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Make Money Adult traffic - Monetize adult website

Make Money from Adult traffic – Monetize adult website

The ultimate goal for any adult site is to Make Money Adult traffic or to Monetize adult website. To achieve this there are several tactics, methods and strategies available depending on the type or traffic and website one might have.

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Let’s discuss about types of adult traffics a how you can monetize them and make money from them

  1. Organic traffic – Free traffic received from Search engines

To get organic traffic you must be familiar with Adult SEO. I have covered several areas and written comprehensive articles on this topic in our Adult SEO section, do check it out. Although having a text intensive website like Blog can really help in achieving Search engine rankings, but even other websites can be made to rank higher with effective adult seo strategies.

I love search engine organic adult traffic, because

  1. It is free
  2. Evergreen traffic: Unless and until you do not update your website for months, the same level of traffic will continue to come to your website
  3. Time or money is not traded for traffic

You can make money through direct display banners :

Although I only recommend Pop-up advertisements on tube websites, (stay away from them if you have any product base website or an adult blog), here are the best adult pop-under net words:

Affiliate marketing: Make a commission on driving people to a particle website where a service/product is sold, for every sale you will make some commission on agreed terms. Generally dating offers are promoted the most in adult affiliate marketing

Paid reviews or sponsored post. This opportunity of making money will only come when you have a sufficient traffic on your website. All the major companies and product based websites are looking for targeted traffic that converts. Reviews are a great part of marketing, so you can expect emails from these companies who might be looking for paid reviews or sponsored post. You can yourself reach out to these companies and negotiate a rate for the article. This is an amazing source of revenue once you reach a certain traffic level.


  1. Social adult traffic or Referral traffic

This type of adult traffic generally comes form social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit etc. Since the traffic is not highly targeted, the conversions are comparatively lesser than the direct traffic or organic traffic

How to get adult social traffic?

This will be a long tedious process. You can only drive your followers to your link/website. For this you will need to first get a huge following. We will soon be adding detailed guides on driving social adult traffic from Twitter, Facebook, Reedit and Instagram, so keep checking the website

Monetizing adult social traffic: Just like organic traffic you can make money through driving visitors to the website. You can even promote an affiliate link and make money off it


  1. Adult Email Traffic

One of the best and highly converting traffic source. The problem is to first obtain these email ids. In this world of internet, everyone is doing everything in their power to obtain these email-ids of the visitors, so people are now-a-days skeptical in sharing their email-ids. So you must offer something lucrative (lead magnet) for them to opt-in in your email list. If your target is Make Money Adult traffic and to Monetize your  adult website, then you must focus on email marketing

If you check our website, then you will see a number of places where we have placed lead-magnets to receive the email-ids. Like free eBooks or guides in exchange of email-ids

We will soon be adding articles on making money through email marketing in adult niche soon. Do check the website for latest articles, and learn the expert tips, and tricks to use to make money in adult industry online

Email traffic is the highest converting traffic, so spending some time in email marketing will work wonders for you


  1. Paying money for obtaining adult traffic

When you pay money to place banners or pop-under or any other way of driving visitor to your link, then it is known as paid adult traffic. Make Money Adult traffic from paid advertising is utilized by many adult webmasters

There are many adult ad-networks you can utilize to buy adult traffic such as Traffic junky, juicy ads, exoclick etc.

Check out our adult media buying guide for getting step-by-step procedure on how to become a pro in adult media buying

How to make money from paid adult traffic?

If you are product based website or a service based website, then paid advertising is a great option of driving adult traffic to your website. You can make changes in the Geo-location, banner types, websites on which advertisements are dialyzed to find the sweet spot of maximum conversion’s.

You can also use adult media buying for promoting affiliate links or dating offers to make money


I hope this article on Make Money Adult traffic – Monetize adult website was helpful.

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