How to perform adult/porn SEO

If you have not already then do read about how simple it is to make a huge passive income: How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites. Today i will tell you about How to perform adult/porn SEO

If you have not gone through our amazing ADULT SEO section then i would request you to go through some of the great helpful articles. Also you can check out the following articles on our website for more help:

The articles stated above will really help you kickstart your perform adult SEO campaign. Instead of writing all the techniques here on one single post, i decided to keep this article more like a roadmap linking to various other usesult adult seo techniques that i have shared it on this website.

how to perform adult porn seo

So lets start with the most common questions, is ADULT seo different from the traditional seo techniques.?

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Well personally i think there is no difference at all. SEO remains the same but the difference comes in the form of tweaking the strategy or approac towards doing the ADULT seo. Generally your search engine optimization plan will cover making high quality, middle quality and low quality backlinnks to give a more natural feel in the eyes of google. The only problem we face with performing adult seo is that majority of the website would not allow you to keep your adult links on their website. Hence finding the website which allow adult links is the key here.

how to perform adult porn seo backlinks

Although in my last five year period of working with adult tube websites and single handedly operating the adult seo process, i have found the places where one can promote their adult links: some of them i have given in the article links at the start of this post.

I personally have avoided link exchange techniques for making adult backlinks where you contact the webmasters of the websites in your niche and then swap links. From last two years Google has been very strict against this method of making adult backlinks and hence i would advice you not to indulge yourself.

One great way to make some high quality backlinks while also driving huge traffic to your websites is using Forums. Let me warn you beforehand that this process will be a little time consuming, but the results will really help you website rank higher on your focus keyword. I have written a detailed article regarding this technique here: Using forums for creating adult backlinks

One very important parameter we often overlook is on-page seo. This comprises of all the different ways you can make your website look good in the eyes of Google. Just like a beautiful girl leaves a great first impression even if she is dumb, similarly if you can beautify your website by working internally, it will really helping your adult seo campaign. If you are also following the article and are on your way to make thousands of dollars a month using How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites, then you already must have gone through some other great articles i have written for on-page adult seo.

One other great avenue for making your website look attractive in googles eyes is to have decent social signals. By this i mean creating a Facebook fan page, posting in niche specific Facebook groups, Using twitter to promote your website, Creating Google+ page, posting your links on Pinterest, Stumbleupon, and other popular social website. One important thing to keep in mind here is to now post hardcore nude videos or pics, just softcore no nudity videos and pic, and this will keep you from getting banned. This way will insure a steady supply of free visitors along with backlink juice.


I use many other ways as well to create adult backlinks for my portfolio of 15 different adult tube website. I will write about them very shortly so kindly keep visiting to keep yourself updated.

If i missed some point or you were not able to understand something, please share your query in the comments section below. I will be quick to reply to all the queries.


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