BaDoink VR Review


BaDoink VR is a virtual reality porn platform created with the highest of quality and are exclusive in nature to arouse you instantly.


  • This site is exceptional in terms of the design and navigations as well as offer tons of unique features to provide you a hassle free experience. 
  • Besides this, BaDoink VR offers their membership accounts at extremely affordable prices so that users can get in touch with their hot materials. 
  • This site is exceptional in terms of the design and navigations as well as offer tons of unique features to provide you a hassle free experience. 
  • Besides this, BaDoink VR offers their membership accounts at extremely affordable prices so that users can get in touch with their hot materials. 


  • It becomes impossible to find content because of the advanced search option is not effective at times.
  • You can not mark any videos as your favorite. 

By the help of this review, you will be able to get the site know a lot better. Read our expert’s recommendation statement which would help you choose whether BaDoink VR will be a perfect fit for you or not. The porn industry in the last decade or so has undergone a significant transformation of all sorts.

With newer technological developments ensuring that watching porn is as immersive as living out the story and the kink in real life. BaDoink VR is an offering by BaDoink, which is a popular premium porn website that attracts a massive number of viewers for its content.

BaDoink VR is BaDoink’s attempt at making the consumption of pornographic films and videos into a deeper, ethereal kind of experience. An experience that blurs the line between fantasizing about sex and actually being able to experience it in real life.

What makes BaDoinkVR a really great website to watch porn is the fact that it has some of the most sought after porn stars and models on board with them, who perform some of the kinkiest fantasies the humankind can have, on-screen!

badoink 1-min

With their focus on providing wholesome VR porn content as well, BaDoink VR is one of those sites that can make a mark with their unique values in their market. You can not only access some premium quality videos, but also some adult photo sets and images.  

Add to this, there are also some fantastic porn videos in 4K and 5K as well that include a 180-degree view of porn, while also having a few videos in 360-degree to accompany.

With variety being one of the core principles of BaDoinkVR, this portal has been doing really well by having an upload frequency of 3 or 4 times every week. A few videos on BaDoink include resolutions mentioned above such as 5K, which takes up its quality and visual appeal multiple notches above the rest.

Why BaDoink VR is amongst the best porn sites?

BaDoink VR is a relatively easy to navigate, a highly-intuitive website serving porn content in VR technology, which amplifies your experience dialing it up a few notches.

It is also worth noting that some porn stars such as Adrianna Chechik, Jill Kassidy and Brett Ross only film for VR-focused content rather than focusing on the general, Standard Definition (SD) videos that are up on the BaDoink web portal.

A database of 335+ scenes is one of the highly robust VR libraries of porn content ever, with the average upload frequency being three new scenes uploaded during a week. About 300+ videos are available in 4K, while around 60 videos boast of a maximum, picturesque resolution of 5K.

All these videos are shot in 180-degree angles, with a few of them also being 360-degree in nature, which is also compatible with all major VR headsets such as Oculus, Vive, Gear VR, Daydream and even PSVR. If you enjoy some POV sex scenes, BaDoink VR has a fair bit of those as well.

The site shows hot babes engaging in POV blowjobs or solo sex scenes where a hot, slutty babe would be reciting an erotic story to you which would leave you asking for more.

It also allows you to rate the content, leave comments or use tags also providing you with a primary search engine to find some specific content that you want to view.


When you want to avail the membership and become a part of the BaDoink VR community, you just have to simply sign up with some of their basic plans.

This would require you to pay a minimum fee to access the exclusive content that is housed over at BaDoink VR.

Its pricing structure is relatively simple, where a 1-day trial costs $1/day, a monthly subscription would, on the other hand, cost $9.95/ month and entails unlimited streaming and downloads.

Other than that, a yearly membership is billed at $5.95 a month and also includes unlimited streaming and downloads.

BaDoink Pricing
  • Trial plan - $1 (limited 1-day pack which rebills at $29.95)
  • Unlimited streaming and 1 download is provided with the trial plan.
  • Monthly plan - $24.95 (rebills at the same price)
  • Yearly Plan - $89.95 (rebills at the same price)

Payment can be done via credit cards of MasterCard and Visa. Be alert of the pre-checked cross sales and do not forget to uncheck them before completing the payment procedure as it can cost you additionally.


Website address: (

Having started just 3 years back, BaDoink VR has been climbing up the ladder in terms of the popularity of its content. Not to mention the immense focus it has placed on making the entire porn ecosystem in sync with the new trends and technologies.

This has helped it to cement its position as an innovative Internet porn provider. It currently has 335 scenes, available in 4K and VR porn videos available in 5K resolution. The website is mobile-friendly.

It works absolutely fine across devices, without much lag or hindrances, with new members receiving free Google Cardboard headset after they sign up. The photos too can be downloaded in the form of Zip files, onto your own system.

One of the drawbacks, however, is that the website’s search engine is not that powerful. Since the site has 300+ videos, a more complete web search function would have come in handy in the long term.

Additionally, what else is lacking in the website is the fact that there’s no way to add your favourite videos to a list. This would be helpful in case one wants to revisit their favourite old films. If these two aspects are worked upon, BaDoink VR can become a force to be reckoned with.

Therefore, we would recommend BaDoinkVR to all those who prefer watching porn, be it POV blowjobs or mainstream porn in high-quality VR which adds to the visual appeal and becomes even more immersive to satisfy all their kinks and fancies.

Site Statistics 

  • Most popular bonus sites – N/A
  • Bonus sites – N/A
  • Total number of videos – 335 videos
  • The average length of videos – 25 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 5400x2700; 36000k and 3840x1920; 29980k
  • Download limit – No
  • Total number of photosets – 335+
  • Photo slideshows – Yes
  • Watermarks on Photos – No
  • Maximum resolution of photos – 1600x1200 pixels
  • DRM protection – No

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design


Content Updates


Quality of Videos










Value for Money


Exclusivity of Videos


User-Interface & Layout


Overall Score



  • Famous models such as Marley Brinx, Stacy Cruz, Ivy Lebelle and Joanna Angel are regulars on the BaDoink VR website
  • No limit on the number of downloads
  • BaDoink VR also hosts regular AMA live sessions with their models on Reddit
  • All videos are available in either 4K or 5K resolution which gives incredible viewing experience to viewers
  • Due to its mobile version, it can be accessed on any device, be it a laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Videos are compatible across all VR devices such as Oculus, Gear VR, Vive, Daydream and PSVR among others
  • Videos are available in 180-degree and 360-degree view
  • A model index list is provided separately on the website, which makes it easier for the viewers to search for porn exclusive to a particular model/pornstar
  • The streaming playback for the videos is intuitive and smooth, ensuring a delightful experience
  • Access to 335 images in JPEG format, which are high-resolution and easy to download in form of Zip files
  • Its expertise in blow job and mainstream porn videos is another one of its pros, when it comes to choosing the best option to watch BJ porn content
  • A lot of variety is available in here at BaDoink VR, be it with POV blowjobs, or solo sex scenes with models displaying their most luscious of moves
  • The models on the website are mostly a mix of ethnicities, apart from a majority of them belonging to the US
  • These models can be either thin or curvy, keeping in mind the preferences as desired by viewers
  • With a plethora of content available here, you can come back here and download as and when you like to access it
  • The average length of a video on BaDoink VR is anywhere around 25 minutes, which is enough for a VR porn experience
  • You can like and comment on the videos which adds a layer of interactivity to them 
  • Since the videos are often in HD quality, and shot impeccably in the POV form of filming, it provides you a comprehensive watching experience and one which is satisfying as a whole
  • There are tags and filters which can be used to access porn movies from a particular pornstar or professional, and this has proved to be one of the simplest functions on the website which makes it easy to access whenever and whatever you like, without spending too much time on finding the right kind of porn according to your preference.


  • The site does not have an advanced search engine as yet. In the absence of a good search option, it makes it a bit difficult to access the videos and images which are over 300+ in number
  • No option to save your ‘favourite’ videos makes it difficult to search and watch the same thing again and again
  • Since the gallery of the website is too big, it sometimes becomes impossible or difficult to find the relevant content
  • You cannot leave actual comments, but can only leave comments or questions on the community forum.


Some of the main competitors of BaDoink VR include sites such as,, and even

These focus mostly on the similar kind of VR porn content that is housed over at BaDoink VR.

The BaDoink VR offering, though, in comparison to other portals mentioned above, is a lot better in terms of the video quality and experience.

badoink 2

They even allow models to conduct weekly live AMA sessions at Reddit; provide BTS videos and bloopers, and a few popular models also perform just VR-exclusive scenes on their platform.

Since the website has interactive options such as tags and keywords, users can find the content relevant to them without any fuss. The most exciting offering, though, is the ‘Theater Mode’, which enables audiences to watch porn without using their hands, by just using their head movements.

The average runtime is 25 minutes, which in our opinion, is good enough. Although it has a few issues regarding the search engine, it can be worked upon to improve the quality of search.

Other than that, they should definitely give the option to save your ‘favourite’ videos since it would save time when accessing the same content multiple times. The commenting feature too should be worked upon.

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Feature for Screenshots 

Before downloading or watching the scenes on BaDoinkVR, you can check the sample images that accompany them.

These are high resolution images and you can even download them on your device. With multiple filters and model-index, navigation through the site becomes easy. There are minimum ads and fillers which enhances your overall experience while using this site.

Featured Screenshot
Featured Screenshot
Featured Screenshot
Featured Screenshot


The customer support and service provided by the team at BaDoink VR is really good and allows you to get all your queries and complaints resolved in quick time, without much fuss.

To discuss your issues and queries in a detailed manner, you can click on this link and ask away any queries you have in mind –

Final Verdict

BaDoink VR is an excellent premium porn site that boasts of a simple yet effective user interface designed for friendly interaction between the platform and its audiences.

With a couple of features such as interactive ratings and sharing, weekly AMAs with models and Theater Mode, you are in for an absolutely mind-blowing VR porn experience.

Its images and videos are available for download as well, in 4K and 5K resolution.

Although it only has a basic search option, it makes up for the same with the ability to search for relevant content through the means of tags and keywords.

The site can certainly improve upon the search and in addition to that, can also work on tweaking their portal to include an option to add ‘favourites’ and direct commenting on videos to further become a potent force in VR porn category.


Most of the scenes and videos have been made available in VR quality, which ensures that you get the best visuals, and it is more engaging and blurs the line between the reality and the screen.

We would surely recommend this site for the lovers of VR enabled porn so that everyone can enjoy the high-quality, eye-pleasing visuals on their platform.

Parting words

These were a few pros and cons of BaDoink VR’s online porn website.

It is a premium porn website catering to the new and upcoming VR porn category. So, if you have any additional details that can be added to our review or something that our audience should know about this site, feel free to share them with us or reach out to our team.

Sit back and relax, as you enjoy this vast library of VR porn without any worries. If someone asks you where one can go to access some high-quality porn, you can surely recommend them BaDoink’s VR platform.

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