Adult Payment Gateway – Processing Porn for Merchant Accounts (2019)

Hi all, today i will talk about Adult Payment Gateway. Payment processing for Porn websites, Adult merchant accounts and webcam merchants accounts. If you have an adult oriented website and are thinking of accepting payments from your customers then you need a reliable Adult Payment Gateway.Since the ever-growing adult entertainment industry it becomes inevitable to have a strong and efficient payment processor for accepting money through credit cards and other means on your website

One thing to know is that finding a good payment processor for an adult website is difficult because of the following reasons:

  1. Adult websites are considered among high risk merchants and hence deemed risky
  2. Associated with fraud, illegal activities, chargebacks and large amount of account cancellations

How will these negative reasons affect you if you are looking for an adult oriented payment gateway. It comes back in the form of:

  1. high processing fees because of the high risk associated with the adult websites.
  2. Higher one time setup fees because e of the high risk associated with the business and the nature of transactions


Having a merchant account is inevitable for anyone owning an adult entertainment website or online business.There are many good adult payment gateways and here i have compiled a list of many of them who provide credit card processing for adult merchants:

Note: Not all of these allow relieving escort payments so do background check before finalizing it for your adult business

I have my experience with the three listed below. These are trusted and are believed to be well-known and for quite some time in the industry. As for others i can only review then from their website but i would not have a personal opinion on them

ZAdult Payment Gateway - Processing for Porn, Merchant Accountsombaio Adult payment gateway

Zombaio provides billing technology and services for adult oriented website. They have three kinds of payment applications:

  1. Memberships charge:  charging members for  time based access to their website or recurring membership payment
  2. Live  charges: More for live entertainment industry like webcam models  which provide live content to the customers. Websites operating on credits and tokens work well in this one
  3. Basket charge: For direct downloadable content . Here you are given an option for dynamic pricing so you can set the price based on various parameters

Other benefits for adult webmasters include starting credit card clearing for minimum 4.9% with zero startup fees. Thais a very competitive rate compared to the risk involved in the industry

Adult Payment Gateway - Processing for Porn, Merchant AccountsCCBill adult payment gateway

An online merchant service and credit card ~processing company. This company is very old and has been around since 1988 and they have a huge portfolio of over 30,000 websites globally.They have a variety of international payment methods while also having the functionality of dynamic pricing to offer different prices for dating products. You can blindly trust them as they will not run away with your money in just 2-3 years.

They reliability can be considered by the fact that the big players of adult industry are using them. Players like Juicyads  Adult siterunner, Dating factory etc are using them for their payment processing. You can check the YouTube videos and case studies of these popular players here Click here 

Adult Payment Gateway - Processing for Porn, Merchant AccountsEpoch adult payment gateway

They are also a very old and trusted player in accepting payments on your website. They have global clients and they have been in this industry since 1996.Since they have support for various languages, all product prices are instantly converted into native currency or local currency which helps a lot. Just like others they have multiple payments options like

  1. One time billing for digital downloads like clips4sale, iwantclips type websites
  2. Recurring payment for membership websites that are adult oriented

Other recognized companies in Adult payment processing


It provides billing solutions and merchant accounts for product sales, membership websites, video on demand sites, live cam sites etc


Netbilling is another very popular company in adult space and have been used extensively by major players. They have expertise in fraud scrubbing, and amazing customer support . They also have very low rates


Here is a list of other adult payment gateway that i have zero experience with and hence wont offer my personal experience:

  • ActiveM Merchant (
  • eMerchant Pay (
  • Creative Merchant Options (
  • AMS Visa (
  • Simple Merchant Accounts (
  • Easypaydirect (
  • EZ Payment Solutions (
  • ccNetPay (
  • Cardpayment option (
  • Durango merchant services (
  • Alternative Merchant Processing (
  • SegPay (
  • Mobius Payments (
  • Web billing (


I hope this article on Adult Payment Gateway – Processing for Porn, Merchant Accounts was helpful to you.

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