Make Money with PPL offers – Adult CPA – Adult Media Buying

Let’s talk about Make Money with PPL offers – Adult CPA – Adult Media Buying. PPL or Pay per lead offers are the most lucrative for any newbie in adult affiliate marketing or adult media buying

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What is a PPL or Pay per lead offer?

PPL offers help any adult webmaster or adult affiliate to make money by driving people to sign up. Yes, just to make people create an account on a particular website can help you make money. The referred person does not even need to enter the credit card details, just sign up and confirm his email address. Sounds to good to be true right?

The benefits that a PPL offers provide are:

  1. You don’t have to wait and hope for conversions. By conversion I mean, that someone ends up loading money in his account. For camsites, if someone loads up money in his account then you will get a commission or a percentage of that money
  2. You will be paid instantly. So you can easily cash out and hence use that new money for more investment

Surprisingly, the simple and lucrative definition shared above is what majority of the adult affiliates understand. They look ate the quick money-making potential of these PPL offers and are attracted towards then=m even before understand the overall picture

First let us understand why would a website pay you money just for making people to sign up. Any sponsor or adult company creates a PPL program for themselves in the hope that these free leads will end up becoming the paying members. Since it is not a revenue sharing offer, so all the money will be kept by the network or company itself. So the initial few dollars that are paid are taken like an investment for future benefits

The problem arises when people think, Ok I will send thousands of people to the offer, even if 100 people signup I can easily make $250 (assuming traffic is coming from Tier-1 countries). This is wrong way to look at it. Sponsors or companies offering PPL program also want to make money, if none of those 100 leads ends up converting for the sponsor then it has lost $250 on you. So what will be the next step they will take, they will ban you as an affiliate or remove you as you just made money for yourself but not for the company/sponsor

Here are some tips, tricks to keep in mind that can help you become an efficient PPL adult affiliate:


Your traffic sources are important

If you are an adult media buyer and you are spending money on your adult traffic, then you should have a thorough understand of the type of traffic you are sending. Know its potential and the quality


PPL vs Revenue share

This has been an ever going debate among newbies and trust me the answer will always surprise you. I wrote an article on this topic do check this out Revenue share CPA adult offer are the best


You affiliate managers are your angels, talk to them

You are assigned an affiliate manager because in the end, if you make money then he/she makes money. They are experts and are there to help you succeed. They have their own selfish motive so you can expect some killer advice and guidance from them. Utilize this resource

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