Adult Affiliate Programs for All Newcomers (2019)

Undoubtedly, you want to be one of the successful affiliates.

You can earn profits by promoting adult dating or hookup sites, sex toys or sex dolls, adult entertainment sites or platforms – it’s up to you.

But don’t take up all challenges at a time as it might be more than you can chew. Here are the easiest adult affiliate programs for newbies.

Adult Affiliate Programs All Newbies Should Embrace

If you are an adult affiliate marketing newcomer – here’s the good news for you. You have chosen the right niche, as it is one of the most profitable ones. Every day millions of people visit adult landing pages, thus, making affiliates richer and richer.

So take your time to choose the easiest adult affiliate programs to start with – the fewer mistakes you make at the beginning, the better it is for your potential earnings.


With BeNaughty you won’t miss a shot. This is a dating site for adults which promises high-class matchmaking and tons of flirting. The BeNaughty adult affiliate program is a CPA offer which works both with WEB and mobile platforms in 31 countries.

  1. Tier 1
    • Australia
    • France
    • The UK
    • The U.S.
  2. Tier 2
    • Canada
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • Denmark
    • Norway

Tier 1 countries, that BeNaughty concentrates on, have the highest volume. It might be difficult for you to run ads because this niche is extremely competitive – but you will learn from the trial and error, won’t you?

But BeNaughty also covers Tier 2 – here it will be easier for you to go through to success despite lower volume in traffic. You can make from a few hundred to a few thousand profits per day here.

As long as BeNaughty is one of the most popular adult dating sites, it is one of the most desirable platforms for promoting. Note that your initial revenue share will make a considerable share out of all profits

But to deal with BeNaughty you will have to go WhiteHat (at least not darker than GrayHat) – so no spam, fraudulent, incent traffic, traffic from popunders and clickunders, chat traffic, female traffic, BlackBerry, and iPod touch traffic.

Mobile Lead – $1.76 (U.S., SOI).


This platform is for those who seek anonymity and safety during adult online dating. The site’s target audience is people who are into flirting, one-night stand, long-term affairs or crackling infidelity.

If you are sure you can deal with such diverse users and try to bring the S-Dating landing as high as to the skies, why not to try it?

Here are the restrictions of S-Dating that you need to know before taking the bull by the horns:

  1. Only 18+ traffic
  2. No fraud, incentive traffic
  3. No Brand Bidding, No Co-Reg, no SEM
  4. No PopUnder Traffic (with pre-landers, PopUnder Traffic can be accepted)
  5. The platform determine countries to accept traffic
  6. You cannot create your own banners or landing pages without approval

Desktop Lead (DE, SOI) – $2.50.

Mobile Lead (DE, SOI) – $1.90


This site is another adult smart dating opportunity for easy and fun communication. It claims its active users make 100 contacts per day. You can definitely increase that number by following rules. For example, you can learn about the site’s target audience and promote the platform by using flags in ads and landing pages.

As an affiliate, working for the Spdate site (SOI) you can get high and exclusive payouts and forget about the hidden commission and late payments.

Lead for both WEB and MOB US and UK platforms is $3.20.

This site is meant for people who are afraid of getting a slap when offering S&M to a potential partner in the bar. Instead, they use to make firm connections and use them later for their adult purposes.

This offer focuses on the traffic from the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

Desktop Lead (DOI) – $5.60.

Mobile Lead (DOI) – $3.20.

Casual Club

Potential users of Casual Club are people who look for a fling, intriguing affairs, and for who cheating is not a big deal. It is also aimed at men over 25 years old.

Desktop (MX; SOI) lead here will be $0.80.

Desktop (TR; SOI) – $0.56.

Mobile (TR; SOI) – $0.44.

It is possible to use pop unders for all of them – a great starter for an adult affiliate marketing beginner! And the sweetest thing – all these offers you are able to find at Cpamatica Network. Enjoy!

Join CPAmatica today to start promoting these offers 🙂

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