Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository (ASSTR) Review

Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository (ASSTR)

If you are an erotica lover interested in sensual literature, and you are searching for a site for hosting some great content, ASSTR would prove to be truly fascinating.

The website has a huge repository of awesome sex poems, stories, and popular sensual collections. 


  • The site hosts stories from more than 1000 authors, containing thousands of niches. 
  • It also offers readers to submit their own stories as well. 


  • However, the website is not mobile-compatible and not very easy to navigate. 
  • Also, the design of the website is out-dated, and the user could lose interest at one point. 

The review will offer some more points of description about the performance of the website.

ASSTR stands for ‘Alternate Sex Stories Text Repository’ is an awesome website for hosting different sex poems, stories, and many popular collections. It is home to more than 1000 erotic writers or authors.

You can find many sex stories of the 90’s even, some more famous than others. You can also check very famous authors and their work on the site as they have their page.

Anyone can share their experience on this site as an author.

When you open this site, you will find many sections such as a list of authors for stories, read bios, new arrivals, recommended stories, recent stories, latest news, sitemap, and FAQs.

The site is very user-friendly, well designed, and free of ads. But ASSTR is not mobile compatible, so you need to zoom in and out to get something done.

Those who love reading sex stories and want access to the best free site for sex stories must check once. You can spend your nights reading these saucy stories, and that is free of cost.

asstr 3

Adult stories have been the source of entertainment for individuals who feel aroused after reading a sex story. These stories can be easily accessed or downloaded for free from the internet and they cover a wide range of adult niches effortlessly.

This is the age of multi-media where people prefer to enjoy videos in VR and HD resolution. Despite this, adult stories still manage to attract millions of readers from around the world because they can imagine themselves in all the kinky scenes while reading these stories.

Therefore, if you have a good imagination and do not mind spending hours reading erotic fiction or taboo story then sites like Alt Sex Stories will prove to be a great option for you.

Another benefit of reading sex stories is that they don’t jump directly on the sex scene but present enough sexual tension and romance between the characters.

Sample Sex Stories (Audio Version)

The longer stories even describe the characters in detail which further enhances your imagination. You start imagining your friends or relatives in those situations as the description of these characters match with their personality.

This provides a more immersive experience to theirthe readers and they can pleasure themselves easily while reading these erotic tales.

Also, most of these stories are inspired by the real-life stories of the writers themselves. Therefore, readers can easily relate to the situations and scenes that are described in detail in them.

There are exceptionally written stories as well where every detail is nicely narrated to flare the imagination of the readers.

The erotic scenes stimulate the readers and they start visualizing the scenes in their mind. We have also come across some readers who got inspired to share their true stories after reading the stories that were submitted by other readers.

The raw appeal of the sex tales that are shared by the users adds a unique element of kink in them.

Moreover, stories of various niches are available in sites like Alt Sex Stories. These niches include some of the hardcore sex categories that we find on the porn video sites.

These niches include gangbang, sex with strangers, erotic scenes between a teacher-student, travel sex stories, and much more.

Also, some niches are better covered in the adult story sites than porn video sites. For example, niches like BDSM, domination, role play scenes like taboo, etc. can be described perfectly in stories as compared to the videos.


Most of the stories include multiple categories or niches in the same story. The writer has the liberty of exaggerating the stories and their plots to entice the readers. This not only adds up to their excitement but it also adds fuel to their dirty thoughts and filthy desires.

The reason for reading a sex story also differs from individual to individual as each person has a unique imagination and perspective and they realize its full potential while reading a sex story.

You forget a video a few hours after watching it but a nicely written erotic tale will be etched on your mind for months.

Many stories are uploaded in various parts. This builds up the excitement and makes the readers curious to find what happens in the other parts. Therefore, even stories have sequels, prequels, and several parts to provide a complete experience to the readers.

All of these reasons and many more make the sex stories tempting for porn lovers.

Why is ASSTR so popular?

There are some unique features about ASSTR that make it popular among its users.

ASSTR performs the statistical analysis based on the search done by you to get the idea of user characteristics and user behavior, which further help to measure your interest.

Moreover, the personal information shared by you is completely secured and is not shared with anyone. Your information is not transferred or sold to any third party. You can also choose to opt-out of the promotional messages about their products while registering on the website.

However, it should be kept in mind that your information that you share voluntarily on the public bulletin boards of ASSTR or in their chat areas can be collected by a third party to be used for unsolicited messages.

In addition to that, the non-personal information will be collected automatically using the standard operation of servers of ASSTR. This information is used by ASSTR to improve the content of the website and show recommendations to you as per your interest.

However, you can choose not to share this information about yourself by not accepting cookies. You are allowed to update your submitted information and even can get your record deleted if needed.

The most important feature of the website is that you do not need to pay anything to use their service and can even choose to see the content without even creating an account.

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design


Value for Money


Quality of Profiles


Number of Members


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Customer Service


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Number of Authors


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Overall Score


Site Statistics

  • Daily Visitors – 47,508
  • Monthly Visitors – 1,425,240
  • Pages per visit – 7.20
  • Daily Pageviews – 342,059
  • Average Visit Duration – 16:29
  • Users belonging to Countries – USA, Netherlands, Canada, Egypt, India
  • Rank (Based on keywords, cost, and traffic) – 4,521


Website Address:

Estimated visits per month: 1,425,240

ASSTR is a place where you can read a thousand of porn stories for free.

The person who is operating the site must be a text lover as the site looks like a text-based site.

asstr 2

You would not find any image or picture except the header image. It looks like a structured mirror of the newsgroup. When you open the site for the first time, you can select between the pseudo-FTP version and the website version.

But the easiest way to operate the site is website version as you will find basic menus as well as pages to find something of your interest, but still, it is a bit hard to find stories. There are no categories, unlike other sites, except authors.

When a story gets displayed, you can select the scroll speed and font size according to your comfort so you can read it properly. Thus, to conclude, I would love to say that is a big archive with awesome erotic stories but needs a bit sorting mechanism to make it a better site.


The website is completely free. The entire content valuable on the website is free of cost, and you do not need to pay anything to read the featured stories. You can filter your search on the basis of the authors you like.

You can even visit the content without even creating the account. This is a crucial feature of the website as it is offering everything for free and gets your data secure and private. You do not need to visit other websites and spend money to see such content.

However, the site makes money using the advertisements, but you will not get disturbed by these advertisements while reading the story of your interest or seeing the content of your choice. So you can enjoy the website without any distractions.

The website has a large number of authors who write the different types of adult stories for you. You can even write your story by yourself and get it published on the website. The website is continually improving so that you can get the best out of it without paying even a penny.


  • The site hosts stories from more than 1000 authors
  • The site contains a huge collection of adult stories
  • Lots of topics and niches listed on this site
  • The site has tons of different niches
  • Continuously increasing the community of the members
  • It is an awesome archive of erotic poems and stories
  • Readers can submit their own stories as well
  • The site keeps its users updated with daily updates
  • You won’t get interruptive while reading sex stories as it is free of ads
  • The site has millions of sex stories
  • Everything you find on this website is completely free.
  • It allows you to search the story written by a specific author and new arrival stories.
  • The registration process is free and quick.
  • Hardcore erotic content is available on the website that you can enjoy.
  • The sex stories are present in various languages.
  • Readers have an auto-scroll function on the website.
  • The content of the website can be accessed without registration.


  • ASSTR.ord is not fully mobile compatible
  • It could be more easy to navigate
  • The design of the site is out-dated
  • Needs FTP for some sex stories
  • A reader needs to do a lot of zooming in and out to get anything done
  • The site needs a bit sorting mechanism to improve
  • The design of the website is poor.
  • There are no specific categories to make you search for the content you need.

Types of Stories on

All the categories you find on any porn site can be found on as well but in text form.

There are various types of stories on this site, such as a babe getting gang banged, having sex for the first time, college girls experimenting with new positions, stepfather fucking his stepdaughter, and many more. Lots of story styles and genres will keep you busy for a long time.

Many of these stories are real-life experiences and fiction. You will be astonished by how much of the story is real. Most of the story videos might not be real on porn sites, but it is not so clear with It is one of the attractions of this site.

To check the difference, you can go to the older v/s young section of the site.

Who writes stories on

Everyone who has operated this site can write stories. These sex stories have the inherited value of being a way to express sexual fantasies, experiences, and thoughts with any particular requirements.

The stories can be written by both professional writers as well as amateur writers who never wrote any story, book, or stuff in their past. It is the beauty of this site. These stories do not need any camera, budget, acting, background, moods, sets, and experience.

These are just stories and can be proper fake, completely true, or made up, and anyone can make it.


If you want to read the adult stories, then is the best website for you. You can enjoy the stories of your choice. Though there are many other websites offering similar content but the content you find on this website is free of cost.

The website is an archive of thousands of stories so you can read any story. The website allows you to select the story as per the choice of your author.

The main competitors of are,,,, etc. These sites also offer the adult stories, but free content on ASSTR and allowing you to write your stories are the main features that make the website superior and better than its competitors.

The site provides the treasure of sex in the adult form that allows regular people from all over the world to post their experience in the form of stories.


It would be very disappointing if I do not ask you to check this site. I wish that I could spend more time on this site. Because the stories the site contains are quite good and will put the capital D in the dick. It will give you a pleasure that you won’t get anywhere else even while watching porn movies.

So it is a highly appreciated site for all the sex story lovers. The poetry section is the most admirable part of the site in which you will have fun and laugh. If you are going to try this today, then I am sure that it is going to remove all your loneliness today.

So why to wait anymore? Try this site once and start reading the saucy sex stories; you will fall in love with this.

Recommended stories: 

These are some of the stories of Alt Sex Stories that we recommend for our readers:

1. Secret Life of a Housewife

If illicit and unethical relationships entice you then you must read this story. The author of this story is Isabella who has narrated the different affairs that she had with strangers, friends, relatives, etc. perfectly.

This story covers a wide range of niches like public sex, voyeurism, lesbian scenes, incest, bro/sis affair, and much more. It is a long story that builds up slowly but the author has made the effort to add some sex scenes now and then to maintain the interest level of the readers.

The different situations and issues like poverty force Isabella to compromise and she takes harsh decisions on many occasions for the survival of her family. One such plot is where her boss takes an interest in her daughters and she has no choice but to oblige to his advances.

The entire story is covered in two parts and you will have a great time reading them. If you want to read it please check this link.

2. Tales of the Pandemic – Renee the Babysitter

It is the story of Renee who is a babysitter by profession. The current pandemic situation is beautifully described in this story by author Alvo Torelli who has written this fantasy just to entertain the readers in this testing time.

Cindy, a young teenager, is forced to live in her house because of the COVID-19 situation. However, she becomes so desperate during the lockdown that she isgets drawn towards her father. Intense and steamy situations are narrated by the author here that forces the readers to contemplate her actions.

As the story progresses, Cindy ends up having sex with several people including her babysitter, and turns into a complete slut in the process. It is a long lust-filled story that covers different niches like incest, bondage, domination, lesbian, etc.

Moreover, it has been published in several parts by the author who has written some other stories on this site as well. For reading this story from part 1, please visit this link.


To make your job of finding an adult story of your preference easier, the makers of Alt Sex Stories have provided numerous categories. Here you will find many popular categories such as BDSM, fantasy, romance, first time stories, etc.

Also, gay, lesbian, and even trans stories are uploaded on this site and each of these niches has been categorized. You will find the categories on the right side of this site's homepage.

A separate category has been provided for love letters and poetry as well. Overall, you will find a category to most of your reading preferences on Alt Sex Stories.

Recommended Sites:

1. Literotica

Literotica is one of the oldest sex story sites that has been providing fuel to the sexual energy of individuals for three decades. It does not charge anything from its users for reading erotic tales but lately, it is offering live cams and other adult content to the users that might require a premium plan.

It has thousands of stories in many categories and the collection is so big that it proved to be more than enough for decades. Moreover, the user interface is simple and contains minimum ads. All these features make it one of the hottest sex story sites on the internet.

To read the detailed review of this site please visit this page.

2. Nifty Stories

Nifty Stories is a sex story site that dedicates itself to gay, lesbian, and trans stories. You will also find many interesting stories of bisexual individuals on this portal.

Moreover, it has a good looking interface and easy navigation options that make the experience of the readers better. To read the detailed review of this site please read this article.

Indian Sex Stories

If you want to read the lustful adventures of Indian characters, you can visit the Indian Sex Stories. It is one of the best sites that have thousands of stories and real-life escapades shared by the readers.

For reading a detailed review of this site please visit this page.


If you face any problem in accessing the website or you have some queries related to erotic literature, then you can visit the help section or read the FAQs. The website provides a form that you can fill to submit your feedback and share any issues that you are facing.

To fill the form, click on the link:

Before filling the form, you can go through the FAQs as you might get the answer to your queries. You can click on the link below to visit the FAQs page:

Sample Stories Found in ASSTR

Final Verdict has attracted a large number of people who are the fans of sex stories due to the numerous erotic fiction authors linked to it. The site came into existence in 1998 with the help of newsgroup and is taking care of the website even today.

It is an FTP website, and some users might find it difficult to use as they might not have used such a system before. But you should visit the website once to see and understand how to use it. is a text-based website where you will find any adult content. The website contains a large number of stories that you can explore and forget about the need to see any pictures and videos.

The website design is very simple and minimalistic, with a huge number of stores which is growing continuously. However, the website is not very mobile-friendly, and you might feel the problem in text formatting while reading stories on mobiles.

Parting Words

I have given insight into the website along with its usage and type of content it has.

I have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the website too. I hope my review will help you to get the information about the website and the type of content it has. The information will assist you in using the website easily and get the best out of it.

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