How to become an escort – [Complete A-Z guide for Prostitutes]

become an escortAre you searching for how to become an escort? How to become a prostitute?  or how to become a male prostitute? but have not found a single article that covers genuine and complete information?

Then worry not, this complete 10,000+ word guide is all you need to understand all about how to be an escort.

Becoming an escort needs proper guidance, and through this value-filled article, I will pass on my knowledge to you. Not just escorting service, I have experience with male prostitutes, escorting ladies, female escorts and much more. So all the information here is genuine and to the point, that will definitely help you.

NOTE: This is a guest post by an professional escort who has more than 7+ years of escorting experience. I asked her to write this long article (covering all the escorting points) so that a true and genuine picture of escorting job can be shown on the internet. I have not found a single resource that gives genuine advice on becoming an escort and hence kudos to her for sharing all her knowledge and information in such a descriptive and factual manner. She wants to be anonymous (for obvious reasons) but your thanks and appreciation will be forwarded to her. If you have any specific question about how to become an escort or starting as an escort, please use the comments section below and I will make sure that your questions get answered by her. 

So without wasting any time, lets start.

How to become an escort – Professional Escort Guide

Becoming an escort is a question that many male and females have thought about at least once. I asked for a general survey to my friends about would they become an escort or prostitute to make money, and 90% of them said yes they have thought about it.

The problem to start escorting is that most of the females/girls or even males enquire about it, then few even start but they don’t last more than 2 months.

First of all, you need to understand that to become an escort are the rights of only those females who were abused or drug addicts, I know many well earning and confident women doing an escorting job for many reasons.

Is becoming a professional escort for me?

This is the first question that comes into anyone’s mind when they starting thinking about becoming an escort. Also, you must contemplate about thishow to be an escort same question with deep thoughts. I know many open minded women who started escorting but ended up not doing it.

Is escorting for you or not, there must be thousands of other questions that must be juggling in your head regarding escorting. Tell me I am right 🙂

Let me make another accurate guess, the most likely reason for you to think about or search for how to become an escort (that landed you to this article) is MONEY. Yes, you know that you need to make a lot of money and you also know that by becoming an escort you can easily do that in very small time. Now I will go through the most common question for a newbie or potential escorts have and answer them one by one.

What exactly does an escort do – Escorting job description?

Now let me guess again, you probably think that an escort just goes to the client, have sex, take her money and then leave right? Well WRONG.

Let me tell you the truth. Most probably you will be with an escort agency and clients book an escort for time slots like 1 hour, 2 hours, overnight etc. So if you go and the client cums in 10 mins then you have 50 minutes to kill him. Its not that you just do your work and leave.

To make it easy for you, I have compiled this list of escort services that you might need to perform for your client

Escort services

  1. Handjob
  2. Blowjob – With or without condom (Bare back for without condom)
  3. Anal sex
  4. Cum in mouth
  5. French kissing
  6. Vagina penetration sex
  7. Rimjob: Eating asshole, either yours or clients
  8. Porn star experience
  9. Girlfriend experience
  10. Multiple shots: Client can have sex multiple times in the time for which he has booked you for
  11. Client cums on the face

Now let me tell you this is not the complete list. There are so many different fetish people might have (just go to to get an overview of various fetish that people have that might surprise you). But generally, the above-stated list includes the most common escort service requirements

Now you might be surprised for Anal requests, it depends on you if you want to charge extra for it. If I go through each point then it will take a lifetime.

One skill that you must have is being nice and friendly. Be conversationalist and talk to them when needed. Make the whole experience look natural to them and they will love you for it.

Few tips: Be good in slow kissing, be comfortable with multiple shots in a time slot. Also getting your pussy eaten is loved my many clients so make sure yo are comfortable with that.

Remember: Your goal is to make regular and repeat customers, and that will only happen if you give them an experience that makes them happy so that the next time they book you and no one else

Safety and Security of Escorts – One big concern

Becoming an escort is risky depending on the kind of risk that you might face. From STD to weird customers and much more. Let’s go through each, one by one

STD – sexually transmitted diseases

After 7+ years of escorting experience, STD’s is still the biggest concern for me. Even if you lose out on some money, or maybe ven the client is offering a lot of fo money for the service, your life and health comes first. So make sure you forget about those extra dollars and do not perform the service for such clients.

Here are few tips that I follow and advise you to also follow:

  1. Never kiss or allow anyone to eat your out on your vagina or anal, who has any cuts or any other similar issue with their mouth
  2. Don’t do any customer who has some weird looking rashes or visible problems with their genitalia and that area

how to become an escortWeird and Abusive customers

There might be two ways for abusive clients. Either you are being extra smart and trying to not provide full service.Or another case might be that the client himself enjoys being dominant to an overexaggerated degree. First of all, treat escorting as a profession and being professional is what will take you forward. and also if you feel anyone is trying to be abusive, then he is not worth it

Getting caught by Police

Well, you might encounter a situation like this. The best advice for this is to be thoroughly and being smart.

If you are worried about the other person being police, so before discussing about any sexual activity detail, ask them to tell you it they are police or not. Also, try to not make a ruckus. Don’t go for incall and also be nice and decent

How much money Escorts make?

Ok, lets come to the sweet spot, the question that will bring the biggest smile on your face and your biggest motivation to become an escort

First of all let me blow the horns, just like I mentioned in the article how much do camgirls make,  escort income depends on many factors. Here is a list of factors:

  1. City of operation: If you are in Las vegas with lot of tourist then yes you will make a lot more
  2. Attractiveness: Obviously if you are really pretty and sexy and hot then yes more money for you
  3. Services you offer: Th more services you offer the more money you will make

On an average, if you an escort makes $5000-$10,000/month. Just like Camgirls, you will have some good weeks and months and some bad ones. Good months can give you upwards of $10,000 and bad ones might just give you $2,000. Per client, you can charge in the range of $300-$500 depending on the services you are offering.

Also, you will have to spend some money on advertising and also commission to escort agency

TIP: if you are just starting out then first join an escort agency, learn about this profession, make regular clients, learn the ins and out of being an escort and then go for being the independent escort. But make sure the transition from an agency to being independent won’t be smooth, there is a lot of competition even in escorts.

Escort jobs – How many clients do I need to service per month

This honestly depends on you. You need to check your potential no your bodily strength I have friends who cater to more than 10+ clients per day, the max I have gone is 7. After that I get tired and my body does not help me that well and my service quality goes down. I never compromise on the experience that I give my customers

You might only do 2, this depends and you won’t find it until you start escorting. If you are in dire need of money then you can do more clients.

TIP: After some time, reduce the number of clients. The changes that will reflect in your attitude will be observed by your regular clients and you will be paid more for that

Remember: Yes money is nice and it’s a big motivator, but you must not get carried away. You must not exert your body and yourself to extremes. Have fun and be in a happy mood, if you are feeling tired and start hating escorting then you need to slow down

Being an escort what type of clients will I encounter?

professional escortThis might surprise you. You might be expecting ugly and weird looking desperate wannabes who just want to fuck you right, you cannot be further from the truth

First of all, you need to get this notion out of your mind about ugly customers. You need to stop being so superficial and need to find beauty in each of your customers. Generally the one-hour session will go like 10-20 minutes of general and nice conversation and then to the main stuff

To your surprise, the average age of your customers will revolve around 32-48. Most of them will be presentable, well groomed and nice gentlemen. They will treat you nicely, have a good conversation. You might surprise yourself when you find someone interesting that you forget about your job and just love the conversation itself.

Its not so nice all the time, you might even encounter unhygienic and very old and fat people who just want to fuck you. For such clients, you can always just decline the offer and go back (do not think much about such incidents after these happen these are part and parcel  of this escort life)

If you face such situation, just be polite and tell them that you are not feeling right and your health might be an issue and then leave. They will be disappointed but your safety and you come first

Escort Privacy – Family and Friends

This is another big fear aspiring escorts have, to be found out as an escort. Escort job is such that if your closed ones find out (especially your family) they will be heartbroken. People start looking at you with different eyes and treating you differently once they find out.

For escort privacy you can use the following tactics and tips:

  1. Creating a different identity altogether: A different name, phone number, and email address. especially your photos, make sure they don’t have the distinctive features like a birth mark, scratch, tattoo or anything that can help spot you
  2. Don’t trust anyone: I have seen so many of my escort friends make the same mistake. Out of a moment of passion, they tell their boyfriend or their best friend about their escort profession and sooner or later regret the decision. The more people know about you escorting the higher the chances of your being caught.


Escort Consulting

If you are serious about becoming an escort, then must be hundreds of question lingering in your mind. You need an expert to help you clear your mind and show you the right direction. Just send me an email at [email protected] and I will forward your

The anonymous escort who write this amazing guide want to help you, but everyone is busy these days and asking for personal time and expert advice is something that is priced commodity. So just for a small price you can get VIP Escort consultation from someone who has huge experience as an escort


1 Hour Consultation: $247

Additional hours: $147/hour

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Additional helpful tips for Aspiring Escorts

3 ways to Find the best escort photographer

how to become a prostituteLet me share with you 3 ways to Find the best escort photographer for your escort website and social media channels. If you have read my article on (add a link about starting escort business), then you know that having high quality professional looking photographs for your escort website is a must. Since you are an escort and it is highly unlikely you know the technicalities behind taking the best escort photographs, you will need the expertise of a professional escort photographer

Note: You might be thinking that this is a waste investment and you don’t need to spend your precious money on all of this, but trust me your beautiful pictures is what will change the customer’s decision from “I might hire her” or ” I definitely want her”

To help you find the best escort photographer for yourself, I have compiled a list of three ways you can do that:

Google to the rescue

It sounds too simple and you might be thinking, yeah I already did that. Well for the sake of it I kept this method in the list (i know how obvious it is). Just google “escort photographer city name” and you will easily find many leads. Some other search terms that might help you are:

  1. Erotic photographer
  2. Adult photographer
  3. Boudoir photographer

Finding Escort photographers on twitter

Twitter is the best way to build relationships with the people in your industry in the most amazing fashion. Almost everyone is one twitter (look at my website handle @makemoneyadult and i have connected with hundreds of adult webmasters, adult affiliates, webcam models, escorts, etc and have helped them in their business).

If you following relevant people in your industry , then you are bound to get beautiful picture sin your twitter feed.Just ask the person posting the picture who tool it and they will be happy to link to you with the twitter handle or the email id of the person.

Using fellow escorts to find the escorts photographer your need

Just like you need the photographs for your website, other escorts in your area must have had the same problem when they started. Asking people who have already done it will save countless hours of your life finding the answers on irrelevant places. Just make a list of all the escorts that have the kind of pictures that you want clicked for yourself and shoot them an email. If you have their website address, you can use their contact form. You can also connect with them on twitter and ask the same question

Not just photographs, you will be creating relationships with your peers and hence they might also give you some useful tips, ideas, or even leads for more customers. Networking is the key to success in any field.

Tips on Hiding your face for your Escort photos

Now i will share with you Tips on Hiding your face for your Escort photos. Finding the best escort photographers (add link ) was fine, and now you even have the high quality professional looking escort photographs, but how to protect your identity and hide your face in the escort pics. Your goal with your pictures is to show how sexy, beautiful you are so that potential customers are enticed and hire you to serve their needs. One question that might be juggling in your mind is how to not show your face while also showing your assets.

I have compiles a list of best  Tips on Hiding your face for your Escort photos

Tips on Hiding your face for your Escort photosBlur your face 

This is the most common way of hiding your escort identity and this is what everyone uses to hide their faces in escort photos. The method is easy to implement and used by all escorts. I have written an article about how you can do this (add link)

But blurring the face is not what yo might want, also since it is used by everyone else you would want to be different and innovative and hence i have listed down few smart ways to get your photos clicked. If you hire an escort photographer then he might already know about these tactics

Tips on Hiding your face for your Escort photosWearing a mask

Using a mask bring the sexiness and also entices the person since you wonder about the beauty behind the mask. Using a sexy mask that goes along with your dress is the perfect way to hide your face for your escort photographs

Using props to cover your face for you adult entertainer photos

You can easily get a hot picture clicked by concealing your face by using a prop like a book, fan etc. Make suer the book is also something sexy in nature for example: Fifty shades of grey

2016-08-26_15-43-31Facing the other way 

Back poses are beautiful and bring the excitement in the photographs. Instead of facing directly to the camera, face away from it and you can easily hide you face. Tyr to be sexy nd take inspirations from other models who are getting clicked like it to find the best poses for this escort picture

Cropping your photo just enough

Clicking a picture like this and then smartly cropping it. Here you are not revealing your identity while also sowing off what matters.


Best way To Blur Your Face In Escort Photos

Let me tell you the Best way To Blur Your Face In Escort Photos and how you can easily accomplish this.Being an online escort and having an escort website will require you to get professional high quality pictures (add link about escort photography) . Now you don’t want to reveal your identity and hence are looking for ways to hide your face (add link)

One great way to prevent your identity being displayed in your escort photographs is by blurring the face in your escort pictures. There are three ways you can do this:

Best way To Blur Your Face In Escort Photos

Using Tools like Adobe Photoshop 

If you have this expensive tool, then well and good. Just use the Blur tool and you are good to go.

Using mobile App for editing your escort photographsBest way To Blur Your Face In Escort Photos

If you do not have expensive softwares like Adobe photoshop, the you can easily use mobile apps like PicsArt , and blurring the face will be done in seconds. This app is free to use and very easy to blur any area in your picture

Best way To Blur Your Face In Escort PhotosRecommended method: Using online image editing tools

Use website to blur your escort photos. Here are the steps that you need to follow on

  • Choose the file and upload the image file
  • Make the selection which you want to blur and click on “hide”to blur the area
  • Click download to save the blurred image


Choosing a Domain name for your escort website

Let me tell you how to Pick and buy the perfect Escort domain name. Domain name is the first impression you leave on someone about your website and the services you offer. If you have a not so good domain name you might find it difficult to connect with customers or might just leave a bad first impressions. Here are some mistakes that you might commit while choosing a domain name:

Choosing a very long escort domain name

No one likes big domain names. they are hard to remember, harder to put into the address bar of your browser and just too complicated. Keeping the domain names short and simple is the key to picking a  great escort domain name.

For example, a domain name such as should be avoided rather something like is a much better domain name. It is short, simple and to the point. It also describes what the website might be about in a very obvious manner

Not being unique

One mistake that you might make is impersonating someone already famous. So make sure to google your chosen domain name just to check whether anyone else i popular by that name or not. If yes, then it will make it difficult for your fans and admirers to find you on Google, as Google will give preference to the other famous personality over you. Also this might bring legal troubles, if you use the name of someone famous.

Use Escort seo for your escort domain name

Having the target keywords of your services in your domain name will help you get better rankings on Google search results. Lets say you service clients in the area New york, then domain name something like might be a good choice. If you are into some fetish like BDSM or BBW then something like is a good domain name.

Not reflecting or using the keyword in the domain name.

If you are not using the main keyword describing you or your services in your domain name. If you are an independent escort then make sure to make the domain name with the fake or alias name that you have created for yourself. for example

Using irrelevant numbers, hyphens, characters, and confusing domain name

You must always avoid the use of hyphens, numbers, and other special characters in your domain name. Using numbers also creates confusion, as the numeral “8” can also be written as “eight” in the domain name and hence you customers might be confused which one to use

Choosing a confusing domain name, for example: Although it is a good domain name to have, but it does not refect what the business is all about. Yes it tells that you are offering a service, but the potential customer has no idea what to expect unless he/she opens the website


Start a profitable Escort business – Make some serious cash

Let me tell you How to start an Escort Business from scratch and make amazing money from it.

The best part about starting an escort business is the ease with which you can start. Creating a website and getting clients is very easy and money-making potential is huge. But before starting of indulging yourself in starting an escort website or creating an escort business you need to get the answers of few simple questions

The most important thing that you need to know is :

  1. Whether the area you are targeting has several tourist attraction to have a huge tourist incoming
  2. Whethere your area has big businesses or business hub where people come for business purpose a lot
  3. whether you area is known for something or any other reason which drives a lot of foreigners

What can i expect from my escort business?

First thing you have to understand is that since it is a secret business so you cannot expect to put up straight advertisements on the billboards, flyers or banners across your area and then expect an incoming of customers. There are other ways to drive customers which i will tell you shortly

The earning potential is huge as you just act like a broker, you get the customers, set up schedules and let the models go to the clients. You make commission of each client after you pay the model

Here are the steps that are involved in starting an escort business from scratch:

  1. create a business plan
  2. Check the legality of the business and other legal issues
  3. Creating a website
  4. Getting the escorts
  5. Advertising it, Doing Adult seo  or Escort seo , and other ways of promotion
  6. Scheduling and handling the models

So lets start step by step. That will be easy enough for you right? 😀

Legal comes first, – for escort business

Starting an escort business or website is not like starting any other startup or company. Not all countries allow the escort business a nd hence you need to meticulously check whether it is allowed or not. If yes, then also check whether there are any specific clauses, or conditions that needs to be followed. Do not take this step lightly as this is the whole foundation and you don’t want to spend your time in jail just because you did not know the rules

Also if you are stating a company then you will need all the documents and paperwork.So hire someone if you are an amateur in this. What kind of company will that be (sole proprietorship, limited liability etc), Business licence, and other documents

Your escort business name

Your company name is he first thing that will come across your customers, so make it fun and lively like the nature of your business. Sizzling escorts Inc. etc

Escort business plan

Just like any other business you will need a solid business plan before starting. This is a very important step and you need to spend some good time whle being strategic in this step. Some of the point to help you give an idea are:

  1. Where will the initial capital come from
  2. How will you generate revenue, profit margins,
  3. How will you drive the customers – marketing and promotion – A crucial step
  4. How will you grow the business

Creating an escort website

After you have competed the above listed vital steps then you can start working on creating an escort website for your escort business. If you have experience with templates and themes then you will face no issues but if you have no idea about them then the best bet if you find an escort theme

There are many companies, templates, themes, scripts available on the internet for your escort business. contact me at [email protected] you are interested in one

I will soon add a comprehensive guide on creating an escort website from scratch, if you are in urgent need then you can contact me and i will help you get your website started

Finding Escorts for your escort business

Here comes another crucial part. Whats an escort business without escorts right?. You might thing this will e a difficult step, but to the contrary this step is fairly simple and you wont have to do a lot of hard work for this

Before hiring a model you must check the following:

  1. They should provide amazing service : since your whole business is depending on the performance of your escort hence service should be exceptional
  2. They should be able to cater to all kind of services, (Blowjob, anal, 69, fantasy play, roleplay and all the other kind of popular fetishes people have)

You can find your escorts through:

  1. Hotels
  2. Travel agents
  3. Clubs and bars

You can also contact freelance independent escorts and get them listed on their website. Since these models are looking for more customers, they will be happy to get listed. Once you have enough models, add their details on your website ad you are good to go on the promotion part. After some time when your website is established, models will start approaching you for getting listed, you don’t even have to do that part as well

Points to know while creating your escort website:

  1. Make suer the website is extremely fast, use a VPS if possible or use the help of a web developer to make it as fast as possible
  2. Do proper Escort SEO  so that you can get free traffic to your website
  3. Add only high quality images of the escorts. Add a lot of images to entice the user even more
  4. List all the services that are offered by the model and what are not.
  5. Add a section for “Hiring Models for Escorts” on the website so that interested escort models can also contact you to get them listed on your website

Promotion and marketing of your escort website

First of all you have to focus on offline promotion like hotel and their employees, travel agent, cab provides, bars and clubs, business event planners etc. Tell them how they can make money by referring clients to your escort business and hence you ill create an easy stream of referral customers from them

Escort SEO  can come to the rescue. People visiting a place might search for “Escort “place-name”” like “new york escorts” and then visit the websites that are listed in the search results. So investing time in getting higher ranking in Google for your search terms will be extremely beneficial

Use social media (Twitter, instagram etc) for promoting your website in your area

You can also try running adult ads (adult media buying) and run the ads only on your area IP address. This way your adult ad banner will be shown only to people in your area

You have to be smart and be innovative in getting more customers. See and check which channel is giving you the most customers at lowest price and then maximise it

I hope you like this article on The Complete Guide on How to start an Escort Business

Posting free escort ads

Since your escort business is new, you need clients and customers to push your business forward. Y0u can use escort advertisements to drive those initial set of customers to keep the money rolling. Here are the escort ad opportunities:

  1. Escort Directories : You can easily find escort directories for your local area
  2. Classifieds: Websites such as Craigslist is a great way to get customer lead

Do i have to pay money to get listed in these escort directories

Most of them are free and in exchange they are just looking for a link back from your website to theirs. This helps them get relevant back links and hence drive their Google rankings

Exotic Dancer/Escort Marketing – Get more Customers/clients/traffic

I will tell you about Escort Marketing – Getting more Customers/clients/traffic/leads today. Escort marketing is all about getting more people to pay for your services

Traffic  is king for nay website, if you have been following my adult tube  guide then you know tha approximately 20K visitors per day will give you $50/day. Now 20K for adult tube website is great, but when it comes to escort website, even 100 visitors per day is more than enough. Assuming even 5% conversion rate will easily give you 5 customers every day, this is more than enough to make signficant income on a daily basis

Marketing is all about acquiring right and targeted traffic that will finally be converting into potential customers. In this article I will list does all the working methods and tactics you can use to drive more customers on your escort website.

Driving free organic traffic 

I love free organic traffic and this is why i focus on Search engine optimization a lot on this website. I will strongly recommend you to read our Escort SEO guide if you are serious about your escort business and need more customers that too free of cost. People looking for escort in your area,, the first thing they will do is search for it on Google. So if your website is number one on most popular search terms then this will easily give you free leads and customers daily.

Advertising to get more adult traffic to your website

For any business you need to get customers in the initial stage. Later on you start making a name for yourself and you also start seeing repeat customers helping you make money. Especially in adult websites and business, repeat customers play a big part of your income.

Analysing your current traffic

One great way of finding the channels that are working for your is Google analytics (i hope that you have installed the Google analytics code on your WordPress theme in order to get data about your traffic). Just by Looking at the Acquisitions>>All Traffic>>Channels, will list down all the sources of traffic that you are getting. This will help you analyze which sources are working well for you and which are not working so well. Since Escort seo takes time to start sending traffic from Google, in the initial days your main sources of customers will be directories, classifieds, Facebook and twitter. All these channels are under the referral section of traffic acquisition

Note: If you don’t know how to set up Google analytics on your escort website then worry not it is very easy. You can just watch a  YouTube video to do the same. You will be provided with a code that you need to paste in the head section of your theme.

Escorts are not allowed to use Google Adwords for promotion and marketing and hence you need to be smart and innovative to find other channels for getting customers ad clients

List of top and  Best Escort Directories and Best Escort Sites

Now i will share with you the List of top and  Best Escort Sites and Best Escort Directories. I have already shared a lot of information about getting more clients for your escort business. Many other useful tips and knowledge is shared on this website in Escort section for anyone who is planning to become an independent escort and make money online.

This list of escort directory will help yourself get listed in as many places as possible. Since these escort directories gets huge traffic , so the chances of you landing a customer is much higher. As an escort, marketing and promotion of your services in right areas and places is extremely important and these escort sites will help you achieve that

I hope you like this article on How to become an escort or prostitute


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