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The trick i use for high quality adult backlinks


Adult Seo is tough if you are an amateur and don’t know what you are doing. you can use The trick i use for high quality adult backlinks. Its a very simple method with which you can create / build adult backlinks and give a boost to adult traffic to your website. Google will easily increase your rankings within few days and you can witness it in google webmaster links section.

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If you follow my advice then you know that i make adult backlinks only in the initial days of the website to showcase authority after that i only focus on on-site website optimization to increase traffic.

Initial days of your website is extremely important and you need all the link juice you can get. Lets star step by step what you need to do:

Step 1:

Search on google, site:.blogspot (keyword) : in the keyword area, replace it with the keywords you are targeting in your niche. Blogspot is a free service by google where anyone can make a free blog using subdomain of blogspot and then add content to his/her blog. There are millions of such blogspot blogs on every niche imaginable.

This search query will list only the websites related to your keywords in blogspot.


Step 2:

Now all you have to do is to add a high quality comment in one of the post of 10 websites.

What is high quality comment. Many of these low quality blogs will automatically show your comment once you submit it. Such blogs are of low quality and will provide you will low quality links (although they are also helpful in overall adult seo profile of your website). The once you are targeting will have a moderator review your comment before approving it to be visible on his/her website.

There are thousands of spammers and software bots people use to make backlinks. So to be able to get your comment approved, you need to give the moderator a reason to approve your comment.


Step 3:

write that killer comment. All you have to do is, first scan the article and understand the crux of it. Then look at the other comments on the post. Now start with , hey hi (name of author), and write 3-4 lines relating to the article as well as the comments of other people. Other good way is to reply to other people’s comment, this give the moderator an additional reason to approve your comment.

Note: don’t forget to add the website in website section, or add the anchor tag if you are using one.

Note 2: Do not comment on more than 10 websites a day. Otherwise google will catch your IP as spamming and it would result in your website receiving a penalty.

Even if you have a success rate of 30%, that’s more than enough to gain high quality niche specific adult backlinks.


If you have any query, please ask it in comments section below.

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