Antarvasna Sex Videos Review (2020)

Antarvasna Sex Videos

Antarvasna Sex Videos has over 10,000 videos, and each video clip is homemade.

The site doesn't have any professional pornstars, and neither the scenes are filmed under any professional setting.

Looking at the amount of content that Antarvasna Sex Videos has to offer; we have no complaint about its amateur content.

Anything free to watch is always appreciated. Sometimes things do go out of the limit on some of the professional adult sites.

Mostly because the scenes are scripted, you will see a plumber fucking the house owner, or else there will be a landlord forcing his tenant to have sex with him because she is unable to pay the rent.

And the length of these adult films is quite long too. Here at Antarvasna Sex Videos, the videos are 10 minutes long at most.

The home page has tons of naked women in various banging positions.

Some of the common reasons to watch porn are arousal, boredom, and loneliness. To be honest, porn is much easier to find, then deciding what to eat for dinner. Because we are talking about porn, why not discuss a porn niche that is becoming popular day-by-day.

We are reviewing Antarvasna today and will tell you everything about this Indian adult site. Antarvasna is a Hindi word, and it means "the internal desire." Antarvasna can be best described as the sexual desire that everyone has; the thirst to have sex.

This adult site has a galore of porn movies and photo galleries. Some of the popular categories that you will find here are Indian blowjob clips, Indian porn videos, homemade BF, hardcore XXX, group sex videos, maid bf, foreplay BF, cousin fuck, and more.

There are more than 20 categories to choose from. The films that you are going to watch here at Antarvasna Sex Videos will be filmed on webcams or the mobile phone, so don't expect to see a lot of HD content. Although we did find a few HD clips, they are only a handful in number.

The quantity was meager. Other than that, most of the videos are of the right length, and they are clear. Even though the videos are shot using a mobile phone, the clips aren't hazy or blurry, and that's what we liked about it. We have already given you a glimpse of Antarvasna Sex Videos.

Now, let's dig into a bit more to see whether you should explore the site or ignore it.

What makes Antarvasna Sex Videos popular?

First of all, Antarvasna Sex Videos is a 100% free website, and whatever videos you are going to watch here will be free. You don't have to pay anything to become their member, and there is nothing called trial membership. If you wish, you can log in or else explore the site just like that.

In most of the free Indian porn sites, we have observed that they lack the category section, but Antarvasna Sex Videos have categories mentioned on the site. You will find an ocean of categories here. If you enjoy surprises, then feel free to check out the homepage. The homepage has everything.

The site offers more than 10,000 videos to watch. You can view unlimited content and even download them seamlessly. Only a handful of Indian porn websites provide free content, and luckily, Antarvasna Sex Videos is one of them. The site didn't let us down in terms of content.

Everything that we saw is 100% exclusive porn content. There are no fake boobs or orgasms. The girls are pure, and they are natural. If you love to watch natural girls having sex, then Antarvasna Sex Videos will leave you satisfied.

We all know that India has a lot of people, and someone or the other will be making videos of their private life.

This is the reason why sites like Antarvasna Sex Videos exist. If you are tired of visiting those big-labeled porn sites, which offer silicon boobs, girls with tons of makeup, and artificial moaning, it is time to try amateur porn content. There is something very unique about sites like Antarvasna Sex Videos.

And the reason is we can relate to these videos. None of the videos of Antarvasna Sex Videos is scripted. Everything is authentic, and you will get to see caramelized Indian babes enjoying hardcore sex with their partner. Of course, some of the girls are shy, but that's what we like about Indian girls.

But then, in other videos, they were sucking the cocks hard, and they were not shy when it came to fucking. The way these movies are films, we could anticipate that most of the girls weren't aware that they are being tapped.

And in those where the couples are filming their intimate session, the pairs are not showing their faces; it's either the close-up shots or they have covered their faces. We felt good that Antarvasna Sex Videos have kept their site easy to navigate. Most of the things are already there on the home page.

From categories to video collections, the home page has everything. Along with everything, how many Indian porn sites offer free content? Most of the sites will ask you to at least pay for a trial membership to explore the videos, even though every Indian porn site has the same quality of porn content.

Antarvasna Sex Videos is giving that all for free. In some of the porn sites, you will see short clips of around 40 seconds; this site has 10 minutes long porn videos, which is yet again a good thing.

Website Overview

Website Address:

Estimated last month visit: Not available


Get ready to see a myriad of adult movies, because Antarvasna Sex Videos has an array of them. There were many pages, to be precise, 974 pages. The video page will tell you the number of videos the site has uploaded. All the videos were shot indoors.

We didn't find any video, which was shot outside. The videos were mostly shot in the homes, and a few had a hotel-like environment.

The length of the videos was mostly around 10 or 12 minutes long. If you have a flash player, then you can start streaming the videos easily. Most of the free Indian adult sites offer only 10-15 seconds long videos, but that's not the case with Antarvasna Sex Videos.

The video qualities were decent, even though they were filmed on a webcam or a mobile phone. If you would like to watch the video in full-screen, then you can click on the full-screen tab.

Navigation and Website Layout

The site is easy to navigate and looked straightforward. On the left-hand side, we found the category list.

There were categories like College sexy bf, cousin fuck, foreplay bf, village fuck, fucking cartoon, group sex videos, hardcore XXX, hidden cam bf, homemade bf, hot amateur xxx, incest blue films, and more.

Each video clip will show you how many times the video has been viewed, the length of the video, and also the rating. We clicked on the cousin fuck category and found a galore of videos. There was one clip where we saw a beautiful Indian girl giving blowjob to her partner.

She looked pretty and had a beautiful figure. Just like that, all the categories have tons of videos.


The site has a search bar; if you know what you would like to watch then you can type your category and start viewing it. Each video has a proper description of the scene that you will watch. The video will also have some tags.

You can rate the video and leave comments. If you browse a little, then you will get to see related sex videos. The site looked beautiful, and it was not difficult to navigate.


Other than that, Antarvasna Sex Videos is good enough for those who are only looking for Indian sex scenes. Some of the girls in the videos looked nice. They were slim, looked great, got long hair, and they were not shy to try hardcore sex with their partners.

In some of the videos, we also saw girls masturbating, and that caught our attention. These girls knew what they were doing, and this somehow gave us a different perspective about Indian girls, because they were not shy to touch themselves.

In some of the videos, the faces of the couple fucking each other were not shown, and we were okay with it because the clips looked great. Many videos, however, had mature ladies, and it looked as if they were filmed secretly.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Antarvasna Sex Videos is a free Indian porn site, and you don't need to pay anything to watch the content. The site doesn't contain any ads, and that was a bonus because we could watch the clips without any disturbances.

Free websites are always welcoming because they let us jerk off without worrying about recurring monthly subscription bills. And the number of videos Antarvasna Sex Videos has got is enormous. You don't need to pay for a one-day trial membership.

Whatever you will get here is going to be 100% free, and it will remain free for the future, as well. Antarvasna Sex Videos will surely make you want to come back here again and again because where else will you get to watch these many porn films for free?

Plus, the content of Antarvasna Sex Videos is way better than other Indian homemade sex tapes.

We didn't see any upload tab, though, which will enable the users' upload their homemade sex tape, so it is hard to tell if the users uploaded the content themselves, or they submitted the videos to Antarvasna Sex Videos, and the site uploaded them. Nevertheless, we had a good experience.

Antarvasna Sex Videos has only homemade sex tapes, so if you are expecting to see professionally shot videos, then you might want to try some other sites.

Even though the videos are shot personally, we don't have any complaints regarding that because the videos were on point, and they are enough to make your hands dirty.

We don't think the site allows you to download the content, though, because there were no download links or options available in any of the videos. The best that we could do, is stream them online.

You will see naked girls and boys banging each other hard in the bedroom, some scenes were shot in a hotel room, while others in the bathroom.

All the videos are shot indoors, but people have tried different locations. You won't see only a missionary position.

There will be doggy style, 69, and much more.

antarvasna lp

Site Statistics

  • Most Popular Models: Antarvasna Sex Videos has only homemade sex tapes made by couples, and the performers you see are real people.
  • Models: All the ladies in the videos are 100% Indian. These girls are 18 years, and over and some are 35 years of age.
  • Body Type: Most of the girls look nice. Some of them have big breasts, round asses with slim figures.
  • Total number of videos: 10,000+
  • The average length of videos: 10 minutes
  • Image Quality: SD and only a few are available in HD
  • File Size: 100 to 200 MB
  • Buffer: Less than a second
  • High Resolution: Very limited
  • Video DRM: No

Website Performance Scores



Image Quality

8 / 10


8 / 10


10 / 10

Content Amount

10 / 10


8 / 10


10 / 10

Download/ Streaming

10 / 10


8 / 10

Bonus Score

5 / 10

Overall Score

82 / 100

Competitors of Antarvasna Sex Videos

Yes, Antarvasna Sex Videos does have a few competitors in the industry. Indian porn niche is gaining a lot of popularity of late, and many dedicated Indian porn sites are offering free and paid Indian porn content.

Even though Antarvasna Sex Videos has a massive porn content, some of the platforms that are giving a fierce competition to this site are DesiXNXX, Suck Sex and Indian Porn Videos.


The reason why DesiXNXX is included in our list is that this site also offers 100% free amateur Indian porn content. The site offers more than 30,000 porn videos. DesiXNXX doesn’t only have video galleries; they also provide photo galleries, as well.

The girls here at DesiXNXX are pretty, and most of them have massive boobs, and they look beautiful.

Suck Sex

The site offers unlimited streaming and downloading option. The site is free, and you can watch as many videos as you want all day long. Each video lets you vote, and Suck Sex provides pure Indian porn content only. The video qualities are decent.

Indian Porn Videos

The third is Indian Porn Videos. The site is an excellent Indian adult site. You can try their one-day trial membership to explore the content.

You will be happy with what the site has to offer. There are top-quality videos available in Indian Porn Videos, and the site is one of the best Indian adult sites in the industry.


  • Antarvasna Sex Videos is offer 100% genuine and exclusive Indian porn content only.
  • Most of the girls at Antarvasna Sex Videos look pretty, and they have massive tits and asses.
  • The quality of most of the videos is excellent.
  • There are a few HD videos available, as well.
  • The site offers more than 10,000 videos to watch.
  • All the videos are homemade, and they feature genuine sex scenes, that are free from fake moaning and orgasms.
  • The website looks great and is easy to navigate.
  • There are different categories listed on Antarvasna Sex Videos.
  • You can browse Antarvasna Sex Videos on your mobile phone.
  • Antarvasna Sex Videos is a free Indian adult site with an unlimited streaming option.


  • Some of the ladies looked average to us.
  • Some of the clips were hazy and blurry.

Customer Support

Knowing that Antarvasna Sex Videos is a free Indian adult site, we honestly don’t think you will find any reason to contact their support team. Also, the platform doesn’t have any support page either. The best that you can do is, follow them on Twitter.

Just in case if there is a website bug issue, buffering issue, or anything similar, you are on your own. But when we browsed through the website, we didn’t encounter any such issues. We could navigate the site seamlessly, the videos got streamed easily, and we found the platform safe and secure.

Here’s the Twitter account of Antarvasna: Sex -


For us, Antarvasna Sex Videos is a hit, primarily because the site offers tons of Indian porn content for zero price.

The site provides a lot of good quality videos and has many categories to browse through as well. Antarvasna Sex Videos is easy to navigate, and they have everything mentioned right on the home page. We would recommend Antarvasna Sex Videos to all who are into Indian porn content.

For a free Indian adult website, Antarvasna Sex Videos is undoubtedly a yes.

Parting words

It’s time to wrap up our review on Antarvasna Sex Videos. We hope you have found our review on Antarvasna Sex Videos informative, and this will help you to decide whether this site is your cup of tea or not. We review adult sites frequently, come back to us to read more.

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