Popads review – How i make $1500 per month

If you don’t know already than you must know that almost 70% of my revenue comes from Popunders. Read my full story here: How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites . I use two popunder services on my portfolio of 15 different adult tube websites and those are Popads and Popcash. Today i will do a Popads review.

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After spending countless hours on finding and testing different popunder networks for my adult tube websites, i finally found the best of all: POPADS. Their expertise and rates for popup ads are way ahead of its competition. Since my goal was to maximize my earnings from my adult tube websites, i tried every decent popup network there is on the internet and after testing all of them, Popads came out as undisputed champion. Why i say that you may ask? let me explain why

Here are the stats of popads of one of my website which was getting close to 10,000 visitors per day.:

popads payment proof rates

For 10,000 visitors and a 25% bounce rate, getting close to 6,000 impressions is really impressive. 85% of my traffic was coming from Tier-1 countries and hence i was getting a decent rate of $1.8 on average.

I have been working with popads for almost two years now and i did not have to look for alternatives at all. Trust me that this is the best Popup network on the internet and without any hesitation one should sign up for it. Popads signup

Popads earnings proof: Here is a screenshot of my popads dashboard for one of my adult tube website: Popads review payment

Here is a screenshot of the money that i withdrew to my paypal account: popads payment proofs

Here is the paypal payment proof: popads payment proof paypal2

After looking at these pictures you must have got an idea of the earning potential of Popads as a network for Popunders. So don’t hesitate and waste any more time, go and signup for popads right now

Popads Website Link : Popads website

Popads Payouts

popads payout

Pros of using popads:
1) Minimum payout is $5
2) Instant Payment (within 24 hours)
3) Majority of the websites will get approved within few hours

Sign up now at Popads Website Link : Popads website .


Popads vs Popcash

Let’s talk about the two best pop-ups ad networks Popads vs Popcash. If you follow my How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites, then you know that Popads and Popcash are my favorite adult pounder ad networks. The reason is simple; they make me the most money.

Here are some screenshots of money I made from popads and popcash from one of my adult tube websites. I had both the pop-unders ad networks on this adult tube website, so the comparison can easily be made


Popads earnings proof:  Popads earnings proof:




Popcash earnings proof:Popcash earnings proof:



Just looking at the earnings proof alone and date of these images, you can easily make out that Popads give substantially more money compared to popcash.

Now your instant thought will be, that Popads must be the network of choice as it is making almost three times the money that popcash makes, but please read on this article for more information

Here are few things or points to keep in mind before applying a pop-under ad codes on your website:

  1. Pop-ups are frustrating. I personally hate them myself, that is why I have ad-block installed on my browsers (Best way to Handle Ad Blocking on your website)
  2. They will make you the most money from your website. Trust me, the money you will make from banners will be significantly less than the money you make from popup ads
    1. This point is valid for adult websites only. If you have a non-adult website, then Google AdSense can be your savior. Adult website or adult industry, banner ad rates are pathetic, so the money you make from them is insignificant
  3. They drive the visitor away from your website. No one likes a website which is bombarded with pop-up ads
  4. Never have more than one-popup network on your website. Multiple pop-up networks frustrate the visitor and he might never come back
  5. Pop-up are disliked by Google, so heavily loading your website with pop-up ads might affect yours google seo rankings
  6. Pop-up ad codes affect website performance as they are JavaScript codes, which slows the website

The reason I can use two pop-up ad networks, popads and popcash on my adult tube website is because it is highly niched. I have a niche focused website where people love my content. even though they have to face these advertisements, the quality of content is not found elsewhere, so they just can’t say no to my website.

Why popads make more money compared to popcash?

The reason is that they show multiple pop-up ads on your website for even a single visitor. What I mean is that maybe 2-3 popups might be displayed to a single visitor. Poppas is different, they do not show more than one popup for a single visitor to the website. So if you have a text based adult blog, or a website which sells a service or product then I will recommend you to go for Popcash

Honestly I only recommend popads if you have a niche-based adult tube website. (Earn $1,000 per month with adult tube website method)

How can i receive money from Popads and Popcash?

I have always preferred PayPal for receiving my money. Both of these platforms support that. Popads do this for free, where pop cash will charge $1 for this service. The money is transferred within 24 hours, and you can request the money anytime (this is the best feature they have I believe)

How to sign-up for Popads: Go to this link Popads Signup

How to sign-up for Popads: Go to this link Popcash Signup

Reduced popads rates and revenue, income?

If you have followed my Adult tube website method and making money with your porn tube website then you must be using popads.net for your popunder ad network. It used to be the best popup ad network online and i have made significant cash using that website. From last few months you might have witnessed Reduced popads rates and revenue, income?

This has been a big concern for me. I have lost almost 50% of my rate, that means few months earlier if i was making $100 per day now i only make $50 per day. Check out the rates that i am getting now versus rates that i was getting earlier

I was losing a lot of money because of their dropping in the rates and hence i decided to write an email to popads.net team to figure out what is the issue. Since 70% of my traffic was coming from Tier-1 countries i was really confused for the reason behind the drop in my rate. Here is  the response I received from popads

Unfortunately, nothing we can do. Whole popup industry suffered from nearly 50% drop since the beginning of the year.
Please remember that we are a bidding network so we do not set or control rates in any way. I personally believe in brutal capitalism and all I can suggest is to just work with company that pays you most.
Yet, I know many people who left us for higher rates and within a week they were back with us as other networks tend to offer even lower rates.

Best regards,
Tomasz Klekot

TIP: one great way of making some extra cash is using the new Anti-adblock code that popads.net is offering now. With tis code i say a jump of around 30% in the impressions of my popunders (can you imagine that around 30% of my audience is using adblockers and hence i never realized that i was losing so much money in the process)

I just hope that the rates pick up soon as popads.net holds almost 60% of my daily revenue and any drop in rates on popads directly affects my monthly income

I hope this article will clear some of your doubts regarding Reduced popads rates and revenue, income? and  if you are using popads.net


[Trick] Increase your popads and popcash income by 10% in 5 minutes

Hey hi makemoneydultcontent visitor, i hope you all are doing well and are way ahead on your make money online journey in adult niche online. I have already shared multiple make money methods on this website (obviously all focused on adult niche and industry), here are some of them:

One of my most popular and working method if making money through adult tube websites. A major chunk of the revenue comes from popup advertisements and the companies that i recommend are:

If you are getting thousands of impressions in your popup ad networks and making significant money then you can easily make 10% more in just 5 minutes work. I started using this trick just few months and back and when i count the money i could have made if i implemented this trick lets say 3-4 years earlier i just get sad (could have easily made more than $10000 more). So how to Increase your popads and popcash income?

The trick is very simple, you just need to use your affiliate link and make a new account. Both Popads.net and popcash.net have an affiliate program through which you can refer other people to join their network and then make 10% of their earnings for lifetime. So here are the steps that i followed

  1. Used the affiliate link of both popads.net and  popcash.net and signed up under new accounts on both the website
  2. Deleted my website from previous account on both of these networks
  3. Added my website on the new networks (Popads.net adds it instantaneously so you don’t have to worry about losing out the money in the time between adding and approval)
  4. Created new code on both of these websites
  5. Added the code back to my website

On one of my website i was averaging about $50 per day combined income from both the networks. With this simple trick now i get $5 additional everyday without any extra effort. $5 per day is $150/month and that is easy $1800/year with zero additional work.

Note: Popads.net have a section where they show the referral income and you can easily check your referred members income there. For popads.net they don’t have a section for this and hence you will get the income directly added to you income which you can see in your dashboard. So don’t worry that he money is not being added, it is added in real-time

I hope you like this trick on how to Increase your popads and popcash income by 10%.



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  • spazlport

    Hey there nice setup, i have one website right now that is getting around 20k-25k traffic with about 40k page views a month, it is also adult but i make around 800$ a month with 1 site. My question is is there something i can disable in popads so my traffic does not gets redirect on mobile traffic because lots of times one popunder becomes two and redirects away from my website resulting in a bounce rate and i really like to keep my visitors on the site.

    • Hi,

      i will recommend checking your code generator and see if there is such option. Also check whether they have a option like number of popups/visit, if yes try reducing it to one.
      you can also try to mail the company and try to get a real answeer for your problem.
      if nothing works, there was a plugin (i dont remember the name) with which you can mark which advertisement to show according to the platform of the visitor (desktop, mobile etc). you can then disable your popups for mobile audience through that. I will update the name of the plugin soon here.

      • So many damn pop-ups on this site, it’s miserable. I couldn’t even read a sentence without having to close another popup. Is that the strategy, bombard users with popups and hope they accidentally click one of them? This site is ridiculous. I came for some insight, and I leave by annoyance.

        • My apologies, i will work on this. I never knew this was a problem. Thankyou for pointing this out.

        • Paul

          Seriously, the popups are still awful. Even after signing up to one, or dismissing one, you get the same popups back again on every page load. You can barely get through a sentence before another one pops

          A good site ruined and add me to the list of someone who won’t be back as a result.

          • My apologies Paul, it seems there is some problem with the plugin i am using for the popups. I will make changes, thankyou for your valuable feedback.

  • mahesh gupta

    yaar maine code installed to kar diya hai lakin ads show nahi hota mere website per plz ye bata do kase code installed karu taki main verify kar lu ki maine sahi installed to kiya hai

    • after you get your code on popads
      (I assume you are using wordpress)
      Go to Appearace>Editor
      search for Header.php
      in the head section , paste the code and save. This will get the ads running. If this doesnt work, then let me know

  • khaled

    what is your cpm for 3r tier countries , i am thinking to start a tube site targeting egypt . i have read that the lowest rate for POpads is 0.30 cpm , base on your experience do you think thats true

    • See tube websites only source of revenue is advertisement and majority of that comes through Popads. Already getting traffic to your website is a challenge, then why would you waste your efforts on building a website with majority traffic coming from Tier-3 countries. They will never give you cpm of more than 0.5. Instead target tier-1 countries, even with less traffic you will easily get cpm over 1.7 .That’s my suggestion for you.

      • khaled

        i agree that a tube adult site that focusing on tier 1 county pay you more , but i have an advantage of making an arabic adult tube because the competition is low and i can reach 1 M+ page views /month in less than 4 months , that why i was asking about average cpm . even a 0.30 cpm would make a decent amount of money with millions of page-views a month .

  • Very helpful bro i just found Popads Mobile version on Google play here is the link

  • How i can make good videos for approving in the porn sites by using AVS ADULT ?
    Kindly tell me step by step and contact me at :

    SKYPE: asad.shah159