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The Ultimate Guide Reduce bounce rate

Today I will tell about something really amazing, i.e. The Ultimate Guide Reduce bounce rate.

(Note: Bounce rate is the percentage of your website visitors who just visited one page on your website and instantly left it without browsing additional content of your website)

Bounce rate is one of the biggest concern for a website owner. As a website owner all you want is a visitor to come and happily and satisfactorily interact with your website and become a visitor for life (I mean repeat visitor).

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Another important reason to adjust the bounce rate on your website is improve your search result rankings. The lower the bounce rate on your website, this gives Google an indication that the people going from google to your website love the content and are finding the right information, and hence google will reward you will higher rankings on your target keyword. This happens because in the end Google’s job is to provide best information to the user.

If you have gone through my (How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites) then you might know that on adult tube websites, you get thousands of visitors per day, and we can get a lower bounce rate that means people are liking the content of the website and hence they will stay longer on the website (which will again improve Google rankings) and also will make them repeat visitors and hence more money for you.

So might ask me, just stop wasting my time and cut to the chase, what is this The Ultimate Guide Reduce bounce rate.

Ok one more paragraph of knowledge before going for the solution. First you have to understand human psychology. Take your own example, when you are searching for a query on google, you open several pages until you find the one with the exact solution that helped you and solved your problem. What about the other pages where you did not find the solution to your problem, you instantly clicked the close button. You did not care what else that website had to offer, you just hit the close button. But on the website you found your solution, you felt happy and stayed for a longer duration of time. You might have even browsed few more pages.

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If I had to summarize the above paragraph it is that: Add value to your visitor, solve his problem, offer him exactly what he is looking for and that alone can help your website exponentially grow organically and significantly reduce bounce rate.

Ok let’s start will all the tips, tricks and methods you can apply to significantly lower the bounce rate of your website.


  • Speed up your website

I can’t say this point enough. Whether it be improving Google rankings, improving visitor satisfaction and experience or reducing bounce rate, this step is one of the most important step to be focused on your website. I have written an article specifically for this, read it carefully and apply all those techniques. Trust me this is the most important thing you can do for your website. (Speed up Website and Decrease WordPress Page Load time)

If your website is loading at an ultra fast speed, then will give an amazing user experience and hence reduce bounce rate


  • Content is KING

If you want to become successful in making money online, then you have to understand one thing carefully, Content is king, what that means is that the quality of articles or (videos in our case if you are following (How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites) ) you add must be at least three times better than your competitor. Your website should add so much value in your visitor’s life that he instantly become a fan of your website. By adding value, I mean that he should get a VIP treatment, should get all his questions answered and be offered much more than what he was expecting. (if you have more questions regarding this point, ask them in comments section below, I will answer them)

When people are getting exactly what they want they wont leave your website that often and that will tremendously drop your bounce rate


  • Add related articles and lots of them

Let’s say a visitor comes to your website, he goes through the content and lets also assume that he was not able to find the answer to what he was looking. But in the related articles page he saw some links which might interests him and ends up clicking on them. This will directly then drop your bounce rate which increasing overall page views and on-site time per visit.

There are many WordPress widgets out there which can be used to add related articles at the end of the article as well as on the right sidebar.

Other great technique I use is adding links to other related content on the website in the article itself. By this I mean in the content I will add links to other relevant articles on the website, so while reading the article the user might click on one of the link and thereby reducing your bounce and improving overall other metrics


  • Remove Pop-ups and avoid bombarding the webpage with ads

I hope that you are not having pop-ups (for people following my guide (How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites) ), you can skip this step as for adult tube website primary goal is making money)

Pop-ups are annoying, no one likes pop-ups for forget about those lost dollars and focus on adding quality and value to your visitor.

Also you might get carried away and place multiple ads all over the website in the hope of making more money, one thing I can tell you is that it is the world mistake you will ever commit. In the short run it might give you some more $$$ but over the long run you are bound to loose. Go light on Ads and place only few ads that too on positions which are not hampering the user experience


  • Mobile optimized website

If you have been living in a cave for a year, then you should get to know that mobile if taking over everything. Over 50% of your traffic might already be coming through mobile devices, so giving an amazing mobile expire to your visitor should be a priority.


  • Website design, looks and information presentation

The theme you use for your website, the colors and everything should be soothing. They should bring out happiness and not discomfort. People should fall in love with the design of your website.

Also the way your present the information also plays a significant role. If you are not using bold, italics, h1, h2, images, links, bullets points, multiple paragraphs, indentation and only presenting the information in a stale and boring way, then you might loose a significant chunk of your visitors. Make the reading expertise a journey, it should feel like an interactive and amazing story for a visitor


  • Open external links in new windows

As I mentioned above adding relevant external links within your content you help a lot in reducing bounce rate. Adding one more step here will help even more. Add a target=”_blank” tag in the links <a> tag will open the clicked link in a new tab instead of the same tab.


  • Using Site search metrics

Knowing exactly what your website visitors are searching for is a very important step. I learned this step very late in my online money making journey and I wish I knew this early. Adding this amazing plugin called Search Meter will easily handle this problem

This plugin will list down all the search queries made by your site visitors in different brackets i.e. today, yesterday, last 7 days and last1 month. So you can get an easy view into your visitor’s mind what they want and offer them exactly that.

One great feature of this plugin is that it also lists down all the searches that were unsuccessful i.e. they did not result in showing any article or content of your website. So you can then easily add those articles or content that were highly searched but nothing could be found on your website.

For people following my (How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites) this plugin will be a savior. Find out exactly which keywords people search for the most in your adult tube website and optimize the website for that. This plugin also helps in giving you ideas for keywords related in your niche and helps you add more articles.



Hope I was of help. If I was not thorough or you couldn’t understand some point, do ask in the comment section below or in the public forum of our website at: Questions and Answers

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