AVIdolz Review (2020)


AVIdolz is a collection of adult videos with Japanese hotties. The production of the movies has been done quite carefully, so it is downloadable. 

In comparison to other Japanese sites, you would be  able to download the videos and watch it on your computer in your spare time.

Besides, new videos are updated regularly that will contribute to your unique collection.

For the company, the modus operandi is simple as they believe in delivering what a buyer has seen on the site.

Judging by the name itself AVIdolz is a collection of sexy Japanese girls. Once you enter the site, an initial impression is a collection of DVD videos or scenes, but they are not the top-rated ones.

The website doesn’t overboard you with content but strives hard to provide you with quality content that will ignite your passion. A mere description of the porn site would replicate a group of Japanese hot videos. 

The website doesn’t overboard you with content but strives hard to provide you with quality content that will ignite your passion. It is easy to understand what the site offer. Once you hear it is a collection of Japanese DVD videos, you try to establish a relationship with the content and the website. 

This is a significant abbreviation of the site as the top Japanese models are not exposed, the so-called common ones. Yes, they are good, but not as alluring as the Japanese models.


What makes AV Idolz popular?

The first thing that strikes us about AVIdolz is the uncensored version of Japanese porn, as it is hard to find. They go on to feature specific and prominent names in the Japanese porn industry and fill the gallery with the vast collection of videos as a testimony to the fact of its soaring popularity.

Since the site has a collection of assorted Japanese videos, the creators have scripted a unique description of the scenes. The best part about this site is that all the videos are uncensored. It points to the fact that the flashing of female or male genitals is not going to happen.

This site has prominent names that will be a part of the Japanese porn industry. The organization and synchronization of information on this site has occurred aptly. You can download pictures or scenes once it is added to the site. As of now, there are nearly 1843 scenes for viewing.

A smile is bound to emerge on your face as there are different mobile formats present as well. The producers of the site have not gone overboard with advertising. Modestly they have specified it is easy to download or even stream videos without any issues and it is unlimited.  

Though a point to mention, is the quality of HD videos is not that great, but apart from that most of the things that they claim are true. In modern times, standard DVD quality does not leave an impression on the users. But the site rolls out varied resolutions for its different videos.

The photos are available above the standard prevalent version that are present nowadays.


Website: https://avidolz.com

Estimated visits last month: 336 K

A thought might spring up to your mind on how anything that looks so  innocent can be naughty. It is full of lust as this works out to be a mere beginning.

One of the fantastic features of Asian girls is that they look so joyful and are absolute beasts in bed. Yes, things are not something that must be expected to remain in self- simulation.


Whether  it is the layout or the design  simplicity exists. Personally, when you shall go through this site, the content would be hot, and you are expected to become a fan of the pictures as they are high-resolution ones.

If you love hardcore videos and are blown over by Japanese girls, then this site is the one-stop solution for your needs. The site stands for Japanese dynamos, and they emerge in their homeland for a specific reason. You can expect some intense sexual activity from this site. 

A notable feature of this site is that English subtitles accompany a vast majority of the scenes depicted here. Hardcore videos are part of this site. Once you flip through the website, DVD videos are fully functional and extremely easy to navigate.

On the home page, you would come across the latest updates. You can even classify the videos on the basis of top rated, random and the recently uploaded ones. The same logic extends to all the galleries where all the videos are found from the top page.

Movies are presented that are spread across index pages which will provide you with an idea about the scenes of every movie. No upload dates are a part of the site, and the newer movies would offer high-resolution stuff. With older videos, the download options are not very high, and the quality is not something to boast of.

While watching the videos, there is a rate option available. You can add it to your favourite section and type in a small comment if you feel like doing so. Linking tag words would align you with the same type of content, and you can incorporate this idea there if you think so.

Many screencaps are there as you can see what happens on the screen. As per the gallery, there are numerous pictures with roughly 50 on an average. To access the images like the videos, there are various interactive options available.

The quality of videos and pictures are nothing short of outstanding. In the menu section, there is also a separate portion available for DVDs. You can witness the scenes at your own discretion. Apart from this, there is another way to watch content through the model indexes, and they do come with individual links. Once you avail a membership, it will provide you access to all the DVD videos.

The updated version of the site has not been specified yet. Of late the porn site has been updated only once in a couple of years, but before that an update was awaited for a long time. Before 2016, this site went on to add 2 to 3 scenes a month.

Therefore this fact can be confirmed that the updates are irregular. As far as model index evolves, it is not going to provide any sort of filtering or sorting. But things could work out to be different if you opt for an advanced search option.

Most of the icons are less famous AV stars, but some popular Japanese porn stars are a part of the site. You can filter out the profiles on the basis of measurements, height, age, and so on. Even a particular girl can be added to the list of your favourites. To pin down girls of a specific profile is the standard practice.

Most of the scenes are alluring as they tend to last for 25 to 45 minutes on an average. The action from the beginning till the end is revealed breathtakingly. Several categories are there for your visual pleasure.

Nothing specific is described about what happens to these Japanese girls during these videos, you are left moaning with a satisfied shaft. From 300 to hundreds of videos, nearly 1880 porn scenes are available.

Because of the superior quality of playtime, this will be more than enough to satisfy the thirst of porn for anyone. Most of the videos will be of 30 minutes duration and they might be extended a bit more in some cases.

The photo sets are worse and as per numbers available around 288 photos is part of this site. Despite the first positive reviews about the design, the functionality of the user interface is a point to the harp.

You can comment and rate every model or even download the videos spread across various platforms. With an advanced search option, it is also possible to apply different filters. Not many ads are there, and mostly they are printed towards the bottom of the page.

The videos can be streamed in flash content, and if you want to download there is an MP4 format with WMV format where there is no DM restriction. The videos can be downloaded as small clips or even in the form of a full movie. Most of them can be downloaded without any specific limit.

Merely by visiting the site, you would be thrilled by the navigation facilities and what it has to offer. From the member's section, you gain access to a menu bar where you can access relevant parts of the site. On the homepage, you can figure out the videos that were uploaded late.

From the member's section, an advanced search tool will make your search for operations relatively easy. One of the notable features of this site is that it can be accessed using your mobile phone or your desktop.


  • For a month $29.95 regularly,
  • $39.95 when it is non-recurring.
  • To avail a good bargain, you can avail a three month or 6-month subscription. Here you have to shell out $59.95 or $89.95 accordingly.
  • A trial period of 2 days access with $4.95 are on offer. Then you will be charged at $34.95 every month.

Site statistics

  • Most Popular Models: Airi Ai, Akira Lane, Fuko, Tsubasa Amani, Wakana, Akiho, Yayoi, Julia, Sora, and more.
  • Models: Over 100 pornstars.
  • Body Type: Slim with massive breasts and asses.
  • The total number of videos: More than 500
  • The average length of the videos: 40 minutes
  • Bandwidth: Many
  • Image Quality: High definition
  • File size:
  • Buffer: 1-2 minutes
  • High resolution: Yes
  • Video DRM: No

Site performance



Image Quality



9 / 10


7 / 10

Content Amount

8 / 10


8 / 10


10 / 10

Download / Streaming

9 / 10


8 / 10

Bonus Material

7 / 10

Overall Score

86 / 100

Competitors of AV Idolz Review 

The main competitor of the site is Japanese AV that brings forth a collection of Japanese adult porn videos that present a significant benefit.

As far as the design of the site is concerned, it is simple, and as the navigation bar is straightforward, relevant content can be found very easily.

There are plenty of videos that bring a sense of satisfaction along with them. Though the movies are not of superior quality, they are definitely worth watching. 


The site shall offer a consortium of hardcore along with soft-core scenes. One of the main pros of the site is its search engine. You can search any name or category that you want to.

Even it is possible to add some of your favourite movies to the existing collections. Though the site might not be that exclusive, it does point out that you should be bypassing it.

It provides a perfect opportunity for watching some outstanding Japanese chicks. In the Asian niche, it is one of the famous sites. You can access some bonus sites that are coupled with it, and the deal is tempting.

Wired Pussy is another notable competitor of AVIdolz. For all those of you who possess some exotic fantasies, this site ranks right up there. If you love watching people dominating each other then, this will be the place where all your desires will turn into reality.

The best part about this site is that everything looks real, and there is no fabrication. It goes on to offer a lot of bondage sex. The place was started in the year 2002, and till date, there are around 600 odd episodes.

A 30-minute file follows every update, and in the picture gallery, there are close to 270 different pictures. The videos are available in HD format, enabling you to choose the size of your own choice. You can opt for one that is compatible with your device.

In every movie, there will be various parts with a detailed description of what is happening in the clip. If you are looking for the new stuff, you can flip over to the live cam action where various domination sessions occur on a daily basis.

There is a forum where healthy discussions about male or female domination take place. On the other side if you want to read exciting stuff, then a blog is there for you.


  • Hosting rights to most of the content- the content on the site is mainly taken from Japanese DVDs. When you speak of the content, it is an exclusive mixture of hardcore scenes with masturbation clips of Japanese babes. The action will be well filmed.
  • Top-quality uncensored content- On the site, whether it is old or new content, most of them will be in HD resolutions.
  • User-centric features- the site carves out a distinct authority in terms of features, ratings, tags with an advanced search engine option.


  •  Rotating content- A strong possibility exists of rotation on this site if you happen to be a frequent visitor to this site.
  • The site lacks original content.

YouTube videos of AVIdol



Till date, the site has nearly 3600 complete videos and around 1600 odd clips. You can enjoy these files in MP4 and WMV formats as the action won’t be anything short of amazing. Every clip lasts for about 7 minutes as the playback promises to be smooth.

Apart from this, there is a collection of images available on this site. You can download them in the form of zip files. Even with a slide down option, you can view different photos. Most of the pictures will be available in high resolution.

Once you watch the HD videos, you can figure out more in terms of clarity of content. A significant chunk of videos play for around 20 minutes, and this will be more than enough time for you to enjoy. Even you can go on to enjoy some smooth playbacks.

During streaming of videos, if you want to jump ahead, it is possible too.


These rates are among the popular Japanese adult sites and no exclusive content can spoil it. If you happen to be a Japanese content fan, you would be thrilled with whatever the site has to offer. For the prime members, bonuses are also available on the site.

Most clips and images of the site are original, and you can download every single piece of information. One of the main reasons why this site has a lot of takers is the erotic energy it brings out from you with it. If you are looking for something impressive, nothing would stand in comparison to the site.

Parting words

AVIdolz is an excellent site, and if you are looking for Asian porn, then very few places come close to it. A host of positive aspects are related to the website that goes on to impress us in various ways.

Once you start enjoying the charm and aura of Japanese girls, you are not going to look anywhere else other than this site. It must be said that one is unsure of the extensive collection as to how often they update their content. But currently, as it stands the huge collection of videos is a fantastic feature.

Just throw in the other Asian bonus sites and to sign here would be an added incentive. Still not sure in terms of what the site has to offer? A better suggestion would be to start with a trial period of 2 days and opt for the different subscriptions later on.

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