  • 1 Month: 14.99 USD per month
  • Six months: standard pack- 5.96 USD per month (35.76 USD total)
  • Six months: Best value plan- 7.00 USD (42.00 USD total)

You can pay for any of the packs through credit card, direct debit, or PayPal. If you go for the standard pack, you will get access to BBPeopleMeet mobile app and many other paid features.

However, their best value pack is best because it allows you to get full mobile access, all of their fee-based services and your profile will be highlighted as well. When your profile gets highlighted, you get better opportunities to find someone along with other services.

Unless you cancel any of the plans, your payment will recur automatically. So, if you want to cancel the subscription, it is better to cancel on-time. On the "Settings" tab, click on "My Account," and from there, you will be able to remove the automatic renewal subscription option.

To stop your subscription plan, you need to stop the subscription renewal pack manually.

Until then, you are free to enjoy all of BBPeopleMeet's subscription.

If you don't want to try any of their membership plans, you may want to go ahead with the free account. 

The free account will allow you to upload your photos and also do unlimited editing.

Not just this, you can send flirts to different members of BBPeopleMeet and save them as favourites. 

bbpeoplemeet login

You will receive messages, but to check them, you will have to buy one of their plans. As mentioned above, you can pick any of the plans that suit your budget. To message someone, click on any of the member's profile. On the profile picture, there will be two options.

One option will allow you to send a flirt, and the other a message. The site also allows its paid members to enjoy live chats as well. To communicate with one another, these are the only ways. BBPeopleMeet will remind you of the old means of online communication.

Site Statistics

  • Most Popular Models: Just like any other dating site, BBPeopleMeet also consists of members only. Every day you will get to see any profiles to chat with.
  • Models: The users are 18 years and above
  • Body Type: Big, beautiful people
  • Bandwidth: Many
  • Buffer: 1-2 seconds
  • High Resolution: Yes

Website Performance Evaluation



Image Quality

8 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


10 / 10

Content Amount

8 / 10


8 / 10


10 / 10


8 / 10

Competitors of BBPeopleMeet

While BBPeopleMeet caters to a specific need and allows big and lovely people to find their right companionship, there are still some sites that are giving a fierce competition to BBPeopleMeet. The reasons for such a tight competition could be many.

The other websites have a better layout, some of them have more users, and the rest are offering more and attractive features. We have listed three such sites, which we think are fierce competitors of BBPeopleMeet.

The first one is The site has 39.7 million users and is excellent for people looking for friendships, dating, and relationships. The site has a massive number of users and takes care of different needs and requirements of various people. is a very old site and was launched in 1995. Users can send flirts and messages to members that they like and wish to connect with. There are over 7 million paid members of


The next site that we have for you is BBWCupid. The site has more than 100,000 members, and you will find many active members daily.

The site is dedicated to Big and beautiful women. Most of the profiles of this site have detailed information along with their profile pictures. You can send messages to anyone, add to your favourite list, search people, and view who has visited your profile.


The last one that you can go for is LargeFriends. This dating site is exclusively for singles, and you can explore the site on your mobile phone too. The site is easy to understand; you can easily navigate it.

However, if you want to try their features, you will have to go for one of their subscription plans. The free service includes a search option; you can view who has visited your profile;, and complete your profile and add photos. LargeFriends has more than 190,000 members.


  • BBPeopleMeet’s registration is free.
  • The registration process is simple, and it will hardly take a few minutes to complete it.
  • The site is only for BB people.
  • BBPeopleMeet is easy to navigate and use.
  • After the registration process is complete, you can start sending private messages to anyone you like.
  • We liked Today’s matches feature, which allows you to see who you are most compatible with.
  • “Who do you like” feature is yet another exciting feature that will let you pick the perfect match between two people.
  • The community updates are frequent and will let you know about the most active members.


  • BBPeopleMeet doesn’t offer any free-trial subscription.
  • BBPeopleMeet doesn’t offer any free-trial subscription.
bbpeoplemeet logo

Customer Support & Other Serivices

The support team is always willing to respond to the client’s query. If you ever run into some problem, or you wish to contact them regarding any information, you may give them a call. They have a dedicated FAQ page, where BBPeopleMeet has tried to answer most of the questions.

We recommend our users to go through their FAQ page first, before giving them a call.

Corporate Office:

People Media, Inc.

P.O. Box 12627

Dallas, Texas 75225

United States


If you are single and you are big and beautiful, then we highly recommend you to be a member of BBPeopleMeet. The site is perfect for every bold, big, and beautiful person who struggles to find the right partner. When it comes to finding beyond an average figure partner, people often struggle.

But not anymore because you have BBPeopleMeet. The site is specifically for curvier people. With increasing interest in bold and beautiful websites, BBPeopleMeet is bound to become famous. The site has a massive number of members, and each day, the numbers are increasing.

The website has a straightforward look and feel and is designed to cater to only one request and that is to offer a platform that will help you communicate with people who will not judge you because of your weight.

The site provides a lot of exciting features to everyone, and if you want to meet your someone special or looking for a partner for just casual fun, nothing can beat BBPeopleMeet. The premium membership account is worth a try because it offers more and better features.

You can receive and send audio or video texts and messages to anyone whom you like. The site lets you send unlimited messages, but this option is available only for the premium members. You have three different subscription packages to choose from.

We suggest going with the one-month plan first before trying the six-months plan. More than a thousand members get added to BBPeopleMeet;, and the audio and video features of this platform are superb.

Parting words

We think that BBPeopleMeet is perfect for all those singles who are plus-sized. If you are looking for a dating site and you are tired of the standard dating apps, then it’s time to say no to every other site and try BBPeopleMeet. Rest assured, you will have a lot of fun here.

When it comes to 'size doesn’t matter', BBPeopleMeet is the only site that genuinely stands by the statement. The community accepts everyone with a bigger shape.

Whether you are looking for someone to talk to, flirt with, or find someone to build a serious relationship with, this platform is simply the best. This is our review on BBPeopleMeet, and we hope you have gone through it properly.

Do try the site once and then decide whether you should try their plans or avoid it.

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