The Insider – Interview with AlecHardy (2019)

Alec Hardy is a known name in the Camming industry. Being in this industry for quite some time, he has made a name for himself and has quite a good number of followers.

I decided to talk to him and know more about him. So, we met for lunch at my favourite place and ordered our personal favourites before getting into a friendlier discussion. 

Alec Hardy (Screen name), is from Hungary. He is a web designer by profession and a part-time cam model by passion. He has been in this industry since 2015 and has made quite a name for himself.

He prefers working in Chaturbate and loves doing live cam shows. You would get to know more about him in the interview.


Alec, How Old Are You?

(laughs) I am 31-years old.

Are your family aware of your camming showbiz?

Yes, I hide nothing from them. Only my grandma is not aware of it. My parents are cool and supportive of it.

Do you have sex with your partner on the screen?

No, I am available only on the digital medium. (winks)

How did you come up with such a cool screen name, ‘Alec Hardy’?

You must have heard about ‘Eric Everhard.’ I loved that named and wanted to have a screen name in that line. I wanted to feature, ‘Hard’ in my screen name. So, thinking about it, I came up with ‘Hardy’ which comes easy on your lips.

I was brainstorming with my friend regarding my first name, who suggested, ‘Alec’. Hearing the name, my mind wandered into ‘Alec Baldwin’ who is famous for playing a sexual person. So, there it was- Alec Hardy. I loved the name and went ahead with it.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings on your body?

Yeah, I do. Both my sleeves are filled with tattoos along with my chest and a small portion on my back. I have craved some references to the porn industry.

I have a tattoo dedicated to Quagmire from the Family guy when he discovers porn on the internet, and the tattoo looks like one arm is huge than the other (laughs). I also have a butt plug tattoo on my back. It makes my viewers go crazy.

Let us talk of something about your hidden talents?

I love computers, and I am good at it. So, the music sounds better than the other cam girl’s/boys’ when I am doing a cam session. I also like to broadcast my music occasionally and go live with it with some naughtiness in it.

Male Cam Model: Alec Hardy from Hungary

Have you gifted by your lovers from your camming networks from your Wishlist?

Till now, I did not get that privilege of getting showered by gifts. I am not even aware of people known to me in this field to get gifts from their viewers.

I think this concept of gifts are for cam girls/boys who have a vast amount of followers and craving for attention. I am just a small sea in this vast ocean.

Have you ever faced an embarrassing situation during your cam session?

That’s an interesting and painful incident (Laughs). I was new to this camming world, and I was shy to say no to any requests.

So, a client took me privately and asked me to hold my balls in one hand and slap it with the other hand so hard that the sound can be heard to the guy. I thought I could do it and tried to fool him by slapping the hand holding the balls and made the sound.

But I was wrong. He caught me and the second time I had to actually slap my balls and I went blank for some time. I could never forget the pain, and I deserve it for not saying no to things I am not comfortable with.

From that day onwards, I learnt to say no to kinds of stuff which I am not comfortable with and thus saving the time for my client and save yourself from the embarrassment and the pain (literally).

If you could anywhere, what would be your dream destination?

If you ask me, I am happy where I am right now. I had once moved to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, but because of some personal issues, I had to move out from there making it a holiday for me.

So, if my life does not work out, I know where I would go to settle forever.

Do you have a crush on anyone at your camming network?

Right now, I do not have a crush on anyone. I love cheerful and happy people.

What is the wildest request you have received till date during your camming session?

I cannot reveal the wildest one as it is too personal, and I want to respect my client. But next to it, once a user asked me to put my entire feet inside my ass. To be honest, neither I am that flexible, nor is my ass.

But people’s wildest fantasies never ceases to amaze me. (smiles)

Do you express your feelings when you like a guy?

Well! I am a straightforward guy who likes to express anything I like to say to a guy. With time, I have become more flexible with requests when I like someone.

Tell us something many do not know about you?

I am an emotional person. I get very emotional very easily. I can even cry during a toilet paper commercial. (laughs while acting to wipe tears from his eyes)

What is your favorite quote? Something you identify with or your go-to quote.

There is a famous Hungarian proverb which roughly translates to, ‘If you are a big boy in the evening, be a big boy the day after too.’

It means if you have postponed some work because you decide to do something fun, then do not say you are tired when the time comes to make up for the work.

What is your favorite in the camming network?

It’s the people. There are so many fun-loving, and pleasant people. Yes, I encounter some weird people, but you can ignore them and look at the bright side of meeting so many beautiful people.

Using only three words, describe yourself?

(Thinks for some time) Funny, Witty, Horny! (Laughs)

If we looked at your purse right now, what would we find?

Credit cards, my gym pass, my ID cards, and yes, a drawing of a butt plug.

What are the things which turn you on?

Sex toys, girls, boys, Fun people, flirting, the occasional group sex and again of course toys.

What is your secret fetish?

Nothing in particular. I enjoy showing my ass to everyone and also am a tremendous fan of other’s butts.

What is your favorite sex toy?

It is my Lovense Hush Butt Plug. And I am freaking out waiting for the delivery of the all Lovense EDGE prostate massager.

Who is the hottest camgirl on your camming network?

MyCherryCrush is the hottest. I just love her style, great wigs, always matching contacts, and sexy butt plugs. She is the best. (Sighs thinking about her)

When do you see the curtain being drawn over your career?

As long as someone is alive and is presentable, I do not think there is an age limit to this career.

What makes you proud to be working in this industry?

I am proud of what I am doing. I think everybody watches porn and interacts sexually with someone.

So, as long as someone is in control of what happens to him/her and nothing is being done against their wishes, it would be amazing, and that would make you proud while doing it.


Do you have friends in the industry?

Yes, a few. I am very selective of my friend circle.

What is the hair color that you maintain most of the time?

My natural hair color is dark brown, but it’s greying fast (winks). Most of the time I keep it trimmed to 1mm, so the colour is not visible.

What makes you different from other camgirls?

Well, I am an honest guy. If I smile that means I like you and I am not pretending to like you. I am like the guy next door who skypes you to catch you after office.

What are your height, weight, and body measurements?

I am 182 cm, 88 kgs muscular with a few extra pounds and around 18-19 cm long (a bit thin though).

What are your thoughts on the future of camming?

VR is the future. With the latest trends and the advanced toys in the market, in coming times we would see a drastic shift towards VR camming sessions.

Your comments on scamming trends that you might have witnessed?

I am still confused about how some boys/girls can have Lovense toys in them and start vibrating uncontrollably. I mean, come on it is just a 200 gm device which cannot shake a 60-kg person.

How can you scam your audience so much for a $1 tip? But I think there is an audience to it. I can never do that.

Secrets of Webcam Modeling Exposed

Do you have a job outside of camming?

Cam modelling is a part-time job for me. I am a full-time web developer. I work from home as a freelancer and occasionally, while working, I go online, stream music and stream myself as well.

Do you have a partner? How would they feel about you being in this industry?

No, I am single right now. If my partner would not understand, I do not think he/she is right for me.

Would you consider doing porn?

Not professionally. I enjoy shooting videos, and I have been selling a lot of them on platforms like manyvids. You can check them here.

Professional porn is not so healthy I think. There’s a great documentary and a spinoff documentary series on Netflix actually that I think everybody should watch! It’s called ‘Hot girls wanted’.

There’s also ‘After porn ends’ and ‘After porn ends 2’. I highly suggest you go and watch them. They are really eye-opening!

On an average how much money do you make?

As this is a secondary income for me, I can say I make around $10/hour

And what is the breakup of it?

Camming is 70%, selling videos is 28%, and 2% is other stuff.

The number of websites you cam on?

Chaturbate is my favourite. I am also available on youkandy and bongacams. You can find my profile on maximum adult cam sites.

The number of websites you cam on?

Chaturbate is my favourite. I am also available on youkandy and bongacams. You can find my profile on maximum adult cam sites.

 How long have you been camming?

Around 5.5 years.

How many days and hours you put in it?

I come online 3-4 times a week and around 20-25 hours a week. The rest of the time, I am busy with my web designing, editing my videos, promoting myself on social media, and learning about new fetishes.

How many tokens do you earn on an average?

For normal shows, it varies around 100 to 800 tokens.

How much would you charge for a customised video?

For 5-minutes- $13.99

For 10-minutes- $20.99

For 20-minutes- $29.99

You can order them on my manyvids profile.

How do you get clients?

The best way to gain followers is through camming websites.

What is the role of social media in promoting your profile to everyone?

Twitter is cool, but you have a sizeable chunk of followers who do not contribute to your income source. I would recommend to have a good profile and update it regularly. I used crowdfire to boost my followers, and I have been getting 50 followers/day.

Put in some work to gain your viewers.

WEBCAM BOYS: Pay Me For My Body

Message to anyone who wants to get into this industry.

This is also work, just like everyone does. Put your efforts in it to become successful. There are cam models who have thousands of followers and earn lots of money, but they work a lot.

The amount of sweat, blood, and hard work they put in their work makes them successful in their respective fields. There would be ups and downs in this business as well. Do not lose hope and keep on trying.

Give us three camming networks that you recommend in decreasing order of your recommendation. (#1 being your favorite, then #2 and so on)?

#1 is Chaturbate. Huge site, a gazillion users, amazing tools, apps, bots.

If you’re not comfortable with doing free shows, and would only do privates, than go for LiveJasmin (I don’t really like them though. They are too strict, and the shares are shit)

#2 is Youkandy. You’ll have a plethora of options from camming to selling content. Go check it out

#3 is Bongacams. I really like the interface and the people on Bongacams.

What advice would you give to anyone else wanting to get into the sex industry?

This is work just like anything else. You have to put in the hours if you want to earn money. And I think it’s just as hard as any other job, just in different ways. So don’t expect free money, that’s the exception not the rule.

The highly successful camgirls you see earning tons of money and having incredible amounts of followers are putting in sweat, blood and hard work to get there and stay there. Also it’s just like any other business. There are ups and downs.

Traffic is great sometimes, and shit the other month. If you want a fixed income, go work in retail.

Tips/tricks/hacks for getting popular and making money in camming for newbie camgirls?

I don’t really believe in hacks. Be good at what you do. Research. Read. And I mean read a lot. And then go and read some more. Observe others, learn, educate yourself, practice and you’ll do great.

You’ll mess up a few times, that’s sure, but it only means you’re trying. Strive to produce quality content and try your best to give great shows. That’s all, no need to worry too much about it, it’s all fun after all.

What are tippers’ most popular requests?

For the ones who actually tip: ”Show feet” 🙂 I love foot fetish people. No idea why, I just love them 🙂

Your top 5 tippers contribute what percentage of your total camming income?

About 80%, so yeah... take good good care of your regulars people!

Your comments on Using games, competition and tip wars for more income. Do you use them?

Yes yes yes! Hell yes! I love them, and they are an amazing tool to motivate your viewers to tip. Nobody is going to tip if you’re just sitting there like a potato jerking off.

Well okay, someone might, but it’s likeliness is comparable to someone buying the full version of WinRAR.

As confusing apps and bots may be at first, get to know them, because they have a HUGE potential to increase activity in your room and ultimately your income!

Your comments on Using games, competition and tip wars for more income. Do you use them?

Yes yes yes! Hell yes! I love them, and they are an amazing tool to motivate your viewers to tip. Nobody is going to tip if you’re just sitting there like a potato jerking off.

Well okay, someone might, but it’s likeliness is comparable to someone buying the full version of WinRAR.

As confusing apps and bots may be at first, get to know them, because they have a HUGE potential to increase activity in your room and ultimately your income!

How long are your broadcasts typically?

A few hours usually. 2-3 on average.

What’s the most money you’ve earned in a broadcast?

A few hours usually. 2-3 on average.

How long are your broadcasts typically?

I don’t remember exactly, but a few hundred bucks.

Your Favorite Phone Sex network and why?

Ifriends. That’s the only one I use, so I don’t really have any experience with others.

Your Favorite sexting network and why?

I tried snapchat and kik, found both to be a time waster. Just a bunch of bots or horny teenage boys. I’m sure it works for some, but for me it was a bit disappointing. And I did put a lot of hours into it.

But try it out yourself, maybe you’ll find that it’s just the thing for you.

Your Favorite network to sell nudes and why?

Manyvids. I love the quality web interface, the support, and everything about it. I think it’s the best site out there for selling content at the moment.

Your Favorite network for creating fanclub and why?

Modelcentro. It has tons of great features, and you can create an amazing fansite in a few hours. Check it out, it’s great. Also you can check out onlyfans. I don’t have too much experience with it, but it also seems pretty cool.

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There were many things to be discussed, but we kept it for another time. It was lovely talking to Alec Hardy. Initially, he was a bit sceptical about opening up, but with the passing of time and two-cups of coffee, we both had a friendly discussion.

I enjoyed talking to him and would surely meet him again to take this discussion ahead. You can find him on all major camming websites. Enjoy with Alec Hardy! 

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