AVN Stars Review: What does it offer?

AVN stars is an adult social media platform like OnlyFans brought up by AVN. On this platform models can earn money from premium subscriptions by their fans and followers as well as live streaming. As a social media platform, it also allows its users to post and interact in chat options while monetizing with the subscription.

 This platform is also integrated with AVN so it's also used for voting and nominations for the AVN annual awards. It also has no discrimination on the basis of genders and allow all genders on its platform as well as allow the studios and businesses to open their accounts on the platform for networking through the AVN stars.

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AVNStars Review 2022

What is AVN Stars?:

AVN stars is an adult social media platform as well as a live streaming site for the models to earn money through subscriptions. There are also businesses, studios and producers which can use the platform for their networking. AVN stars is a rival adult platform like OnlyFans which allows models to open their accounts and then monetize their accounts through subscriptions. There are various services that this site provides like Fanclubs, camming, messaging, tips etc. through which the models can earn money. The share percent is divided as 80% goes to the models and 20% to the platform.

Features of the AVN stars:

There are several features of the AVN stars and some of the main features are here:

  • Social media features:

AVN stars works as a social media platform for adults. It includes a feed page for the posts, Connections and following, messaging and all the other things that you get on other social media platforms. It is so much of a social media platform that anybody can use it as just a social media network rather than a Fanclub site. There is a promotional feature which doubles as a promotional tool for the AVN stars.

  • Watermarking of photos/Videos:

Main problem with the internet is that photos and videos can be distributed as easily as possible. This site automatically watermarks your photos and videos that you will upload and this feature can be accessed from the dashboard. This is a great feature to ensure your date is safe and is your property.

  • Geo-blocking:

This platform properly supports the regional blocking for a country level and it is also possible to block specific IP addresses and individual users on this platform. geo-blocking is necessary in countries which have regulations due to the cultural reasons to block adult content.

  • Referral Program:

Models on the AVN stars can earn an extra 5% lifetime by model referral program in which they will refer to other models on the AVN stars platform. A link will generate with which if a new model account is opened then the 5% of the earnings can be earned extra for a lifetime. The link is on the profile page.

  • Studio/Producers accounts supported:

One of the best things on this platform is that it allows various studios and producers to open their accounts on the platform. These accounts are not the ones where models can be signed up but for the studios to monetize their content more as well as for the networking of their business. It is possible to add ‘business’ in place of gender on this platform. If any studio which has models working under you then you can also gain 5% through the referral program.

  • Integrated into AVN:

AVN stars are highly integrated with AVN as AVN models are directly on the homepage with the links of their AVN stars accounts. AVN has also integrated the nominating and voting process for its awards on the platform as well as promotional tools for the nominees to promote their name for the awards.

Pros of AVN stars:

  • AVN is a well-known giant in the adult industry with the best connections, knowledge and experience in the field

  • AVN has properly funded this platform 

  • Professional platform

  • On-demand pay out whenever the user requests

  • Multiple services like Fanclubs, live cams, video clips, direct messaging and tips

  • All genders are welcome 

  • 80% of the share to models

  • Regional blocking is available

  • Studio, business and producer accounts can be opened

  • Professional models 

  • Integrated with AVN

Cons of AVN stars:

  • It is a new platform relatively than its peers

  • Not a very good choice if you are not an explicit performer 

  • It is not that expensive when it comes to monetization compared to its peers of same kind of platforms

  • If you are not a well – known performer than it is hard to get recognised and established on this platform

  • A minimum of $25 pay out for the users

  • Around a week to get your pay out via Paxum or ACH which this platform supports only.

What type of content is allowed on AVN stars?

As everyone knows AVN stars is an adult entertainment social media platform so the content can be very explicit. There is no limitation on the content that is on the platform. AVN stars have the feature of posts and video clips so the feed page is full of sexy pics and videos of the models.

 There is also a camming feature which allows the models to perform in front of the camera and the subscribers can watch the shows for the amount of subscription.

There is also live streaming option which allows you to do things on the live as some of the most explicit live streaming can be reached up to the level of live sessions of masturbation and other sexual things.

The content is wide on the platform and can be seen as a perfect adult site with social media features so that you can also interact with the models that you are watching and following.

How can you make money on AVN stars?

There are several methods to earn money on the platform and these are as follows:

  • Charge Monthly Subscriptions:

The main way to earn money on the AVN stars platform is through charging the subscription fee on the monthly basis. As the platform has Fanclub features the models can charge monthly subscription fees to engage with their fans. This subscription is used to access the premium content that is posted by the AVN stars models.

This fee must be paid continuously every month to get the access to the premium content of your favorite model on the AVN stars platform.

  • Sell Clips:

AVN stars platform also allows its models to sell individual videos. This feature is available on the profile page of the model where you will find the option of a clip store from where you can buy the video clip that you want. To sell the video clip you need to upload the video on the AVN stars from your computer and once it is uploaded then put a price on the clip and it is ready to sell on your profile page.

  • Tips:

Tips or fund me feature is also available on the platform. In addition, with the subscriptions to watch the premium content models can also post a dollar sign on the content to receive a tip or tip to the producers. This tip comes under the fund me feature and is a good way to earn extra bucks from the customers.

  • Live Video:

There is a live streaming feature on the platform where you can go live. When going live you can set the streaming either only for subscribers or to the public. During the live streaming of the content viewers can like, comment on the video feed as well as tip on the live streaming which is also a good way to earn extra money on the platform.

Quality of the content:

As we all know AVN is a big adult industry entertainment brand so the platform has a big investment from the company and there are several of the professional models from the AVN and other big companies are on the platform so the content quality is great from these professional models.

 But AVN stars is also available for everyone and there are many amateur models and newcomers who want to enter the adult industry and have low quality of budget for their content may have a lower quality content but their passion is great to create the best content on the platform. so, content quality can be varied according to the models on the platform.

How to use AVN stars?

AVN stars is an easy to use platform. There is a free sign up and no document verification to open up an account on the platform. but to have any kind of money transaction there is need for verification documents and tax documents.

 There is no discrimination against any gender and anyone can open their account and earn money on the platform. There are also features available to open the accounts by the businesses, producers and studios on this wonderful platform.

Pricing and getting paid with AVN stars:

Pricing situation on the AVN Stars platform is very easy. The platform pays their models/performers a share of 80% of all revenue from their content.

This is a one rate for all services of the platform like subscriptions, messaging and others. There is also 5% referral payment for the lifetime from the other models that you referred to this site. 

Getting paid on the platform is also an easy way of doing things. AVN stars offer pay outs with either ACH or Paxum. Minimum amount that anyone can pay out is $25 and all the payouts are on-demand service meaning there is no monthly pay out or anything, you will get your money whenever you ask for it.

These pau outs can take up to a week to be completed in the whole process after the request has been put up by the model.

User interface and Ease of access:

AVN stars is a relatively new platform in this adult social media category but it has a great user interface with which anybody can get used to the site in a small amount of time of using the website. A great interface is a great way to make people come on the site after their first visit.

 An easy user interface has allowed the AVN stars to become more popular in the small time that it is on the market. All the great features and tools of the site have pretty great ease of access to the site and its tools. This ease of access allows users to create their content on the platform easily.

This ease of access to the various tools like feed page which shows all the posts by the people you follow and the good search option and filters which is a good tool to search your favorite model and follow them. 

There are many tools and options on this platform which allows the user to have a good time without any problems.


In recent hard times with the worldwide lockdown and losing the jobs due to the coronavirus, to have a good way to earn money online without going outside your house, or to just have a side job or if you want to go into the adult entertainment industry than AVN stars is a great option for you. It may not be a popular website like OnlyFans. There is a possibility to get a decent fanbase on this platform and earn a good amount of money on this platform every month. The earning of money is dependent on the number of subscribers that you have so it is necessary to have a good fanbase on this platform so make sure that you get promotions and other tools so you can get more fans and subscribers on your account page.

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Is AVN stars better than other adult websites?

AVN stars is relatively new in the adult entertainment industry but AVN is a big player in itself in the industry so there is more funding, connection and business opportunity on the AVN stars than other adult websites. So, it is hard to say that AVN stars are better than other adult websites but it is definitely on par with those websites with more connections and business opportunities.

  • Is AVN stars safe to use?

AVN stars is not a porn site in itself but rather a social media platform with preferences to explicit content. There are policies to make sure all its models and users are above 18 years old and there is also a geo-blocking option which allows it to ban the site in the whole countries which do not allow the use of adult websites so, yes it is safe to use the AVN stars.

  • Can I order escorts on AVN stars?

There is no option of escorting girls on the AVN stars but if you are patient and can ask in messages directly to the girls that you want to escort, maybe you have a chance. So, it is not a website policy but in your own hands and the availability of the model in your area and the way you approach the person.

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