Imagetwist Review – Make money uploading photos adult/porn/NSFW

Today I will tell you about Imagetwist Review – Make money uploading photos adult/porn/NSFW. I have shared many money making guides on our website in our Make money method section.Imagetwist Review - Make money uploading photos adult/porn/NSFW


What is Imagetwist?

In this Imagetwist review, i will answer all your questions about Imagetwist. Imagetwist is an image/pic/picture host site. It is also an adult ad network but not in the general sense like juicyads or exoclick. User can make an account, upload the pictures on their servers and then the users are provided with the image links or thumbnail codes. This helps you in two ways:

  1. You save the bandwidth of your server by uploading the images on Imagetwist servers
  2. You make additional money for every visitor to send to their website


How can I earn / make money uploading or sharing adult porn pics?

Adult webmasters or any adult site owner can make money from uploading pictures. Upload your adult porn pics on Image twist and then share the link codes/thumbnail images on your website. The visitors you send to these links will help you make money. The way you make money is that, Imagetwist will show adult ads (display banners) alongside the images you uploaded. You will make money of each unique click within 24-hour period.

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To make cash from Imagetwist all you need to do is to upload your photos onto this website. This can be done directly from your admin panel. you also get an option to upload multiple pics at once. You get the following options while uploading your pics to make money:

  1. Thumbnail size: This depends on you what you want. Thumbnails are a great way to entice people to click and send them to Imagetwist website. So choose a size that you desire
  2. Upload to gallery: You can create multiple gallery, to categories your images or segment them.
  3. Domain name: Few of the domain names might be blacklisted or blocked on many websites, hence you are given an option to choose the domain name
  4. Upload the images

Once your pics are uploaded, you are given many options to drive the visitors to their website. You can share the photos using the:

  1. Direct URL links of the images
  2. Forum code
  3. HTML embed codes

You make money when you drive a visitor to thief url and advertisement are shown to them


How much money can I make? What rates can I get from Imagetwist as an adult publisher?

The most important question right :). Although there are many such services like Image twist but I find Image twist to be the bets among all. The rates that are offered are also very lucrative and above industry standard. Rates are decided depending upon the country of the visitor, and hence are segmented in Tiers.

Here is an image that showcase all the Tiers and the rates associated with them:

Imagetwist Review - Make money uploading photos adult/porn/NSFW


How can I receive payment? Payment processing in ImageTwist?

Payment or the money you earned can be received in multiple ways:

  1. Paypal
  2. Payza
  3. Amazon Gift Voucher
  4. Webmoney

The minimum payout is $25 for every payment type except for PayPal for which it is $10

Imagetwist Review - Make money uploading photos adult/porn/NSFW


Method to make money from uploading pic at Image Twist:

Making money through Imagetwist is easy if you know the right ways. Owning an adult website is not mandatory because the ads are being displayed on Imagetwist, all you need is traffic to your images.

Make money from Imagetwist using Porn-pinning sites: Just upload the images on Imagetwist and pin the urls on the popular porn pinning sites. I have compiled a list of best porn winning websites for you:

Make money from Imagetwist using Forums: I know many adult webmasters who are utilizing the adult forums and the community to make money. With the right influence and authority, you can easily drive massive amount of traffic back to your money making images. I have compiled a list of popular adult forums for you, research on them and look for the ones that are working for you:

Make sure that the imagetwist domain name is not banned in the forum that you are posting. Posting thumbnails in forums is a great way to drive visitors. Also you can use forum codes.

Make money from Imagetwist using Social media: Using the adult-friendly social networks to drive traffic to your images. Using this will require you to first create a following that might take time. But if you get enough following then you can easily automate everything

Make money from Imagetwist using Torrent: If you have downloaded any movie torrent then you would have noticed the screen images, or screenshots of movie to show the quality of image to the downloader.


Make an account at Imagetwist to earn easy passive income

If you follow this website then you probably know that the whole idea of this website is to help every one of my visitor to make a decent passive income like me. Imagetwist can be helpful in this way. Although you would not be able to make a lot of money, but a significant few dollars per month is not that bad. All you have to do is follow the above stated methods of making money through Image twist. The best part is that you don’t even need to buy a domain name and an adult hosting to make money. If you are capable of driving large amount of visitor from Tier-1 countries, then you can easily look at accumulating dollars in your account.

I hope you like this article on Imagetwist Review – Make money uploading photos adult/porn/NSFW



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