Popads vs Popcash

Popads vs Popcash

Let’s talk about the two best pop-ups ad networks Popads vs Popcash. If you follow my How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites, then you know that Popads and Popcash are my favorite adult pounder ad networks. The reason is simple; they make me the most money.

Here are some screenshots of money I made from popads and popcash from one of my adult tube websites. I had both the pop-unders ad networks on this adult tube website, so the comparison can easily be made
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popads vs popcash review

Popads earnings proof:  Popads earnings proof:


popads vs popcash review


Popcash earnings proof:Popcash earnings proof:



Just looking at the earnings proof alone and date of these images, you can easily make out that Popads give substantially more money compared to popcash.

Now your instant thought will be, that Popads must be the network of choice as it is making almost three times the money that popcash makes, but please read on this article for more information

Here are few things or points to keep in mind before applying a pop-under ad codes on your website:

  1. Pop-ups are frustrating. I personally hate them myself, that is why I have ad-block installed on my browsers (Best way to Handle Ad Blocking on your website)
  2. They will make you the most money from your website. Trust me, the money you will make from banners will be significantly less than the money you make from popup ads
    1. This point is valid for adult websites only. If you have a non-adult website, then Google AdSense can be your savior. Adult website or adult industry, banner ad rates are pathetic, so the money you make from them is insignificant
  3. They drive the visitor away from your website. No one likes a website which is bombarded with pop-up ads
  4. Never have more than one-popup network on your website. Multiple pop-up networks frustrate the visitor and he might never come back
  5. Pop-up are disliked by Google, so heavily loading your website with pop-up ads might affect yours google seo rankings
  6. Pop-up ad codes affect website performance as they are JavaScript codes, which slows the website

The reason I can use two pop-up ad networks, popads and popcash on my adult tube website is because it is highly niched. I have a niche focused website where people love my content. even though they have to face these advertisements, the quality of content is not found elsewhere, so they just can’t say no to my website.

Why popads make more money compared to popcash?

The reason is that they show multiple pop-up ads on your website for even a single visitor. What I mean is that maybe 2-3 popups might be displayed to a single visitor. Poppas is different, they do not show more than one popup for a single visitor to the website. So if you have a text based adult blog, or a website which sells a service or product then I will recommend you to go for Popcash

Honestly I only recommend popads if you have a niche-based adult tube website. (Earn $1,000 per month with adult tube website method)

How can i receive money from Popads and Popcash?

I have always preferred PayPal for receiving my money. Both of these platforms support that. Popads do this for free, where pop cash will charge $1 for this service. The money is transferred within 24 hours, and you can request the money anytime (this is the best feature they have I believe)

How to sign-up for Popads: Go to this link Popads Signup

How to sign-up for Popads: Go to this link Popcash Signup


I hope you liked this article on Popads vs Popcash


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