A Sex Stories Review (2020)

A Sex Stories

A Sex Stories is a site that provides erotic tales for the individuals who love both porn and reading.

It has a bizarre name, but it provides thousands of interesting sex stories that can entertain you or give some warmth to your sex-starved soul.

It covers all types of erotic tales.

You get taboo stories, fantasies, masturbation stories, gangbang stories, bondage stories, funny sex stories, scary sex stories, and much more.

Apart from that, there is a particular category for romantic stories for the ones who are into softcore and romantic porn videos.

It does not have a fabulous looking website but instead has an ordinary and plain looking site with no attractive pictures or designs.

The thing that matters the most is the quality of the stories, but you might not get author-backed stuff here.

The users have submitted the stories, and therefore you cannot expect to read a brilliant script here. As a result, most of the stories are raw, unabashed, and seems to have come from the actual experiences of the users.

It is a free site, and you do not have to login or register to read the stories. However, you will have to create an account if you are planning to submit your sexual adventure or fantasy. The website of A Sex Stories does not look good, but it has been integrated with functional designs and options.

It provides numerous filtering and sorting options to the users. Apart from the adult stories and fiction, it also includes adult videos and sex chat options to the users. However, the sex chat option seems to have been closed these days, but they are saying that it will resume soon. Therefore, we will have to wait for them to restore the chat option to see what it looks like.

What are the key features of Sex Stories?

The most impressive feature of A Sex Stories is its hassle-free interface for reading stories. You don't have to take any pain to find the stories of your choice as they have lots of categories and tags to provide convenience to the readers.

Moreover, they allow you to filter the stories based on their reviews, tags, niche, category, date, rating, author, and moderation queue. Moderation queue refers to those stories that haven't been approved by the moderators yet.  Even then, you get to read these stories before they are published or disapproved. Therefore, you get to read random stories that might not even appear later by using this option.

Around 14684 authors have submitted their stories as of now. Therefore, almost every story is unique, and you will not find any uniformity in the language and writing style.

There is a basic search filter to find stories as per the popular keywords of your choice. They have provided a separate window for exploring the latest stories as well.

The thing that sets it apart from the other adult story sites is a collection of hundreds of tags that help you to explore different types of stories seamlessly. Apart from that, categories of stories are provided here, and almost every category has enough stories to quench your sexual urges.

Some categories might seem to be there just for the sake of it, but most of them are useful and make your job easier. At present, it has over 15K stories, and each story is long enough to make you impatient with anticipation.

Stories have a short introduction to the characters. After that, it breaks down into various chapters, and each chapter has some intimate scene or sexual encounter described in detail and intriguing way.

Therefore, you will have a great time reading these stories. Some stories are long and can test your patience. However, you can easily read a few chapters of the stories and leave the rest for the next time since the chapters have been properly separated into multiple pages.

Similar Stories that Can be Seen in ASexStories

Some of the stories can be short, especially when the author narrates his/her first time experience. Such stories might leave you dissatisfied, but their number is quite negligible.

Also, some people like to read short stories. It would have been nice if it had a separate section for short stories. The readers can rate the stories, and they can also add their reviews about the author's writing skills or plot of the stories.

The readers can even comment if they want to give any suggestions or if they want to highlight an interesting part of the story. Also, it has a huge collection of videos. Most of these videos can be watched or downloaded for free.

If you want to read about real sexual encounters and kinky incidents instead of reading fantasies, then A Sex Stories is perfect for you. It gets updated with a fresh set of stories regularly and therefore, and you will get something new to read on most of the occasions.

These features make A Sex Stories a wonderful site for the adult story addicts.

Site Statistics

  • Most popular features – Stories, Adult videos, Story reviews  
  • Is it ad-free? - No
  • The average monthly visitors – 2.90 million
  • Bonus features– Sex chats, Porn sites listing, Sex videos
  • Bonus sites – No
  • Is it a safe site – Yes but be careful
  • Popular categories – Gay Stories, Taboo Stories, Love Stories
  • Author index – Yes
  • Updates – Irregular

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

8 / 10

Ease Of Use

10 / 10


10 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

9 / 10


9 / 10

Search And Filter Options

10 / 10


10 / 10

Value For Time

10 / 10


9 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

9 / 10

Overall Score

93 / 100

Website Overview 

Website address – http://www.asexstories.com

Average visits per month – 2.90 million

The appearance of this site doesn't seem to be appealing.

However, it has a clean layout, and the navigation is also quite good if we consider the fact that it is a free site.

It is not secured through HTTPS security encryption. Therefore, whether the data of the users is safe or not is a big question.

We recommend you to be a bit careful, especially while going through the video sections that divert you to random sites.

Despite this, A Sex Stories does not seem like a scam. This is because there are no ads or pop-ups to divert your attention. 

a sex stories lp

The 'About Us' section has very little information about its creators. Therefore, throwing a bit of caution to the air is a must while exploring its features. The page 'New Sex Stories' showcases all the recently uploaded erotic tales.

Here also you get the same filters to sort the stories that we had discussed in the earlier section. To browse the stories as per their author's you will need to visit the 'Authors' webpage. You can sort the authors as per the niche, categories, upload date, tags, etc.

The readers' rate an author, depending on whether they liked his story or not. The average rating of an author is displayed in his profile. Therefore, you can check the rating of an author before reading his/her story. The number of people who have voted for an author is also displayed below the ratings.

It helps you to decide whether the author is really skillful or just lucky enough to get some good ratings by some generous readers. The stories written by that particular author are also provided in the profile. Apart from these bits of information, you will not find anything else in their profiles.

The only way to interact with an author is through the reviews and comments. However, the date on which a comment has been posted is not displayed beside the comment. Therefore, it is not a full-proof method of interacting with the authors or even other users for that sake.

A section called 'Sex Videos' is dedicated to adult videos. It redirects you to any other porn site that offers free porn content. However, you cannot expect to watch high-quality porn here since most of the free sites do not provide true HD quality.

It has a webpage called 'Porn Sites' which acts as a promotional page for other porn portals. They have uploaded the best sites on the internet based on the specific categories. Therefore, it is a good option to explore the sites of a particular category.

It does not provide any support services, and as it is a free site, you really cannot expect any other services except for the free stories and videos.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Members do not have to purchase any premium plans since it is a free adult tales site!


  • Its interface is good enough to provide a mess-free experience to the members.
  • The sign-up process is easy and can be completed quickly. Moreover, they do not ask for your credit or debit card details since it offers all the content at a zero cost.
  • The stories uploaded on A Sex Stories are completely exclusive.
  • All the stories are written in English. They are readable without much grammatical mistakes and errors thanks to the moderators who do not approve the stories that are written in bad English.
  • Members can use the 'Author's Area' to check the status of their submitted stories. This section also shows the reviews and the number of votes that a published story has managed to attract.
  • You can use the tags to explore various types of stories that are uploaded on this portal.
  • Each category is archived with dozens of stories. Some categories contain thousands of stories, whereas some categories might have few hundreds of stories in them.
  • The count of the stories is provided beside each of the tags and categories for the convenience of the readers.
  • Most of the stories are raw and unrefined as the users upload them. Therefore, if you love to read stories that happen in real life, then you can check this site.
  • A Sex Stories has a huge collection of Indian stories for those who are interested in exploring the sex lives of Indians.
  • It has lots of threesome and gangbang stories as well. Taboo and incest stories are also available for those who are interested in reading them.
  • People who like BDSM can check out the stories that are uploaded under bondage, femdom, or BDSM stories.
  • Love stories and romantic stories are also provided for those people who are interested in reading passionate sex stories.
  • Some of the weird categories like spanking stories, scary stories, cuckold stories, etc. are also available for those who always want to read something new.
  • If you want to read hardcore sex stories, then you can explore the 'XXX Stories' section.
  • A Sex Stories has around 1241 gay stories and more than 900 lesbian stories as of today. Therefore, people who want to read stories that happen between individuals of the same sex have lots of options. 


  • The stories are not displayed along with their upload dates. Therefore, it is hard to find out whether they are regularly updating.
  • However, you can sort the videos by date to explore stories of a particular date or year. When you use this option, the most recent uploads are displayed on your screen.
  • When we used the 'by date' filter, we came to know that they aren't uploading new stories from February 2019. This might create a serious concern for the members who have already gone through most of their stories.
  • When we used the 'by date' filter, we came to know that they aren't uploading new stories from February 2019. This might create a serious concern for the members who have already gone through most of their stories.
  • A Sex Stories does not provide some additional features like live cams, blogs, adult images, etc. It also does not have a dedicated forum through which the users can interact with each other.
  • The option of 'sex chat' is also inactive at the moment. As a result, users get limited options to interact and know each other.
  • A Sex Stories does not have a good looking portal. Some users might find the dark yellow and black colour theme appalling.
  • During registration, they ask permission to process your data. This seems to be a bit risky, especially considering that it is not secured with HTTPS encryption.


Numerous sites are offering free sex stories for the horny geeks. Among them, Literotica seems to be the best option for users who like to read stories written in different languages. It also offers free content and the bonus features offered by it are much better if you compare it with A Sex Stories.

However, A Sex Stories is better than Literotica if you compare it based on website design, layout, and overall functionality. The collection of Literotica is also much bigger than this site. If you are only interested in BDSM stories, then free sites like BDSM Cafe or BDSM Library can be a good option.

The stories of these sites can get a bit violent and gory as they are written for those individuals who derive pleasure from pain. Lush Stories, Nifty Stories, ASSTR, Indian Sex Stories are some other options that the users can try.

If you want to read stories in a much better-looking site, then you can either choose Lush Stories or BDSM Cafe.

These sites are considered to be the top sites that offer free adult fiction and stories. A Sex Stories can upgrade its website and add interactive options such as blogs, forums, etc. to make it much better for the users.

Customer Support & Other Services 

'A Sex Stories' does not have a dedicated page for FAQs. You will also not find a dedicated page for the support services. 'Contact Us' page is created for those people who want to use it for advertising purposes. You can send an email to the site's administrator.

If someone copies your story or violates copyrights of any other author. For that, you ca n use this email id - [email protected] However, we are afraid to say that this email id can be hardly used for anything else.

For more details about the contact us page, please visit this link - http://www.asexstories.com/contactus.html

final verdict

A Sex Stories seems to be a good option for porn lovers who are into reading stories. However, they have stopped updating their site with fresh stories from almost a year now, and this is not great news, especially for the site's old members.

We would also ask our readers to be a bit careful while providing your details on this site.

parting words

Leave your worries and tension behind and enjoy reading lustful stories of A Sex Stories today!

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