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Before you delve into, you need to know what it is exactly. The name is pretty innocent and innocuous on face value, isn’t it?

But behind that veil or facade, you have got a website for homies, whose sexual desires whirl from traditional and customary sexual relations to wild, raunchy and explicit encounters. is a legally licensed service that connects any person interested in alternative sexual games and lifestyle and BDSM.

If you’re a pro at porn, the term BDSM or bondage and sexual maltreatment might not startle you as it would to a rookie.

It’s the hottest cake that sells these days and for those who yearn for it, they can find their platter in

On this website, it’s foolish or ludicrous to try and find single women and men looking for a long-term relationship, let alone marriage.

You’re into sex, hardcore and raw, so you let your love and romance go for a toss out of the window!

Well, why not have realistic and practical expectations before entering a site like this? There are sites and apps that cater to the amorous instincts and pursuits.

alt dot com-min

If you cherish cookies and pies, chocolates and raspberries, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers to dictate your dating journey, you can try other sites. But is for couples and singles who want to explore their wildest fantasies and the site makes arrangements for one-time or routine sexual encounters.

So, shed your inhibitions if you have any and enter this no strings attached game.

On paper, it sounds awesome and a fantastic platform for people looking for real pie and hot chocolate-dipped fun. For them, candies in the hand are passé and pathetic cliché. People who cherish and relish that treatment can join

But there are numerous reviews claiming that the site is nothing more than a ploy to scam you and loot your money. One cannot help and ponder on it and wonder whether is legit or not, or is it really worth trying?

What makes so popular?

A host of special features determine and define the popularity of These features certainly make your online dating exploits thrilling and help you to find a suitable match in the most effective manner. Hot or Not is a simplistic, no-nonsense and straightforward feature.

It presents photos to all and sundry, including you. Then, you see each photo and decide whether it qualifies as hot or not. Astrological Compatibility may sound weird on a site like this but it’s a welcome relief from the avalanche of steamy, nude photos that flood your screen.

It’s always fun to indulge in something different when you know your destination is going to be pull-and-plug-tool.

This segment shows your compatibility with certain zodiac signs. It takes your Chinese zodiac into account, which is your animal symbol, and your sexual and amorous biorhythm calendar/chart.  

Then, you have the testimonials which contain a written description of your attractive and desirable traits or qualities. Other members write these testimonials. You can do the same for other profiles or other members. Blings are a pretty interesting tool.

They are small icons that you can grab from their owners/creators or even create them yourself. They come in handy in making your posts or profile intriguingly naughty and enticing. It boosts the wicked content and kink of your profile which is a very important ingredient of

You can also use it for showing your personality and flaunt your qualities to other users. My Kinks are the feature that allows you to customize your fetishes and kinks in a manner you dim fit. You can use it to search for other users who are into the same groove.

The bondage will then be stronger and better. You’ve got it! 


Website Address: is an extensive network for people drooling over alternative modes of friendship and sexual relationships.

This ‘friendship’ is also kinky and has horny overtones. Are you thinking of “friends with benefits”? You’re bang on track but are yet to hit the bull’s eye.

The friendship the site talks about or promotes is open to sexual acts and intimations. There is sharing and caring, and you go the whole nine yards.

Members bond over kinks, fetishes, bondage, and BDSM along with exploring the site’s massive inventory of sexual material.

These include all types of content, articles, videos, and photos.

The site is very serious about ensuring all its users are above the age of 18 since most of its material is sexually explicit. talks

How well they articulately control this part is something that’s hard to underline or tell because people sign up as anonymous. Not even God or any other technological gizmos can see through aliases. Just after spending 10-15 minutes on the site, you may find it straining and heavy on the eyes.

Instead of a wondrous mess of exciting photos and titillating videos, is replete with a complex mess of member profiles, blogs, magazine articles, streams of masturbatory flicks, chat rooms where you can be at your dirtiest best, and instant messages. 

On the surface, it’s not very pleasant or comfortable to use because it mostly feels like a downgrade rip-off of a porn site owned by Deep Web. The emulation is just disastrous.

Alt.Com - Is it a Legit BDSM and Fetish Dating Site?

The website tries to put a resounding and ominous beep on certain language preferences to make you feel safe and comfortable. For example, they have banned the word ‘rape’ in all posts or blogs. Users cannot use that word in replies or comments, or in any type of public form in

However, one reviewer in the twilight of 2014 went on record to say that there were “430+ active interest groups in the site that contained the word rape.” There were hundreds of users with that word in their username.

The site is currently cracking down on these users. However, it permits you to make polls or posts pertaining to a murder that involves your girlfriend, spouse, or daughter. That's a warped sense of censorship, you’d reckon.

On a site with numerous interactive users, both real and fake, it’s actually difficult to patrol all that goes on. Moreover, offensive and virulent language or sexual parlance censorship aren’t that much of a huge concern on Honestly, why would it be?

Come on, you’re here for BDSM and what you expect? “Honey, want me to make chicken soup for you every weekend?” No, you’re here to hear “Baby, I want you to do everything you want to do with me. Make me your soup tonight.”

So, drill out that self-serving rhetoric and fake guilt, and unleash the beast within.

Signing Up for an Account

Signing up for an account takes only 5 minutes. You have to complete a process of five steps to complete a fast registration. You need to follow these steps to successfully use your profile. Joining is absolutely free.

After registering, you have the option of signing up as a man, a woman, a group, or a couple. It means this site is open to both singles and couples. Additionally, you need to provide some personal information, such as your body type, role, marital status, and obviously sexual orientation.

During registration, they will ask you to write something substantial about yourself. In case you’re clueless in this aspect, you can read the Writing Ideas on the website. It’s a fantastic tool to assist you in telling others about yourself. The account verification procedure is very strict.

Before the site redirects you to your profile page, you need to verify your email address first. Verification is imperative because, without it, you cannot proceed. The website is rigid in this regard. To make contact, you can have a video chat with fellow members at no cost.

You can use advanced filters to search members in your vicinity. Well, you’re because you are sexually experimental and adventurous. The urge to light the bed on fire or to be in the fire will be too high. Hence, you have location-based search results. Add other members to Hotlist or as friends.

For unlimited flirting, you need to become a premium member. You also have to upgrade to send and read messages. The site uses a font style that’s neither small nor big, which makes it easy to read the words.

Additionally, even if the site has a dark background, the words and pictures still stand out prominently because they have bright, resplendent colors. member panel


The site will encourage you to buy a membership right after you create an account. There are two main membership types you can choose from, the Silver and Gold packages. Both of these give you substantial benefits over the free members, but Gold provides more utilities.

The membership costs range from $9-$32 per month. It depends on the type of membership and your desire to continue your commitment to it. Quite interestingly, a 12-month Gold package per month costs the same as a 12-month Silver plan. 

The reason being, the Gold package provides you with six extra months at no cost. The premium membership options for Gold are plenty. You can view and contact members. Your profile will show up at the top of searches.

You will be the first to contact fellow users and get full access to recorded video flicks and intros of members.  It also gives you access to magazine features, groups, and blogs. You get amicable, 24/7 support and access to HD, extra-large pictures. However, it isn’t the end.

There are various other means to spend money on this site.

You can purchase a subscription to stellar BDSM clips and films, make your profile more prominent and visible, or just pay up to let standard members get in touch with you. If you pay for all features, using it can cost you above $100 per month. 

For a more streamlined breakup of the costs, feel free to visit

Site Performance Evaluation



User Interface

7.5 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10

Profile Quality

9 / 10

Contact and Communication

9.5 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

9 / 10


8 / 10

Site Statistics

  • Member Structure: 415,000 members are from the USA. Members’ activity has 80,000 active, horny folks every week.
  • Gender ratio: 20% are female and 80% are male members. Active members are in the 25-34 age group.
  • Global Rank: The site has a rank of 15,864,543. 
  • A Prismatic Take: Most members are curious about or already into role-play, BDSM, and other types of sexual fetishes. Male members have overwhelming domination here. With millions of members around the globe, there are countless reported bots or fake profiles.

Competitors of

While there are many other sites that provide the same kick and oodles of sexual spices as, is one name to reckon with. It’s one of the best in the circuit. If you desperately want a casual sexual retreat, SPdate is definitely one of the most viable options.  

Easy to use and free, it’s also immensely popular among users that have the same penchant for sexual fetishes. It bolsters your chances of hooking up with a hot one. The other competitors are Hot or Not,, BDSM singles, and FriendFinder X.


  • You have a wide range of desires and sexual interests.
  • Search options are detailed.
  • The member variety is pretty decent as you have a large base of active members.
  • It syncs with the alternative sex community..
  • Available free membership.
  • The bondage experience is varied. These are shibari, self-bondage, Japanese bondage, latex bondage, and lesbian bondage and rope bondage. also gives you the bandwidth to try additional categories, such as water, rubber, and anal bondage.


  • Complicated, obscure and dark interface, which makes it quite inconvenient to look at for longer durations.
  • Tedious profile questions.
  • Many bots and fake profiles to ditch.
  • The website’s NSFW design is an eyesore.
  • Occasional messages from fake members.
  • A free account is futile in reality.
  • Exorbitant membership costs.

Support systematically follows the common privacy policy of websites that fall under the radar of FNN or Friend Finder Network Inc. They take your privacy and personal safety very seriously and religiously when it comes to age, spamming, harassment, virulent speech, and other types of liabilities. also provides 24/7 technical and phone support for all issues that members face. When you have numerous profile viewers, gives you rewards. It also gives you Popularity Privileges. There are various ways in which the site rewards you with special privileges.

There’s one purity test that asks different questions to unveil how naughty or pure you are. The site has a feature called RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication. The link enables you to form your favorite and hottest RSS partner or reader.

You can check out the staff in their YouTube videos as well.

Alt.Com Review on DatePerfect


If you’re tired of your drab and dolorous sex life, and seek a change or something new, is worth a try.

If you have bizarre and wacky sexual desires and fetishes, you can surely try this dating site. An adult site unabashedly catering to BDSM freaks and lovers, it’s for those who are itching and yearning to try out-of-the-box erotic methods.

The dating community lets you be adventurous and eccentric, something that you’ve always desired. It’s where the lovers of erotica can search for like-minded folks who are willing to be their no holes barred BDSM partner. Make no mistake or don’t hold any peevish reservation at this juncture.

This adult dating community allows you to unleash your most erotic and wildest character. To get the peak of member benefits, you have no other option but to subscribe to its premium package.

 The design of the site is pretty ordinary and plain. It uses only three colors. The background is black, which is a typical stereotype in similar sites.’s fonts are white and yellow. The dark background may seem awkward and unpleasant to some.

Well, there are plenty of reports about the same where members keep cribbing and whining about the bland, actionless background. It mars the theme or action of the site in a way. Additionally, it doesn’t section some details properly.

Resultantly, it seems that you’re missing a lot of things or a lot of action is happening on other pages of This suspense and apprehension are not good at all. Additionally, the non-stop embedded videos and pop-ups running rampant all over the page are just miffing.

Parting words

Although has a promising concept, it somehow fails to produce high-class, mature dating directives or options. I was most miffed at the majority of stuff hiding behind a pathetic paywall that always popped when I was about to draw a line in excitement.

It spawns serious doubts and aspersions that not all profiles are real. The BOT menace is indeed a thing to tackle and thwart. Overall, I’d still give it another try due to the all-you-can-have-buffet it provides.

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