Revenue share CPA adult offer are the best

Let’s talk why Revenue share CPA adult offer are the best. If you know even a little bit about adult CPA offers, then you know that PPL (pay per lead) and PPS (pay per signups) are the way to go for making quick bucks.

Whenever someone tries their hand in adult CPA offers, the first thing they sign up for are PPL offers. Instant money for anyone and everyone who sign ups using their links. Since the visitor does not even need to enter the credit card information, this options looks lucrative and hence preferred by most newbies.
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Revenue share CPA adult offer are highly ignored by most. Why focus on long-term converting leads when you can easily make approximately $2.50 per free lead you send. Honestly I was also impatient and hence always proffered the PPL leads in the beginning for the fast returns. But trust me Revenue share CPA adult offer (Revshare) are the best for long-term strategy and creating a highly successful and repeat passive income.


Let’s talk about Reshape programs a little more and how Rebills can be the best source of passive income for you

Usually associated with Camsites, they should be on your focus if you are serious in making some amazing adult passive income. Whenever someone you referred to the cam site, spends any money on that campsite, you will get a portion of the money he loads in his account (usually 15-30%). So if someone you referred to the campsite ends up spending $1,000 in one particular month, then you will easily make $150-300 without any effort

Some guys even spend thousands of dollars per day for the experience they receive with these camgirls. Imagine the possibilities if you can get a guy like that to sign up using the Revshare program. If you would have made the same guy signup using PPL offer, you will only make approx. $2.50 (depending on the country of the visitor) and make peace with it.

You might be thinking, there is no one with the right mindset will spend thousands of dollars on a camgirl, but trust me these big camsites are not stupid. There is an audience that is the reason they are spending so much money for their promotion. You never know when you find a lonely guy who is looking for a companionship but has thousands of dollars to spend. When emotional cords are hit, the money is the secondary thing on a person’s mind

Let me tell you the motivation these people get to spend money on these webcam girls. The best thing a potential interested buyer can do is have exclusivity and some personal connection with the hot webcam girl. For this they need to become registered member (from anonymous user). Then the net step is to become token buyer.

You will only get noticed by the camgirl if you become a tipper. Tipping the camgirl will get you noticed, you become superior then other people in the room. This whole feeling gets addictive. When the cowgirl becomes happy because of you, she will do exclusive things for you and also will perform with much higher energy. This will result in a positive mood for the entire room and hence you will be treated like the king of the room. So when the highest tipper, empties his accounts for toke, to get that superior feeling once again, they don’t hesitate to spend that extra cash. The best part for you as a referrer is that you will get a commission of that investment every times that referred person loads up money in his account


So should I as an adult affiliate only focus on Reshape offers?

I know this question is lingering in your mind right now. The answer is very simple, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Getting good with revshare adult cam offers take time. Also in terms of conversion ratio, finding the perfect high spending visitor is very tough. Diversify your portfolio as a media buyer. Since you also need instant money so that you can then put the same money into the adult media buying world again to get even better returns, (through PPL and PPS), redirect a fraction of your total traffic (lets say 15) to Reva share offers. To get really good at revshare you will need experience and highly targeted leads.

The best part is that even if you do not get a person who is spending thousands of dollars on camgirls, there are many people who spends a little less but when you accumulate a bunch of them you will easily make a decent passive income. Let’s say you have 20-30 people averaging $50-150 per month, then that can easily create a free easy passive income source for you each month. The best part is that this number will only going to increase in the future

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