8Muses Website Review (2020)


If you are an aficionado for animated adult porn content, 8Muses is the site you should find yourself scoping into.

It is an adult comic site offering a wide assortment of content catering to different niches, categories, and collected from various sources. 

Be it their originiality, incest, parodies of popular toon characters, 3D computer graphic rendition, interracial or a taboo stepfamily storyline- 8Muses has got you allcovered. They even have a varied collection of hentai, ecchi, and yaoi manga to choose from as well.

The best part is that you get access to the entire archive collected from both parts of the world entirely without even shelling out a single penny. In this review, we will do an in-depth analysis of this website and determine whether this website is capable enough to keep you hooked on to animated delectable erotic content or not.

Why does "8Muses" deserve a recommendation?

8Muses is a website that is solely focussed on those audiences who find themselves hooked onto erotic porn content that is entirely animated. 8Muses offer comprehensive library content, and there is a high probability of you being spoilt for choice when you arrive here.

It does not have a fantasy focus, and it caters to a wide array of niches. The site provides both exclusive content as well as sourced content from different publishers and providers, the likes of NLT media, Affect3D, John Persons, JKR, Bill Vicious, Shadbase, and MCC.

The quality of the series is pretty good. The thumbnails provide an excellent introduction as to what the content is all about. All the websites of the same genre are tough to navigate and deal with when it comes to content. This is not the issue with 8Muses.

You can shift through the pages of content if you are going through a series, and the quality of the content provided here is awe-inspiring indeed. You can choose different styles of rendition to select from the content provided here.

Be it characters from popular culture or original characters featuring beautiful animated girls as the center focus, 8Muses has got it all. The website also features lots of bonus content in the form of fake celebrity sex pictures, manga, and English hentai.

8Muses also have some original sex comics in their library as well. There is absolutely no way that you will find yourself disappointed if you surf through the listed contents on this website. The website performs well across all device platforms- be it mobile, tablet, or computers.

The homepage is easy to access, featuring contents that have been recently uploaded to the website. You can also navigate across the pages of this website using a simple search and sorting options.

However, the addition of specific tags and an additional filter-equipped advanced searching option would add to the user's convenience when it comes to accessing this website.

Besides the given features, it also boasts of an active user forum where people can interact, discuss, and even share content and artworks. Being a free website, the presence of advertisements is inevitable.

However, almost all the publications reek of dark web, and none of them is sourced from credible vendors. Also, many posters remain disguised as a thumbnail, so make sure you click on thumbnails very carefully.

The presence of fewer advertisements and that too sourced from credible sources would do this website a lot of good as it eats up a massive chunk from the seamless performance it provides to the user.

Overall, as a website providing animated erotic content- and that too without charging a single penny from the users, 8Muses fares well. You will not be disappointed if you are a fanatic of animated porn content.

Overview of "8Muses."

Link to the website: https://comics.8muses.com/comics

8Muses is a website based on providing a wide assortment of animated adult content, be it niches or providers of the comics.

There is a pretty big library to choose from, and lots of fantasies to suit your tastes. 


Be it straight or gay, be it taboo stepfamily comics or bestiality, be it interracial or simple eroticism, be it parody or originals- 8Muses covers it all. No matter what fantasy or niche you prefer, this website has content for every one of them.

The library is a mix of content sourced from different publishers- the popular ones of which include NLT Media, Bill Vicious, Affect3D, John Persons, JKR, MILFToons, Shadbase, Innocent Dickgirls, and MCC. It also contains some exclusive original content as well.

Be it straight, gay, or trans content- this website has content for all of them. You can choose from a wide variety of illustration styles, both cartoons and computer-generated 3D images. However, you cannot download the comics provided here as a set.

You can download each picture separately as an image file, but you won't be able to download the entire game as a whole. The layout of this website is pretty simple and basic. It is pretty easy to navigate for the user as well. It comes with a first search option and some simple sorting options as well.

The thumbnails are also every explicit about the details the content is comprised of.

You can also access and shift through the content details without landing upon any hitches. However, there are no certain tags- which might make it a bit difficult for you to access content suited to your taste and preference.

The entire content is a mixed bag of sorts, so the presence of certain tags would have done this website a world of good. Overall, the site performs well across all device platforms. The thumbnails are interactive, and the content quality the website provides is impressive.

The presence of more original content would make this website more credible, though. The presence of certain tags would be beneficial for this website Being a free website, it contains a lot of advertisements.

There would have been no scope of any complaints whatsoever, had the sites been sourced from credible vendors. The ads are nothing but luring traps to scam you clean. But there is no reason to worry, as beyond this flaw lies the hidden gem this website happens to be.

It also comes equipped with an active social forum where you can interact with the other users and share your artwork as well. In conclusion, this website is worth a look for all the aficionados hooked onto animated adult content.

Even being free, this website does not hold back when it comes to providing both quality and quantity. It also offers some bonus content as well, in the form of fake sex images of celebrities, hentai, and harem/ecchi manga. There is absolutely no scope of disappointment if you land upon this website.

Pricing & Membership Fees

The full name of the website is "8muses.com", hence it is pretty evident that you don't have to pay a single penny for accessing their content. The site generates revenue from advertisements, and there is no fee involved here whatsoever.

The link to log in as a user to this website: https://www.8muses.com/auth/login?back=%2Fcomics

Performance Scores (out of 10)



Website Design

7.5 / 10

Content Updates

8.5 / 10

Quality of Videos

8 / 10


8.5 / 1


5 / 10


10 / 10



Value for Money


Exclusivity of Videos

7 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

8 / 10

Overall Score

78.1 / 100

Site statistics

  • Bonus sites: There are no bonus websites provided along with this website.
  • About the Content: A vast assortment of animated erotic comic strips, photosets, hentai and ecchi/harem/yaoi manga (explicit manga).
  • Content Exclusivity: A mix of the exclusive and non-exclusive content library
  • The total number of videos: Thousands of animated erotic comic strips and photosets to choose from.
  • The average length of comic books: 20-30 pages
  • The highest quality of comic (image): 1920x1080
  • File Sizes (HQ): Not available
  • Top Advertising Networks: Exoclicks, Juicy Ads, AdSupply, PopAds, and Google Display Network
  • Traffic by countries: United States (25.25%), followed by Germany (7.09%), Canada (4.85%) and the United Kingdom (3.47%)
  • Languages available: English
  • Categorical Rank (Adult website, according to SimilarWeb.com): 109
  • Total visits on average: 11.70 million
  • DRM Protected: No
  • Global Website Rank (according to SimilarWeb.com): 1,222
  • Country-wise Rank (the USA, according to SimilarWeb.com): 903


  • This website has tons of animated erotic content for you to access.
  • The comic sets available here are of a variety of genres, and hence it will be easier for you to access content whatever suits your fantasy.
  • The layout of the site is very elementary and primary, which makes it easier for you to access and navigate through the site. It also increases the performance of the website.
  • The site comes equipped with some sorting options and a basic search engine that is convenient for the user to access their desired content.
  • Exclusive access to all their content without even having to pay a single penny.
  • The comic thumbnails are very immersive and gives all essential detail about what the content is all about.
  • Comes with an efficient comic book reader.
  • Bonus content is available on this website.
  • The active forum is also provided here where you can interact with the users of this website and even share your artwork here as well.
  • A right mix of both exclusive content as well as an assortment of different creative publishers.
  • The quality of the content is visible without a doubt.
  • Performs well across all device platforms, both mobile and computers.
  • You also get access to bonus contents like uncensored, fake celebrity sex images, hentai and ecchi/harem/explicit yaoi manga.
  • The content update is persistent on this website.


  • Probably the single-most biggest flaw of this website is the absence of proper downloading options. The website does not provide any dedicated opportunity for downloading the contents available here. You will have to download each image constituting the particular comic set separately.
  • The advertisements that come along with the website are mostly a scam and are not from credible sources.
  • There are no anime or cartoon clips available for you to watch.
  • The site layout could be made a tad bit more attractive than it is right now.
  • Thumbnails do not provide any information about the particular content except the suggestive images
  • No advanced search filter or certain tags equipped on this website.
  • No contact details of any sort are given on the website. There is no frequently asked question section given with the site as well.

Contact & Customer upport

Apart from the above flaws, the absence of a dedicated contact section is also a big flaw with this website. There is no dedicated "Frequently Asked Questions" section provided as well. 

So if you find yourself stuck somewhere, there is absolutely no way to get in touch with them for your query or any kind of technical support that you might need. No email ID is provided  on their page if you want to contact them personally which is a drawback.

The presence of proper contact options on this website is a severe problem.

Overall Verdict

If you are an aficionado for animated erotic porn content, 8Muses has got you covered well.

No matter what genre or fantasy you reserve, the website has content for every single person. It is a wide assortment of different genres, styles, and providers- and it can be assured that you will be left wanting for more once you find yourself indulging in this website.

The collection is extensive, and you can choose from several varieties suited to your fantasy and niche. The quality of the animated adult content offered here is nothing short of amazing. The layout of the site is fundamental and elementary, but it is very user-friendly, easy to access and navigate.

The thumbnails are very immersive. However, they don't provide any information regarding the genre of the comic, the series to which that particular comic strip belongs, date and time uploaded, and some certain tags- which would have aided and helped you to give an idea about the content.

Another impressive feature of this website which deserves mention is the presence of some bonus content as well. The site also boasts of an active user forum where you can interact with the people using and sharing your artwork as well.

However, downloading from this website can prove to be a very tedious task as there is no dedicated option to download them for future reading and reference. The book reader that comes built-in with the website is very convenient to use as well.

You can see the pages in full resolution and can navigate across the pages very quickly. There are some drawbacks to this website as well. The advertisements reek of dark web and are traps to scam and rob a lot of money from you, and they have no credible advertisement sources.

The website looks a bit bland to use, and it could try to smoothen out the rough edges present in the current layout. The site also lacks a dedicated section for viewer support, and there is no way to contact them if you have any queries or if you need any kind of technical support whatsoever.

The absence of specific tags and a proper downloading option would make this website more attractive. Overall, in retrospect, this website is undoubtedly impressive when it comes to providing animation content and books obtained from the content library.

There are a lot of fantasies to choose from, and there is no way you should overlook this website if you want to enjoy some fantastic animated erotic content.

Parting words

We hope that you have found this in-depth analysis of "8Muses.com," and we have cleared all your doubts regarding the same. For more such review about awesome adult websites providing erotic content, do stay tuned with us. Till then, enjoy your fantasies come to life and stay entertained.

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