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How To Use Proxies

Let me tell you about How To Use Proxies today. If you don’t know about proxy, then you are missing out on something very amazing. Proxies are used to hide your identity, your computer while you are surfing the internet. These are usually used by hackers and people who are surfing the dark web (pages that are not indexed by google).

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What is the use of proxy? How can using Proxy help me?

If you are sitting in United States, and you don’t want the website you are visiting to know about your IP address and other details (location) etc then you can use proxy for fooling the website. Using proxy it might appear that you assessed that website from a different location , for ex: Japan

Is It hard to set up Proxies or Using proxies on my computer?

It is extremely simple to use proxies. There is one lengthy way and one very simple way that i use:

Simple way to set up and use proxy on your computer: Use ZenMate . It’s a free browser addon plugin (available for most popular browsers). With just one click you can browse internet anonymously.

With just one click you can change the country of your computer. It is very simple to use and that is why it has become the best addon for proxy.

Lengthy way of setting up Proxy:  Setting up proxies on your browser. Every browser comes with the option of setting up proxies. You just need to go to Settings and find the setting related to Proxies and easily set up proxies on your computer

One other way of using proxies is using Web-based Proxy websites. There are thousands of such websites, just google search and you will find many of them. Using these websites to browse internet does the same function. Note: These websites will be very slow, hence you will need a faster internet connection to browse smoothly


Hope i was of help and you were satisfied with this How To Use Proxies. If i was not thorough or you couldn’t understand some point, do ask in the comment section below.


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