Top 15 Amateur Sex Tapes Sites To Jerk Off To In 2022

Let's be real here, watching the same pornstar in the same "perfect angle" give the fakest o-face you've ever seen simply doesn't do it for you anymore.

You need something real for once, it doesn't need to be in a perfectly lit room, nor shot with an expensive camera. Sometimes all you need is a bit of reality in your smut.

And that's where the beautiful world of amateur sex tapes comes in! Almost all big name porn sites have a section dedicated to that, and there's no denying that you've already seen some of them. One thing's for certain though, you haven't had your fill yet.

So, here's the top 15 best amateur sex tape sites out there, to help you find your next masturbation buddy!


Searching for authentic amateur porn on HomeMoviesTube? Everyone has experienced a feeling of extreme boredom with professional porn and the desire for an amateur sex channel. That's where websites like come into play. A site where you get to watch tens of thousands of user-submitted porn videos that are made by real people rather than your run of the mill pornstars, all of that for free.

The straightforward colours of white, blue, and dark blue do wonders for and give the website a polished appearance while enabling it to deliver amateur porn. Their videos are sorted by rating, popularity, length, and how many people have "favourited" them.

The site is overall ideal if you're planning a masturbation marathon. Just remember to pack lots of tissues—I can tell you from experience that you'll need them.

Motherless Amateur

Motherless is one of the few porn sites out there that strongly encourages its users to openly contribute their own stuff. This comes with its own sets nice perks such as moderation and censorship, along with a strong "anything goes" mentality that promotes freely available and raunchy content. It encourages users to produce and upload original material. Unfortunately, this also means that there will be a lot of dubious content.

The website layout begins with galleries at the bottom, followed by photographs in the middle and videos at the top. The website is really easy to navigate, and their videos are well-organised.

Although the content is really diverse, paying particular attention to the amateur section, it has over 350k films and 1.7M pictures, so you'll undoubtedly discover some good and never-seen-before stuff here.

If you are willing to go deeply into its content, you might even discover your new obsession!


DatingSexTapes is the perfect sex tapes site to find great video quality paired with up-and-coming pornstars from all over the world!

You can watch long porn videos as well as shorter ones, loading at the speed of light! What's more, you get to take advantage of its free search feature to find the kind of smut that will satisfy your every desire.

Its interface is bright and colourful without getting too much in your face and their library is steadily growing by the day!

DatingSexTapes is relatively new in the world of sex tapes, but it has earned it's spot in the best sex tapes sites for us!

PornHub Amateur

It's likely that if you watch free porn online you have already had your fun with some videos from Porn Hub. Porn Hub has one feature that truly sets it apart from all other tube sites: its massive, always expanding library of user-uploaded, original video content!

The world of classic view-and-spread online video tubes has been surpassed by Porn Hub. They have positioned themselves to resemble a pornographic social networking platform. and it works!

In terms of community and creating a platform for anyone to watch whatever it is they feel like at a place where they would otherwise not be able to witness, you really can't be more pleased with how the homemade area of Porn Hub is performing.

You also have to appreciate how well-organised the content is and how many options you have to sort through in order to locate exactly what you need.

xHamster Amateur

In a little more than ten years, xHamster has accumulated one of the largest online collections of dirty movies. But, let's discuss their Amateur section.

There are 70 films each page and 15,000 pages of amateur stuff.

Instead of pornstars on poor-quality films claiming that it's all spontaneous, xHamster has real females next door and housewives getting railed and loving it.

The best way to find them is following the channels featuring those who've caught your eye. Unfortunately, there isn't a simple way to locate these accounts.

Their content seems to emerge from nowhere, but it's the actual treasure of xHamster's Amateur section. You can tell it's the real deal when a fellow pervert posts a video of unfamiliar faces with their tits being jizzed on at a pool party and their eyes rolling in ecstasy.

XVideos Amateur

We doubt there's any porn-lovers out there who haven't heard about With over 2 million hits each fucking day, it's one of the most popular free porn sites out there! Even if you've never visited their vast archive of over 9 million explicit pornographic videos on the website, you've definitely heard of them!

Over 9 million videos are stored on XVideos, and they also have a sizable amateur library. They currently have more than two million in-house fuck films in their dedicated amateur section.

And let's be real here, XVideos having access to such a wide variety of amateur porn is one of its advantages. Another outcome of the large user base is the abundance of perverts and deviants uploading smut.

Additionally, XVideos offers a fucking ton of amateur movies for download, so if you're the kind of pervert who likes to watch your stuff on the move, now you can!


One of the older websites out there is, which was almost solely created to satisfy users' demands for a more humane and communal porn viewing experience.

The "locations" part of the website has Eroprofile listings for every sex-related location in your area.

Eroprofile is undoubtedly worthwhile looking at if you're seeking for a collection of amateur pictures and videos. Through a social networking site that is geared toward porn, they also let you communicate with other users. If you have a thing for cougars, you can even message the MILF of your dreams on this platform.

Eroprofile has exactly what it needs to make you never want to leave!


Amateur porn at Private Home Clips, often known as HClips. Even while it isn't always in HD or 4K, the material is still miles ahead of anything produced in a studio.

The website is devoted to providing the best amateur pornographic films, galleries, and other content out there. Even though HClips was only founded in 2015, they have already amassed approximately 62 million site views.

In terms of porn websites, HClips appears to be rather typical. Several thumbnails, a white background—the whole nine yards. However, the layout of the front page is fairly good and easy to navigate.

There is so much information to look through here. Most websites have numerous categories, but in our opinion, HClips does it right. Before you click through, they provide you with information about how many videos are in each category and a cute image of the category.

It's a reliable website with top-notch free material matches with a smooth user experience.

EroMe combines features for sharing photos and videos with your typical amateur porn gallery website. Incredibly, they have been doing this for 21 years. Every single month, they receive a very respectable 12 million views. They appear to have a solid assortment of content and a fairly original concept.

Its website design appears to be quite basic. White writing on a black backdrop. There are no insane flashing ads or crowded options. In other words, it has a good layout that is easy to browse at night.

You can filter results on the home page by "Hot" or "New." Although you can't fully separate videos from photographs or other content like that, at least their preview includes that information.

Give a try if you enjoy amateur porn and the social feed feature. There are so many galleries here, and they are all really fantastic!


Numerous attractive cam whores are available on CamWhoresTV to indulge all of your fantasies. More specifically, there are approximately 7,000 pages of amateur pornography.

An adequate collection of webcam recordings, indeed!

Anyone who has used other cam sites, including Chaturbate or Myfreecams, will be immediately at home with their live video chatroom's layout.

On this website, a ton of excellently made amateur videos are offered without charge. So, if you enjoy homemade goods, Camwhores will be your oasis.

Instead of your typical low quality cam site, this website is more oriented at the adult cam aficionado.


You can communicate with your favourite adult models live if you wish to on Hot Scope, a website that caters to millennials 18+. allows users to link to their Snapchat and Periscope accounts. Additionally, if you want to watch them get it on live it's not beyond HotScope's features.

The website offers a dark backdrop and a white background. Their lights-off feature is perfect though. It provides you with some much-needed comfort while you spend countless hours in front of your screen.

We were thrilled to discover a sizable collection of amateur Snapchat and Periscope movies in HD quality; this website has undoubtedly exceeded itself, especially given how recently it has existed. The videos don't buffer and stream quite quickly as well.

There are many amateur HD videos and clips that are fairly long, the streaming speed is amazing, and there are many connected videos to bounce from and to. Additionally, you can browse the website from anywhere at any time because it is mobile-friendly. undoubtedly has stuff you would enjoy watching, regardless of whether you have a specific preference or not. With lots of college females engaging in all kinds of sensual activities on Snapchat and Periscope, you'll be spoilt for choice!


One of the many websites that have popped up to deal with this new wave of DIY smut is It was once known as and is a relatively new player in the online porn industry. They've only been established for approximately a year, but in recent months, their traffic has dramatically increased. Currently, there are about 5 million visits every month.

Despite not being a traditional cam site, the majority of the videos on CamWhoresBay feature amateur prostitutes having fun in front of a webcam, mostly by themselves. In the Albums section, they include explicit photos and selfies as well.

The website has a clear, well-designed, and user-friendly general layout. Within the market segment they are concentrating on, it's simple to find what you're looking for.

It's the perfect spot to watch some repeats of your favourite cam girls because the site is totally free and functions like a dream.


The hub of daily free nudes from the sexiest female streamers, Cosplayers, Snapchat, Instagram, and Patreon models is called Dirty Ship. The website is filled with tons of stunning nude images of your favorite celebrities as well as random prostitutes who may be well-known on social media. On the website, viewers can see random sexy women toying with their boobs, licking each other's tits and pussies, and generally having fun.

Looking at the most recently posted films that include numerous ladies, the website quickly introduces you to the nudity that is to come.

The categories section in the header provides access to more adult material, primarily in the form of XXX videos that cover a variety of topics.

People looking for nudes of famous people, whether they be actors, musicians, or pornstars, will feel at home on this website!

I'd say WatchMyGF is quite good and has a neat layout. You can choose to share the videos you've seen here on Facebook, VK, Twitter, and other social media sites after using the search box.

The speed with which videos load on this player is its most significant pro. A button that displays the comments section is also available, which is wonderful. There is a section with "actual stories" in it as well. Although, there are no classifications here, just a variety of items. features a wide variety of porn, which comes as a surprise given that most of us assumed the site would just feature underage females having sex with random strangers based on the name. All kinds of porn are available here, with the exception of hardcore content, which is fine.


The quantity of Snapchat stuff on is astounding. As of right now, there are almost 700 pages of incredible Snapchat content. This might not seem like much to you, but you'd need quite a bit of time before you run out of content.

Along with the pictures and movies on Snapchat, there is also content on Patreon, OnlyFans, ManyVids, and even Chaturbate, to name a few.

You can tell that we had a lot of fun using this site. Whatever your mood, provides some top-notch content that you can enjoy. Any time of day is ideal for some real amateur porn, in our opinion.

With so many options, it's hard to decide on simply one, but who said you have to? Jump into every single one of there amazing amateur sex tape sites and let yourself drown in the mountain of the best original and real content the internet has to offer!

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