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Instagram promotion and Marketing for camming/webcam models

Instagram promotion and Marketing for camming/webcam models

Social media is a vital tool for adult camming/webcam models. If used correctly it can give you amazing results and help you establish yourself as a professional money-making webcam model. Today i will tell you about this amazing social media platform: Instagram promotion and Marketing for camming/webcam modelsInstagram promotion and Marketing for camming/webcam models

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Instagram has grown in success tremendously. Billions of people are using this photo and video sharing platform everyday. With the help of Instagram, you can upload/post your pics and videos on the platforms and build a following and audience.

Fro the benefit of users i have compiled a list of To-dos for you to succesful market and promote your camming or any other adult-based business :


Instagram promotion and Marketing for camming/webcam models

  1. Utilizing the profile links section: You instagram profile give you an option to add a link which can be anything. You can add any like where the probability of you making money is the maximum. (Tip: If you are sending traffic back to your camming network, then make sure to add the affiliate link (after shortening it) so that you can make more money if the person ends up buying shows other than yours as well)
  2. Watermarking the images your upload: Watermarking your images helps a lot if you have many followers. People might just post these picture on other platforms like Imgur, Reddit etc. Watermarking will help you get that additional traffic if anyone upload your pics someplace else.
  3. Using the correct name: Majority of the people on the internet through these marketing and promotion will find you through Google. People will google you and then come across either your website, twitter handle or camming network. So make sure you use your adult industry name
  4. Being Regular: You cannot expect your audience to buy your shows or clips by just showering them with links, being regular is the key. Interact with them , share your pics and small videos interacting with them. Make 5-10 second videos especially for instagram audience showing them the appreciation.
  5. Properly tagging your pic and videos: Just like twitter, correct tagging will help you get found by people and improve your visibility on these platforms.
  6. Become an active participant: Don’t just keep on adding your own pictures and videos. Also add some value by commenting on other people post. Since your pic and username will be shown, this will drive more traffic and following.

Now you must be thinking that this is too much work and would take a significant mount of your time everyday. Also being regular on twitter is extremely difficult with a busy schedule. Worry not i have a solution for that as well : Automation, i love this word and i apply everything possible to automate as much as possible daily.

Automating your Google+ posts: Just like twitter and Facebook automation, you can use the same website/app I recommend to everyone else. Use Hootsuite . You can link three accounts for free, so automate your Facebook, twitter, Google+, Instagram on that account. If you have to automate more than three channels, you can create two separate accounts on Hootsuite so that in total you will get 6 free accounts to add. Or else you can buy a plan on hootsuite. The best part is that there is a schedule feature on hootsuite, so sit once a week and add all the content that you want to be posted on your social media networks.

  • Tip: Don’t solely rely on automation, you must also do some manual posting , relevant to each social media platform, to keep the followers engage

I hope you like this article on Instagram promotion and Marketing for camming/webcam models.

I have also included a Infographic to help you understand more about Instagram  marketing and promotion for adult performers:

Instagram promotion and Marketing for camming/webcam models

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