Advanced Video Submitter Review for Adult Tube Website (2019)

This post is an important part of the whole journey of making $3500 per month: How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites. Today i will tell you about Advanced Video Submitter review for porn tube websites

If you have followed my Adult tube   advanced guide to make money from a porn tube website then you know that a major part of it is driving direct targeted traffic. The best way of driving targeted adult traffic to your website is uploading porn videos in your niche to popular adult tube websites like Xvideos, redtube , pornhub etc. (NOTE: I strictly do not promote copyright infringement and hence make sure the content you are uploading , you have the rights or the permission from the owner)

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Now the problem arise when you want to upload your watermarked or branded videos to these porn tube sites. If you do it one by one, it will take a lot of tuime. One software that used to solve this problem was AVS or Advacnd video submitter (AVS adult). Ther laest versinon of sotware claims to help every adult webmaster in solving the video upload problem by creating this adult tube submitter software.

What are the claimed benefits of AVS adult or Advanced video submitter ?

An automated software to help you upload your videos to hundreds of Adult tube websites at once , and hence saving you tons of hours and hardwork. Their professional adult tube submitter claims to upload your adult videos on multiple popular porn tubes automatically. You don’t even ave to create an account on these websites. So this software if working can be the best adult tube site marketing machine.

They have three versins of their software:

  1. AVS adult free
  2. Avs adult pro
  3. AVS adult – premium :instead of uploading each video separately to each adult tube website, just upload the video to AVS servers and hence save on your internet bandwidth

My experience wth Advanced video submitter 

Honestly it was not that great. Earlier when i was creating multiple adult tueb wbsites to make money online, the software was working fine (not great). But recently it has stopped working and it cannot upload to almost all popular tube websites. Many of my website visitors keep messaging me on Facebook and through email about this software and my one answer for them will be to NOT buy this software. The price is ot workth the return on yoru investment. If it was still working as it is claimed then it is a great software but as of now do not buy this


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