Escort SEO explained – get thousands of adult traffic

I will cover Escort SEO today. If you have been following my website regularly then you already know that i wrote the most comprehensive guide on Adult seo  few days back. It covers all the techniques that work in building adult backinks and driving organic traffic to your adult website. It works for every kind of adult websites:

  1. Adult tube
  2. Webcam models/camgirls
  3. Escorts
  4. TGP
  5. membership sites
  6. Adult blogs
  7. Any other kind of Adult website

If you have not read my adult seo guide then read it her first:  The Advanced Guide to Adult SEO and Backlinks . Although this guide will be sufficient in itself for helping you drive thousands of paying customers for your escort website, here i will cover a little but about the difference between escort seo and adult seo.

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What is Escort SEO?

Search engine optimization for Escorts (call girls) is known as Escorts seo.

Why do we need to do SEO for escorts?

Free organic traffic is the best kind of traffic. It is highly targeted and hence te chances of conversions is high. Also since the topic is “Escorts”, people are more likely to Google search compared to finding about them for other sources, and hence ranking higher on your target keyword can easily bring lifetime business for your Escorts agency or company.

How much does it cost to do escorts SEO?

See SEO and link-building can be outsourced, but finding a trusted and knowledgable person or company is difficult. Also your identity might be compromised we are dealing with a sensitive issue here.

I have seen Adult SEO companies charging in the range of hundreds of dollars for ranking their clients website higher in search results, i think those rates are just outrageous. I am surprised to see so many people paying so much, when they can just follow my advice and save all that money.

If you follow my Adult SEO guide  that alone is sufficient to get you on first result of your target keywords.

I own an escort website, what should i focus on for my Escort SEO?

Since you are providing a service, you wont be adding much content to the website and hence you need to solely foucs on White hat link building. Make a list of target keywords , for example lets assume you are a New York based escort agency, then your target keywords can be:

  1. new york escort
  2. new york escorts
  3. new york escort agency
  4. new york escort rates

you get the point right. Now you need to build “dofollow” backlinks to your website. I have listed down a number of ways you can do this in this guide:

Remember: Stay away from Black hat methods of link building, instead of helping you it will get your website blacklisted.

Can you give me some tips for my Escorts websites?

Here are some tips for you:

  1. Invest money in a good WordPress theme: Having a beautiful and responsive WordPress theme for your website is a must and hence spend some dollars on that. You can us ethe following links to purchase a good theme for your website. Buy Escort theme . If you need help i can help you set up the theme for you
  2. Buy a Resource Level 3 Godaddy hosting, the more resources your hosting has the faster it will load. That will immensely help your website. Buy Gostgator Adult friendly hosting .

    Note: Godaddy hosting no longer supports adult content and they are banning websites. Also the godaddy hosting performance has degraded to such a pathetic level that even i had to shift all my 30+ adult websites from Godaddy to HOSTGATOR. I am so happy with increased performance and even many of websites doubled their organic traffic because of fast loading speed. I wrote a whole review of why i shifted from Godaddy to Hostgator and why it was the best decision everHostgator Review –  Best Web hosting for Adult sites/ porn websites

  3. You need to spend money to make money. Invest some money in adult media buying and put up adult ads in your area (New york for example). You can join any adult network to buy adult ads

Best ways to do Escort seo?

Well to be honest the process is not very different from normal SEO, it’s just that your basics and fundamentals of SEO must be strong (worry not that is my job to teach you). To cover them in a snapshot here is what you should be looking at:

  1. Trust Flow (Majestic) and Domain authority (Moz) are a great metric to check for backlink strength
  2. Making a list of prospects before going forward with link building is extremely crucial
  3. Focus on Quality vs Quantity. One high quality backlinks is hundred times more powerful than hundreds of low quality backlinks
  4. Leverage the power of Email, find the contact information of prospective companies and just shoot them an email. You will be surprised that how easily you can build so many quality backlinks through emails
  5.  Checking all my link building methods at Adult Backlinks  Here  i list down step-by-step how you can also build backlinks for your website the right way

Using Escort Blog to get more Seo juice for Escorts – This is Amazing trick for Escort seo

Escort websites are usually focused on showing the services you offer, your hot and sexy photographs and some text about you and the kind of services you cater to. Since you are reading this article, this means you are looking for more free customers and leads from Google, and for this you want to try search engine optimisation. Remember creating backlinks is not the only way for getting better rankings, you also need to have high quality relevant content on your escort website, and Escort Blog is the best way for this

When you add content (article or posts) on your Escort blog, you give Google a chance to tell more about your website and hence it will drive better ranking for you. Now you must be thinking what should i write about, i am just an escort or an exotic dancer. I have compiled a list of topics that might help you i getting started:

  1. Write about your own fetish, your fantasies
  2. Tell your potential customers what makes you different from the rest
  3. Tell your potential clients how they can please you and how you can rock their world
  4. Share pictures of you with some kinky new outfit you bought, and share a sexy story around it
  5. Any personal changes you made, new haircut, new boobjob, talk about it in your escort blog
  6. Be innovative, check what other escort bloggers are doing and impersonate the ideas that worked for others.

These are just the few ideas to get started. Remember the more content on your website, the better it is for your website search engine rankings


Some tips from my side that will help you in your escorts seo strategy:

  1. Try to stay away from Black hat techniques of link building, that might just harm your website
  2. The process of backlinks building is slow and takes time, so do not expect to get on first result of Google in just one week (unless and until the competition is extremely low)
  3.  You might think that you will start spamming everywhere and sooner or later your website will move up the ranking. It is not that easy my friend, there are many things to keep in mind. You IP will be tracked, spamming will never help you in long-term

Escort SEO tactics to avoid

If you are a newbie or beginner, then sooner or later you will be tempted to do one of the mistake that i will be sharing will you in this topic. Hungry to get better Organic search results ranking might drive you to try any on these techniques that will ultimately just penalize your website or just drop your google rankings even further

  1. Staying away form shady SEO offers : Once you establish your website you will start receiving emails from companies promising you to give number 1 google rankings for your target keywords that too within days. These are just spammy companies, who are looking to make hundreds of dollars without any useful return. Stay away form such shady and spammy companies
  2. Buying links: Getting high quality relevant niche focused links is what Google wants, not thousands of low quality irrelevant links. If you are thinking of buying gigs form Fiverr or SEOclerks which offer you thousands of links within days, then you are bound to get a Google penalty
  3. Not updating your website: Google puts new algorithm update every few months, and recently it has come out that a website that get updated with fresh and high quality content on a regular basis gets a much better ranking compared to a website that does not get updated

Escort SEO keywords for escort websites and escort blogs

As you already know that keywords are the heart of any SEO strategy. You want your blog for escort or website for escorts to be ranked higher for your target keywords. People make the mistake of stuffing the keywords and then wonder why the hell their website rankings are not improving. Also Google Adwords does not allow escorts to promote themselves and hence you need SEO for escorts even more

Here i will tell you how to optimize your escort blog or escort website for your focus or target escort keywords:

  1. First make a list of keywords that you are targeting. Finding the right keywords is easy with the free tools like Google Keyword planner and Moz keyword tool. I wrote an article about finding the best keywords for your website: (add link)
  2. In order to get your website listed for higher ranking for your target keywords you need to build backlinks and also optimize your website around those keywords.
    1. Internal linking all articles with anchor tags of your keywords
    2. Writing relevant articles revolving around your keywords and then interlinking them
    3. Use Yoast plugin to optimize all your articles and posts so that each page is highly seo optimised
      1. Adding keywords in title and meta description
      2. Density of your keywords
      3. Alt text on the images
      4. Many other factors that will help you get higher google rankings

Using Social media for Google rankings and Escort seo of your Escort website

If you are selling a service and your are not utilise the power of social media then you are committing a crime for your business. Social media for escort website not just help you in marketing and connecting with your fans and customers but also help in Ranking juice. Studies have shown that Google gives ranking benefits to websites that have a social presence.

Using website links form social media accounts

Almost all social media platforms allows you to put website link in your profile. Although this link is nofollow and hence you wont get that ranking juice form the platform, but even nofollow links help build trust factor of your website. Also this is a great place for driving new customers form social media to your website where you sell your services

With Twitter and Google Partnership you get twice the exposure

Since Google and twitter have partnered with each other, you get shown in the search results when people search about you. So instead of your website even your social media channels will be listed. This will increase the chances of people actually clicking on any of the link and checking you out. Also builds trust when a person sees you on multiple platforms



Search engine optimization is a great investment for any website that is selling a service. Instead of paying  for customers you are just getting free targeted leads and then selling them your services is  a cake walk. If you are serious about your escorts business and need to make some easy cash then escort seo is very important for you, you will get clients with minimum effort and just need to count the dollars once the work is done.

If you think that this is too much for you and you need more explanation then you can contact me through my Contact form 

I hope you like this article on Escort SEO explained – get thousands of adult traffic.


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