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Payoneer Review – Receive payments – Get Free $25

Lets do Payoneer Review – Receive payments – Get Free $25. If you have accounts on various affiliate websites or advertising networks, then you might have faced an issue where Paypal payment options is not available. Also sometimes deposit to Bank account sometimes has an upper withdrawal limit, or it might be that the company is charging a withdrawl fees for paypal or paxum but free for Payoneer payments. (Example: Juicyads , does not levy any fees for payoneer, but takes a fees for paypal and paxum paymnets)

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It is also an amazing way to receive payments if you are into freelancing or e-commerce.

If you do not want to read the whole article and directly signup, then click on this link: Signup Payoneer

Signup on Payoneer now 

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Payoneer Review - Receive payments - Get Free $25



What is Payoneer and what do they offer?

Payoneer is another great and amazing company that allows online money transfer on a worldwide basis. The best part is that you can easily use the Payoneer card on every ATM, globally, because Payoneer is a registered Mobile Service Provider (MSP) of MasterCard Worldwide. Click here to get your Payoneer card free 

TIP: If you think that you don’t have any bank account, worry not they will create US bank account for this payoneer card for free

Payoneer offers multiple services:

  1. Receive payment
  2. Global ATM, use one card worldwide to withdraw payments

It’s a safe and convenient way to receive and withdraw payments worldwide with low transaction fees. They claim to have the lowest transaction fees online.

Companies that offer Payoneer services . Thousands of companies use Payoneer to process their payments online, some of the big names are:

Payoneer Review - Receive payments - Get Free $25


How does Payonner work?

Here are the steps:

  1. Sign up with payoneer
  2. Receive payments from companies worldwide
  3. You funds will be withdrawn to your local bank account

Payoneer Review - Receive payments - Get Free $25

What are the steps or how to register at

Registering and getting your first free payoneer card is very simple. I will tell you step by step on how you can achieve this.

First step is to go to payoneer homepage 

Now click on Signup Button

Payoneer Review - Receive payments - Get Free $25


Now the steps are self-explanatory, follow the guidelines and fill in the required information.

Note: For the address field, make sure you enter the correct address, because the company will be sending you the payoneer card to this address, so make sure you enter complete and correct address

Note2: You default username is your email, so don’t worry if you feel what is your username

Note3: You will also be required to add  a government Id (i have seen that it is not a mandatory step for all countries), if it asks then make sure to select the right id.

Payoneer Review - Receive payments - Get Free $25


Payoneer Review - Receive payments - Get Free $25


Payoneer Review - Receive payments - Get Free $25


Payoneer Review - Receive payments - Get Free $25

I hope i was thorough in explaining the sign up process, if you felt that one of the step was not clear, ask it in comments section below, i will explain it in details.

Now comes the fun part:

How to receive free card with $25 balance?

The most important step is to Signup using my Referral link (signup Payoneer), the reason being you will only get that free $25 only if you go through my referral link and then sign up. If you open the website directly by yourself or by going through google, then you will not get this free $25.

Why would a company give you free $25 just for signing up , you might be thinking this question. For the company its an investment, they are expecting you to use the card multiple times so that they can ten charge you the fees for withdrawal. If you withdraw enough number of times, then it will lead to a profit for the company. So everyone is happy.

Signup on Payoneer now 

I hope you like this article on Payoneer Review – Receive payments – Get Free $25.


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