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Twitter marketing and promotion for webcam/camming models

Twitter marketing and promotion for webcam/camming models

Twitter marketing and promotion for webcam/camming modelsI have always favoured social media for adult performers and utilizing it correctly can help your camming career in a very positive way. Today we will tak about Twitter marketing and promotion for webcam/camming models

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Trust me if you are an adult performer (camming/webcam model or any other service in adult industry) then utilizing twitter for your own gain is a must and a mandatory requirements. Twitter can be utilized for following help:

  1. Building a loyal followers base and fan base
  2. Promoting your wish list
  3. Notifying you audience for new video clips, webcam show schedule, and any other thing
  4. Build a brand and authority
  5. And many more ways that are shared on this website, so keep reading all articles

Twitter is the biggest, largest, top and best adult friendly social media network on the internet. Billions of people use this platform. To easily market and promote on twitter, follow the guidelines in the rest of this article

  1. Using hashtags :Anything that starts with a “#” and a word accompanying it like “#camgirl” is a hashtag. This is a way of categorizing your tweet and letting twitter know the kind of tweet . People are searching for hashtags, and if someone search for a hashtag that is in your tweet, your tweet will show up. So this will help you gain more followers and exposure. Using the correct and relevant hashtags can make all the difference. Also, do not misuse the hashtags, be reasonable. If you are clips4sale or clipstore studio owner then use #clipstore #clips4sale #iwantclips etc
  2. Be regular: You can also upload pics and videos on twitter. (Tip: watermark your pictures and videos for more traffic). Pictures and videos help you differentiates yourself from the crowd. Its normal human nature to be more influenced by a multimedia like picture or video compared to a text-based tweet
  3. Make money with affiliate links: There is a great way of making more money from your followers. Check to see if your camming network has an affiliate networks, if yes then sign up and instead of giving the direct link to the camming network, tweet the affiliate link. This will drive addition income for you. Revenue can be in the form of following ways for new users that sign up
    1. PPl Pay per lead: If someone signs up for free but does not oad cash in his account you get a small commission
    2. PPS pay per sign up : if someone signs up and also loads cash, then you get a hefty commission
    3. Revenue sharing : you will get a percentage share of all the monthly rebills of the new users that signs up
  4. Make more money by notifying your online status: To get direct targeted traffic to your camming network, you can easily let your followers know about your online status. Camming networks also have this feature where the tweet is automatically sent whenever you come online

Now you must be thinking that this is too much work and would take a significant mount of your time everyday. Also being regular on twitter is extremely difficult with a busy schedule. Worry not i have a solution for that as well : Automation, i love this word and i apply everything possible to automate as much as possible daily.

Twitter marketing and promotion for webcam/camming modelsAutomating your twitter feed: Automation will be vital in your life. The more you successfully automate your work, the more time you will have to focus on important things. Twitter tweets can also be automated.  There is this great service known as Hootsuite You can sign up three networks for free without paying any penny. I strongly recommend you to use this service

I hope you like this article on Twitter marketing and promotion for webcam/camming models.



I have also included this Infographic that will help you understand about twitter marketing:

Twitter marketing and promotion for webcam/camming models

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