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Getting into porn/webcam modelling – Age bar explained

If you are thinking of becoming a pornstar or a webcam model/camgirl then if you are an amateur then you might be thinking about age barrier porn or webcam industry has. Let me tell you about Getting into porn/webcam modelling – Age bar explained. Today i will explain everything you need to know about age related queries for getting into porn to make money.

Minimum Age is 18 years old

IF you are thinking of making money through any of these professions:

  1. Webcam model or Camgirl
  2. Selling adult content online
  3. Making money through sexting or phone sex
  4. Or any other adult services

You need to be at least 18 years old, in order to become an amateur adult model in Unites states. This age bar might be different for different countries, but for the US you need to be eighteen years old at least in orgder to get into adult entertainment industry

18 USC 2257 – Record Keeping Requirements

The Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act was passed in 1998. This act requires the producers or any adult related material to document the model and verify the age of the model for every shoot. This is followed by anyone who related to adult oriented services such as:

  1. Porn producers
  2. Camming networks
  3. Phone sex networks
  4. Adult magazines
  5. Adult service networks

All of these sectors will require you to verify your age before you join them.

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What are the next steps if you are above 18 years ?

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