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Godaddy hosting Review for adult tube

This post is an important part of the whole journey of making $3500 per month: How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites. Today i will tell you about Godaddy hosting Review for adult tube websites

Note: Godaddy hosting no longer supports adult content and they are banning websites. Also the godaddy hosting performance has degraded to such a pathetic level that even i had to shift all my 30+ adult websites from Godaddy to HOSTGATOR. I am so happy with increased performance and even many of websites doubled their organic traffic because of fast loading speed. I wrote a whole review of why i shifted from Godaddy to Hostgator and why it was the best decision everHostgator Review –  Best Web hosting for Adult sites/ porn websites

I have already covered some bits why Godaddy hosting is the best. My own portfolio of 15 different adult tube websites and many other adult money making websites all are hosted on Godaddy hosting. Choosing godaddy hosting was the best decision in my money making business through adult tubes. Earlier i have tried many other hosting, but some reason or other i was always disappointed. Some of the reasons were:

  1. Not all hosting allow adult content
  2. The hosting performance was not adequate. Especially for cheap shared hosting the performance with 10-15 different sites getting thousands of visitors everyday was too much to handle for them
  3. My adult Websites were automatically shut off without any notice by the hosting provider because of adult content

Then i tried godaddy hosting for my adult tubes and my life has become very happy and easy. The reason being all the problems i was facing earlier solved itself. There was no hassle regarding hosting adult tubes and the customer support is far superior than others.

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Let me give you a reference, i have a portfolio of 15 adult tube websites which i have hosted on Godaddy shared hosting. In total all the 15 websites get close to 40,000-50,000 visitors per day. The loading speed and the website performance is far ahead than expectations. What else can i ask from a hosting which just cost me close to $90 per annum. I make close in between $100-150 per day. That means with an annual investment of just $90, the return on that investment within one year is humongous.

The best part is that you get a domain name free with the hosting. That is $10 saved.

After purchasing the hosting and Domains you have to follow following steps.

  1. Install the WordPress in your Godaddy hosting
  2. Install Detube theme in wordpress and configure it

Go and buy a godaddy hosting today by visiting this link: Godaddy hosting


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