Anime Games Review (2020)

Anime Games

Anime Games might sound like a games portal, but it is much more than that.

It is an adult site that hosts erotic animation movies and flash games.

Not only that, it has an extensive collection of adult animated pictures too.

Flash games are nothing but games that can be played on a web-browser.

Anime Games has hundreds of erotic and hardcore flash games that cover various porn categories.

It is a premium site, and its subscription provides access to several bonus sites. Individuals who are crazy about anime would love to play these games. However, they are kinky enough to arouse anybody who is not a fan of anime as well.

Artists draw anime characters, and therefore, they are fascinating and creative. The round butts and curvy ass cheeks follow the proportions that the artist has in his imagination. Also, the anime babes are sometimes shy and sometimes too bold to reveal their lust for erect penises.

It is a real treat to see their expressions in the animated movies, especially when they scream with pleasure as their lover undress and devour them like sex-hungry beasts. The seductive sound that escapes from the mouths of these babes while getting squeezed is a real turn-on to the viewers.

Orgasms are wet, wild and overly dramatized to tickle the fantasies of the viewers. Anime Games has a massive collection of adult games that can be downloaded. It includes hentai games, hardcore sex games, online sex games, and much more.

These games usually follow the devil-angel theme where guys are supposed to play the role of a devil and find hot women to fuck them. Sometimes, they play the role of a mentor who guides a lady and  practices various sex positions with her.

Detailed instructions are provided inside the games with the help of which you can understand how to make a girl scream with ultimate pleasure. All these things are fun, and they also satiate your perverse desires.

Unique features of Anime Games

Anime Games does not restrict you while playing the steamy and hot adult games.

It allows you to play a single game for hours until you get complete satisfaction. You can choose the character you want to be and therefore, you get to be one of the fictional characters that the artist created with his/her imagination.

Moreover, you have the liberty to punish and use animated women as per your wish. You can tie them up, squeeze their tits until they start moaning with pleasure. Or else, you just bend them over and spank their buttocks. Therefore, you can do everything that you cannot do in real life.

If you feel like releasing your load inside them, you can do that, and nobody will stop you if you feel like splashing cum on their face or tits. Moreover, anime girls are not like real ladies. They can be of any size and colour.

If you feel like ramming a blue or orange coloured lady, then you can do that. Some characters are designed to resemble aliens, and you can have  them as well. The anime videos are of HD quality. You can choose the resolution and speed you want to download them in.

Also, an extensive collection of 4K adult videos and high-resolution adult pictures will be at your disposal. The adult picture galleries can be downloaded in zip sets. Moreover, these videos and pictures can be watched and downloaded through various devices since the site is designed to be mobile-responsive.

Best Adult Games for iOS and Android

The membership plans are offered at affordable prices, especially when you consider the quality of the porn and number of bonus sites that you will be getting. Signing-up to a membership plan will give you access to ten additional bonus sites.

If you need more bonus sites and additional porn content, then you can join Hentai Passport Network. Anime Games is a site that is operated by the same network, but if you directly subscribe to this network, you get access to 14 anime sites including Anime Games.

The entire collection on the network comprises of sexy manga games, online flash games, interactive games, etc. It also provides access to adult comics, cartoons, hentai sex videos and much more.

Some of the hentai and manga porn clips and comics might contain scenes that show blurred genitals as is the case with typical Japanese porn. However, most of these comics and videos will show full nudity without any  pixilation or blurring of private parts.

Therefore, you will get pure and unadulterated fun on this site. They are also providing a trial plan for the new visitors at a nominal fee.

The look and appeal of this site  is fantastic, and the layout and navigation are flawless. It provides a dedicated support service to its members. All these options, perks, and features make Anime Games a hot site for anime and porn lovers!

Site Statistics

  • Most popular features – Adult games, adult videos, XXX photos
  • Total number of scenes – 920+
  • The average length of videos – 25 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 4K
  • Download limit – No
  • Are photosets available? – Yes
  • Photo slideshows – Yes
  • Watermarks on Photos – No
  • Maximum resolution of photos – 1600 * 1200 pixels
  • DRM protection – No
  • Bonus content – Yes
  • Bonus sites - Yes
  • Model index – No
  • Updates – Daily

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

10 / 10

Content Updates

10 / 10

Quality Of Videos

10 / 10


9 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10


9 / 10

Value For Money

10 / 10

Exclusivity Of Content

9 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

10 / 10

Overall Score

97 / 100

Website Overview

Website address

Average visits per month – NA

This site does not reveal much of its content and features unless you become a paid member.

All the games, videos, anime photos, and even bonus content of the network can be accessed from the 'Members' webpage.

anime games

The joining page is placed at the top right corner of the site. The homepage has seductive images of anime girls who flaunt their extra-large assets to seduce you.

They do not provide even a free tour of the site, which is quite a shame these days where sites believe in seducing the customers by displaying their offerings candidly. The porn scenes can be downloaded at high speed that goes up to 4.2 Megabytes per second.

Videos can be downloaded in a full HD, i.e. 1920 * 1080 pixels resolution. The website design is pretty appealing, but they have kept the features and layout simple. You can access this site via different devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android phones, tablets, and much more.

In total, you get access to around 50K adult scenes if you include the content of the bonus sites as well. Also, there are about 18K full-length adult movies uploaded across the network. Around 1700K photos are uploaded on the network and over 350 flash games are available on this site only.

Access to such a vast collection of different porn niches is undoubtedly a bonus to the members of Anime Games.

Pages of some games might load slower than usual. There is a separate section for flash games, flash adventure, and flash episodes. Flash episodes are nothing but image galleries whereas flash adventure contains some bonus flash games offered by this site.

If you want to explore CGI models and images, then you can visit the 'CG Game Pictures'. Users can rate the porn content and they can also create a list of their favourite items. The 'last visited' page will take you to the porn galleries which you had visited recently.

The games can be sorted alphabetically or with the help of filters such as 'top-rated', 'most viewed', and 'most recent'. At least one game is updated daily on this site. Moreover, you could find multiple new plays across the network.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Creating an account is quite easy on Anime Games. The users only have to choose a password and username after entering the email. After that, they can either select a trial plan, or they can go for the monthly or quarterly plans. The 6-month and yearly plans are not provided to the users.

The trial plan remains active for two days, and you only need to pay $1 to activate it. The monthly pass is offered at $34.95. The most affordable plan is the quarterly plan which is provided just at $59.95, which means that you spend only $19.98 per month if you choose this plan.

Payment for these plans can be made via a credit or debit card.


  • Anime Games has an extensive collection of hentai games, comics, and adult cartoons.
  • The hentai games can be directly downloaded on your device. These downloadable games are translated into English to provide convenience to users.
  • Users can enjoy completely uncensored adult videos and games on this site.
  • Even the older games and videos of this site feature excellent graphics and quality.
  • Members of Anime Games get anime games of 30 Gigabytes that include sets of several categories such as adult, sci-fi, adventure, arcade-style, and other sports.
  • There is a huge section devoted to 3D adult games as well. The 3D games allow you to modify the camera angles and enable you to act out adult scenes as well.
  • Users can control the speed at which the penis is inserted inside the CGI babes, and they can also control the different sex postures.
  • The adult comics of this site have a beautiful blend of funny and sexy scenes.
  • It provides different types of porn content to the users, which include live shows, XXX adult DVDs, sex cams, and much more. Therefore, there is plenty of stuff to entertain you apart from adult games and animated videos.


  • You won't find exclusive content on Anime Games.
  • It tends to rotate its porn videos and photos. Therefore, older videos do not remain accessible at all times.
  • The collection of adult pictures and photos is limited, especially if we ignore the porn content offered by the bonus sites.
  • Titles of several adult games are given in the Japanese language. Therefore, individuals who cannot read Japanese will find it challenging to understand their meaning.
  • Many games revolve around rape and forced sex plots. Some people might find these games a bit too dark, violent, and abusive.
  • The hentai games have simple, and ugly anime graphics and some users might not find them to be much appealing.
  • Many games are miscellaneous with stupid storylines and plots. Hardcore anime fans might not like the games that have little logic and reasoning.

Competitors of Anime Games

There are several portals on the internet that offer flash games which are naughty and kinky. One such site is H Flash. It has a massive collection of adult flash games and provides multiple categories and search options to make your task easy.

It has multiple games dedicated to cartoon and hentai niche. The anime babes are hot and stimulate your urges easily. Some games allow you to dominate, insult and even rape hentai characters. Overall, it is a fun experience to be a part of this site.

However, its interface needs some improvement. Also, many low-quality games on this site may not fulfil your expectations. If you are a fan of interactive flash porn and games, then you must visit Life Selector.

In Life Selector, you not only get to watch hot hentai babes getting fucked but you can be a part of these videos and even decide the discourse of the scenes. For example, you will get the option of playing the doctor, or you can be the patient who fucks random nurses and visitors in the hospital.

These interactive porn stories and movies are the best feature of this site. Apart from that, you also get plenty of XXX and hentai games to try your hands on. However, it does not provide the option of downloading videos and games. Also, the section of categories seems to be missing on this site.

Life Selector does not provide you with bonus content or sites as well. If you want to make love to Japanese manga characters and hentai babes, then you can check the games on

It provides an ad-free gaming experience to the users, and you can play these games on your desktop or mobile as it supports both these platforms.

Its website looks excellent, and its clean layout and amazingly smooth navigation ensure that you have a mind-blowing experience while exploring its vast collection of adult games. These anime sites are on par with Anime games.

However, the perfect mix of anime porn and games and the multiple bonus sites you get with a single membership makes Anime Games a better portal on numerous fronts.

Customer Support 

To access the support services of Anime Games, the users will have to visit its 'Support' page. This page has options using which they can change their password, cancel their membership, raise a complaint ticket, read FAQs, and view the status of a raised card.

The FAQs can be found in the section named 'Knowledgebase'. Here, you will find FAQs related to billing issues, technical, and general issues stored listed separately for your convenience.

While raising a ticket for any complaint or request a member has to provide his/her email address, subscription id, name and has to enter details like subject, message, attachments of the error or issue, etc. To raise a ticket, users can use this page -

After submitting the card, the user will get a ticket key which he/she has to save as it will prove to be useful while tracking the status of the card. To view the state of the ticket, click on this link -

Other support services like helpline number, live chat support, etc. are not provided to the members. To learn more about their support services visit this link -

Final Verdict 

Anime Games is loaded with amazing XXX games, movies, and images. Moreover, you get to experience different adult games and content from the bonus sites. Therefore, we recommend this site to everyone fond of adult games and also to those who have not tried flash games before.

Browser games are better because you can play them directly on your browser. Moreover, you need not install a third-party program on your device to play these games. They are fun to play and often involve shorter bouts and rounds than traditional computer games.

Anime Games has a big collection of these browser games, adult videos, and other porn content. Therefore, you must not miss out on the opportunity of registering on this portal.

Parting words

Push the limits of ecstasy by playing the sexy flash games of Anime Games. Indulge yourself in the world of a virtual world by watching its adult videos and photos and enjoy an erotic audiovisual experience!

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