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Find right content for your adult website

Let’s talk about Find right content for your adult website. Ok, let me assume that you followed my advice and guides and now you own an adult website or porn site. It can be anything like adult tube website, adult blog, webcam model website, or any other adult based website. Content is King, you have read this multiple times in my articles.

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Without high quality, unique content, no will come to your website. Even if you were able to drive the visitor to your website, then again you will have high bounce rate and very low percentage of repeat visitors. Building content of your website takes time, patience and hard work. For any website the lifecycle looks like this:

  1. Finding the right niche to create an adult website
  2. Create a website (buying domain, hosting, WordPress, theme, plugins etc.)
  3. Creating, building and adding high quality engaging content in the website
  4. Adult SEO and traffic generation
  5. Advertisements, products, affiliate marketing to make money
  6. Adding more content and building traffic to make decent passive income every month

Now, without content your website will be like a skinny guy in wrestling arena. Your content is your weapon in the battle, the more powerful it is the more money you will make. So focusing on finding and creating great content for your website is extremely crucial


Finding content for Adult tube websiteFinding content for Adult tube website

If you have read my $3500 guide  then you know how easy it is to make money from adult tube website. If you have followed my advice for riches in the niches, then you must have already established your website. Where to find relevant content for your adult tube website niche. First go to popular tube websites like Pornhub, xvideos, xhamster and make an excel sheet of the trends, pornstars, video types, keywords etc.

Embedding the videos is the best way to build content for your website. Find relevant content and embed the videos from these popular tube websites. Embedding the videos help in the following ways:

  1. Saves on hosting bandwidth. You don’t need to buy expensive VPS hosting, but rather just cheap shared hosting can be used to make amazing passive income.
  2. Since you are not hosting the videos on your servers, you are immune from Legal complaints
  3. Saves from the extra work of uploading the videos on your server

The only downside of this method is that the videos get deleted a lot from the hosting websites because of DMCA complaints. So you need to audit your website after every week to check for deleted videos and then find the same video again somewhere else as then embed it again.

Deleted videos give a bad user experience on your website and also increases bounce rate and hence auditing each week your website is extremely crucial. Also if your website gives an a lot of value to visitors, your daily page views will increase and hence your daily revenue

Also make sure that the video you embed, you change the title, description and other text-based content otherwise Google will penalize for duplicate content and you will lose yours google rankings


Free content from Affiliate programs

Many affiliate programs that you can sign up offers you free content that you can promote as your own. The main goal of affiliate marketing is making money for both parties: Adult webmaster and the company hosting the affiliate program. To help the adult webmaster drive more sales, companies with affiliate program offers free content for a mutual beneficial relationship. This free content can be used legally on your adult website.

You are also provided with display banners, popup codes etc. so that you can drive visitors to the affiliate website and make money


User Generated content for your adult websiteUser Generated content for your adult website

Who does not like their money grow with minimum work. Creating a website where your website visitors are generating content is the best case scenario. You don’t have to do the hard work of adding or coming up with new content, your website gets refreshed with new content everyday uploaded by the users. Popular adult tube websites like, all run on autopilot just because its visitors upload the videos. All they have to do is manage the uploads and maintain their servers.

You can easily put this free time to sue other venture and make more money from there. However, this model faces some legal issues. Since users are uploading the videos/adult content on your own servers so for any DMCA complaint you are liable. Hence in order to protect yourself from legal issues, you will need a highly effective TOS page and other related pages like DMCA, etc. Use a smart lawyer to make these pages so that you can easily make money without worrying anything.

You still have to tackle the DMCA complaint and take necessary actions (like banning the user account, deleting the videos etc.). If you do not comply then the matter ca be escalated to higher authorities and you might face some legal issues.


Directing and producing your own adult content to make moneyDirecting and producing your own adult content to make money

I have two amazing sections on this website: Clisptore and webcam , These are for people who want to become an adult performer and are willing to get naked to make money. Producing your own adult content is an amazing way to make a living for yourself. Read our complete guides, and related article in these two sections.

There are multiple ways of making money once you establish your name as an adult performer. Membership websites, pay sites, webcam shows, clip sales, custom requests, skype shows and many other ways to make money. This is the field you want to enter if you are serious about making money in adult industry.


Writing your way to success

Apart form videos, pictures etc. you can also write your adult articles to make money. You can easily make an adult review website where you review everything related to adult industry, my own website is like this, where I share adult industry knowledge with your guys. I have few affiliate links on this website which helps me make few dollars (just to keep this website running, hosting cost). But if you are serious then you can easily get sponsored post, paid reviews, affiliate income and banner ad income as well


I hope you like this article on Find right content for your adult website.


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