Bait Bus Review (2020)

Bait Bus

The concept of BaitBus caught our attention, and we couldn’t resist, but investigate more about the site.

We wanted to know if the scenes are as exciting as the plot sounds like, is it a gay porn site because the website name doesn’t give us a single hint!

We were burning with so many questions, and finally, we took our time to review the site from scratch, and here is our honest opinion on BaitBus.

We hope our review on BaitBus will enable you to decide if the claims of BaitBus being one of the most exciting porn sites is true or false, and whether you should be investing your time, or go to some other gay sites to get your hands dirty.

You are a straight man and never thought in your wildest dream that you would be having sex with another man, but what would it take to go gay? Have you ever thought about it? Well, this is the concept of the BaitBus gay website. Exciting plot, right! ​

So, if you are a gay person and you have stumbled upon our review page on BaitBus, then here’s a quick brief about this gay website. A girl seduces a random boy on the road, she tempts her and offers him free sex. His eyes are covered, and he gets on the bus.

The bait here is the bombshell, who lures the young men with her seductive body. The man gets into the bus, but instead of the lady, he fucks a gay man! He must be feeling pissed now because he never thought of fucking a male.

But, guess what happens next, the straight man is offered cash for having sex with the gay man, and now everything is just fine.

This is what the BaitBus adult site is all about. So, even if you see a bombshell, in the beginning, don’t stop watching it, because she is the bait, who will catch straight guys from the road and hand them over to the gay man.

What makes BaitBus popular?

The plot of BaitBus is entirely different from other gay adult sites, and because of the plot, the site has been going strong. Let’s explain the plot in detail to you. Two men drive a van with a hot-looking chick on board. The sexy chick is the bait here.

She tricks a straight man and convinces him to join her for free sex. The girl promises to have sex with him, but a man gives him a fascinating and warm blowjob. However, before letting him inside the van, the stranger is blindfolded.

Once he takes off the blindfold, the guy realizes that the person he is having sex with is a male instead of the girl he just met! You might have come across a few other websites with a similar plot, but, believe us, BaitBus is the original one.

The boys you will get to see here in BaitBus vary in looks. Some of the boys are clean shaven, some have beards, there will be handsome types, and you will also see men with pubs and unshaven pits. No matter what kind of men you get to see, rest assured the videos are thoroughly entertaining.

However, most of the men that we saw are college-goers. In some of the episodes, we even saw mature adults and men in their thirties, tattooed men, bald guys, muscle hunks, and more. Most of the men are white, and only a few are blacks.

By the way, some of the models who appeared here at BaitBus, have now become top-rated gay pornstars.

Most of the scenes look real; however, some did look a bit staged to us. But if you watch the scenes from the very beginning and listen to the whole conversation, you will know that something is cooking.

And the discussion boils as these straight guys are offered money for having sex with gay men. You are free to judge whether these scenes are staged, or they are real. We let you be the decider. The episodes are different, and the site has many models.

Real or not, we enjoyed seeing the straight men getting banged by other men. The site currently has around 345 videos, and the videos are available in high definition. BaitBus was launched in 2002, and the last update happened in 2014. We don’t think the site is uploading any new content now.

Well, we don’t know why they haven’t uploaded original content, but we hope to see new videos soon.

Website Overview

Website link:

Estimated last month’s visit: Not available

Once you visit the BaitBus site, you will be first asked if you agree to their terms and conditions, and hit the "Enter Here" tab.

Click on that to start exploring the site.

The first page will show you a picture of a nice-looking chick on the driver's seat talking to a guy, yet again don't get confused. 

bait bus lp

On top of the screen is the member login area and join now option, then comes the latest and popular section. If you are interested in watching the most recent entries, you may click on the latest tab, else move your cursor to the popular tab to view all the popular content.

Below this, you will see the thumbnails of the videos. Each video will have a one-liner telling about the video content, length of the video, and finally, the number of views each video has received. The first page will show you more than 20 scenes.

You can click on any of the movie scenes to start watching them, or as per your choice, you can click on the latest or the popular tabs. 

We decided to check out, "Don't be worried; no one will find out." Once we clicked on that, we saw a warning message that the viewer has to be over 18 years of age to start watching the video. Below the video screen, we also saw many other related video links.

Once we clicked on the links, we were taken to their payment page. The site looked decent to us, and we didn't face any trouble while browsing BaitBus. The best part about BaitBus is its content, and the videos are of high quality.

The premise of most of the videos will be different, but what you are mainly going to see here is guys fucking other guys, and that's about it. The plot of each video starts with the same concept.

Find a cute guy on the road, lure him to get inside the van and finally hand him over the gay male who can't wait to unzip his pants and fuck the nice-looking stud. The movies that you will find here are full-length, which is good news, and there are over 60 galleries.

All the male victims are blindfolded, and the moment they enter the van, a horny guy waiting inside the vehicle starts giving him a blowjob. Finally, the straight guy is unfolded, and he gets the shock of his life when he sees a man giving him a blowjob.

Of course, there will be some protest, but this is what makes the site so attractive. He calms down in a while, and the gay man promises the straight person cash in return for sex. Both of the men end up having steaming moments.

Sometimes, the straight man is also promised of some pussy fucking instead of cash. Most of the guys agree to this condition without any hesitation. However, in some of the cases, after tasting a guy's tight ass, he never gets into the mood of penetrating his dick into a soft pussy.

The moment intercourse gets over, the gay guy drives his van and vanishes from the premise.

Pricing & Membership Fees

BaitBus is not a free website, and to start playing any of their videos, one needs to pay for one of their memberships.

The site also doesn’t offer any free trial, which is a pity because free trial gives you a decent amount of idea about the quality of the porn content. So, there are three membership options to choose from. Here are they:

  • One day: $1.25
  • One month: $14.95
  • One year: $119.4

The cost of each membership is recurring, so if you don’t wish to continue being a member of BaitBus, don’t forget to unsubscribe. To begin with, we recommend you go with the one-day plan. Once you click on the “Join us” tab, you will be taken to their payment page.

The payment page will have a series of blank fields, which the user needs to fill. Read all the details carefully and fill in the details.

Readers may note that all the entries must be filled to proceed. After you choose the one-day membership, you will be free to browse through the site, take a look at the galleries, and the videos as well. Most of the photos are available in high definition, but not all of them.

There will be many screencaps attached to each of the videos, and trust us on this; there are tons of it. Probably more than most of the sites that you have seen. The screencaps available in the videos are around 1000. You will see a link to the HD pictures, which you can click to view the HD pictures.

You can download exclusive content here where guys are getting picked from the road randomly, and all of a sudden. You should be able to pause and resume the video you will download. The site is fast enough, and the downloading speed is good too.

The files are not massive, but if you have a poor internet connection, then you will end up spending hours to download the files. The BaitBus website does advertise its content as exclusive, and the videos that we saw are 100% original.

These videos have not been downloaded from any other site and uploaded here. Yes, it looks like the content developer of the website has uploaded all of the videos. There are two formats available for you for the videos, one is WMV, and the second one is MP4.

The file type for streaming is MP4, and the resolution is 1280x720. The website updates porn scenes only, and it doesn’t have any live cam where you can live chat with a handsome man if you like them. To view the videos, only users are allowed.

The actual site can be visited only when you press “Enter” on the initial page. Most of the models are white, and they are semi-pro looking. The site has more than 200 models, and their ages are between 18-30. Most of the performers of BaitBus are from the US.

Site Statistics

Most Popular Models: A.J. Monroe, Paul Canon, Brenden Cage, Brian Bonds, Ricky Larkin, Ridge Michaels, Nickolay Petrov, Rikk York, Romario Souza, Jace Chambers, Jeremy Stevens, John Magnum, Shane Erickson, Steven Ponce, Trent Diesel, Ty Roderick, Tyler Hunt, Mario Costa, Wolfie Blue, Logan Vaughn, and more.

  • Models: Mostly Americans
  • Body Type: Slim, bearded, clean-shaven, athletic.
  • Total Number of videos: 340+
  • Average Length of videos: 30 minutes
  • Bandwidth: Many bandwidths
  • Image Quality: High-quality, 1280x720; 3596k
  • Live Cams: No
  • File size: 400-800 MB
  • Buffer: 1-2 seconds
  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Video DRM: No

Website Performance Scores



Image Quality

9 / 10


7 / 10


3 / 10

Content Amount

5 / 10


7 / 10


9 / 10

Download / Streaming

10 / 10


8 / 10

Bonus Material

9 / 10

Competitors of BaitBus

Yes, BaitBus is not free from competitors, and many gay sites are giving a fierce competition to BaitBus.

Knowing that this niche is viral, it is evident that there will be many other gay porn sites. Although not every site will have the same twisted plot as BaitBus, the websites you will get to read about are amazing.

We could figure out three similar sites, which we think are the best and are giving fierce competition to BaitBus. Let's go and read about them below.

Gay Creeps

Gay Creeps, as you can figure out, is dedicated to all the gay porn lovers. The reality site has a different twist. The roommate is always trying to watch his male friend with who he shares the room taking a shower. The friend watches his bed mate fall asleep and jerks off.

The site currently has 88 videos so far, and all the content is exclusive. You can stream the content in MP4 format, else download them in MPG, MP4, or WMV formats.

Next Door Pass

Next Door Pass is a gay network site. The boys you are going to see here are some of the hottest lads. If you are into gay porn and you haven’t visited Next Door Pass, you are missing out on a vast amount of good quality porn content.

Most of the videos are available in HD, and there is a wide range of videos to choose from. You can even some of the videos as your favourite once you become their member. The network sites are Cody Cummings, Marcus Mojo, Austin Wilde, and more.

Massage Bait

The last one that gives a fierce competition to BaitBus is Massage Bait. Massage Bait is an excellent reality-based porn site, where customers go to a massage parlour. And after getting oil all over their bodies, the customers get a chance to fuck the handsome masseur.

Users can download porn content in different formats. All the videos available at Massage Bait are HD quality.


  • The content of BaitBus are exclusive
  • The site looks simple
  • Most of the male pornstars are good looking and hot
  • Maximum movies of BaitBus are of HD quality
  • The site offers over 300 porn scenes and many pictures
  • The plot is new and interesting
  • To download the videos of BaitBus, you don’t need DRM
  • You can download four consecutive videos
  • Download speed is impressive
  • You can save some of the videos of BaitBus as your favourite
  • The models are mostly college students
  • File sizes are not that large


  • The site hasn’t uploaded new content from a long time
  • No free-trial membership to take a look at the content
  • The network sites of BaitBus require additional payment

Customer Support & Other Details

BaitBus has a dedicated customer support number. In case a member runs into some technical or payment issues, we advise them to click on the support page to get the full details of their customer helpline.

  • Support page:
  • Toll-Free: 1-(888) 501-6463
  • Toll-Free: 1-(800)-893-8871
  • Int. Tel.: 1-(310)-664-5810


We have enjoyed the fun concept of BaitBus. We don’t get to see reality concepts often. And people always look for a new theme and spice. BaitBus thus becomes the perfect gay porn site for all those people who are tired of watching the same old gay videos.

The site offers around 340 gay porn videos, and they are available in high-definition. We also liked that the site has many picture galleries. We recommend BaitBus to all gay porn fans.

Parting words

Do visit BaitBus if you have enjoyed reading our review, and we hope to see you soon for more reviews. We upload fresh new reviews on adult sites regularly.

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