18 thoughts on “The Advanced Guide to Adult SEO and Backlinks [Updated 2019]”

  1. Hi.

    There is one crucial question. Why do you share such a precious info about how to build profitable adult site covering all aspects from your big experience in this niche. Why do you do this? Why are you interested in that? Does that give you sence of appreciation from people to whom you share you knowledge?

    • I love learning new things and sharing the knowledge. I have been learning all this for 7+ years now, why not help people save time right 🙂

      Also through this site (since it has now become an authority) i can show the success and use this to connect with big companies and discuss other business opportunities

      • Thanks for answer. And thanks for all that information that you share with people. It is very helpful and I hope it will save me plenty of time and make my site successful.

        Now I’m in process of creating an adult tube site. I’m going to acomplish most things you propose to follow, except that I don’t use any CMS because I’m web developer and I want to build site up from framework. Everything is fine but I encountered quite serious problem.

        My tube site will be retranslating videos from other video hosting adult sites. And the problem is that every famous tube site (such as redtube, xvideos etc.) uses public keys in video url to show that video on site. That public key consistently changes that makes retranslating video is impossible, because once I copy video from site it will not work in several hours because public key will be changed and I will have to copy video again with new public key that will be changed again. That is a serious obstucle.

        I see only 2 solutions. First, find tube sites that don’t use any security aspects from which I will be able to retranslate videos without any problems. I hope such sites actually exist and it will be great. Another solution is embedding frames from popular tube sites such as redtube, xvideos etc. Good point is that video will work fine, but frame has another site’s logo and design and I consider this approach barely acceptable.

        But in your acticle “How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites” in example you use frame to embed video. So do you think frame is good practice? It’s simple but it has blemishes I mentioned above.

        I appreciate your help and I will be waiting for your answers. Thanks.

  2. I had written an article on finding keywords from keyword planner tool: Keyword planner tool for finding adult keywords – This links to the same page we are on?

  3. First thanks for the tips and tricks. I have an adult online store. I am trying to get some high quality backlinks for my store. I have submitted some comments on several popular pornography sites with my store link. I am little confuse if it will help me to get quality backlinks. Beside I have search a lot for adult social bookmarking sites but I couldn’t find any. Can you please share some social bookmarking sites list where we can bookmark our adult site ? Beside will it help to rank by posting comment on pornography sites ??

  4. Thanks for your work! Spy on competitors links is a great way in all niches not only for adult for me. User behavior as a ranking factor is very important for adult websites because so difficult to do adult good links, so need to improve user behavior as much as possible.

    With embed video, visitors can go to the website where the video source, do you check how much visitors goes from the video player?
    Personally, I made large default size of a player to avoid clicks on the full screen button (where link to Pornhub)

    What do you do to avoid this?

    • Agreed, competitors spying is the one of the best form of linkbuilding. Also agreed, the more time a user spends on your website when he/she comes from Google, the better ranking you will get, this is the reason i have included the link of “reducing bounce rate” article in this guide.

      As for embedded video, just like you mentioned, one of the big problem is to have people go from embedded video to main hosting site. Well you can avoid this by using websites such as spankbang (were player does not show a link back to hosting website) Or you can use your own customized JW player to play all those files on your website. You can hire a developer to do this job


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