ExoticAds Review – Adult Display Advertising

I will review ExoticAds Review – Adult Display Advertising today. Earlier I reviewed Juicy ads and Exoclick (my network of choice for adult display advertisement.

For pop-up ads I use the two best popup adult advertisement companies on the internet:

Apart from the above mentioned networks, there are many more adult display ads network, and today we are talking about Exotic Ads Review.

If you own an adult website and need to monetize it to make money, then have three most common options:

  1. Adult Display Ads
  2. Adult Popup ads
  3. CPA offers

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Exoticads is an adult display advertising network that helps you make money from your adult website. Apart from putting adult display ad banners on your adult website, you can also purchase traffic from Chaturbate (an adult camming website, also Exoticads is the only platform from where you can purchase chaturbate traffic)

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What are the kind of adult ads available on Exotic ads?

Unlike Juicy ads ad other popular adult display ad networks, Exoticads only offer display banners to be placed on your website. If you are looking for Popup ads, then go for the networks mentioned above. Just like any other website, once you fill out the type of ads you want and the type of ads to ignore (categories to focus on like Milfs, big boobs etc.) place the Iframe code on your theme wherever you want the adult ad to be displayed


Adult Display Advertising

Getting/buying traffic from Chaturbate?

Chaturbate is one of the most popular camming website in the world and you can easily drive highly targeted traffic back to your website. Also Exoticads is the only platform that allows any advertiser to buy traffic from Chaturbate camming website. Don’t expect to drive traffic to any kind of website, Exotica’s is not that lenient in terms of allowing the advertisers. You need to meet certain guidelines to be able to become and eligible advertiser.



ExoticAds Review -



Selling traffic on Exoticads as a publisher?

Majority of adult webmasters are looking for amazing opportunities and best companies with highest rates to offer to the publishers. Exotica’s offer high rates for Tier-1 countries. Also as a publisher you will get real-time stats for your income.



Become and affiliate and Make money of other people who sign up?

If you are an adult webmaster and have a network of people or community, then you can refer them to this adult advertising network and make 3.7% of every person you refer for lifetime.


How can I receive payment from Exotica’s?

Payments are processed on 15th and 1st of every month. Here are the details for receiving payment from Exoticads:

  1. Check sent by Mail (Zero fees)
  2. Direct Deposit (zero fess for US only)
  3. FedEx ($40 for US, $80 for international)
  4. Wire ($45)
  5. Paxum ($0.50 fees)


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I hope you like this article on ExoticAds Review – Adult Display Advertising.


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  • Nick Smith


    I worked with exoticads ok for several months, but starting from the end of summer they stopped paying in schedule. I had to send 10th of e-mails to customers support of both sites before got answer and payment (usually it took 2 weeks – that was the normal speed for customers support). They didn’t pay me for October and November, all the month-long tries to get the answer from customers support is useless.

    If you are working with them – grab your money somehow (if you lucky) and stop working with them or you’ll get nothing in final

  • Nicolas

    They will either block your website or won’t pay you the money. It takes 7 days for the money to get approved then after 7 days the payment is approved on 16th and 30th of the month. After that it takes 7 more days for fraud check. And then some time to transfer the money which is never going to take place as they will block your website before that or worse they won’t pay and you will keep on generating more money and they will block it next month. Just a heads up for fellow publishers