Pornstar Tryouts Review – Adult Affiliate Network

Lets talk about Pornstar Tryouts Review – Adult Affiliate Network. Just like  Brothers In cash Review – Adult Affiliate Network this adult affiliate network can also help you make more money.
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What is Pornstar Tryouts?

Just like the name suggests this network focuses on getting girls who are new to porn industry and are planning to make a successful career. Hence, you will find many teens, amateurs. As an adult webmaster you will be provided with all the marketing and promotion tools to drive traffic and get signup conversions. Commission is also pretty hefty and very lucrative.

How much money can i make using Pornstar Tryouts?

There are three ways to make money:

  1. 65% revenue share for life. This is the best form of making money as will get 65% of all the members who keep on adding money in their account every month
  2. $35 pay per signup – You can easily get $35 for each person who signup on the website using your link
  3. You can also use adult webmaster referrals to get 5% of what they make

How can i withdraw money to my account?

Pornstar tryouts process weekly payments and following ways can be used to withdraw your money:

  1. Check
  2. FedEx check (Overnight)
  3. Wire Transfer
  4. Paxum

How can i promote Pornstar tryouts to get signups and make money?

The website ill provide you will all sorts of promotional banners. You are also given hosted galleries, or you can download them and use that to build a website and then drive traffic.

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