Ero-Advertising Review – Adult Display ad, pop ups

Today let’s talk about Ero-Advertising Review. I have been reviewing the best adult ad networks, and eroadvertising is another popular name among Juicyads, Exoclick, etc.

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What is Ero-Advertising?

Ero-Advertising is an adult advertisement network which offers adult ads to adult website owners, adult webmaster. One thing I really like about Eros-Advertising is the vast range of ad-types that are being offered by the company. Here is a list of all:

  1. Text ads
  2. Banner ads
  3. Thumb ads
  4. Movie ads
  5. Layer ads
  6. In text ads
  7. Page Peel ads
  8. Im popup ads
  9. Redirect ads
  10. Popads
  11. Full Page ads
  12. Mobile Redirect
  13. IPTV redirect
  14. In Video Plugin
  15. Interstitial Ads

Let’s talk about each ad type one by one.


Ero-Advertising Review - Adult Display ad, pop ups

Adult text ads

Just like banner ads, Text ads are also shown in a banner but instead of a photo or an enticing gif, you will see a title and a description. If you are an adult webmaster and looking for text based ads, then this ad format is for you. You can change the theme, colors, border of this text ad according to your website theme so that the click rate can be improved


Adult Banner Ads

Just like any other adult advertising network, Ero-adverising also offers adult banner ads. Almost all sizes are available. You can customize the banner size, the category of banner, niche to target and many other options. Banner ads are one of the key ways to monetize any adult website, so make sure to test them out on your website. The best part about Ero-Advertising is the banner sizes available. Honestly they have any size imaginable with their wide range of banner sizes.


Adult Thumb ads

If you have followed my adult tube website guide How to make a porn site then you know the potential of money you can make through adult tube websites. You can easily increase you daily revenue by using the thumb ads. Just like the thumbnail of any video on your website, you can show the same size thumbnail ads by adding the relevant ad code in your theme. Because these ads look similar to any other video, so the click rate is also very high.



 Ero-Advertising Review - Adult Display ad, pop ups

Adult Layer ads

Banner ads, are losing the shine these days. People have started getting used to banner ads and have slowly started to stop clicking on them. Layer ads, are an amazing way to grab that attention back by showing the banner, and they are viewed all the time. They are like a mini popup where there is no extra tab but just a popup which can be closed.

They are also available in various sizes such as:



 Ero-Advertising Review - Adult Display ad, pop ups

Adult In-text ads

This type of advertisement will be extremely beneficial to you if you have a text based website. Let’s say you have a review based website, where you review products, or even a blog where you share your opinion. Using the in-text adult ad code, words in your content will be highlighted and will be linked to adult ads. When the visitors mouse hovers over that word, adult ads are shown to the visitor.


Ero-Advertising Review - Adult Display ad, pop ups

Adult Page-peel ads

Adult page peel ads are not offered by all the adult advertising networks, but era advertising has such a diverse range of adult ad types that you will be amazed. A small peel is shown on the corner which unfolds when the mouse hovers over it. An adult advertisement is shown when the page peels.

The visitor’s attention is grabbed, by a slow moving peel and hence this kind of adult advertisement is non-obtrusive as well and not disliked by visitors


Adult Mobile redirect ads

Visitors of your website which access your website through a mobile device will be redirected to an adult offer. I have personally always recommended to not use these kinds of advertisements. They are already being looked by Google with negative eyes and might impact you google rankings. Also, Traffic is king and your visitors should be treated with utmost respect, and driving the visitors to a page where they don’t want to go is a very unhealthy way to treating your valuable visitors.


 Ero-Advertising Review - Adult Display ad, pop ups

Adult IM (Instant Messaging) Ads

IM ads are shown at one corner of the website and comes out sliding. Adult ads are shown, or sometimes a sexy female is shown asking to to chat for free. You can configure the settings, delay time, type of ads, size etc. in your configuration panel


Adult Pop-under ads

I have already covered popups in detail, and the amazing companies I use. Although, Popups are disliked by visitors but they will be majority income producers for your adult website (Use them only for adult tube websites, or for websites with very high traffic). For adult blogs or websites don’t use popads

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Adult IPTV Redirect ads

Ero-advertising is do deep in the breadth of ad types to offer, that it even offers IPTV Redirect ads. Ero-advertising offer this kind of adult ads, that can redirect IPTV traffic to an adult offer. As I mentioned above that I am strictly against redirect ads, they are the worst kind of ads, and amateur adult webmasters learn the lesson later after using them.

TIP: If you are really interested in using mobile Redirect ads then make sure to not use Google or organic traffic, but do it only for referral and direct traffic so that your search engine rankings are not affected


Adult Interstitial ads

This type of ad is again disliked by the viewers or visitors. A full page popup ad appears that users need to close in order to access content of your website. Again I am against such kind of ads, and you should use it with care. I have always told you to follow one concept, treat your website visitors with respect, add value in their life, and making money off them will be very easy on a later stage

Adult Invideo ads

EroAdvertising is one of the few companies that provide adult invideo ads. Especially good for adult tube websites, and also since visitor is directly engaging with the video, the click rate on such ads are high and hence you will make more money from your adult tube website. The only drawback is that you will have to upload the video on your servers and embedded videos cannot be used to put adult invideo ads


How can I request payment from Ero-advertising?

You can request payment through Bank transfer, Paypal, Paxum, and Payoneer.


How can I Signup on Ero-advertising?

Signing up is very simple, just visit their homepage: Eroadvertising Homepage  and click on signup button, fill in your information and then confirm the email id to start adding advertisements on your website

Signup on Ero-advertising now

I hope you like this article on Ero-Advertising Review – Adult Display ad, pop ups.



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