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The right way of Building Audience Webcam model

The right way of Building Audience Webcam model will cover all you need to know 100% working guide on building a strong and loyal audience for yourself as a cam girl.

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The right way of Building Audience Webcam model

Why should i build my audience/fans as an adult performer/camgirl?

The answer to question is very simple, audience is king. Your audience are your customer. If you ask any succesful webcam model then you will find out that it’s not the first sale that makes the most money, it is the fans or repeat customers who make the most money for you. Having a solid and large fan base guarantees that you will have a regular source of income. Treat your audience as your investments, carefully analysing and building to get more returns

Also, the camming industry is getting competitive day by day, more and more girls are becoming cam girls (looking at the easy money-making potential) and hence it will become difficult in the future to stand out. You cannot just expect to create an account on a camming network and hope that the customers will start coming to you and pay you money. Yes, the camming network drives customers to you, but you also need to do self promotion. You need to go that extra mile to market and promote yourself. Otherwise you wont find customers for your shows.

How can i build my audience as a cam girl?The right way of Building Audience Webcam model

You need to be passionate about your camming career and willing to do the extra work (at least initially or your beginning days as a cam girl) to get as much exposure as possible.

You must check out our marketing and promotion sections,  where i tell you step-by-step exactly what works and how you can create a large and loyal fan base for life.

Let me give you some quick pointers that will help you get started:

Promoting and marketing yourself on adult friendly social media platforms.

This is extremely crucial, i have written complete guides on the following social media channels:

The right way of Building Audience Webcam modelFinding the niche that is profitable and you like as well

There are millions of people coming onto the camming network website, each one has their own liking, taste, or fetish. Some like big tits, some like foot fetish etc. You need to establish yourself in one of the niche and become popular.

TIP: One tip that you must follow is to choose a niche that you yourself has liking towards. remember you will do this on a regular basis, so if you select lets say balloon fetish but you don’t have the liking towards that niche then it will reflect in your performance and no one will become a repeat customer.

Finding the Niche also helps you get more followers as people will start talking about you in that niche focused forums, communities, groups etc, which will drive even more traffic

Giving your audience the best show of their life

This is specially important if you are just starting out and trying to build a brand. Everyone loves when you get more than what you paid for. Initially you need to experiment and find what is working in your niche, what are your strengths (dancing, seduction etc) and then you need to capitalize on that. Look at other models in your niche and find what they are doing differently. Read blogs, article in your niche and see how you can satisfy your customers even more.

Offering more than what is promised is the sure shot way of building a strong and loyal fan base in the initial days. Honestly you should over-deliver even when you have a significant people who love and adore you, this is the mark of a successful adult model.

Create a website for self branding and promotion

This is one technique that not many camgirls or adult performers are doing. I highly recommend this, creating a website for yourself and then promote that website everywhere. I have written a complete guide on building and creating a website for cam girls here (link will be added soon)

There are several reasons why you need a website as a cam girl:

  1. You might switch your camming network , but the website will always stay with you, all your fans and audience can check your website for nay latest happenings.
  2. You can easily sell promote Skype shows, refer customers as affiliate to your camming network (you get a commission for every person you refer)
  3. If you become a succesful and popular model then that website will be your reflection and will open up many money-making opportunities.

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