All Girl Massage Review (2020)

All Girl Massage

Massage porn have some incredible likeability among the fanbase and All Girls Massage is a porn site dealing in this niche.

The site offers tons of features with the unimagined depths of getting wild with each other.

The site is full of great features and outstanding user engagement tools to draw your attention.

All Girls Massage invites you to fall into a deep sensual massage content from across the world.

This review covers everything related to its popularity, uniqueness with the other sites, features it offers, pros and cons as well as our recommendation

Two naked girls massaging each other with oil, and many other related essentials is a significant imagination for arousing any man. This website is all about that. All Girl Massage is a website that can satisfy your thirst for naked girls and their interplay without having any dick around them.

This is an experience that every one of us wants in real. However, having a real set of beautiful girls massaging each other might seem impossible or highly expensive, you can have this experience right away from your smartphone or laptop with a very minimum value investment.

The entire website features a set of highly seductive and beautiful girls having fun with each other.

The site has a total collection of over more than 550 videos, and each of them is equally satisfying. Each of the videos is for minimum time duration of 25 minutes and can guarantee your satisfaction once initiated.

Since its launch in the year 2010, the website has been mostly into action with all of its quality content and explicit models.

allgirlmassage hbanenr-min

The models available at this website are cute as well as sultry at the same time. In addition to this, the site also provides over 700 image galleries with an average number of 150 images per gallery.

What makes All Girl Massage popular? 

The concept of girl on girl is one major reason for its huge popularity among porn lovers. In addition to this, the website also promotes massage specific role-plays which initiate a specific approach to its lovers.

If you have been fantasizing about the hot girl on girl massage sessions, then this is the perfect spot for you. It will help you realize all your wildest dreams and lead you to achieve a specific satisfaction across your sexual fantasies.

The website is designed to avail smooth operation for its users and thus provide a very supportive user interface across the operational design. The content is also an additional add on as it has the best sexual content in the context of girl on girl action.

The website features over more than 550 videos, which itself is a larger number. In addition to this, each of the available videos is unique in terms of the available storyline and action. The variety includes every possible position across the porn experience and thus is more than enough to satisfy you.

Another major factor that has made this website highly popular is the regularity in updates. The website is updated regularly and with equally efficient content, which makes it a highly successful experience provider across the industry.

The website is also suitable for promoting better outcomes in the context of satisfaction, and this attracts lots and lots of daily visitors to this website. Another important aspect that is associated with the whole process of popularity is its highly affordable membership plans.

All Girl Massage presents - Well, Its Free!

The website offers some of the cheapest membership plans based on the requirements and needs of its users. The fact that it has a no capping based downloading feature is another major aspect that drives user toward it.

The process of contributing to each of the videos remains higher as each one of them features highly seductive content. In addition to this, the website provides a different experience from any regular porn website or lesbian porn website.

Apart from awesome after-effects such as interracial pairing, threesomes, and stepmoms interactions, the videos across this website provide an additional experience of massages, as its name suggests.

These massages are explicit and are made in such a manner that it will compel you to cum as soon as you have a look at them.

The fact that each of its models are perfect in shape and are liable to seduce you within seconds adds to the entire experience and provides supportive ideologies which can initiate a highly satisfying experience for you.


Website address:

Estimated visits last month: 1 million

The fact that this website has an average monthly visit of 1 million describes its popularity across the channels and the amount of interaction it has with its users on daily basis.

The fact that this website provides its members the ability to download as well as stream all of its available content without any restriction is an added advantage. 

allgirlmassage banner 2-min

It supports the availability of an ideal approach to the girl on girl massage action and thus usually has a largely male audience. In addition to this, the website also features some of the sultriest images of different models that can give you eye-pleasing experience for your small duration lusty routine.

These pictures are also available for download and thus provide its users with a suitable amount of support in terms of the availability of porn videos. The website is full of videos and pictures featuring different sets of girls licking, rubbing, and almost fucking each other.

These actions are presented in such a sensual manner that you cannot control yourself and give it a shot.

Apart from quality based content, the website also provides efficient surfing which is a total worth of the membership price. The website never lags and losses you while having fun.

This is a major issue with some of the major porn websites that it lags and disrupts through advertisements in between the videos. However, All Girl Massage is very efficient in managing a larger volume of visitors and also provides a limitation on its advertisements while having a good time.

This property is an additional advantage for the website and initiates a better user base to it. The pictures available are provided in large numbers, and you can download them through zipping. These zip folders are available based on various sections and qualities.

The website supports every videos as well as picture qualities and specifications. From MP4 to FHD, it provides the videos over every segments based on your requirements. In addition to this, the website also provides a long list of filters, followed by a search list.

All Girl Massage - "Internal Ass Massage"

This is another major add-on to the entire experience. This facility provides its users with an ability to search their interests and apply the filters to have a premium experience across their pornography.

The entire website content is divided into specific sections, and these sections are equally satisfying to the users. The filters available across these sections account for bisexual, category, gay, pornstar, and Trans. These sections are equally fitted with a large number of beautiful models.

This facility is very crucial for enhancing the user experience as some users do consider surfing the entire website. They are very specific about their requirements and thus go directly to these sections and apply the appropriate filters to enhance their experience.

Another major factor that is associated with this website is its highly relatable content and great production process. The entire production process related to these videos is perfectly aligned to produce better results in the context of the process and user experience.

The design of the production is user-centric and thus provides a high-quality experience each time a user pay a visit to this website. The growing demand for specific sections of the website is also managed through efficient production possibilities.

The quality of videos produced is unmatchable, and this is another major factor which supports the largely increasing popularity of this website across the girl on girl porn videos.

Once you get on to this website, the entire concern about taking massage changes. You will be more interested in watching a massage rather than taking one. This is the entire experience that can be availed through paying a visit to this website.

Site statistics

  • Most Popular Models: Romi Rain, Jill Caddy, Abella Danger, Brandi Love, Victoria Voxx and many more.
  • Model Appearance: European, Black, Latinas and Asian.
  • Body Types: Thin To Curvy
  • Total Number of Videos: 567 +
  • Average Length of Videos: 25 minutes
  • Bandwidth: Multiple Bandwidths available
  • Image Quantity: 729+ galleries with 160 images for each
  • Live Cam: Yes
  • File Size: JPG=250kb-500kb, ZIP=8 MB-100MB, MP4=250MB to 1.5GB
  • Buffer: 1 – 4 seconds
  • Download Limit: None
  • High Resolution: Yes

Performance Score (Out of 10)



Website Design

8.5 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10


9.5 / 10


8.5 / 10


8.5 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


8.5 / 10

Image Quality

8.5 / 10

Overall Score

8.5 / 100


All Girl Massage website has one of the most cost specific membership pricing.

The pricing factor is constructed based on the usage index and the scale of usage.

The website offers four types of membership plans, which are crucial for any new or old user.

The division of these plans are based on time fragments. The first plan is considered as a trial plan and comes with a validity of two days.

This 48-hour trial experience comes at a price of £1. This is the least chargeable amount for any plan across the lesbian porn sector.

However, the recurring property of this plan is a little expensive. 

allgirlmassage banner-min

The recurring comes at a price of £39.95 each month. Although the experience delivered by this website is far more than the charges. The second plan is a regular membership plan, and it comes at a price range of £29.95. This membership plan is based on the validity of one month.

The recurring amount for this membership plan is comparatively lower than the previous one. It recurs at £29.95 per month. The third membership plan comes at £68.95, and it is valid for three months. The recurring charges for this membership plan are similar to the base price.

And finally, the fourth membership plan which comes for an entire year and has a price tag of £119.40.

The recurring price for this membership plan is also similar to the base package price. The website provides these efficient and value-based membership plans to its users and in returns to them a beautiful and sexual experience across the entire time interval.

If you need more details on the pricing section, you can visit

Available payment methods

  • Diner
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Mastercard
  • VISA

Competitors of All Girl Massage 

As the entire sector of lesbian porn has been largely developed, there are several players across this sector.

Thus, the available competitive scenario for All Girl Massage is high.

In spite of that, the website has been able to develop as one of the major facilitators of girl on girl porn all along its user base.

The amount of content available for this website and that too of good quality provides an upper hand to this website as compared to its potential competitors.

However, some of the most prominent competitors across this sector are 4Tube, Clip Hunter, Large Tube, SexyMomma, and Mommy's girl.

All of these websites provide similar content but are not able to compete with the high-quality models which are available at All Girl Massage.

sllgirlmassage banner 3-min

In addition to this, All Girl Massage also succeeds in providing its users with an efficiently carved storyline and beautiful models that act as a magnet for all of the lesbian porn lovers out there.

The website also supports the live cam feature, which acts as an additional factor for exceeding the competitive approach all along the process. It provides a facility peek into the private lives of its models and attracts a better experience for its users and that too at a comparatively lower price segment.

The efficient service and high-quality content make this website a highly positioned one across all of its competitors and initiates highly maintained standards across the entire structure. This website most effectively delivers the whole process of lesbian porn and the related experience.


  • It provides more services than an average massage porn website
  • Almost all content is exclusive
  • Great girl on girl action videos
  • It provides users to submit their fantasies for approval
  •  Sleek and clean mobile interface
  • Regular updates and that too in great quality
  • Different add on offers at various occasions


  • Bios and details for models are not available
  • Unavailability of any advanced search option


You will see a ton of massage action with a galore of lesbian scenes. Models can be seen fingering each other, suck boobs, pussy licking, lesbians’ sex, group sex, scissoring, erotic massage porn, etc. The models pretend to be masseuses who show their magic by carefully massaging the other lady visitors' body. 

After start the real deal. Well, who will be able to resist the touch of a good-looking woman touch, right? The actions are uploaded in high-quality videos. Foot fetish and face-sitting are included too. 


The girls can be seen using sex toys and touching/groping. The female masseuse is shown here and doing girl on girl fucking. The AllGirlMassage review will have the full details about the content that you are going to see here. 


  • Girls on girls fucking/ lesbian sex.


Support to customers acts as a key attribute for enhancing the entire experience and promoting an ideal approach for satisfaction. All Girl Massage has a highly dedicated support structure and is liable to provide a better approach to its customer's issues and complications.

The time-based response system is eligible for providing better services and attracting huge popularity across the related customer service management section. The support page over this website is smooth and has three significant sections.

These sections account for sending a ticket, frequently asked questions, and contact us section.

The frequently asked questions section has covered almost each of the related issues such as membership, slow speed, and downloading issues. One can go through this section to avail of a self-service across their website.

Raising and sending a ticket section involves noting down the issue and waiting for their turn to get a response. The contact us section opens a dialog box that has a feature for live chat. This feature is largely absent across various porn websites.

All Girl Massage - "Asian Pool Party"

Still, over here, it is available to meet the needs of a customer by resolving their respective issues and provide supportive guidance for successful service. You only need to have a valid email address to make a demand or request a query.

This shows the largely enhanced support structure that is associated with this website. It is one of the major reasons for the large user base that this website has acquired across the lesbian porn sector.


All Girls has 494 models in total. You will mostly find white women; however, there are a few black models too. Some of them are pros, whereas others are amateurs. Models have a good physique, and their age range is 18 to 30. Most of the models are from US-based. 

Famous/top rated pornstars

Emma Hix

Aiden Starr

Crystal Rush

Veronica Valentine

Aaliyah Love

  • 415votes
  •  94votes
  •  42votes
  •  55votes
  • 260votes

Cecilia Lion

Aidra Fox

Gianna Dior

Chanel Preston

Charlotte Stokely

  • 140votes
  • 350votes
  • 285votes
  • 309votes
  • 313votes



The videos are of high-quality, and the pussies are so damn hot! Even though I am straight, I am addicted to lesbian sex now. 


The best girls on girls fucking I have ever seen! 

Final Verdict 

All Girl Massage is a largely popular lesbian porn website. The website primarily features girl on girl massages and leads to different sexual positions. This is a largely popular website across porn lovers and especially for the girl on girl action lovers.

The website features some of the most beautiful and sultry models, which can make you feel satisfied across the videos. The website provides its services at an affordable set of membership packages. Thus it can be considered as a user-friendly website.

The collection in terms of videos and pictures are huge, and this is an important reason for the highly supportive framework which is associated with this website and the related user base. The website also supports different additional features, such as filters and subsections.

These initiate an ideal approach for enhancing the individual experience for each of the users.

Parting words

As of now, we have provided you every possible detail about this website. Now it's up to you to decide whether it is worth your time and money. However, if you find this review helpful, stay tuned as we regularly update with such informative reviews.

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