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Anime Fresh Review (2020)

Anime Fresh

Anime Fresh is a part of the Hentai Passport family, and quite inarguably, a seasoned name in the exciting world of anime porn, for the sheer fact that it was launched way back in 2004 when there wasn't much of a culture or fascination with Hentai porn.

It won't be wrong to say that it has been among the first movers, which has helped it become a household name among community members.

Hentai porn is one latest trend and category in porn that's caught up pretty fast in the last few years.

Hentai is a 'super-niche' category, but the love some people have for kinky cartoon porn from the land of the Japanese, is unparalleled. The fact that these artists know how exactly one can turn their drawings and hand-made creations into something as sexy as this, it makes Hentai all the more exciting.

With a string of surprises up its sleeve, Hentai has enjoyed massive popularity in recent years among porn enthusiasts who find it insanely appealing, and chances are you are assured of finding something that's new and sexier than ever.

Brownie points to you if taboo sex is something you enjoy because, at Anime Fresh, one is sure to get bucket loads of it.

Anime Fresh features 300+ videos with some of the hottest characters that seamlessly blend dirty fun with interesting storylines and plots. Coming from the house of Hentai Passport, a popular destination for such content, Anime Fresh has struck a chord with Hentai porn enthusiasts globally.

Not only this, apart from videos, a lot of other content is available here as well, mostly in the form of raunchy cartoons and kinky comics. It also covers a wide variety of themes which can either be semi-realistic to something wholly based on your wildest fantasy (wink, wink!).

To provide a fresh, clutter-free experience, the site works pretty well across all major web browsers. It is also pretty compatible with mobile devices running both on Apple and Android devices.

The members' area is pretty minimalistic in look and feel, with one providing only their username and password credentials to log in to the site. In our opinion, more work could have been done in terms of design.

The banner and background images used on the website adds up to the modern look and feel of this portal, although strangely, you can't scroll up and down while on the members' login page, which is something that we found weird.

When you sign up to the Anime Fresh website, it gives you free access to a total of 13 free sites in its network.

Scenes like, a student seducing her boyfriend after class hours or one where a girl is tied to the toilet seat with her hairy pussy on display even as the guy fucks her, are really amazing and could generate a lot of curiosity among first-time viewers to explore what else the world of Hentai and anime porn could potentially offer them.

Working on adding some useful browsing tools could prove to be handy because, at present, the only way to find something pretty specific is through keyword searches, which gets a bit tedious and annoying at times.

What makes Anime Fresh stand out?

Anime Fresh currently boasts of a collection of 417 good quality videos that can be streamed in Flash or downloaded onto your systems, in MP4 and even .wmv format. 

Users can download and stream all these videos and photos where some scenes are either dubbed in English for non-Japanese viewers, while others comprise of subtitles. The image database is pretty massive, with about 2,623 photos that are available for download as Zip files.

It is indeed delightful that they offer great content across categories, be it shemale, softcore, hardcore, series, lesbian, manga, and even comics.

With bonus sites such as Erotic Comix, Erotic Wifes, Euro Sex Nation, Amateur Sex Outdoors, and others, users can be assured of finding an extensive library at their disposal to sift through. A few extras such as animation feeds, a DVD theatre, and some Flash-based games are other handy offerings that could engage users. Moreover, it gets new updates every single day.

Performance Score (out of 10)



Website design

8 / 10

Live stream quality

8 / 10

Quality of Private shows

7 / 10

Number of models

8 / 10

Streaming options

9 / 10

User-friendly features

8 / 10


9 / 10

Value for money

9 / 10


8 / 10


9 / 10

Overall Score

83 / 100

Site Statistics

  • Most popular bonus sites –  Erotic Comix, Erotic Wifes, Euro Sex Nation,
  • Bonus sites – 13
  • Total number of videos – 417
  • The average length of videos – 30 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – Flash (640x480; 557k)
  • Download limit – No
  • Total number of photosets – 212 photos
  • Photo slideshows – Yes
  • Watermarks on Photos – No
  • Maximum resolution of photos –  1024x768
  • DRM protection – No


Website address: https://www.animefresh.com/

Anime Fresh contains good quality videos, and most content has been created post-2010s by some talented Japanese artists.

Talking about their site, the members' area is minimalistic and easy to use but lacks some additional features which could have helped browse through their humongous database.

The pagination works pretty well, and it's easy to sift through each page.

So if you want to go from Page 1 to say, Page 5, you can do it without much fuss. 

Moreover, as for their daily updates, we were shocked to discover that a lot of content is deleted and re-uploaded from time to time, so one must not be confused if they find a video they've watched before getting reposted once again, albeit this time with a new date and time.

Anime Fresh's design is okayish, and one can find content easily as it's divided into different sections. Logging onto the homepage, you could find a few links that look like filters, but ain't so.

You can rate their content, leave comments, and even save your favorite, with multiple sorting options at your disposal, letting you reorganize them by date, views, and title. It also has a list of models on the site or the artists who create these anime movies and art.

The videos and comics are usually sourced from other sources, so the content you get here isn't 'exclusive' as you might have liked to believe.

Overall, this site, which was originally started as an active fan club, could do with a bit more focus on creating in-house content, and with some additional features, it can surely win back some of its most loyal fans. 

Pricing & Membership Fees

Anime Fresh provides value for money deal in terms of its pricing structure, which is pretty affordable as well.

Trial membership will cost new members a meager $1 for two days. A monthly membership is billed at $34.95/month, whereas a 3-month subscription will cost $19.98/month, which is billed in a single payment of $59.95. All transactions are secure and discreet, payable through credit card.

This, however, doesn't show up on your credit card, which is a big relief. Even more surprising is the fact that it is easy to cancel your membership with just a click if you don't feel satisfied with what you're getting.


  • This site boasts a vast collection of good quality videos which can be accessed with just a few clicks
  • One of its advantages is the modern, slick-looking design of their website which is pretty uncommon these days as not a lot of sites today focus on a user-friendly design
  • There is also a model index that makes it easy to find a specific comic or hentai porn movie on this portal
  • A vast library of over 400 and 2,000+ videos and photo sets provides a lot of choice as to what you can watch
  • No limit on the number of downloads for its members
  • Caters to tentacle or hentai porn enthusiasts with its vast network of over 13 such sites, which are available to be accessed freely as part of your subscription to Anime Fresh, without having to pay any extra fee
  •  The main menu provides essential, most frequently searched for features, such as categories
  • The secondary menu provides users' access to options such as favorites, bonus sites and even last visited videos or photos so that they can access most of their content without much fuss
  • Their membership plans are pretty basic, and also one of the most inexpensive deals out there, which makes sure that you don't feel like you're spending too much on a porn subscription
  • Easy cancellation of membership plans in case you aren't satisfied with what you're being served
  • Additional content such as Flash games, animated comics, and other similar stuff makes it fun to browse
  • Great 3D artwork by a bunch of talented Japanese artists
  • A few sites such as Erotic Anime gives their models different roles such as nurse chicks, office babes and even historical characters, so you get to enjoy a lot of role play as well
  • Interactive elements such as leaving comments and rating the videos amplify the entire experience multi-fold.


  • No exclusive content is available. Also, they don't make content in-house and source it from other portals
  • The folks at Anime Fresh put out content on a rotating basis, so if you look closely, you will find that a lot of its old content is deleted and reposted.
  • Users who are not too much into hentai porn might find it irrational and weird
  • Its pricing structure is a bit too expensive given the lack of multiple features
  • The site tends to hang and lags a lot at more than one instance
  • The average length of videos stands at about 30 minutes, which might seem a bit too stretched to some people
  • Although it has subtitles, for watching some of these videos in here, you might have to be proficient with the Japanese language
  • No new update for six years; the last one was coming way back in 2013.


Hentai porn is a relative niche porn category with a few sites catering to this unusual genre, and that is precisely where Anime Fresh scores over its competitors such as HentaiTV, HentaiTemple, HentaiPros and Hey Hentai, which are some other sites that cater to enthusiasts and fans of anime porn.

With its focus on high-quality content and visuals, however, Anime Fresh has managed to be a step ahead of other competitors on the list.

Customer Support

Unlike some popular porn websites that haven't laid much emphasis on customer service and support, Anime Fresh has exclusively focused on providing an easy-to-use and prompt customer support team to their users.

For online support and issues related to membership and billing, you can connect with them here – http://support.sextronix.com/

Final Verdict

Anime Fresh has, in the last 15 years or so, carved a name for itself with its vast collection of porn and other bonus stuff which has helped it become one of the most highly sought after anime porn websites across the globe.

You might have to face disappointment if you hope to find exclusive content because a lot of Anime Fresh's content is sourced from its parent website, Hentai Passport, and other similar subsites across their network.

Since all their videos are censored, you can count on the Japanese creators for what they're doing. Although, if you wish to see genitals and some hardcore penetration happening on the screen, you might have to be a bit disappointed as they are blurred when being depicted.

Their content is not available in HD quality, but whatever images or videos they have, it is pretty much watchable and visually appealing to those who love watching taboo porn or even anime porn catering to shemale, gay, lesbian, and other associated categories.

While it has a lot of things going in its favour, we would have liked it if a little more work is put in bettering the overall UI and browsing experience moving ahead.

Although it is not the best that's there in the market, it is one place which doesn't disappoint you, for all its apparent lack of some robust features.

Parting words

Covered above, were some positives and negatives of the renowned Hentai and anime porn site called Anime Fresh. We hope this review was entertaining and informative. Further, we would love to hear your opinions and suggestions on these reviews so that we can bring more good stuff for you every day!

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