2RedBeans Review (2020)


2RedBeans is an online dating site catering to the Chinese population in China and other parts of the world.

The purpose of the site is to be an efficient, effective and convenient way to connect Chinese singles.

Chinese people would not face any difficulty to find a partner as they share the same culture.

This online dating allows members to have fun and at the same time thinking on the lines of a serious and committed relationship.

For the new members, a VIP package might seem to be a bit expensive. But using diamonds, you can unlock all the paid features. With this site, the process of finding a partner does not pose to be a challenge anymore.

On this site, connecting to other members is also an easy task. You can search people by their marital status, body type, zodiac sign, and who is active in your area. You can only be able to send six winks in a day. You can still exchange messages with others by diamonds, though.

The moment you complete a challenge, you earn diamonds that are accessible and charming challenges.

The moment a particular member has caught your attention, you can add them to your favourite tags. By doing so, you can conveniently check their profile every time. If you want to exclude a particular member from search results, it is possible to hide them.

Website Overview

Website- https://www.2redbeans.com

Estimated number of visitors: 675.74 k

The design, along with the usability of the site, is of the top draw. It is straightforward and not complicated.

Even for an individual who is not computer savvy would not find it challenging to navigate through the site. 


The design of the site is simple and at the same time, functional. Any content on the website is readable because of the font size and design. Once you are navigating through the site, you will not locate extraordinary graphical models or annoying ads.

This enables you to focus on the features of the site in a better way. Each information on the site, be it safety tips on dating, a list of frequently asked questions has separate icons that are easy to find. The diamonds are paid features, but you can also earn them once you complete a challenge.

You would also receive free diamonds once you log in or upload a photo. The site is aware that finding a life partner is a severe task for most of the members. In addition to that, you also want to have some fun, and the experience has to be convenient to be searching for a companion.

It also goes on to don the hat of a personal matchmaker. You spend less time searching and devote more time to dating. They are going to flip over things that you are trying to locate in a partner and would gradually trim down the choices.

This is a process that calls for research, analysis, even personal interviews to find out the right type of match for you. In due course of time, an initial meeting is set up. You can also become invisible once you use the site. By doing so, you can hide your tracks.

The moment your profile is hidden, the other users would not be able to see your last activity time. The onus is on you to decide what you want to see and what to avoid. The registration on the site is a hassle-free process. You have to zero in your name, country of origin, province, etc.

Then you have to enter a valid email address where a verification mail would be sent. This is the first stage in the registration process. Now comes the second stage, which is about getting quality matches.

Yes, you could skip it, but it seems challenging to garner the attention of ladies if there are no details in your profile. A better option would be to upload a photo of you. Then you are to complete the section About Me, and it is strongly recommended to do so.

At an initial phase, it would add to your credibility as a profile with a decent description attracts other users. Then you have to complete all the sections that will allow you to earn diamonds. This is the 2RedBeans currency, and you need to try all of them before opting for the premium version.

Better news pouring in is that you do not have to wait. There is a trend that the new users may have to wait for many days for their profile to be approved. Here the pattern would be updated in a matter of 24 hours, and it is that fast. Even from the verification point of view, it is not that difficult.

Just you need to verify your phone number. So just enter a valid name, an SMS with a confirmation code will arrive, and the process is complete.

A common issue often crops up with dating services. Sometimes they roll out exciting features that can be cheap or safe, but a lot of them tend to have outdated sites. It does not seem to be a significant problem, but as a user, you have to take note of it.

With2RedBeans this is not going to be the case as they have a modern and a great site. It is intuitive and a pleasure to be using the site with a simple interface, making it one of the best dating sites in the global world.

By no means is this an exaggeration as if you are looking to rank Chinese sites based on their popularity. This is on the top list. The moment you open the profile of a woman, everything is spontaneous.

Her photo, age, last online, habits, her birth date, a description of the man she is looking for and the answers to 5 personality questions are illustrated. What are your favourite pastimes and How do your friends describe you are questions to be answered.

To break the ice, it is beneficial to figure out the interests both of you share in common. One of the notable features of this site is its outstanding mobile app. In comparison to other dating apps, this is available on both Android and IOS platforms.

The app is excellent, and the design is something to comprehend, like English, and Chinese versions are present. No ads are there, and you can use it easily. If you love mobile dating, you should try it. The site has gone on to implement an extensive fraud management scheme.

For a new member, their profile is subject to approval, whereas, for the older members, it is always prone to inspected. To verify your authenticity, there is a provision to verify your phone number. You can rest assured of the fact that all the members on this dating site are legitimate.

Apart from this most of the site members comprehensively fill the details. An online dater on this site is expected to have an easy time flipping through the profiles. With the help of user information, you can also figure out whether they are online or offline at a given time.

The green dot on top of the profile page reveals that they are online currently. With their smartphones, a member can even access the dating app. These points to the fact that you can connect with others on the move, and there is no need to be using a weird desktop.

This app is free to download and is available on both Android and IOS versions. The best part of the app is that you can enjoy all the features without an unwanted ad popping up.


  • Out of 700,000 members, nearly 210,000 are Chinese ladies.
  • Trendy offline events. For VIP members, huge discounts are available.
  • A user-friendly mobile app for both Android and IOS platforms.
  • The interface of the website is excellent and user-friendly.


  • Price is an issue to address. For dating service, the cost is at a high level. The worst part is that you have to pay for diamonds, VIP bonuses or anonymous browsing.
  • ID verification not required.
  • With basic membership, you are unable to communicate with users properly.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Just like any other dating site 2dredbeans.com offers a plethora of services. There are a fee and free-based services as part of the website. Though it has to be said that this is not one of the places where you are going to need money for everything. Most of the standard services are free.

But in case you long for a VIP experience then paid services are always a better option. So, you can become a VIP member and purchase diamonds as they do not get the rocks for free because you have to buy them.

  • For a VIP package, you have to shell out $ 35 a month
  • For six months it is $ 144 working out to be $ 24 per month
  • For 12 months it is $ 240 and this amounts of $ 20 per month
  • A point to note is that the monthly plan would be renewed automatically.

Diamond package

  • 250 diamonds for $ 9.99
  • 600 diamonds for $ 19.99
  • 1350 rings for $ 39.99

Competitors of 2RedBeans Review

A viable alternative to the 2d Beans Review site is BBcupid. Once you head on to the place, the process of registration is relatively easy. Even the profile photos are real, which means that the images that you see are authentic and not fakes. To create an account on this site is similar to the other dating sites.

You might be asked to provide a few necessary information about yourself. There is even an option of a free search if you want to look for other people.

If you are planning to get in touch with other members, there are a lot of options available. The traditional way of sending out messages is always there. But you can send out letters if they happen to be premium members.

At the same time, it is possible to figure out whether someone is looking at your profiles or not. To send out alike, you just have to push the send interest button. The other person will be aware that you are looking to start a conversation.

In terms of added security, there is always an option to block an abusive member. Because of the detailed profile information provided, it is straightforward to locate a member. Apart from this, there is a match criterion where you can fine-tune with someone as per your tastes.

Also, apart from the profile information, there is another serious point of considering what you are looking for in another member. How far would they prefer the person to be away from their address? This information cuts down the barrier in terms of online dating. ‚Äč

Though you can join the site for free, the membership would allow you to be part of the basic features. Another competitor is Adult finder. One of the significant strengths of this site is that you can interact with other members. There is a long list of media available for communication.

It is even possible to keep a record of your sexual adventures. On the other hand, if you are on the lookout for a specific person, you have to upgrade your account. This site is an apt one for keeping your entertained in the best possible way.

There is a public chat room where you can go on to share anything that you want. If there is a specific topic in your mind, you can formulate your chat room. Other than this, there is an app that can be downloaded on Apple along with the IOS platform.

The moment you are planning to use all the features of the site, it might prove to be a bit costly. But a better choice would be to use the site as a standard member. The website goes on to provide different premium plans based on your needs.

You can opt for any one of them as per your requirements in the best possible way.

Site performance



Signing performance

8 / 10


8 / 10

Profile quality

9 / 10

Making contact

9 / 10

Real-life review

9 / 10

Site statistics

  • Close to 700 thousand members
  • An anticipated growth rate of 10 % per month
  • Apart from the Chinese community a broad base from other parts of the world

Customer Support

The site has a strict tolerance policy towards scammers. Any suspicious profiles are immediately removed after detection. Just you have to click on the icon Report abuse, or you can get in touch at [email protected]

The site suggests that you should not be responding to any message whose profile has been deleted. The deleted users tend to be scammers whom other users have classified. You should not even be sending out money to an unknown person. The dating site differentiates from two measures of safety.

This could be safe from the service itself, and any information that you go on to share is not disclosed to third parties. Then you need to use the encrypted system. Customer support is not available during the weekends. At this juncture, you need to wait for the response time that is 24 hours.


The review of the site has gone on to cover the main points that one needs to pay attention to.

Men end up tracking their popularity and figure out the chances to find a future wife. This dating site goes on to collect a wide range of information for analysis along with critical thinking, paving the way for a final result. The site offers even a personal matchmaker.

Once you get started with the function, you agree on the policy. Just schedule the consultation for a funny price. This is an additional service that is not available on any other dating site.

Parting words

To sum it up the website is in the Chinese language as nearly 70 % of the users preferred it. Once you happen to register on the site, a lot of questions, mainly your details are asked. There could be a set of standard questions based on your immigration status.

It is based on these answers the site finds a partner who aligns with your personal preferences. The site relies on advanced security measures streamlining fake and scam accounts. It is all Kudos to these measures that you go on to find a safe environment where you can find a dream person of your choice.

It is even possible to send out email or messages to the person whom you like. But free users can only send up to 10 words a day.

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