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Plugz review – Adult ads

Plugz review – Adult ads wordpress plugin. I have already told you about the multiple and best ways to monetize your adult website:

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One other way to display adult display ads on your adult website or porn site and make money is through Plugz wordpress plugin. Plugz is another adult ad network for adult webmasters publisher and advertisers. Plugz was recently acquired by Crakrevenue  my preferred network of choice for adult affiliate marketing

This wordpress plugin can be installed on your WordPress website and then can be used to display adult ads to make money from your website. Advertisers can also purchase traffic from your website by buying these adult ads

The way you make money is through related content. Plugz plugin acts like a related content plugin, from where you can make money.

Key features offered by Plugz WordPress plugin are:

Plugz review - Adult ads

What is Plugz

Plugz is a related content recommendation for your adult website. Contextual advertising is such that the advertisements shown to the visitor is highly targeted to the needs of the visitor, because the ad first checks the webpage to understand it and then show relevant advertisemnets to that visitor.

Th advantage of this is that you will get high click rate as a publisher and highly targeted traffic as a advertiser. Its a traffic trade tool and highly useful to drive relevant traffic to your website. For example, you are on a striptease website, then if that website owner has plugz widget then most likely it will show ads of other striptease websites or offer, because the ads are related and contextual advertising works this way.

Plugz review - Adult ads


Targeted traffic is the key

For any website they are looking for targeted traffic that are actually interested in the type of content tat the website is offering. For example, if your website is about weight loss, but you are getting traffic for people who are looking for hair loss, then most likely you will get a high bounce rate because the visitor is not interested in weight loss. Hence using plugz you get the advantage of traffic trading from similar website and hence you will get highly targeted traffic from plugz network website.

Installing and setting up Plugz on your adult WordPress website

First go to this link :signup plugz and make an account. Just go to your plugins dashboard and search for “Plugz”. Install the plugin that says “Related content by Plugz” and activate it. Now you can easily add plug widget in your website sidebar. Make sure you enter your login information in order to use this plugin.

In order to use the plugin, you will first have to add the login information in the plugin dashboard.

Adding plugz widget to the website is also very simple. Plugz offer you with widgets that can be added into the website for making money. This can be configured directly from the plugin dashboard. You can add the widgets in multiple places, bottom of each post, top of each post and other options as well. If you want the plugz widget to appear only on few specific posts then you can use the shortcode.

Adding adult ads on your adult website is super simple using Plugz. There are predefined templates that you can customize according to your need. Settings such as, categories to target, width, height , and other options to blend the ad in the color scheme of your theme are available. An iframe ad code will be generated which can be added in any place that you want the adult ad to be displayed.

WordPress plugin of Plugz offer exclusive features such as displaying the ads on all the posts automatically.

Plugz review - Adult ads

How can i make money from Plugz adult ads?

When you customize your ad and place the ad code on your website, you make money of every click on that ad. Plugz does the job of finding the best advertisements for your website. You will be paid on he per-click basis.

Become an advertiser at Plugz

Becoming  a publisher is not the only way of making money through Plugz. You can also register as an advertiser and start your campaigns to your money-making offers. Statistics provided by the company are exceptional, and you are given multiple options to target your campaign to get the maximum returns. The best part is the contextual ad nature, you will be getting highly targeted leads.

Signup for Plugz now to make money

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