Plugrush review – Adult ad network

This article has been asked by many of my visitors, so yes todays article topic is Plugrush review. is another adult-friendly adult ad network that is hugely popular among adult webmasters and adult website owners. A lot of articles have been written on Plugrush to buy and sell traffic for your adult website.

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Plugrush review – One of the best Adult ad network

Monetizing your adult website is not that difficult if you know the right adult ad networks and monetization ways and methods. With, you get the advice from me who has been working in adult industry for over 6 years now, and also from people I interact daily in adult industry. So you get information that works and information that can help you make more money from your adult website.

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What are the different form of adult advertisements that are offered by plug rush?

  1. Adult display banner ads
  2. Popup or pop-under adult ads
  3. Mobile Redirect ads
  4. Instant messenger IM ads
  5. Interstitial ads

Let’s go more in detail about each ad type and how you can make money off them. I will recommend you to check out our different ad types article so that you know more about the ad-type I will be talking about Adult ads Explained

 Plugrush review - Adult ad network

Adult Display banners from Plugrush

Unlike ether adult advertising companies, plugrush has a somewhat different kind of banners which they call as “Plugs”.  You can select the size, or automatic responsiveness as well as the categories to target your niche. Remember: choosing the ads in your niche is extremely important if you are planning to get high click-through rate and hence more money from your banner ads

Almost everything is customizable for this ad widget, title, description, color etc. So make sure the advertisement blends well with your theme so that you can get more clicks.



Adult popup ads from Plugrush

Popups are the best for any adult webmaster. Majority of my income comes from popups. I have used plugrush pop-ups as well, but the rates offered are much lower then the once that I recommend. If you want to make serious money or income from your adult website, then make sure to make an account on two best adult popup networks:


Adult mobile redirect from Plugrush

Although you can use them, but i am strictly against using mobile redirects to make money. I wrote an article about this why: Why you should avoid using Mobile Redirect Ads


Adult instant messaging IM ads from Plugrush

Instant messaging ads are an amazing way to add few more dollars of revenue from your adult website.  If you are looking for IM ads on your website, then EXOCLICK  provides the best and highest paying adult IM ads.


Plugrush WordPress plugin to integrate your ads on the website

Yes, you can generate the ad code and then place it on the website header or any other place to integrate adult ads on your website. There is a much simpler way provided by Plugrush, a WordPress plugin. Simple install it and all your plugrush ads can be easily configured. You will also be provided with plug rush widget as well that you can add in your sidebar to display plugrush adult ads

Plugrush is a great adult advertisement network but only for banner ads or the widgets they call. I have been in adult industry for more than 6 years now and have been making more than $10,000 every month. So you can trust me when I give you any advice or recommend you any service.


Become an adult media buyer at plugrush

There are tons of easy money that can be made using adult media buying . If anyone is serious about adult affiliate marketing and making decent passive income then he/she needs to understand and master adult media buying. I have made a full section on the website to pass my knowledge and educate you in adult media buying section.


Trading traffic using Plugrush

Considered to be the best adult traffic exchange program on the internet today, you can easily trade traffic from thousands of adult websites on the internet. Doing this is simple as well, just add a widget on your website and soon you will start trading traffic with other websites that have widgets on their website.

Plugrush review - Adult ad network

Minimum payout at plugrush is $25

They have the following methods of funds withdrawl: Paxum, Paypal, Wiretransfer, Payoneer


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