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Google+ marketing and promotion for webcam/camming models

Google+ marketing and promotion for webcam/camming modelsLets talk about Google+ marketing and promotion for webcam/camming models. If you are a camgirl r any other adult performer,  then you must be utilizing every channel of free promotion on the internet. In the highly competitive and crowded space of webcam models, you need to differentiate yourself and a solid and effective marketing campaign can do that.

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One such channel of free promotion is Google+. A Google’s product. Google+ is very different from Facebook and twitter social networks.

I have compiled a list of best/top tips/tricks/methods to promote yourself as an adult webcam model on Google+. Not just as a camming model, you can use this platform as any adult performer.Google+ marketing and promotion for webcam/camming models

  • You Google+ name: I have mentioned this in other post as well, but I will repeat this again. Always use the name you go by as an adult performer. Majority of the people who will find you, will google you to know more about you. Using your adult industry name/stage name/alias name will help you in getting found
  • Hashtags to the rescue : Tags helps in categorizing the posts. Using relevant and correct hashtags can give you some amazing free exposure. Whenever someone searches for that specific tag on Google+ search, you post will appear if you have that relevant tag. If you are a camming girl some example of tags are : #sexy #hot #camgirl. If you are clips4sale or clipstore studio owner then use #clipstore #clips4sale #iwantclips etc
  • Watermarking your pictures/videos: If this online world of piracy, everyone is stealing your content and uploading it on other places without your permission. You cannot spend your precisions time on managing such activities. The best way to tackle this is to watermark your images and videos so that even if someone posts your content someplace else, the watermark will drive traffic to whatever place you want.
    • Tip: I will recommend you to watermark with your website link. As your website is more like a reflection of your online adult business identity, and also an aggregator of whatever you do. So it becomes the best choice of watermark
  • Being Regular: No one likes someone who comes once a week, and then just puts a promotional link on their profile. To be successful with Google+ you will need to update your Google+ profile daily. Don’t bombard the audience with promotional and affiliate links, rather be genuine and also interact with the audience.

Now you must be thinking that this is too much work and would take a significant mount of your time everyday. Also being regular on twitter is extremely difficult with a busy schedule. Worry not i have a solution for that as well : Automation, i love this word and i apply everything possible to automate as much as possible daily.

Automating your Google+ posts: Just like twitter and Facebook automation, you can use the same website/app I recommend to everyone else. Use Hootsuite . You can link three accounts for free, so automate your Facebook, twitter, and Google+ on that account. If you have to automate more than three channels, you can create two separate accounts on Hootsuite so that in total you will get 6 free accounts to add. Or else you can buy a plan on hootsuite. The best part is that there is a schedule feature on hootsuite, so sit once a week and add all the content that you want to be posted on your social media networks.

  • Tip: Don’t solely rely on automation, you must also do some manual posting , relevant to each social media platform, to keep the followers engage

I hope you like this article on Google+ marketing and promotion for webcam/camming models.

I have also included a Infographic to help you understand more about Google+ marketing

Google+ marketing and promotion for webcam/camming models

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