How to become a cam girl – $1,000/day – [A-Z guide for Webcam Models]

If you are looking to make a decent passive income then becoming a webcam model is the best move forward. Today I will enlighten you with the Complete guide on how to become a cam girl and help you make money as a camming to be a cam girl

Although it looks complicated but becoming a camgirl is simple and easy. All you need is a computer/laptop, good quality webcam, internet connection and a place to perform. There is no need to know how to create a camming website, or any other technical details, the network you will be working with will take care of all that. The only thing you have to provide is your time—get online and start making money.

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Note: This step-by-step guide is massive. This is why i have created a TOS for easy navigation. I have included all the information a newbie or beginner webcam model might need to become successful. The purpose of this article is to be the best article on the internet for how to become a webcam model

Note-2: This article will constantly be updates, and relevant, helpful links and guides will be linked on the website once they are added. So make sure you bookmark this article link

Now before becoming a webcam model, you might have many questions, this Complete Guide to becoming webcam model/camgirl will help you answer all those questions. From choosing the best equipment, best camming network, tips and tricks to make more money and everything else, this guide has been made after taking with hundreds of webcam-models and after studying the problems they faced, and tips and tricks from their experiences.

Note 1: This guide will have links to other articles on this website, explaining in details the question in focus. This has been done to declutter the guide along with helping you review a specific part with greater ease.

Note 2: I have tried to cover as much as I can in this guide. If you feel that some points are missing or you could not understand something, or have anything to add that might help others, please feel free to comment in the comment section below. Else you can email me at [email protected]. I can assure you I will be prompt to reply. You can also reach me through the contact us page

Without wasting any more of your time, lets start:

Cam Girl – How to become a Webcam Girl

how to become a camgirl

What is a Camgirl?

A camgirl is a webcam model where she performs adult related services like (dancing, stripteasing, sex, fetish related activities) in front of  a camera. The feed is broadcasted live to the audience who are currently on her channel on the camming network she is performing.

How to be a Cam girl – Equipment and Accessory guide for webcam models

  1. Personal computer (PC) or a Laptop
  2. Webcam (attached or additional)
  3. High-Speed Internet Connection

But there are various either things that can significantly help you in making money online as a webcam camming adult performer.

Where to buy or Shop for these camming equipments/adult toys and additional accessories?

I have written a detailed article on this check it out : How/Where to Buy Adult Toys for camming shows

camgirl toolkit
camgirl toolkit

Cam Model – Getting started with live camming shows as a webcam model

  1. Personal computer (PC) or a Laptop : You will be given a software by the camming network you choose to join. All of these software can be easily installed on a windows operating system, but if you are mac user then there are ways to install non-mac apps. If you have recently purchased a PC then you would easily have 4GB of ram, but a 2GB-4GB is recommended for good experience
  2. Webcam: Without doubt this is an integral part of your journey to become a succesful webcam model. Many of the laptops/notebooks already have a webcam attached to them, but the quality is not that good. I will recommend you to buy a good quality HD webcam so that your audience can get an amazing picture quality and hence increasing your chances fo making more money and a loyal following. A good quality camera is also an indication of seriousness of model as an adult performer
  3. High Speed internet connection : This is again a very important parameter and don’t compromise on this. Fast streaming makes the whole camming experience feel alive. If your customers/audience feel a lag or slow streaming then this will directly impact your overall income
    1. Tip: Find out the best and highest speed internet in your area and install that. Also do not use a wi-fi, rather attach the model directly as this will help in even greater speed

Note: The place where you perform these webcam shows is also very important. These points must be fulfilled:

  • Try to find a secure place where there will be minimum disturbance.
  • There should be no distractions and your customers focus should entirely be on you.
  • No one should disturb you.

webcam model sex toys adult toysBeing a Camgirl you also have some Extra stuff to buy – Helpful things that can help increase sales

  1. Sexy outfits : Your goal is to look as sexy as possible. What you wear make a lot of difference. It should be sexy, and should bring out the best self of you. You should also have a variety of these sexy costumes to bring in that spicy flavour. Also multi layer sexy clothing is also very helpful, because in the end its the slow removal of clothes that makes someone most exited. Dont invest a lot if you are just a newbie, first make some money and then reinvest that money in your camming career
  2. Adult Toys: The more the merrier is the case. Variety in your outfits and toys will help you make your show different each time. You can create themes and add new new storyline in each show. This will keep the interest of your audience going and will help in getting repeat customers. Some customers might have different fetish and might ask you to use some adult toy, so in that case it will be really helpful. Buying adult toys also show authority and that you are “All in”  in this camming game
    1. You might also need to buy additional stuff such as wigs, shoes etc. This will help you cater to a large variety of audience and hence make more money
  3. Lighting : One of the ignored aspect in camming industry, but a good lighting can make all the difference in your income. Natural lighting is the best, if you get your location lit up with natural lighting that will be great. Apart from that, learn about lighting the room on Google, try to add more lamps in your room. Do not ignore this step.

Tip: Also invest some money in Wireless Keyboard and Wireless mouse. This will be really helpful as you wont need to sit in front of the laptop/computer all the time.

Privacy protection and Securing your identity – Becoming a camgirl

camgirl privacy and protecting identityTake this point very seriously. You don’t want to disclose your location or identity. You never know when some psycho customer might take advantage of that. So follow the following security steps for protecting your privacy:

  1. Choosing a screen name: You need a name for your customers. Just like pornstars create their virtual name, choose a sexy name for yourself. I know i don’t need to say this, but don’t use your real name in any way possible.
  2. Blocking specific areas: If you are living in one country, then you might be blocking that country or specific regions of that country. You don’t want people you know to find your identity. Hence do give this feature a thorough thought when selecting with a camming network
  3. Preventing your information on your website: If you are registering a domain or building a website with a hosting you will need to provide your details to the domain/hosting registration company. This information is publicly available. To protect your information choose the privacy protection/WHOIS protection feature of the company you purchase the domain/hosting
  4. Your filming location: Make sure no information is passed onto the customer through your performing location. There should not be any road signs visible, no nameplate or any other way of deciphering your location. So throughly analyze your location
  5. Social media privacy protection: When you upload a photo or write a post, sometimes the location is also shared, so make sure to turn that feature off.You can use a proxy as well to be safe. (Install the add-on: Zenmate, available for both chrome and firefox)

Relevant article: Cam Model Protection : Anti Piracy and DMCA Management

Congratulations you are done with your hardware and have also protected your identity. Now its time to choose a camming network for you to perform on. This is a difficult decision and should be given thorough thought.

Verification with Camming network – Become a webcam girl

verificationSince you are thinking of becoming an adult performer, you will need to provide the camming network that you decide to join with a proof of your age. Here is a list of points to consider:

  1. You need to be at least 18 (eighteen) years old to be even eligible for becoming webcam model. Some countries have even higher age limits, so check the age limit in your country
  2. You will need to upload a scanned copy of your identification document. Some networks require you to upload one form of identification while others require two.
  3. If you don’t have a scanner just click a photo with your smart phone and then use an online converter to convert the picture in PDF format to upload.

The above list is a list of essentials or mandatory things to consider before getting started as an adult performer to become a webcam model, or sell adult content online. The next list will help you become a successful camming model.

Camgirl – Selecting the best cam site to join and make money

The first thing that will come into your mind is why am i not recommending a network for you. If i have so much knowledge then why not tell you the best camming network. The reason why i wont do that is that the decision is highly fluctuation. There is no such thing as the best camming network. You have to select the one that works for you. Here are a few metrics that you must consider before selecting a webcam network for you:

  1. Website traffic:  Traffic is everything. The more the traffic, the higher will be the chances of you making money. But dont take the traffic on face value. it’s just one of the metric that you should consider. One negative thing about this is that the more traffic a website gets, more the number of webcam models sign up there. Hence the competition level will be higher there
  2. Payment processing and TOS of Payments: Read the terms and condition os how you will be receiving the payment and also about any irregularities that might happen. The different forms of payment processing available and also how they handle chargebacks
  3. Extra features that the camming network offers: Every website is different. Some offer some advantage other might offer something entirely different. There are so many variables to look at. Some of them for example are:
    1. Extra services that you can sell
    2. accepting tokens in public chat
    3. Helpful Tools while performing
  4. Competition level: Don’t think that camming industry is an easy way to make money. Every industry is competitive these days, you really need to be smart and hardworking to make money.You will need to find your differentiating factor so that the audience loves you. Higher the traffic, higher will be the number of models and hence higher the competition.
  5. System Requirements: You might be using a Macbook but the software that the camming network provides might not be compatible. So check this as well
  6. Marketing : How your camming network offers you marketing opportunities is also to be looked upon

Okay congos again, you have been able to finally select the right camming network for yourself. You are all exited to make money. But how will you find the customers. What can you as a camming model do to maximize your income.

This helps the webcam models to only focus on their performance and quality of their webcam sessions (which directly benefits both the model and the webcam network). There are many different networks to choose from, and finally settling for one can be quite a hassle.

I have made a list of the best camming webcam networks and reviewed the best among them. Read it here: List of adult camming sites

You can either read the review of each one of them and decide for yourself, or you can go forward with the one that i suggest. The article will covers my recommendations among all of the webcam networks.

Camgirl Marketing, promotion and building a fanbase

Create a fanbase/following on your camming network: This is very important. Building a following takes time and you need patience for that. Don’t expect to just make an account and the dollars will start flowing in. You need to build trust, and solid fanbase. The larger the following the higher will be the engagement of your chatroom. You can also message your following about your online status and what kind of shows you will be performing. Here are few things you can do to build a solid following:

  1. Smile, yes smile a lot.
  2. Show a happy personality. Dont fake it, but everyone loves a happy attitude
  3. Communicate with your audience and find what makes them happy. If your customers are happy then they will instantly become your fans
  4. Experiment, don’t shy away from trying new thing and find the sweet spot

Be Social: Social media has taken over the internet. Everyone is online these days. You need to build a following on major social media platforms. Keep in mind that not all allow adult content, so make sure you are complying with the TOS. Twitter, tumblr, instagram following is a must

instagram marketingInstagram promotion and Marketing for camming/webcam models

Social media is a vital tool for adult camming/webcam models. If used correctly it can give you amazing results and help you establish yourself as a professional money-making webcam model. Today i will tell you about this amazing social media platform: Instagram promotion and Marketing for camming/webcam models

Instagram has grown in success tremendously. Billions of people are using this photo and video sharing platform everyday. With the help of Instagram, you can upload/post your pics and videos on the platforms and build a following and audience.

Fro the benefit of users i have compiled a list of To-dos for you to succesful market and promote your camming or any other adult-based business :

  1. Utilizing the profile links section: You instagram profile give you an option to add a link which can be anything. You can add any like where the probability of you making money is the maximum. (Tip: If you are sending traffic back to your camming network, then make sure to add the affiliate link (after shortening it) so that you can make more money if the person ends up buying shows other than yours as well)
  2. Watermarking the images your upload: Watermarking your images helps a lot if you have many followers. People might just post these picture on other platforms like Imgur, Reddit etc. Watermarking will help you get that additional traffic if anyone upload your pics someplace else.
  3. Using the correct name: Majority of the people on the internet through these marketing and promotion will find you through Google. People will google you and then come across either your website, twitter handle or camming network. So make sure you use your adult industry name
  4. Being Regular: You cannot expect your audience to buy your shows or clips by just showering them with links, being regular is the key. Interact with them , share your pics and small videos interacting with them. Make 5-10 second videos especially for instagram audience showing them the appreciation.
  5. Properly tagging your pic and videos: Just like twitter, correct tagging will help you get found by people and improve your visibility on these platforms.
  6. Become an active participant: Don’t just keep on adding your own pictures and videos. Also add some value by commenting on other people post. Since your pic and username will be shown, this will drive more traffic and following.

Now you must be thinking that this is too much work and would take a significant mount of your time everyday. Also being regular on twitter is extremely difficult with a busy schedule. Worry not i have a solution for that as well : Automation, i love this word and i apply everything possible to automate as much as possible daily.

Automating your Google+ posts: Just like twitter and Facebook automation, you can use the same website/app I recommend to everyone else. Use Hootsuite . You can link three accounts for free, so automate your Facebook, twitter, Google+, Instagram on that account. If you have to automate more than three channels, you can create two separate accounts on Hootsuite so that in total you will get 6 free accounts to add. Or else you can buy a plan on hootsuite. The best part is that there is a schedule feature on hootsuite, so sit once a week and add all the content that you want to be posted on your social media networks.

  • Tip: Don’t solely rely on automation, you must also do some manual posting , relevant to each social media platform, to keep the followers engage

Google+ marketingGoogle+ marketing and promotion for webcam/camming models

I have compiled a list of best/top tips/tricks/methods to promote yourself as an adult webcam model on Google+. Not just as a camming model, you can use this platform as any adult performer.

  • You Google+ name: I have mentioned this in other post as well, but I will repeat this again. Always use the name you go by as an adult performer. Majority of the people who will find you, will google you to know more about you. Using your adult industry name/stage name/alias name will help you in getting found
  • Hashtags to the rescue : Tags helps in categorizing the posts. Using relevant and correct hashtags can give you some amazing free exposure. Whenever someone searches for that specific tag on Google+ search, you post will appear if you have that relevant tag. If you are a camming girl some example of tags are : #sexy #hot #camgirl. If you are clips4sale or clipstore studio owner then use #clipstore #clips4sale #iwantclips etc
  • Watermarking your pictures/videos: If this online world of piracy, everyone is stealing your content and uploading it on other places without your permission. You cannot spend your precisions time on managing such activities. The best way to tackle this is to watermark your images and videos so that even if someone posts your content someplace else, the watermark will drive traffic to whatever place you want.
    • Tip: I will recommend you to watermark with your website link. As your website is more like a reflection of your online adult business identity, and also an aggregator of whatever you do. So it becomes the best choice of watermark
  • Being Regular: No one likes someone who comes once a week, and then just puts a promotional link on their profile. To be successful with Google+ you will need to update your Google+ profile daily. Don’t bombard the audience with promotional and affiliate links, rather be genuine and also interact with the audience.

Twitter marketing and promotion for webcam/camming models

Trust me if you are an adult performer (camming/webcam model or any other service in adult industry) then utilizing twitter for your own gain is a must and a mandatory requirements. Twitter can be utilized for following help:

  1. Building a loyal followers base and fan base
  2. Promoting your wish list
  3. Notifying you audience for new video clips, webcam show schedule, and any other thing
  4. Build a brand and authority
  5. And many more ways that are shared on this website, so keep reading all articles

Twitter is the biggest, largest, top and best adult friendly social media network on the internet. Billions of people use this platform. To easily market and promote on twitter, follow the guidelines in the rest of this article

  1. Using hashtags :Anything that starts with a “#” and a word accompanying it like “#camgirl” is a hashtag. This is a way of categorizing your tweet and letting twitter know the kind of tweet . People are searching for hashtags, and if someone search for a hashtag that is in your tweet, your tweet will show up. So this will help you gain more followers and exposure. Using the correct and relevant hashtags can make all the difference. Also, do not misuse the hashtags, be reasonable. If you are clips4sale or clipstore studio owner then use #clipstore #clips4sale #iwantclips etc
  2. Be regular: You can also upload pics and videos on twitter. (Tip: watermark your pictures and videos for more traffic). Pictures and videos help you differentiates yourself from the crowd. Its normal human nature to be more influenced by a multimedia like picture or video compared to a text-based tweet
  3. Make money with affiliate links: There is a great way of making more money from your followers. Check to see if your camming network has an affiliate networks, if yes then sign up and instead of giving the direct link to the camming network, tweet the affiliate link. This will drive addition income for you. Revenue can be in the form of following ways for new users that sign up
    1. PPl Pay per lead: If someone signs up for free but does not oad cash in his account you get a small commission
    2. PPS pay per sign up : if someone signs up and also loads cash, then you get a hefty commission
    3. Revenue sharing : you will get a percentage share of all the monthly rebills of the new users that signs up
  4. Make more money by notifying your online status: To get direct targeted traffic to your camming network, you can easily let your followers know about your online status. Camming networks also have this feature where the tweet is automatically sent whenever you come online

Now you must be thinking that this is too much work and would take a significant mount of your time everyday. Also being regular on twitter is extremely difficult with a busy schedule. Worry not i have a solution for that as well : Automation, i love this word and i apply everything possible to automate as much as possible daily.

dailymotion marketingDailymotion marketing and promotion for webcam/camming models

I have always been a strong supporter of marketing and promotion. Webcam models generally do not take this topic seriously, but in the initial days the more efficient you are in marketing yourself, the more money you will make. Later on in your career it will be easy making money as you will already have a following, but then again $100,000 with marketing is always much better than $10,000 without marketing and promotion’

Here are the advantages of for driving traffic/customers for webcam/camming  models/camgirls or any other adult performer

  1. Adult friendly version of YouTube : You are allowed to upload content that is an adult in nature
  2. Comparatively less competitive: Competition of Dailymotion is much less compared to Youtube

Although i have already covered the following tips in a number of articles but i am reiterating them again:

  1. Watermarking your content: I have mentioned this again and again, and if you are still not doing this then please start. Watermark anything and everything you upload online. Be it on social media networks, or on these video sharing websites. In the watermark you should mention your website name. You website is your reflection. It is your online adult performer identity. People should regularly visit your website to know everything about you : Your updates, camming networks, schedule, videos etc.
    1. Even if you change your camming network later in your adult entertainer career, still your watermark content will be sending traffic to your website. Also you can easily drive people from your website to your camming network
  2. Use your adult performer name/ stage name as the username you choose for DailyMotion: Using your name as often as possible helps you create a brand of yourself. Branding is everything. You would want people to know you and you must utilize every channel of marketing and promotion to get the people to be intrigued to know more about you.
  3. Add value in your video: Do not just make a low quality video that makes no sense. utilize this platform. Be genuine and have a smile on your face. Make relevant calls to action. Here are some calls to action that you must make:
    1. Ask them to like the video
    2. Subscribing to your channel
    3. Visiting your website
    4. following you on social media networks, like Twitter, FB etc.
  4. Utilize the video description: Video description is an important area. Most of you call to action will have a link that you can add it in the video description of DailyMotion. If you are promoting your website, then add the link in the description. Add you social media networks links as well so that people can follow you.

Note: Mark your video as adult: If you upload your video as a general video, then someone might flag your video and your channel will be banned. So make sure you switch on the button that tells DailyMotion that the video is suited for 18+ audience and might contain objectionable content. You can do this by marking it in the “Red band”

youtube marketingCamgirl – Drive traffic/customers though youtube

Youtube is the biggest video-sharing website (although Facebook is catching up). Youtube gets billions of impressions per day on the videos, and hundreds of thousands of videos are being uploaded everyday. If you as a webcam model/camming model/camgirl/adult performer are not utilizing the Potential of Youtube, then you must start now.

Now the first question that might pop into your mind is that, Youtube will ban my channel, as it will have NSFW/adult content?

Yes, you are absolutely right. Youtube is not among the adult-friendly social networks like Twitter and Tumblr. But the right strategy can help you get many paying and local customer/fans through this channel of free marketing and promotion if done right

Youtube has many online celebrities, having millions of followers and making a very comfortable living just through their channel.

Here are the benefits of becoming a YouTube celebrity:

  1. Make money of YouTube advertisements (approximately you make $1,000 for one million views on your video)
  2. Make more money by incorporating sponsors, affiliate links, selling products etc
  3. Drive your audience to your website to make even more money
  4. Youtube offers a great opportunity of gaining more followers on your social media profiles (twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc)
  5. Getting your name out in the internet. People will start recognising you. This can be a significant differentiating factor for you.


The list above contains the major benefits of becoming an online YouTube mini celebrity. There are tons of channels that are niche focused (like top 10, science, cooking etc) that gain more subscribers over the period of time and soon they start making significant money.

Videos has always been a much more engaging compared with photos. So opening your YouTube channel as a webcam/camming model will help you a lot. Striptease has always been a highly popular category on Youtube. Just be making some high quality sexy striptease videos you can drive the YouTube audience to your website and can make significant money. If you start posting some sexy, non nude, videos regularly then soon you will start creating a following of your subscribers and these are the actual fans that you are targeting.

Here is the following things to keep in mind all the time in your YouTube channel to prevent your account from getting banned and videos from getting flagged:

  1. Never ever upload videos that contain any kind of nudity. Being sexy and hot is fine, but you should not cross the line
  2. “Age Restrict” your videos if you feel that the content is not appropriate or contains adult content
    1. If you are uploading fetish videos
    2. uploading striptease videos
    3. Sexually provocative and contains revealing and sexually provocative clothing

Here are some tips for you as a camming/webcam model to keep in mind in your YouTube channel:

  1. Use your adult performer name as channel name: This is extremely crucial as this will help you create  a brand for yourself. I have always advised you to always use your stage name as username, be it any social network
  2. Watermark your videos: Watermarking with your website name give your audience a place to check out. This additional traffic to your website might end up converting and hence making you more money (the primary goal of creating a YouTube channel)

Video SEO or Youtube SEO for camming/webcam models

Search engine optimization on YouTube is fairly complex as Google but simpler to implement. If you want to get your videos ranked higher in YouTube search results then follow the following tips/tricks:

  1. Title: This is extremely important. Add the most important keywords in the title. Make it catchy and should give your audiece to click. It should be entising
  2. Tags: Tags is a very important metric that YouTube uses to understand the nature of the video. Since you are not writing an article, there is no other way to know about the videos. So add relevant and appropriate tags.
    1. Do not stuff your video with irrelevant tags.
    2. Adding relevant tags will help you get shown as relevant videos on other videos. This is a major source of getting more views
  3. Description: Just like tags add a long/lengthy description describing what the video is about. YouTube gives some weightageto description as well for ranking the videos. Add your target keywords. Add your links in this so that you can drive people to various places such as your social media profile, website etc
  4. Likes: The like to dislike ratio is very important. If you have more likes than it helps a lot in search rankings
  5. Channel keyword: When you make your channel, make sure to add relevant keywords in channel description
  6. Regularly upload videos: The most important factor is to let YouTube know, that you are serious about your YouTube channel. Pick a day when you will be uploading your video and stick to the schedule. This way your audience will also know in advance that your video will be upload soon
  7. Create playlist: Playlists is a great way of increasing views on your videos. Make multiple playlist and add relevant videos. Playlists are like categories, grouping similar videos together

Here are some tips for you to build a solid subscriber base on youtube:

  1. In the initial days, the number of views on your videos will be significantly less. You use your existing followers on tumblr,twitter to get that initial traction.
  2. Make relevant call to action, like subscribe, like and comment. The more engagement in the video, the higher will your video be placed in the search results. I have noticed, that a high like to dislike ratio is a significant criteria YouTube uses to rank the videos. So try to get as many likes as possible
  3. Try to add value to your viewers. Yes, they now know that you are a camming model and they are already fantasizing about you naked. Capitalize on that. Try to keep them hooked. Longer average watch time is another metric YouTube uses to rank videos in seacrh results
  4. Do not get dishearten in the initial days because of lack of views. Becoming a youtube celebrity is not that easy. You need to provided quality content on a regular basis to be able to create a following.
  5. Give them a reason to share your videos on their social networks. Sharing is the best way of generating views on your videos.

Youtube can be an amazing resource to drive customers and fans for your camming website. It can help you build a solid paying fanbase. I hope you like this article on Camgirl – Drive traffic/customers though YouTube

sex.comGet customers through, porn pinning

If you don’t know already, with its amazing domain name is one of the best and most popular porn pinning website on the internet. It is a pinterest for porn. Just like pinterest you can create pins, and have other functionality as well. If you are a guy and looking for some great porn, then pinterest can be a great website for you to explore the porn world which seems endless

How can help me as a webcam model?

There are multiple ways of driving potential customers from back to your profile on your camming network.

Filling out your profile correctly : There are many people who are searching for camgirls, so make sure your profile is optimized with target keywords like webcam  model, camgirl etc. If you are into one specific fetish make sure you include popular keywords of the market you are targeting. In the end you want high quality targeted customers, not just irrelevant traffic

Adding your website or camming network url: Add you camming network link or your website link in all the places that are allowed on the website. Make sure you properly check your dashboard on and fill out on all the promotional and marketing opportunities that are available on the website. Add your url in all the places that are provided by

TIP: If you are not writing your website link but rather your Camming network link, then make sure you use your affiliate link instead of direct link, this will help you make more money without any extra effort.

Add you pics and videos in the relevant category: If you are posting in wrong categories, then the customers segment might not be the right one for you.So make sure you target your customers correctly, tease them, give them a reason to check out your camming network

camgirl websiteCreate your personal website

Yes, you heard that right. You need to create a brand for yourself. It is very common for your fans to search your name on google and learn more about you. If you will have a solid social media account and a website then those two links will easily popup in the search results.

One big advantage of having a website is that you can show exactly all the places where your fans can find you. You might be working with 3-5 different camming networks, then promoting all at one place will bring in more money for you. Also regularly adding article, photos, free videos on this website will also help new people find you on Google and make an even bigger following.

Linkbuilding and SEO for camming models

Now the next step for you is to build adult backlinks. For driving free targeted traffic through Google you need to build good quality back links to your website. Linkbuilding and backlinks is a very important criteria used by Google to rank the website on their search results page. The higher the rankings the higher will be the traffic to your website and higher will your monthly income. Free organic traffic is the best form of traffic because:

  1. Its free
  2. It always increases
    • Lets say currently you are getting 100 visitors from Google. After doing some hard work and link building you start getting 1000 visitors from google. Then these 1000 will keep on coming if you post even occasionally. So once you reach a landmark then you can only go up not down. Compared to direct traffic from social media or paid advertisements, whenever you have to manually drive traffic, the moment you stop your efforts traffic will die
  3. A high traffic website will help you in the following ways
    • Build a brand
    • High number of followers everyday without any effort
    • More money in the form of :
      1. More video clip sales
      2. More skype show sales
      3. More camming show customer
      4. In all you will have more customers for every form of method of making money you have

Now lets talk about adult SEO ad linkbuilding

Compared to general website backlinks, building adult backlinks is comparatively difficult. Her are the reasons why:

  1. Because you are working in adult industry, not many websites will be willing to link to you because of sensitive content on your website
  2. Also the number of platforms for you to build links are much lesser
    1. This is also an opportunity for you. Less networks means less competition

But worry not. takes it upon itself to help any one or everyone who wants to stand out of the league and wants to make significant money. Here on this website we provide information and knowledge that has been acquired after years of struggle. Very soon you will also find a podcast where i will interview popular camming models/adult performers/clipstore models to extract the tips/tricks that worked for them.

So lets start with this ultimate guide of linkbuilding as a camming/webcam camgirl model : Adult seo complete guide

Apart from the above articles here are few more ways of building highly targeted and relevant backlinks for your camgirl website for free traffic from Google

guest bloggingGuest Blogging

Guest blogging has become huge. It is one of the most efficient ways of building quality links for your website. You can find other websites in your industry of other camgirls and write them a sweet email about your interest to write a guest blog on their website. Here are the benefits of this:

  1. When you write a link on that website pointing to your website, Google will rank your website higher means more organic traffic
  2. The audience of that particular website will find you and hence you will be exposed to  a new audience that might end up becoming your customers
  3. You end up making relationships with other camgirls on the internet.

You can also offer the same opportunity to the website you are offering to write a guest blog for. This method of trading links through guest blogging will be beneficial for both the websites. I hope you like this article on Linkbuilding and SEO for camming models

One amazing resource to learn about Adult SEO is the Youtube. You can check out videos of companies such as SEMRUSH and Google for learning everything about SEO

Other ways of promotion

  • Webcam model Directories/Profile websites: Just like website directories there are many webcam models directory, getting yourself listed there can bring in free traffic back to you. You can list all the camming networks you are and also your website name.
  • Other services you sell or offer: Lets say you also produce niche fetish clips on clips4sale or any other clipsite then you can also drive visitors/customer/fans on that website to your camming network. You should be leveraging every possible way to interconnect these fans make money off them. (Clipstore Clips4sale Tips ,Tricks)
  • Camming blogs for free traffic: Dont shy away from camming blogs. There are many bogs out there who might be interviewing you, this can drive free traffic to you as well. So make yourself available or shoot them an email telling them about you and how you would want to get interviewed. Being proactive is the key to success

how to be a cam modelMake more money as a Webcam Model

Being a webcam model opens a lot of opportunities. You might be thinking that you will make tons of money as a webcam model, but you can multiply that money by expanding your reach and also the type of work you do. Apart from being just a webcam model, other revenue streams can be:

  1. Making/Producing/Creating adult porn videos/clips and selling them.: I highly recommend this method of making money online as an adult performer. This is the best way as you are not trading time for money. Usually all popular webcam models, later in their life shift to producing and selling their own clips. (Make Money – $500/day – Become a non-nude webcam/camming model , Sell adult porn clips/videos/pics online to make money and Clipstore Clips4sale Tips ,Tricks)
  2. Make money through Phone sex: You might not have known about this but you can make money talking to someone. Even texting can help you make more money. You can do this whenever you are free and not in the mood of performing. Do not worry, your phone number is not shared, your private information is protected, and the phone call will properly encrypted (check out Make Money becoming a phone sex operator ,  Make Money Sexting  )
  3. Make money through adult Skype shows: Although you might think camming and Skype shows are same, but they are different in lots of ways. Read our full guide for that: Sell adult skype shows
  4. Make money by starting a membership website: The way it works is that once a member signs up, he/she need to pay to be given access to “Members Only” section. Recurring income is the best form of income in online world. You do not even need to create a website, there is website that provide you with the platform and all the technical details are handled by them. In exchange they take a commission. Modelcentro  – Free Camgirl Premium membership site

Making money as camming model is extremely easy and you can easily make more than $10,000 per month. The road will take a little time, but if you follow the advise shared on this website, then the route to become a famous camming model and make a comfortable living is not that far. Although the article title says $10,000/week, but the sky is the limit, make even more and do email me when you succeed i would love to feature your story on the website

 Webcam Model FAQ – All questions answered

how much do cam girls make? OR How much money does a camming model make?

Well this one is the most asked question of all. The answers is not absolute, the earning or income of a webcam model depends on many factors/variables. Time allocation, looks, age, personality are some. Looks matter, but to a certain extent. Camming models with an amazing personality will always have a higher income.

Once you enter in this industry you will soon get to know the tips and tricks about how to get more TIPS, how to get repeat customers, how to build up a fanbase. Just like any other business, focusing on the regulars and treating them with utmost care is all that is required for a successful camming carrier. Read more here: Earnings Proof of webcam/camming models

What is the difference between a Webcam Studio and a Camming network?

A webcam studio partners with multiple camming networks along with assisting the models with their marketing and other support. Studios also provide a place for models to perform with adequate facilities (like lighting, toys etc). This especially is a great advantage for girls who cannot perform at their own house. A webcam studio will be like a mentor, guiding you and helping you in becoming a successful camming model. But again, this all comes at a price, just like camming networks, they take a percentage cut of the profits.

I am a guy/couple/transgender, can i/we also become webcam model?

Eligibility according to gender differs from network to network. Some cammng networks allow guys/couple/transgender, some are exclusive for females. You will have to do research and find whether a good camming network allows non-female performers as well. you can check the list of best camming networks and compare for yourself: Complete List Camming Networks – Make Money as Webcam Model/camgirl

How many hours do i have to work? OR Will i be able to set my own camming hours OR are there any fixed hours/timings to be followed? 

Flexible hours are the best perk of working as a webcam model. You decide how many hours you work. You decide the timings of your working hours. Of course if you invest more hours and work more, then you will establish an active and loyal following thereby helping you make more money.

Complete guide to become webcam model/camgirl

I want to block some specific regions while performing, can i do that?

This feature differs across camming networks. Some allow more advanced features (such as blocking specific zip codes, cities) whereas some only allow you to block the states. You will have to check this feature with each camming network you choose before finally settling for one.

What is Adult Membership/Subscription based Fanclub?

You can easily build and host a perfectly attractive subscription-based fanclub. This greatly helps in building a long-lasting relationship with your fanclub.This wll help you increase your overall monthly earnings. Not many networks provide this feature. I have covered this in detail here: Make money through adult membership/subscription-based fanclub

Where can i get reviews/interviews/tips/tricks by popular webcam camgirls? 

Our website takes it upon itself to be the best source of information in webcam model industry. We interview popular webcam camming models regularly. They share their tips/reviews/tricks that can help you become successful in camming industry.

I am an adult webmaster. I am looking to make money in Camming niche. How can i do that? 

Adult webmasters can make money through camming affiliate networks. These affiliate networks pay you whenever someone joins their network that you send. The more people you send to sign up, the more money you will make. There are a number of ways of making money:

  1. Pay Per lead : Make money for free signups
  2. Revenue Share : Get a percentage share of recurring monthly.
  3. Other ways as well

Relevant link : How to Make Money as a Webcam Modeling Agent

Make Money – $500/day – Become a non-nude webcam/camming model

non nude webcam modelThe moment someone hears the words “webcam model” , they instantly think ok you will have to perform and get naked in front of strangers in order to make money. This is not true anymore, you can easily make significant income even while keeping your clothes on. Yes, in terms of audience scope, it narrows down substantially if you don’t want to get nude or naked (because in the end the ultimate goal is to see naked performers be t make or female), there are several categories you can choose to make money as a non-nude webcam/camming model.

How to establish yourself as a non-nude webcam/camming model?

If you are someone who wants to earn extra cash and willing to become a webcam model, but the only thing stopping you is nudity then think again. Also you might be thinking that since you are not getting naked, finding paying clients will be impossible, but trust me you don’t have to worry about it.

The first thing that you need to do is let the world know that you are a non-nude camgirl. You can easily do this by mentioning the same in your camming website profile. Clearly mentioning the things that you are not willing to do, will keep the people who are not in your target audience away. Prevention is better than cure. You don’t want people to expect you to get naked only for them to find out that you are non-nude model. Hence by clearly mentioning in your profile page benefits a lot

Will a camming website approve my profile if they find out that i am a non-nude webcam model/camgirl?

Not every camgirl is getting naked for all of her audience. You will be surprized to see or find out there are so many people who are not looking for naked shows but rather are into totally different things. You can easily get your profile verified and start your career as a non-nude webcam/camming model.

Finding a camming site that specifically is  made for non-nude camming models is difficult. Although there are few, but then again the traffic and audience on these website is very limited and hence making money will be difficult. Your goal must be found a popular camming website and establishing your brand there. Getting known as the best  non-nude camming model is what you should focus on

How will i find my target audience?

This is a very important step, finding and targeting the right auricle is crucial for your success. You want to keep away the people who just want to see you naked, and also find people who you can service in other ways. There are so many ways you can service your own target audience:

People looking for good listeners

Not every client or person in your audience wants to see you naked. There are many people who are just looking for some companionship. They might be vary lonely and need someone to talk to. There are also people who are highly frustrated and need to blurt out their frustration in front of someone to feel light. Here the role of a great listener will help you a lot. Trust me listening skills are something that must acquire as soon as possible, they are vital for being a successful camgirl

Someone might be getting a divorce, some might be on a guilt trip, and so many other problems can lead people to find someone who can listen ti them without being judgemental.

Jerk off instructions

If you are familiar with this category, then here you dirty talk and tell your audience on how to stroke their cock and masturbate. This is a very popular niche and here you just have to play with the words and don’t need to get naked.

TIP: The goal here is to play with their fantasies, like JOI by a cheerleader, JOI by a milf teacher etc. Find what your audience is interested din and then creating a show by saying exactly those words that will fulfill the fantasies of your audience

Foot fetish

This is a huge niche and you can easily make money with your feet. First understands the niche and your audience what they are looking for, what is getting them exited and how to become a good foot fetish model. Then you can easily play with the fantasies of people who are looking for foot fetish models

Femdom niche to the rescue

Female dominance has become a massive niche. If you visit clips4sale, (biggest website for custom-made clips), you will see that Female domination has dominated the website as well. It can have three parts:

  1. Worship: Acting like a goddess and treating your audience as your followers. You will see many people in your audience who are in a position of power and for some time want to reverse the roles. They want to get dominated and take pleasure in that
  2. Becoming a mistress: Treating your audience as your slave is another niche that is highly popular and you can leverage to make money. People would love to act as your slave and then you can command them and dominate them. They will obey all your commands.Being good in roleplay and staying in the character is extremely important here. Remember this is all an act, so make sure you perform to the best of your abilities
  3. humiliation will help you: You would not believe but there are actually people out there who will get exited when you insult them. The psychology behind it is that people inherently know all these facts, it’s just they take pleasure when some stranger state these facts on their face when other people do not.

Note: You will need ti incest some money in costumers, outfits, additional equipments that will help you in this roleplay. Learn to perform like an experienced actress,s learn the language of the trade, watch videos of other femdom models and emulate them.

TIP: Letting your audience know the kind of roles you can play will be extremely beneficial. In your profile section clearly mention wha

webcam model tipsCamgirl Tips:

Best/top Tips to improve the overall quality of your live webcam/camming shows

  1. Having a high quality HD webcam can tremendously help you in improving the customer experience and the quality of your webcam show. Also make sure that the audio is also getting transmitted to the viewer
  2. High speed internet is required to stream your show, treat this as a mandatory requirement
  3. Having well-lit (lighting) room where you are performing can greatly improve the quality of your show
  4. Being in the moment, loving your show. If your mind is elsewhere and your body is performing then it will reflect in your performance. So make sure your full attention is on proving an amazing show for your audience and customers

Le me elaborate on each point in detail so that you know exactly how to give an amazing cam show for your audience

High Quality Lighting for your camming shows

Lighting is crucial to success of your camming career. Just like a camera does not take good pictures when you are indoors with low lighting, similarly your Webcam wont broadcast a clearer video if your lighting is not up to the mark. In a stiff competitive environment of webcam industry it is extremely important to win on every area to stand yourself out. Your camming or performing area must be nicely lit and with proper lighting.

I have written an article on this topic check it out: (Article will be updated here once i complete it)

HD webcam a must-have requirement for camming shows and webcam models

Just like lighting, investing in a high quality High Definition (HD) webcam is a mandatory requirement. You want the customer or the viewer to get the best experience possible and a HD webcam will help you achieve that. With the high-speed internet connection, people are craving for a HD show. The best part is that a good HD webcam for your camming show is not that expensive, you can easily find it for few dollars on Amazon.

Apart from a webcam you will also need a tripod, this again wont cost you much. Having a tripod will give you flexibility in showing your videos.

Sound: Webcams are equipped with microphone to catch the voice, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Just make sure that you are not using a in-built laptop webcam or microphone, those are pathetic when you are making a living off your webcam shows

Investing in Wireless Keyboard and wireless mouse for your camshows

Chatting is a crucial part while you are performing. When you are using wired equipments then ou are limited by the length of the wire or cord. With wireless mouse you are free to utilize the floor space and this bring in more flexibility in your performance.

Camming area can affect your performance

Your camming area is your bread and butter. This is the place where you make money for yourself. Make sure it is neat and clean. Make prior arrangements before the camming show to have everything in place before going live. Instead of going away form the screen to fetch things such as toys, outfits etc, rather they should be readily available. The lighting should be perfect for you camming area and should be bringing out the best of the room

Do what you love and money will flow in automatically

I have mentioned this multiple times, your energy and enthusiasm will drive your earnings.You need to be genuinely interested in what you are doing and hence you must enjoy your shows. If you seem disinterested that will reflect on your face. Show a happy face, have the energy that your customers deserve. All this will only happen when you are not faking it but rather doing something that you yourself like. Otherwise in the long run , this will create a big problem for you

Presentation is the key

Just for any chef, presentation is a very important part, similarly for you as a camgirl or webcam model, you also need to look your best. Here are the points that you need to consider:

  1. Taking a shower and maintaining the hygiene
  2. Doing your makeup and spending some time to look your best
  3. Trying new outfits, looking good while being sexy, understand your audience and finding out what exactly they get most exited about according to your outfits

When you make care of how your present yourself in your webcam shows, or even in personal skype sessions, this will reflect upon your seriousness as a camgirl or adult performer. Will make you look more professional and will help you build stronger bonds with your fans and audience

Being Human – Don’t be a Bi*ch

yes, you will encounter indecent elements but that does not mean you will be rude. Just mute or ban anyone who is trying to be extra smart.. You must strive to be jolly and keep the best face forward. Have a smile on your face and maintain a happy attitude. If you don’t want to entertain any specific request then do it with courtesy and don’t argue or give a negative reply. Never make fun of your audience, as the sole purpose of your customers is to confide in you with their secret desires and fetishes

Don’t just sit and relax

Staying active is the key. If you just keep sitting or lying there with zero movement or energy then your chances of success will surely reduce. You need to be active, talkative, have a happy face, interact with the audience, show interest in them, dance a little, play with the sex toys etc. Keep the energy going, teasing your audience is what will increase your chances of reaching your tip goal and private shows

Automation is helpful

Some Cam sites have the facility of using bots to automate the chat room. These bots are really helpful and can easily make certain announcement, counting down tip goals etc. In the end you should not waste time in writing down things that can easily be automated. So make sure you do check if you’re camming network allows the use of Bots for chat room automation. Using a bot will help you focus more on your show and your performance

Just like Bots you can even make members as moderators. These moderators will help you manage your chat room while you are performing. Trivial tasks such a banning people who are creating a nuisance, or muting certain people can easily be done by these personal moderators

Marketing and promotion of your camshow

Your camming network is a great platform in itself to market and promote your camshows to the audience. These camming networks spend a lot in promotion and getting more people on the website. however, in order to stand out and not just depend on the traffic available to you from the cam site, you must use advanced strategies of promotion. Any additional traffic to your chatroom is money-making opportunity for you. I have compiled a list of ways of free promotion for webcam models and camgirls:

Can i become a webcam model if i am not that attractive? Have some scars or spots or stretch marks? Have small height? I am fat or chubby? Small boobs? Small hips etc?

You get the point of the question right. This is a very common question among people who are thinking of becoming webcam models. They might have some insecurity because of some difference in their physical appearance. You tend to coma=pare yourself with those beautiful perfect looking camgirls and then think why would any customer pay for me when he/she can watch a camshow of other beautiful angels.

Well my answer is very simple, there is a niche for everyone and you don’t have to worry about any of these features that are mentioned in the question statement. Confidence is the key of your sexiness. You don’t have to worry about any scars, size , color of your skin, your waist size etc. The way you carry yourself, your attitude, your personality and confidence is what will take you higher in your camming career. It is normal to have these doubts and this is where we are here to help you get your answers

You have to love to learn your body, your flaws, and everything. Let me tell you beforehand you will find  some customers who might make fun of you, this is part of camming, but majority of them will just ignore. If even this explanation is not making you beleive, then you can be smart and try to hide your scars or any stretch marks with sexy clothing.

Dying your hair or coloring your hair, multiple tattoos on the body, piercings , and body modifications, does it have a market in camming?

First of all let me tell you that a small niche or small market or small customer base is rarely a problem on the internet. If you stat researching on the web, you will find fetish and fantasies that are such that might surprise you. Why would anyone be interested in incest or taboo porn videos and still it has a huge market, similar is the case with peeing videos.

When you are dying you hair with bright colors you come off as confident and someone who is comfortable in her skin. Also that makes you stand out and makes you different among a crowd

Similar is the case for tattoo, body modification and piercings. You will need to find your customers on the camming site that you have signed up on.

Talking vs typing as a webcam model, which one will make more money for you?

This is another popular question among newbie ro beginner camming model. If you go to popular camming websites like livejasmine, or chaturbate you will find camgirls texting with their audience. Since you are beginner you might think that typing will create a barrier between effective communication between the camgirl and her customer. This is true but let me first give you a background of why this is done

Since we are talking about free public chat the majority of the audience is comprised in these two brackets:

  1. People who have their speakers on to listen to the model
  2. People who are not using a speaker neither the microphone. (He might be worried that his wife will catch him)

It is all about experimentation and most camgirls do the experiment. For a while they will text and then try using a mic and then compare the amount of money that they made. Here are two views

Using your voice or talking to your customers: This will create a more realistic experience and is highly engaging. This will excite him to buy a private show

Using texting to communicate: This creates a mystery and also a little bit of agony in customers mind because of this barrier for communication and he is more likely to buy a private show

Which one is a better strategy? Yu might have this question in your mind the best answer for this is test for yourself. If typing is working for some other model, you might make more money with talking. So the only option is to test and see which one makes more money for you

Can i make money as a camgirl without getting naked or nude in front of the camera?

Yes, absolutely, there is a market for this as well. If you are planning to become a webcam model you must have automatically thought that you will need to shed your clothes and dance naked in front of your customers. But you will be amazed to find that there is a market for voyeurism as well. People who will pay money to just watch you while you do your daily activities.

Men love when  realistic situation is presented to them. you can just watch you hair , or do workout , and make money off it. Make sure you are wearing somewhat sexy and well fitted clothes like yoga pants  or tights or sports bra. People are paying for Voyeurism shows and hence you can make money as well with fully clothed body

TIP: You can also record you clips like this and sell it on clipsites like Clips4sale and manyvids. Just upload you clips in the right category. I have written an extensive guide on the same

Although finding and building such crowd and customer base takes time but slowly and steadily you can easily make money like tis

Webcam model on period? What to do if i am a camgirl on her period?

This is a common thing and hence you ned to have the right answer. Women get their periods that does not mean you will need to take time off your schedule. Maintaining appearances and being professional about your camming schedule is really important and hence you don’t have to let you periods get in the way od that

Here are some tips and tricks that you can use if you are a camgirl on her periods

Just wear a tampon and cut the string off or just tuck it in as much as possible. Yes i agree that it will take some time later on to find it but this is what works the best. Just make sure that the string is not visible.

If you are thinking about masturbating on the camera on your period days, you can try to innovate and be smart about this. Either just play with the surface or clitoral stimulation, or just go breast show. You can try other shows like blowjob, joi as well. The other option is to either hint or just blatantly tell that you are on your periods and hence full penetration wont be shown. You might even find few customers who will be exited and would want to see a show like that. (Note:You must check the TOS of your camming website whether they allow this or not)

How can i prevent people recoding me on the camming website to protect my identity?

To be honest you cannot do this. This is not done very often, but sooner or later you will find your camming videos uploaded online illegally. The camming website also cannot do anything about this as people record using the screen capturing softwares. The only thing that you can do is :

  1. Geo-block your local state and area. This way it will be difficult for anyone who knew you to find you
  2. Use the service like  Cam Model Protection : Anti Piracy and DMCA Management to get your content removed as soon as possible from the internet

Will my camming income affect my future employment and will it reflect in my personal income documents?

Camming website are aware of this and hence they will give you the money decritely such that your actual job as a camming model is not reflected in the records. For future employment you can just show your camming job as self employment (under customer service).

Camgirls make money without showing your face – Make money creating faceless porn videos

Porn is not just about getting fucked by guys on the camera. There are many fetishes and niche that you might never have realized. You will be surprised to hear that people have fetish for girls peeing, playing with balloons and so many other fetish. similarly you can create videos where you are just showing your boobs and playing with it. similarly sex toys play with vibrators and dildos, masturbation, striptease etc. There are multiple ways to produce custom adult porn clips and then sell them. There are a number of website where you can sell your custom porn clips. Here is a list of few of these websites:


How webcam models and camgirls Make money from their home

Camming industry is booming, there is no doubt about that. Hundreds and thousands of camgirls are entering this lucrative industry everyday. With the advancement of technology and easy money-making capabilities many girls (especially college girls) are entering this webcam market to make some quick cash. These so-called camgirls are young , sexy and exited and few of them later become big stars and make $5000-$10,000/week

The camming market is huge.Athough theere is no study ro research done on the exact figures, but just looking at the traffic fo some of the main players like Chaturbate (150 million people /month) you can imagine the amount of people interested in these hot girls and spending some time with them in exchange of money

Some of the prominent trends that are witnessed are:

  1. Social media promotion is a big driver for traffic generation for camgirls
  2. Profits and customers are increasing daily because of widespread promotion and advancement of technology
  3. Females are not just working in front of camera, they are also starting to start their own companies, studios and also starting to work behind the camera. The male domination is slowly fading
  4. Many businesswomen are also entering this industry and feminism and self-empowerment is at its peak

Many established camgirls have said this multiple times, that yes the industry is lucrative but the huge percentage of revenue taken away by the website also creates problems. There is always someone who is making more money from your content then yo are

Camming has its benefits:

  1. Flexible work hours
  2. You can shut off your computer or ban a user if he/she misbehaves
  3. Comparatively more independent than being a pornstar
  4. You have full control on what you wear, how you perform and what you are comfortable with

Do not expect the industry to be filled with love and joy and money will start pouring over you. Many of the camgirls have had some really bad experience as well to share. The biggest problem being piracy and stolen content. The work of removing that content from the internet has to be handled by the camgirl itself or they can hire a company like Cam Model Protection : Anti Piracy and DMCA Management . Online harassment and the stigma of working in the sex industry is also attached.

Majority of te people think that the major portion of webcam model consists of American models, but in reality Romanian and Philipines models make the bulk of the camgirls. Since the people here are not that lavish compared to americans they are more likely to join as a camgirl, also girls from these countries are among the most beautiful in the world and hence are the best fit for this kind of industry

About legalities of working as a camgirl, almost all major players like do significant background check, Checking the government issued ID’s, Age verification etc. Still countries like Romania where regulations are not forced that effectively the problem with underage pornography is a problem. Many have been exploited in the name of camming studios. Companies like Chaturbate try to inform the local authority if any suspicious behavior is found but how the local authorities will reach is out of their control

Apart from the negative elements, camming is considered empowering by many camgirls and loved by many professionals who left their day job to continue full time as a camgirl. How this industry unfolds in the coming years, will be interesting to find out

Camgirl Sex toys shopping for Webcam models and Adult performers

Today i will talk about camgirl Sex toys shopping for Webcam models and Adult performers. If you have followed this guide on becoming a webcam model  then sooner or later you will need sex toys or adult toys for your camshows. Adult sex toys are a great way to spice things up and if you are a femdom or any fetish model, having a variety of sex toys will greatly enhance your customer experience.

This will cover some questions that camgirls usually have regarding sex toys and i will try to answer them as comprehensively as possible

What are the best brands for buying sex toys?

I do not need to mention that you need to do through research before buying any equipment for your cam shows. You must read the reviews (TIP: three star reviews are highly reliable as people don’t have a biased opinion )

Here is my guide for some of the adult toys brands:

  1. For silicone toys: Vixen, Tantus
  2. For dildos: Bad dragon
  3. For vibrators: Lelo
  4. For metal toys: Njoy

I must tell you that these toys will be considerably expensive compared to other cheaper options. To get them for free you can always use the ways that i recommend: Wishlist  . You can also ask customers for Gift cards to your favourite sex shop

Cheap sex toys or expensive camming adult toys?

Although cheaper options of adult sex toys seems the best option when you are on a budget or especially when you are just starting out. Investing in a low-priced sex toys will be expensive on a later stage. As these cheaper options tend to wear off and the Return on investment (ROI) is considerable less compared to the high quality option. Instead of changing your dildo every few month, rather buy one high quality dildo that will last for years.

Also if your sex toy breaks while you are in a camshow or live in front of a customer, that does not feel good.

Where shall i buy my sex toys – Online of local vendors

This is a very common question that i get. Firstly you should know that nothing is guaranteed when you make online purchases. You might buy a branded item, you might receive a replica.With local vendors you can check the items in hand and check the material, dimension etc. With online shopping, you might think that the product looks great, but the quality depends on the seller, they might be selling a fake one. So check the reviews and make the purchase accordingly

What are the different sex toys i need as a camgirl

The decision depends on many factors. My recommendation is to start slow and purchase more toys as you go. If you are just a beginner do not buy all the toys at ones. Start with basic ones and essentials like Dildo and wand and vibrators. Later as you start making more money you can buy different variety (color and size) of these toys according to your customer requirements.

Material of your sex toys

Make sure to check the material and dimensions and buy according to your needs. For a dildo girth of the dildo is a more important metric compared to the length , and this will be directly impacted by the material used in the dildo. A softer material can be used with bigger girth, but a harder material must be used with smaller girth.

Here are the best material for sex toys:

  1. Medical grade silicone
  2. Glass or metal

Since majority of the cheaper sex toys are made in China so the material will be in question. Toxic or unsafe material will be harmful to your body and this is why i recommend the expensive and safe sex toys compared to low quality cheaper options.The material of the sex toy i very important so make sure you are investing in something that will not negatively affect your body.

Learn to take sexy selfies – webcam models, camgirls, adult performer

Why selfies matter for Adult performers?

If you are a camgirl, escort, webcam model, adult performer then the first thing that your potential client will go through is your pictures. It is a superficial world these days and one of the most important factor for attraction is physical attractiveness. So if you have beautiful selfies and pictures then the probability of your converting a visitor to a customer is extremely high

Here are the mistakes that many make while taking selfies:

  1. Clicking photos directly in sunlight, or just one directional sunlight will not help your pic. Similarly if you are using flash for your photos the end result will be ordinary. Tyr to use a diffuse lightning so that the negative effect of directional lights are removed
  2. Being naked is not the right way to do it. Just because you will be performing camshows that does not mean you will post hot naked pics. Rather tease them with just the right amount of skin show

Here are the best ways to click or take sexy selfies the right way:

Dressing up correctly

Showing just the right amount of bra or underwear is enough to tease your audience the correct way. Showing the nipple or your juicy pussy is not the right way. Open up just the few buttons, use the right pushup bra. Wearing a sexy lingerie will also help

Makeup can be better than filters

Instead of just hoping that the filters will bring out the best of your photos, put on the correct makeup. I wont tell you about makeup tips, you must already know them yourself

Propping up the setup

A pearl necklace, sexy scarf, bananas, lollypop, leather cuffs, and vibrators are just to name a few. Use them wisely.

Inspiration is the key. 

Yes its good to come up with your own innovative sexy poses, but getting inspired from girls that are already doing it correctly is a much better way

Angle is important

Dont just take the photo from a straight angle. Try the side angle, far below etc. Find the good side of your face and then try to stress on that.

Picking the right pose

Although there are hundreds os poses you can make, just try to make it natural. If it looks forced then the pic is ruined. Here are few poses for inspiration

Photo clarity is everything

Investing in a HD camera is important because of the nature of your job. Nowadays most of the cheaper phones also have a great camera so that must not be an issue i suppose

Using Apps

There are many greats apps on the app store that will totally transform your pic in a positive manner without you needing to have the knowledge of Photoshop. So try few of these apps and then settle for one that gives you best results

5 Reasons why not to be a camgirl

Although making money as webcam model is great, and you will easily make a living out of it, but you must know some ground reality as well before starting out. I am a strong believer of facts and doing inital research before starting something, so that later you should not be surprised.

I must tell you that camming is not for everyone, and hence you must know about the following points before taking the first step.

Stigma attached to Porn industry and the performers

You just cannot change this fact, if someone is getting naked or associated with porn to make lis living, then people are bound to look at you with very weird eyes. Not everyone will understand your profession and will accept you with open arms. So make sure you are strong-headed and ready to take on that negative world

Living a life full of secrets is exhausting and frustrating. I can only hope that your current partner supports you in the decision to become a camgirl, if not then finding someone who understands this will be extremely difficult. Also maintaining a healthy friendship ( if you are not strong-headed or if you have social anxiety )will be very difficult.

All the shiny and glittery dollar amounts shown are not real

You might be thinking of making more than $10,000/month as soon as you start, but when reality will hit you it will hit you hard. Everyone will tell you that making money will be like eating cake, but trust me the road to success is not that easy. Just like any other industry, camming industry is also very competitive and it takes smartness, and many other factors to become successful

You will also witness days when you are just sitting there without a single dollar being earned and the frustration killing you, its part of the journey

Creepers will always be lingering around you

You just cannot escape creepers, sooner or later you will encounter them. I am not saying all your customers are creeps, in fact almost all your customers will be nice and pleasant gentlemen. But you will find some people who will try to play with your mind or just act nonsense, having a thick skin and strong personality  is the key to tackle such people. If you let such few people get under your skin, then camming or being a webcam model will be extremely difficult for you

Expect a slowly growing success ladder

Just like i mentioned earlier, don’t expect to make thousands of dollars per month the moment you start. It takes time to build up a following, authority and make a name for yourself. You will have to do a lot of hard work to become famous and successful in camming industry.

Also many a days you just wont feel like working, your motivation levels will see a drastic drop, you might feel irritated, but this is where you have to pat ur back and motivate yourself to work even more to become a successful webcam model

Privacy will always be a concern

You have to accept this reality that your videos/shows (even private) will be sooner or later on the internet (on one of the thousands of tube websites out there). People will record your shows without even telling you and then upload it on the internet. Although i wrote an article about this how you can save yourself from this :Cam Model Protection : Anti Piracy and DMCA Management  but no service guarantees 100% success, so expect this scenario

[Camgirls Stay Safe] – Spot a scam in webcam industry

Camming industry is full of creepers and pathetic people who are willing to go to any lengths in order to satisfy them. Here i list down all the tactics and methods these people try to make a fool out of an innocent camgirl. Beware and never be part of any such nonsense. If you are planning to become webcam model then you need to read these.

Tactic 1: Not asking for proof of age/incomplete website/ shady behavior

Age verification is a very important part for any camming network, so if some company or some network does not care about it, this is a red signal. Every network opens a whole lot of legal trouble if they do not verify the age of the models, hence beware and stay away from any such company. Similarly you can also check whether they have any contact information on their “contact us” page, if not then again they are shady. Also try to check the WHOIS details of the website, (if publicly available). See if they have a domain name email address, any established company will have its own domain name email id, something like [email protected]

One thing you can do is that if you are able to find the contact information, send them a test mail and check whether they reply or are active or not. Even if they contact, try to read between the lines, the professionalism shown in the email template, the tone of voice (is it personal or professional)

If they have listed on their website or verbally told you that they offer guaranteed payments then agin it’s too good to be true. If they are willing to offer you per hour rate , it might be a scam. In camming industry you only make money when customers pays you money, no company will pay you out of their own pocket

If a company is asking you to pay through paypal, that means they don’t have any clue what they are doing. Paypal is not an adult friendly payment network, rather paxum is.

Tactic 2: Asking for application fee/ naked pictures/ Webcam interview etc

For a webcam model, the only money she/he has to spend initially is into the  Equipment and Accessory guide for webcam models, apart from that there is no expense. A camming network will not put an application fees, because they want more and more camgirls on their platform so that they can grow. If some company or network is asking for an application fees, that shows some red signals and probably is a scam

Also Established companies will never ask you for your nude pictures, they just want your full body pics with clearly looking face.

There are many freeloaders out there, so to get a free show they might approach you as a camming network, they will ak for a webcam interview and will ask you to perform. This is a very common way to scam prospective camgirls. Established and big companies will never interview you.

List of 15 Camgirl Dont’s every webcam model should follow

This list is the result of conducting interviews with popular and successful camming models. Following these tips will help you not make mistakes and be loved by your customers and audience

Keep your name simple and believable

Since you are entering adult entertainment industry, it is obvious that you will be looking for an alias name. Beginner camgirls make the mistake of selecting a very unusual name and hence lose on so many opportunities. When people are cumming they will not be saying hotsexybabe174 rather they would love to take your alias name. Your alias name should have your fake first and last name (for example sasha grey).

Also you would want to create a brand for yourself if you are serious about your camming career. You might be on many camming network, if you choose different unusual usernames of all different networks, then people will find it extremely difficult to find you on internet. So by using a fake and simple alias name, you help people find you easily and increase your visibility.

Keep it clear and be authentic, Show your body

Do not try to hide something. Move around and show the audience your complete body, they should know exactly what they are getting themselves into. Hiding and faking things will never ever help you grow.

Getting drunk or taking drugs on camera

Some camming network do not even allow using alcohol or drugs during camshows. Even if you do, it will not help you as a camgirl. If you are drunk, your performance will suffer and your customers will be unhappy

Keep it together 

We are humans and we make mistakes. If you don’t want to become part of a camgirl fails compilation then you better not make any foolish mistakes like falling etc

Stay away from belching on camera 

Do i even need to explain this

Never ever give out your personal information – Must Know Camgirl Dont’s

This is a very important point in Camgirl Dont’s and you should always protect your identity. You never know what kind of psycho might be in your camshow. You should also make sure your camming area does not give and ideas to people, like a sign or anything that will help people find you or your real identity

You should also not disclose the amount of money you make camming or as a webcam model. Never ever talk about money on camming. If you are making shit ton of money, dont flaunt it and if you are struggling to make money then dont crib about it

Dont Fake it

things should come naturally and if you fake it and it is obviously visible then that not good for you. Using a fake accent or acting like a fake bimbo should be avoided.

Stay away from Eating anything while you are live camming.

If it is Food fetish thing then its different but otherwise don’t eat while camming

Dont be afraid of weirdos

You are bound to meet people who are there just to mess with you. They will make rude comments and act idiotically. The moment you spot someone like this, hit th ban button. Dont think you will lose money like this, you will find more paying customers

Sleeping while camming is strict NO

People are spending money on you to perform , and I don’t think there is sleep fetish as of now. So make sure you are fully energetic and well slept before you start camming. If you feel tired and need to sleep, then just go and sleep.

Keep hair flicking to a minimum

Flickering your hair comes as a distraction for your customers, so try not to do it often

Show your best self on cam and makeup time is not camming time

Act professionally and do all your makeup before you start camming

Singing and copying dance moves is risky 

Unless you are an amazing singer, you should avoid singing. Even if you are a good singer, people are not paying you to sing. Also copying dance moves from popular videos should be avoided

Be professional

Respect your audience. Also to your fellow camgirls and never crib or use hate language against other camgirls

Additional tips for becoming successful camgirl

How To Become a Successful Camgirl

Utilize the Camscore

Myfreecams uses Camscore to rank models on their website based on tokens occured by the model. You will be given a new model Camscore of 1000, which will only last for 3-4 days. You must utilize this grace period to make your mark and get visible to the people. You must try to leverage these days to start with a bang and build a following on the platform

Understand the difference between porn audience and webcam audience

With the availability of free porn on the internet, you must understand why someone is coming onto a camming website and paying money to watch you. They are looking for companionship, more real experience, a more intimate relationship. You must read our camming website and paying money to watch you. They are looking for companionship, more real experience, a more intimate relationship.

Being more intimate with regulars and boding with the biggest tippers

Adding the regulars to your friends list also helps a lot (also ask them to add you as well). If it is one of the slow day you can easily message your regulars. People will get notified when you come online, they can even subscribe for email notifications of when you will come online.

Treat your biggest tippers with more personalized experience, after all they are showing extra care to your with their money. Make sure to add a little bit more attention to them compared to others. Shot them emails, message them.

Camgirls make money with minimum effort

Camgirls make money will cover additional sources of income and revenue that you can create easily.

Since as a webcam model, you have to perform live in front of an audience in order to make money. What if i tell you the ways when you just create you content once and then keep the money tree going.

Camgirls Make money by uploading clips on ExtralunchMoney (ELM)

If you are a webcam model and not utilizing this amazing platform of ELM then you are missing out on something big. The best part about ELM is that your latest uploads are featured on the home page (just like Clips4sale ). So get this free exposure to your potential customers and can easily get few sales of your clips

In order to get more sales of your clips, just schedule your post at high traffic time. Make sure your profile is fully filled.

Sell custom porn clips on Chaturbate

I have always recommended chaturbate as a camming network, they are the biggest and one of the most popular camming site. With the upload clip feature you can sell custom clips on the website

Sell your clips on Clips4sale and Manyvids

If you are an adult performer and you have not gone through my clips4sale guide, then you are missing out on something big. Clips4sale and manyvids are two biggest networks to sell custom porn clips online. They have a huge audience. To cover the whole guide in few sentences is impossible and hence i will request you to check out the complete guide: (add link) The ultimate clips4sale clipsites guide – Part 1 – Getting Started

Just upload your custom clips and schedule them at a correct time. Selling custom porn clips is the best way to earn money without being actively present in front of your audience

Make a free membership website on Modelcentro

If you are a camgirl then you need to create your fanclub or fansite on Modelcentro. It is free of cost and works on Revenue sharing basis (with 70% payout to you). If you are an established model then you can easily ask your fans to take a monthly membership for exclusive benefit to them. There are host of other features as well

Make money on YouKandy, Flirt4free and NiteFlirt

YouKandy is another must have website for any camming model. It has many features, cams, Custom requests, Private photo galleries etc. Payout s also great at 70%

Niteflirt is another camming and live call site. Niteflirt is slowing gaining a lot of popularity and can be easily used to  sell your custom content while also making 70% of phone sex

Flirt4free works like Niteflirt with options of sexting, selling custom porn clips etc

If you are planning to make it big as a camgirl then you need to join several websites and be regularly active. Scheduling helps a lot in reducing the workload. Make sure your profile is completely filled and you regularly post content. Also this will increase your exposure and get you noticed by new audience and hence will help in marketing and promotion

Affiliate Marketing for Camgirls and Webcam models

Now there is one more ways of supplementing your income easily that too with little effort and that is camgirl affiliate marketing. With webcam model affiliate marketing you don’t have to perform for an audience. Let me give you all the information step by step:

What is Adult affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is when you get a commission by sending traffic to the affiliate website. For webcam models, if you send people to the camming website and they convert you will get a commission. Almost all webcam websites have a camming affiliate program as it is a great way for them to get highly converting targeted traffic. There are many ways of making money like PPS (pay per signup) , PPL (pay per lead) etc, i have discussed about them in detail in this article: Affiliate Marketing Vocabulary Explained

I am a webcam model, why should i care about becoming a camgirl affiliate marketer?

Simple, more money for you.Since you are a webcam model, you are already promoting your chatroom or webcam network where you perform your shows. By promoting the affiliate link instead of the direct link you will easily get a good commission without any extra effort. Since i always recommend Rev-share Affiliate programs as the opportunities to make money are much more. You will get a commission from all the transactions that your referred member makes on the network. Not just the money spent on your shows, but any transaction , even on shows of other girls

Now this can be the best form of free money you can get as a camgirl or webcam model. Just with a small tweak of your promoted link you will easily start making easy cash without any extra effort

How and where can i promote my camgirl affiliate links/banners?

Since you are already promoting your camhsows on multiple platforms, you just have to change the normal link to affiliate link on all platforms

Webcam model website: I hope you have created a personal website for yourself, as I highly recommend having one. You can easily change all the link on your websites to affiliate links.

Social media: If you are linking to your website then you don’t have to make any changes. But if you are linking to your camming network then just change the link with an affiliate link. Also for tweets that you make regularly , make sure all the links are affiliate links

So make sure all the links pointing to your cam network are affiliate links. So spend some time and change them all. Also for any link that you will be sharing in the future, make sure they are affiliate links

I don’t see an affiliate program for my camming network?

Some websites do not have their own in-house affiliate program and rather leave the job to third-party. Just find out this third-party websites (usually these websites handle affiliate networks of many websites) and make an account there.

List of camgirls,Webcam models Youtube channels, Vlogs, Videos

Although i have shared comprehensive step-by-step information here on this website regarding becoming a camgirl and making a living out of it. Still a video plays a much bigger part and information coming directly from webcam models is more authentic and real. Hence i have compiled a List of camgirls, Webcam models Youtube channels, Vlogs, Videos to help you better understand the webcam model life and also learn some great tips.

I have tried to add all the videos, channels, that i could find, if you think i have missed anything then please share it in the comments section below.

Jessica Wilde

She is a beautiful cam model and runs her YouTube channel. She has a number of videos that are related to camming and webcam model tips. Check them out at


She has a very succesful youtube channel with over 2 million subscribers. She made a storytime video where she shares her camming experience

LilMiss Synn

She is a retired Dominatrix. She shares some very useful tips on her youtube channel

Ember Reigns

She has two videos with some good information on Camgirl Donts

Noah Bensi

She has a series of Secret life of a camgirl where she shares some very useful tips and her experience as a camgirl in camming industry . check her out :

Queen Hayliexo

Another camgirl sharing lots of tips and tricks on cammming and her life experiences. Must check her out at:


Another adult entertainer sharing her tips and stories as a webcam model through Youtube videos

Other helpful videos





I hope you like all these videos and got some useful information through this article on List of camgirls, Webcam models Youtube channels and camgirl videos.
Here is a video that might help you:

I have tried my best to cover each and every topic related to becoming webcam/camming model. If you think i missed something, or you have something useful to add to this guide then please share it in the comments section below. You can also reach me through the contact us page



You can always reach me at Contact US or through [email protected] for any queries. I will be quick to reply.
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